Opal Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Out of all the magnificent gemstones in the world, the opal gemstone is undoubtedly one of the most colorful, and for that, it is incredibly unique.

The exquisite beauty of opal stone can blow the mind of anyone seeing it for the first time.

But besides being among the most beautiful-looking crystals on the planet, Opal is also known for its magical healing and metaphysical properties.

And not only that, Opal is a stone of immense spiritual significance.

One of the most playful-looking gemstones provides the high vibrational energies of hope, renewal, purity, and light.

Moreover, Opal is also called “the gemstone of amplification,” making it one of the most precious stones you could obtain.

In fact, Opal is spiritually incredibly significant since it promotes psychic, prophetic, and protective abilities.

Additionally, the gemstone also provides foresight, spiritual awareness, calmness, and soothing vibrations.

Read on below, and you will learn all about the origin, symbolic significance, healing properties, and other uses of Opal. Such as in jewelry, for example.

Opal Stone Origin

One of the most healing gemstones on planet Earth is a rare mineraloid that comes in many different colors and scores a 5.5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale.

The precious gemstone comes from silica-rich waters and is a pearly, waxy amorphous gemstone containing silicon dioxide and H20.

In essence, Opal is a transparent to opaque hardened silica/water gel.

In fact, Opal has a lot of water, which runs through the Earth’s cracks collecting silica sand which makes the stone look so uniquely beautiful.

Gemstone experts and enthusiasts say that Opal represents the storms, stars, and light of the sky.

As a matter of fact, Opal means precious stone in Sanskrit (Upal).

In addition, the gem was called Opallios in Ancient Rome.

Therefore, this stone was around for quite some time; the mining of the precious stone dates all the way back to 400BC.

Even the famous Plato mentioned Opal as the gemstone holding the garnet flame, the amethyst’s essence, and the sea greens of emerald.

As a matter of fact, the ancient Greeks believed that Opal was a prophetic and protective gemstone.

Moreover, the stone is also considered to carry good luck and magic.

Luckily, Opal is still there for humans to reap its benefits since Opal was found in Queensland, Australia, approximately a hundred years ago.

A young boy searching for gold and quartz accidentally discovered the brilliantly shimmering gemstones and packed a handful of opals with him.

This event motivated many people to roam Queensland’s unfriendly bushland to obtain precious gemstones.

In addition, Opal was also found in Brazil, the Czech Republic, southern Africa, Slovakia, Nevada in the US, and Mexico.

Different Colors

Opal stone is typically milky or pearly, with the flashing of rainbow shades under the stone’s surface.

Essentially, Opal comes in various pastel and rainbow colors with different styles of patterns and colors.

The gemstone is famous for its incredible richness of color and playfulness.

The stone of light and purity comes in various shades such as white, pink, yellow, blue, green, black, brown, gray, banded, or even rainbow-colored.

In fact, the legend says that the Mother Goddess turned the virgin Goddess of Rainbow into an opal to protect her relentless suitors, Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu.

There are three natural opal varieties; the precious opalescent Opal, the yellow to red-orange fire opal, and the common opaque Opal.

If you’re looking for a natural, non-crystalline opal, those are hydrated and contain up to 30 percent H20.

However, precious opals have unique characteristics. It’s a special kind of opalescence called interference.

So if you look at an opal from different angles, you will notice a light causing rainbow-like flashes of various colors.

The light actually reflects the tiny cristobalite spheres in the silica.

This phenomenon is called “play of light” and makes Opal incredibly unique gemstones to obtain.

Fire opal is typically milky and can range from yellow to red in color.

However, there are transparent kinds; those are the most precious opals you can find regarding fire opal.

The gemstone is undoubtedly one of the most colorful stones on the planet.

There are jewelers selling opals all over the world, but there are also those selling variations of the gemstone.

The most popular variations of Opal in the world:

• Andean/Peruvian pal – excellent for root chakra
• Wax Opal – fantastic for solar plexus chakra
• Black Opal – incredibly useful to the root chakra
• Fire Opal – perfect for the sacral chakra
• Moss Opal – great for toot chakra
• Common Opal – fantastic for the crown chakra
• Crystal/Precious Opal – the rarest of them all, works on the whole chakra system
• Banded Opal

Spiritual Meaning

As already mentioned, Opal is a gemstone known as a gemstone of amplification.

