Maligano Jasper Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

For thousands of years, people from various nations around the world have used crystals and minerals, and precious stones for the wide purpose of “healing”.

In different civilizations, this meant something different, but the intention was to cure from the inside and outside.

Some used unprocessed stones, just in the ways they have found them in the ground, and some used processed ones, that they cut to their liking.

They believed that the power of the crystal was in the shape, some that it was in the color; and some, that only in combination with other minerals or metals help in healing.

Some crystals are known to mankind for thousands of years, while others are finding popularity in recent years.

It just proves how this is one unexplored territory.

Maligano Jasper is one of those crystals that have found popularity in recent years, and now more and more people are seeing how amazing they are.

Maligano Jasper shields people against any damaging energy and is also an ideal crystal for obtaining the grounding energy that all of us need.

This crystal very much gives stability to our aura but also counteracts the material, passionate, and intelligent elements with the metaphysical.

Maligano Jasper Origin

In the year 2011, in Indonesia, one more variety of Jasper crystal was discovered and it was the Maligano Jasper crystal.

Its name arrives from the little village, on the island of Sulawesi. It is found in the old volcanic hot spring sites.

Maligano is famous for its opposing warm shades on blues and greys along with the excellent brecciated or cracked and mended prints plus its enjoyable dendrite designs, creating the rock often reveal river locations with smallish scrubs aside a babbling stream.

It has gained enormous popularity in recent years, while a wider audience has never heard of this crystal, but now is the moment to do so, because it is very worth it.

It is said that this stone can heal, it is so beautiful and strong, but the most important thing is to let it be, and to trust the ride.

Different Colors

Maligano Jasper holds multiple colors of Jasper, and it includes yellow, orange, grey, blue, red, and beige.

Also, what is distinctively different about this stone are its silver and grey veins that could be found on it.

Spiritual Meaning

When it comes to the usage of this stone it is worth saying that such a stone is useful for people who feel like they are carrying some form of a burden on themselves, and they now want to take it off.

Using Maligano Jasper allows you to relieve coatings that were accumulated on us, and it is to get rid of all that does not serve us.

These excessive features add extra weight whether it is connected to our emotions, or our mental state, or is, as it is in the majority of cases of the psychological nature.

It is such a relevant question for a modern-day man since we are under major stress and we could not leave it in a healthy way but will pull that burden all with us.

Such an unhealthy pattern leads us toward negativity and bad practices, which we do day by day and then we find ourselves being hostages of it.

What this crystal does is that Maligano Jasper alters our spirit from the inside, and equips an aura with all that may need her to be as a brand as new.

Some kind of rebirth result could be expected from this crystal.

By using this crystal you can day by day continue clearing coatings that have been accumulated on you and begin asking all the right questions.

Some of them are related to your connections to the people that are not bringing anything good for you, but only are adding layers to you.

The majority of the time you shall come to the actuality that the actions f many others are not giving you any good, but that they are only taking away from you.

And do not blame yourself because you were not able to protect yourself from this, you, as the majority of us, in center stage, lack good judgment regarding others.

Simply, we are not able to read others’ intentions in a proper way.

As you persist in working with Maligano Jasper and running in this mighty conversion, you will notice how you will lose interest in things that once were important to you.

These were material goods some small things, that do not serve you, and they once were

This acknowledgment may be taxing in an emotional way but is for the advancement of your own spiritual development, and you must continue in this way.

This will shortly allow you to recognize one of life’s most meaningful lectures and it is this.

Allow yourself to see how happiness is valued and it is the real deal when it comes from the inside, and when you are spiritually “big” you direct where it can go from there.


Some of us may think that it is impossible to believe in the energy of lifeless objects, as crystals are such, they do not have consciousness, it is true.

But, just for a moment think that, when you look around, you will discover how much human civilization relies on those objects, stones, minerals, and crystals.

They are “living” proof that everything in Nature is connected.

As we have said, the process of letting go is somewhere the most important symbolical value that comes from this stone, and everything you do along the way must be observed through this prism.

The symbolism of Maligano Jasper is associated with the process of spiritual growth, and right away it must be clear, it is a process.

This means that you have to work along with this crystal, since growing and changing along the way sometimes is not as nice and comfortable as we would want it to be.

Spiritual development is a procedure and it takes time, it all depends also on the fact that you have more or fewer layers to get rid of.

Getting comfy with transformation is never comfortable, but as we develop and transform, so too must our surroundings and day-to-day relations with people.

Maligano Jasper Healing Properties

As we subsist into this new blessing, we assemble room for long-buried feelings to announce that we are ready for the process of healing; as the second most important part of the Maligano Jasper crystal impact.

When we ask all of our disparate pieces of ourselves to take a part in this transformation, we are stating that we are happy and that we are celebrating what comes for us, in the best possible way.

This is acceptance, it is faith that things will work out for us no matter, and even before we get any signs that it will occur in such a way.

In this way, we will heal ourselves from any negativity and we will shed off all that has been a burden.

