Mangano Calcite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

It seems like crystals are here to stay, having risen in popularity in the 1970s.

There has been a recent uptick in usage and crystal exploration as some people are turning to various means of alternative medicine.

Many believe in crystal healing through their calming powers and boosting energy.

Even though it is still a part of the pseudoscience, crystals have been in use for thousands of years.

There are several differently infused crystal types to choose from, as they can have pragmatic healing abilities for your soul, mind, and body.

The practice of using (semi)precious stones can have various benefits, depending on what you need at the moment.

They can help reduce stress and anxiety, provide comfort and grounding while aligning your chakras, and release negative energy from your stream.

It is crucial to mention that there is almost no scientific evidence to support the use and benefits of crystals and other precious stones, but there is also nothing to prove their harm.

So mindful usage can be beneficial for those who believe.

Of course, they cannot replace proper medical diagnoses and treatment, but our bodies and mind can react to various elements found in crystals for the utmost of energies.

One of those is a powerful calcium carbonate mineral that promotes inner peace and compassion called Mangano Calcite.

Mangano Calcite Crystal Origin

Crystals have various physical characteristics, such as a specific ordering of atoms that give them disparate light attraction, energy charge, and more.

Their colors and shapes are the last things to look for, as the healing properties come from their origin.

It is essential to recognize what your soul and mind need and look for precious stones accordingly.

Some recommend seeking a credentialed holistic practitioner to help you choose the correct crystal, but their usage is popularized enough for an individual selection.

If you need a deep healer stone that works on multiple levels of relaxation and healing, then Mangano Calcite is for you!

Also known as Manganoan Calcite, Mangano crystal originates from the Banská Štiavnica Mining District in the Slovak Republic.

This calcium carbonate mineral was discovered in 1846 by A. Breithaupt, who named it according to the Manganese mineral found within the crystal.

However, the range of this stone distribution is worldwide now, found in Bulgaria, Peru, Japan, Australia, and Mexico.

The name Calcite derives from the Latin word calx, which means “lime,” as it is present in limestone formations and marble.

Calcite mineral is common in sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic stones throughout the world.

Despite the stone color, the Manganese mineral is a solid, silvery metal often found in combination with iron in various minerals.

It improves strength when worn, so its purpose is also symbolically found in Mangano Calcite.

The manganese in Mangano Calcite varies at distributed locations, as it is sometimes confused with rhodochrosite, a manganese carbonate mineral in rose-red color.

Mangano is a Reiki stone, a Japanese form of energy healing that resonates with leveling up your chakras.

Reiki stones have a stable energy flow for improving balance and achieving harmony within a person’s body and mind.

This peculiar mineral is closely associated with the heart chakra, entitled with your general health.

The fourth chakra serves as our center of love for others and ourselves. This spot is where we store our compassion, forgiveness, and empathy.

It is crucial to have your chakras unblocked and with enough energy flowing.

But it is essential specially to have your heart chakra cleared because it is the source of deep joy and unconditional love, not expressed through words.

Professionally known as Anahata, the heart chakra is associated with the color green, as green represents energy flow.

But the color of the stone is not as important as its benefits.

Different Colors

As pieces of natural beauty, gemstones have been captured and kept for over 10,000 years. (Semi)precious stones are considered to be little pieces of heaven.

Their colors and hues are in a wide variety, just as there are various types of crystals to choose from the bunch.

The color does not mean much since many precious stones (Tourmaline, for example) come in all different colors and shades.

Mangano Calcite sometimes is referred to as a pink stone due to its calming, soft pink coloring.

Since the mineral is rich in manganese, this chemical element is responsible for its red and pink hues. The stone becomes redder with higher proportions of manganese.

Its primary color is pink, of course, but it can range from light to darker pink, with white inclusions too.

Scammers are not always easy to spot. A common confusion and a path to misinformation are that Mangano Calcite has a similar color to various other pink stones.