Therefore, it’s a spiritually profoundly significant stone that carries the vibrations to help raise you to a higher state of consciousness.

In fact, Opal’s reflective and mineral structure symbolizes thought recollection and clarity.

Moreover, Opal is a stone to raise vibrations to manifest one’s desires in their 3D reality.

Since it works as an amplifier, opal stone is an amazing manifesting gemstone.

Additionally, Opal is also a stone of hope, purity, and balance.

This gemstone can provide you with support, harmony, and chakra balancing to release the blocking energies you may be harboring subconsciously.

As a matter of fact, Opal is able to assist in clearing the entire chakra system.

The latter is necessary to connect to the Source and truly utilize the incredible benefits opal is vibrating with.

One of the most critical benefits of the unique gemstone is that it’s a potent healing stone, especially regarding old patterns and traumas.

Opal is vibrating with positivity and flow, sharpening one’s emotional intelligence at the same time.

Whether it’s healing physical or emotional traumas, the beautiful mineraloid brings a total shift of negative into positive.

The fluidity one gains are what helps deal with the challenges and obstacles of spiritual awakening.

But not only that, but it’s also what allows us to live the best life possible.

After all, happiness also requires courage and often sacrifice for the higher good.

The overwhelming feelings that come with human spiritual and psychological progression are more easily dealt with using the help of opal stone.

Since it responds to all the chakras in the system, it’s the gemstone to use to eliminate stagnant energy and blockages.

Moreover, Opal is the gemstone that can help you fill your energetic field with Divine light.

Once you’re protected and filled with abundant Universal energy, you will be able to carry on with your journey with more confidence, protection, and flow.

And since it’s a gemstone of light, Opal is heavily associated with the 5D realm. That means it strengthens the connection with Higher realms and your spirit guides.

So if you’ve been searching for answers lately and could use some angels’ guidance, Opal is the stone to obtain.

The vibrations this stone provides can assist you in communication and manifestation.

Furthermore, since Opal has high water content, it has a compelling but gentle purifying energy.

Therefore, it’s an excellent cleansing stone and a provider of the fluidity of water. Clarity and gentleness are on of Opal’s most significant benefits to offer.

We’ve already mentioned that Opal’s name comes from the Latin word “opalus,” meaning “precious stone.”

Additionally, this stone is also often called “Eye Stone,” primarily for its unique color display and shimmery flashes of light it provides.

Spiritually, Opal is a gemstone linked to hope, good luck, happiness, purity, and peace.

Additionally, the stone also represents innocence and the transformation of negative energies into positive healing vibrations.


The incredibly unique opal stone has magic beneath its surface. In fact, the beautiful looking gemstone with colors gleaming and playing when light touches it.

In fact, the phenomenon is also called “the dance of fire.” In some cases, the magic of Opal is also described as the “play of light.”

The latter speaks about the Divine energy that Opal vibrates. These high-frequency vibrations are tightly connected to the angelic realm, which carries profound symbolism.

Although it’s so much more than a symbol, the Opal stone is the epitome of healing and transmuting power.

Moreover, it’s a gemstone of innocence and fresh perspective.

Symbolically, opal gemstone symbolizes purity, light, and playfulness.

Additionally, one of the most unique precious stones in the world symbolizes hope, cleansing, balance, and harmony.

Moreover, since it’s a highly vibrational stone, Opal is also a stone to strengthen spiritual connections.

After all, connecting to the Source and receiving critical Soul guidance can make a tremendous difference.

Opal stone resonates with light, play, lucky occurrences, good spirits, and achieving one’s biggest desires. With its rich spectrum of colors, Opal delivers blissful and even shamanic energy.

Since it represents amplification and belief in the Higher power, Opal is a spiritually incredibly strengthening gemstone.

Opal is the stone to use in need of guidance and balance, symbolizing cleansing, purification, focus, and divine purity.