An instant feeling of being better is noticeable.

As with all crystals, Maligano Jasper works on our chakras. It is in charge of the Solar Plexus chakra and also Sacral Chakra.

It functions with us to support letting go of harmful thinking routines and truly bad habits that we have “nurtured” for so long.

The fact that you have bought a crystal of this kind shows that you had enough and that you are more than willing to release all that you do not need.

Such a stone is once again making you wonder, and this is the question that will come to your mind, probably when you meditate, to find who those in your life that are not serving the purpose of growth, and what are these nasty habits that are ruing you.

You won’t be surprised by the answers since this is something that you already know somewhere deep inside of yourself.

This means to heal, in the first moment to face all those demons that you were not ready to look into eyes.

And the next step in this transformation is to tell all those people that you do not need them any longer.

This may be the tricky part, and if you feel that you are giving up, do another meditation session with Malgano Jasper, and always carry it with you, it will make this process a lot easier.

Maligano Jasper Metaphysical Properties

Maligano jasper is a type of Jaspers crystal, they are known for being perfect stones for the process of healing, grounding, and finding inspiration.

This specific kind submits solace and tranquility and, when stroked, it can assist in dissolving away anxiety or stress.

It enables transmuting negative or lower vibrations and also promotes ways that we can recall our dream world and extract information from it.

This is one part of the crystal Maligano jasper; but it also has metaphysical traits that are worth speaking of, for those who want to explore the benefits of this stone even more.

It holds the key to magical conversion and renewal.

With its complex designs and coatings, it displays our own intricacy, offering what coatings must be cleared for the purpose of finding roots of who we truly are, and who we can be.

This rock keeps the procedures of self-evaluation and consideration, delivering recommendations and directives as we transition into unknown decks of our spiritual pilgrimage.

After this, people can discover some of the most wonderful gifts that they could ever imagine having.

Not only that with the usage of this stone, you will have the ability to enter your dream world and understand it, but some of you will have the chance to develop their spiritual insight even more.

Other Benefits and Uses

We spoke of the emotional and spiritual healing, we even talked about the impact that this stone has on us, in a way that it makes us leave bad habits with ease.

Another benefit that is contributed to this stone is the process of facing fears – as we are human beings who do all “wrong” things or do not do them because of fear.

Maligano Jasper can step into the picture here – learning that the unknown does not have to be scary at all.

Learned that even hurt and despair can seem helpful analogized to the unexplored.

But the fact is, each of us comprehends, deep inside, what is for our most elevated good, and allowing things to flow is the most natural thing to do.

You can benefit your health status, and be much more joyous and enthusiastic, after you no longer have those bad patterns with people and with yourself, like smoking, drinking, and being in some dark states of mind.

Zodiac Birthstone

Maligano Jasper is connected to the Zodiac sign Virgo.

Why is this sign of a need for such a stone?

People born under the Zodiac sign Virgo are very complex beings, often with complicated traits and characteristics.

These are their problems and the reason why the usage of this stone is perfect for them.

They love to please and strive to make everyone around them always happy. This leads them to the fact that they sometimes forget about themselves and their need to please everyone becomes very unhealthy.

Using this crystal they will learn how to shed all those unwanted layers and become themselves and care for their own needs.

Virgos also can have an anger issue, and leveling that kind of negative energy is what the Maligano Jasper is made for.


Since this stone has such a striking appearance, we could say that it is can look wonderful on any type of jewelry; necklaces and earrings.

It goes amazingly well with silver, as they look wonderful and are compatible.

How to Cleanse and Charge Maligano Jasper?

You should clean and charge this crystal just as any other crystal – it could be cleaned in water, without any issue, since this stone associates many on fire, it does not mean anything, it can go into the water.

And, you can charge it in a way that you put this stone next to Quartz stone.

How much does Maligano Jasper cost?

If you want to have a cabochon, anticipate paying more, only thanks to the rarity and price of the plain material, as it can be very expensive.

Add that to the preciseness of a superior craftsman and the final product cannot cost little, that is for sure.

Be this how it may, we still recommend going with what you have an inner need to buy because this is the basis when crystals are in question.

So, if you want to have this stone, be prepared to pay a bit more, as they are rare.

In shops that sell these stones, you can buy smaller pieces for just about 5 dollars.

But, beautifully cut, bigger versions of this stone can cost you up to 400 dollars, tower crystal that weight about 5 kilograms.

Others are around 100, or 150 dollars.

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Maligano Jasper is considered to be a very special crystal since it is known that it promotes regeneration while leveling the spirit into the ground.

It can keep you secure as you guide life changes and allows you to remove anything out of alignment with your life objective.

Maligano Jasper stimulates balance of body, intellect, and energy, allowing people to feel more level, aligned, and on a vibrational level with their internal knowing.

If perhaps you want to use this stone because you are experiencing life transitions or because you are absolutely examining for an amulet of strength, knowledge, and support of any kind.

There is no wrong reason why using this stone.

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