So it is essential to look closely and understand this mineral upon purchasing.

Mangano Calcite is a UV-reactive stone, the only time where it changes colors, as it glows a bright orange-pink color.

Those who suppress their emotions could benefit from Mangano Calcite, as it has a calming energy that goes well with its soft and feathery color.

Spiritual Meaning

Working along fixing your heart chakra blockage, Mangano Calcite is a great assistant to accepting yourself and your actions.

Mangano is not the most popular gemstone recommended, but it is an underappreciated element of the planet Venus.

It does not offer a solution blatantly but can guide you on your path to salvation as you steer right from wrong.

Mangano stone has immense energy to help you deal with loss and grief if it ever comes to that.

This pink stone has a lovely energy that can be put to great use if necessary due to its vibration of compassion, love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Mangano Calcite does not have to work as a blocker of something negative that ought to happen.

The stone tranquility could keep you afloat as you deal with problems in a natural way. It can help with anxiety by lifting any lingering trauma or pain that you might have.

Mangano is different from other types of Calcite stone, as it carries the manganese part of the mineral, which helps you work your being and soul to a greater level of self-worth.

This precious stone is simpler to use with tremendous benefits by calming your thoughts and mind.

It is a fascinating tool to use in meditation as you connect to your higher self in a state of tranquility.

This stone will enhance the energy that you already possess and take it through a natural flow from the crown chakra down to the most crucial part of healing – the heart chakra.

If you feel blocked physically, Mangano could help dissolve pain and anxiety.

The best usage is when treating post-traumatic stress, recurring nightmares, and anxiety attacks that come with life, problems, and hardships.

You can give it the meaning and healing properties you wish when you believe and use it properly.

And it does not matter if you are a professional or in the beginning stage, as the stone works alongside your abilities, helping you heal as you learn.


Pretty in pink, pink crystals come with sweet connotations of hope, light, and love.

These shimmering pearly pink stones have nurturing energy that can soothe our minds and hearts.

Inherently, precious gemstones heal our nervous system through the heart chakra first before splashing our system with compassion and calmness.

Pink is considered to be entranced with calming feminine energy, which can bring out the mothering energy to the surface, along with various shades of comfort and acceptance – for yourself and others around you.

Mangano Calcite acts similarly to its puffy pale crystal equivalents, carrying celestial communication that allows you to connect with higher realms of existence.

The stone also encourages universal love and helps you remember your worth and self-care.

Attuning to that universal love, Mangano strengthens your soul’s worth as you recognize the beauty within you; and raises your self-esteem through acceptance of your being.

Not only pleasing to the eyes, but Mangano is also an incredible supporting stone on your path to self-discovery and self-acceptance.

It enables you to abandon your previous grief, releasing you from the prison of fears and loss from the past.

By letting go of your grief, anxiety, and emotional trauma that you might have experienced, you are opening up to the abundance of unconditional love. And Mangano is your right hand for that!

As this precious stone allows fresh energy to flow through your heart chakra, it is no surprise that it is used in meditation and Reiki cleansing.

But you can place it near you or your loved ones for extended support and healing.

Mangano Calcite Crystal Healing Properties

As mentioned, pink Mangano Calcite attracts new energy to flow throughout your mind, heart, and body and allows new opportunities to enter.

The crystal meaning and healing properties are similar in the calcite family, as they all amplify the energy and power you have within yourself.

Often used as a crystal wand for massage purposes, spiritual experts might use it during Reiki sessions and healing at close contact.

Some scientific benefits offer that Mangano could be used in massage therapy to relieve stress and blockages that you might not be aware of without analyses.

It can be helpful for more than just your mind and soul, as it can help with physical pain and anxiety left in your body due to trauma.

Mangano is said to balance and lower your blood pressure, keep your metabolism in check, and flush out negative energy that obtains you stuck.

Mangano Calcite is an impeccable stone for those who might feel sharp around the edges.

It allows you to breathe and rethink your choices, as it is never too late to perfect the imperfect moments.