The harmony it provides helps organize one’s thoughts and priorities to fulfill their true life’s mission.

Moreover, Opal could help you grow and progress, raising you to the next level of whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Finally, since it’s also a “good karma” gemstone, Opal will undoubtedly help you awaken and enlighten.

Finally, the gorgeous gem symbolizes Divine purity and renewed hope that comes with clarity and intuition that Opal enhances.

And not only that, Opal is a fantastic booster of abundant energies, especially those of balance, healing, and clarity.

Opal Healing Properties

If you need a gemstone for healing, you probably don’t need to look further.

Opal stone is an exceptionally healing gemstone, providing the vibrations capable of physically and emotionally healing you.

After all, Opal carries ultra-high vibrational energy, alongside being an amplifying stone.

So, therefore, it’s the gemstone to obtain to help you return to your true self.

Opal stone has a well-spring of healing properties, with cleansing and balancing energy incredibly powerful in healing various ailments and issues.

Whether one needs to heal one’s physical or emotional body, opal stone can significantly help.

Alongside being a cleansing, creativity-boosting gemstone, the rare Opal is also known to bring a sense of renewed hope, good luck, and harmony to one’s life and endeavors.

Moreover, the magical combination of light and color opal gives the wearer a sense of light and optimism.

No less importantly, Opal can provide you with spontaneity and help you release control when needed.

But before we move on to the emotional healing properties of opal stone, let’s go over the physical healing benefits of the unique gemstone.

Physical Healing With Opal Stone

Opal is an incredibly healing gemstone. So much so that some say it’s perfect for those that need strength and motivation to deal with life’s challenges.

However, if you’re looking for a stone that can give you many benefits regarding physical health, you cannot go wrong with Opal.

This gemstone is incredibly beneficial to the skin, hair, nails, kidneys, eyes, and reproductive organs.

Opal can also help with fever, various infections, menopause symptoms, and PMS.

Moreover, the gemstone can aid in fever reduction, blood cleaning, and purification.

Furthermore, opal stone is also beneficial for insulin production and water retention. It can even serve as an eye health elixir and skin cell renewing agent.

Even those suffering from respiratory system problems or lung pressure could significantly benefit from wearing opal stone.

Additionally, this gemstone can help with liver function and reduce childbirth pain and premenstrual syndrome aches.

No less importantly, opal stone is used for skin renewal, nail strengthening, and hair revival.

Finally, opal stone is beneficial for people who suffer from bloating because it helps eliminate water retention.

To summarize, opal stone can:

• Heal fevers and various infections
• Reduce PMS, menstrual, and menopause problems
• Purify and cleanse the blood
• Help with insulin production
• Benefit the skin, hair, nails, kidneys, and cognitive function
• Renew skin cells
• Reduce water retention
• Help hormone production

So it’s evident that Opal is packed with fantastic healing properties and cleansing vibrations that can aid your overall health and well-being.

Moreover, the precious stone is especially beneficial when dealing with long-term disease and chronic conditions.

Opal can really nurse one back to their best health and relieve some of the pressure instilled in us by modern-day living.

Emotional Healing with Opal Stone

The colorful beauty of a gemstone is often associated with love, sensuality, passion, and eroticism.

Essentially, the opal stone’s help is incredibly beneficial when dealing with heavy emotions and craving harmony. In fact, wearing opal stone can help you find your own sexuality and passion.

The precious gemstone carries high vibrational energy, tremendously healing one’s subtle, emotional body.

This part of us is often ruled by the subconscious, making it harder to deal with. The blockages of the subtle body are the ones making it harder to manifest one’s strongest desires.

Luckily, opal stone can provide cleansing, healing, harmony, and balance to the emotional body.

But not only that, the unique gem can provoke your internal fire and the building energy that will encourage you to slay whatever obstacles come your way.

Being a gemstone of amplification, Opal is incredibly helpful when enlightening one’s shadow parts and stored trauma.

Once the light is shed on the parts that need healing, transmutation can occur, bringing clarity, vision, and a new sense of strength.