Of course, precious stones are handled in various ways, and you cannot expect just one stone to work on making you feel better.

But it can prolong the feeling after being cleansed and lead back to your natural healing.

Pink crystals can balance your strength and provide your body enough support to breathe again, allowing fresh energy to flow through your heart chakra.

As one of the most crucial energy points, the heart chakra is the center of love and abundance.

But this does not limit your heart to only romantic love, but rather to all shades of love, no matter the recipient.

Connected to self-love, Mangano Calcite reminds you to stop and think about yourself for a change.

A fast-paced lifestyle does not allow us to check with ourselves and realize if something is missing. Reconnect with your senses, and rebuild that pure relationship with your being first.

Then you can continue with companionship and beautiful relationships with the people around us.

When our hearts are open, it is easier to derive wrong from right and keep only the benefiting part to ourselves.

Cultivate self-esteem and your worth without worrying about repeating previous mistakes.

And listen to your heart, as there is nobody that knows you better!

Mangano Calcite Crystal Metaphysical Properties

Mangano Calcite works as a divine tool to soothe and relax throughout all the chakras in your body.

Bonding with your mind, body, and soul, this precious stone starts by clearing out the blocked heart chakra, where the love begins.

As previously mentioned, the heart chakra is crucial for the abundance and cleansing of your soul.

You could feel the world’s weight on your shoulders if your chakras are not aligned, and every task could bring more hardships than before.

Known as a stone of tranquility, Mangano works its magic throughout the energy flow by flushing out the stagnant energy that is holding you back, replacing it with fresh energy that gives you strength and power.

The power that was always inside you, just put to the side rather than to good use.

Mangano crystal uses calming and gentle energy, guiding you forward.

The stone can be worn on your body as a part of your jewelry, but you can have it in your home, surrounding you and keeping you safe.

Just having this energy amplifier in your room can clean all the negative energy and increase the fresh, positive energy flow.

It is especially beneficial for work and office spaces.

Past traumas and hardships are often stored deep into our subconsciousness, and they do not have to manifest in our minds or worries anymore, but they can still have that lasting harming impact.

It creates an almost oasis-like calmness in your emotions, mind, and soul. And a calm soul can connect with its higher self, bringing you closer to your goals.

Take the guilt out of your experience, as stress is not something to take home in your pocket.

It does not have to be present all around you as you continue to latch more and more onto unfulfilling emotions.

Take a deep breath, listen to your heart, and let go of everything holding you down.

Mangano Calcite is an exhilarating stone to get to know better, with its beneficial healing properties to your mind and body.

But always learn to use it accordingly for your expenses, without the meddling of anyone else.

Other Benefits and Uses

Mangano calcite is a powerful gemstone with multiple purposes.

However, most of them relate to matters of the heart and soul. Mangano is ideal for helping you understand your feelings toward someone as a pure and loving crystal with a soft blush.

Many people find it challenging to determine whether they’re still in love with their partner or if they have a crush on someone, or it is only a temporary feeling.

But this versatile stone can help reach a higher state of consciousness and connect with hidden emotions and thoughts.

As a result, you can have more clarity about your romantic relationship and decide whether you should stick with it or move on.

Keeping this crystal close to your heart may help you identify whether you and your partner still love each other.

It is not always easy to confront uncomfortable truths and emotions, but Mangano removes that fear and encourages you to embrace reality, even if it’s painful.

After all, this stone will remind you that it’s always better to be honest with yourself and others than live in a lie.

But you don’t have to wear Mangano as jewelry. This stone has many uses and options, making it perfect for amulets and purse decor.

On the other hand, you can keep it in your bag wrapped in a soft cloth to prevent scratches.

Mangano will protect you and give you a better understanding of yourself and your feelings as long as it’s in touch with your auric field.

Here’s a curious fact: this crystal’s color will fade if you or your romantic partner stop loving each other, no longer being pink.

Even though you must try it to test that belief, we hope your Mangano never fades.

This stone can help you determine who you genuinely are and get to know yourself on a higher level.

Thanks to that, you can accept your past mistakes and actions and forgive and love yourself.

Moreover, this gemstone can heal your inner child, help you overcome your traumas, and move on from the past.

If you struggle with unresolved childhood issues, it will bring them up, forcing you to confront and combat them.

This stone has the power to help you reach forgiveness and understand other people’s motives and challenges.

For instance, you may hold a grudge against someone or feel the pressure of toxic energy.

But Mangano will resurface these feelings and encourage you to understand what’s behind them.

Only that way can you unlock inner peace and feel cleansed and relieved.

Besides, many crystal healing practitioners claim this gemstone has helped people overcome overwhelming periods of sadness.

They also say it can open you to greater consciousness, helping you reconnect with profound memories, experiences, and feelings.

But this stone can also be your support during meditation. – Its energy makes it ideal for reiki, yoga, and regular therapeutic sessions.

Because of that, hold Mangano close to you and enjoy its generous benefits and purposes.

Zodiac Birthstone

Even though Mangano calcite crystal is a stellar gift for everyone, regardless of their birth date and Zodiac sign, astrologers typically associate it with those born in April, June, and October.

Therefore, this stone will make every Taurus, Cancer, and Libra feel good and overcome their traumas.

As a gentle, loving, and feminine crystal, it matches best those with close connections to Venus and the Moon.

Those born in the Zodiac sign of Taurus, Cancer, and Libra are typically caring, tender, and emotional.

But they also acknowledge aesthetics and appreciate pretty things. Those characteristics align with the properties and benefits of Mangano crystal. – It relates to the heart chakra and helps people heal emotionally.

Because of that, you can give it as a sign of attention to someone born in April, June, or October and ensure they’re followed by good luck and positive emotions.

If you were born during one of these months, buying Mangano crystal is an ideal opportunity for giving yourself love and addressing your needs.


Mangano calcite crystal is subtle, versatile, and aligns well with every outfit. It is ideal for necklace pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Thanks to its minimalistic aesthetic and modern characteristics, it will perfectly accompany your outfit and give it a better effect.

However, you should hold it close to the heart, as it can activate positive vibrations and make you feel more in touch with yourself.

Moreover, Mangano can boost your empathy and improve your mood. Wearing it as jewelry has various benefits, as it can also help you feel more at ease and optimistic.

This unique stone can contribute to one’s emotional intelligence and help you express your feelings.

Overall, it is an attractive piece of jewelry but also a source of inner peace and stability.

How to Cleanse and Charge Mangano Calcite Crystal?

Mangano calcite crystal is a soft gemstone requiring gentle handling and a caring approach.

Therefore, you must be tender and careful when cleaning it.

But it’s a swift and easy process. You can take the stone outside and let it rest on a dry surface, absorbing the sun’s rays.

However, you can also put it on selenite, giving it a few hours to complete the cleansing.

Although no specific rules apply to recharging Mangano calcite, your body’s energy can have a tremendous impact.

Avoid leaving this stone in the sun for too long or scratching it with sharp objects.

How Much Does Mangano Calcite Crystal Cost?

Depending on the size and shape, Mangano calcite crystal costs a few dollars to a few hundred.

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Mangano calcite crystal is a tender, unique, and aesthetic stone with multiple purposes and benefits.

It can help you reconnect with your inner child, better understand your emotions, or determine whether you still feel the same about your partner.

Moreover, this gemstone is ideal for purifying your heart chakra and becoming more compassionate and empathetic.

Hence, you can use it as jewelry, during meditation, or as a lucky amulet.

The stone is a stellar gift for those born under the Zodiac signs of Taurus, Cancer, and Libra, but it has the power to make anyone feel good and more in touch with themselves.

Finally, it can help you address childhood trauma and eliminate issues weighing you down and hindering your personal growth.

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