Furthermore, opal stone is known to be very helpful when dealing with old wounds and harmful patterns.

So if you still entertain the connections that inhibit your growth, be it in 3D or only energetically, Opal can help you dissolve those negative cords.

This can be challenging, especially if there are emotions and trauma involved.

However, this cleansing is critical to positive changes in one’s life.

Therefore, opal stone is a beautiful gem to use for emotional healing. The stone will clean out the pain, but you won’t be attached to the trauma.

Additionally, Opal will also help you gain clarity regarding your own negative actions. This way, you learn and transform and, ultimately, do the necessary steps to make them right.

It’s safe to say Opal is one heck of a supporting stone. Wearing the precious gem’s mental and emotional benefits is immense, but let’s go over the most essential ones again.

Regarding emotions, opal stone will:

• Restore balance, harmony, and peace
• Make you feel hopeful again
• Bring emotional calmness, desire, passion, love, and sensuality
• Invite happiness, positivity, understanding, forgiveness, and self-forgiveness
• Protect and support your emotional experience and spiritual journey

Opal Stone Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of opal stone are downright magical, offering immense benefits to the wearer, especially to the people on the path to finding the answers to the questions of the Soul.

In fact, Opal is typically found in every crystal and gem collection used. Many healers and shamas are utilizing its healing vibrations to aid one’s spiritual journey.

After all, a mere look at the precious gem speaks about its high vibrational cosmic energy, which mystics know all too well about.

It’s one of the main reasons Opal is one of the most precious gemstones regarding metaphysical properties.

In fact, since it’s a gemstone of light, Opal is significantly associated with potent manifesting energy.

This stone can help you attract and use the Divine cosmic energy and bring lightness to your life.

Additionally, Opal provides awareness and enhances intuition and even psychic abilities.

In fact, wearing Opal can provoke visions and provide the clarity needed to progress spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

No less importantly, it’s said that the precious Opal can light the spark of creativity and motivate one to join the dance of life.

To explain, Opal will bring a sense of childlike play and wonder to spark inspiration and instill hope.

This is especially beneficial to people still finding their place under the Sun. In fact, the stone might shed light on the innate gifts still hidden.

After all, all humans have their own unique set of superpowers. But unfortunately, many are unaware of the talents they carry inside. Once you discover those, you will find your true purpose too.

In addition, opal gemstone is associated with the sacral chakra and can help eliminate addictions.

In fact, the unique rock is also known to help deal with, moderate, and harmonize one’s sacral urges and desires.

Finally, the opal stone is also believed to symbolize purity, renewal, hope, and honesty.

After all, all of these virtues are critically important for one’s spiritual progress.

It’s safe to say that opal stone is one of the most metaphysically versatile gemstones you can obtain.

The magnificent properties of this stone are linked to cosmic consciousness and the Divine realm.

To conclude, opal stone can:

• Enhance psychic abilities, visions, awareness, clarity, and spiritual perspective
• Spark creativity, intuition, and foresight
• Protect, heal, and transform negative energies
• Bring balance, harmony, and hope

Other Benefits and Uses

Opal stone is historically known as one of the most precious stones regarding its healing and metaphysical properties.

The gemstone carries various beneficial traits that can transfer to one’s physical as well as the subtle body.

Moreover, since it brings high vibrational divine energy, the colorful gem is a powerful alchemy aid.

It is believed that Opal is a highly protective and calming gemstone, bringing feelings of safety and ease to the wearer.

In fact, gemstone experts claim Opal helps to sleep better, protecting from nightmares and other REM phase issues.

This is especially beneficial to children that fear sleeping alone at night.

This highly protective gem is associated with security, being excellent protection against any negative energies.

And these don’t need to be anything other than one’s own negative thoughts and insecurities. So Opal works as a shield against negativity, as well as a transformative force to such vibrations.

That means that the powerful transmutation energy of opal stone can be used in any situation one feel it’s needed.

Even if you feel like you want to disappear for a while. In fact, this stone is said to help ward off to curious looks of others and protect you from intruding forces or thoughts.

Additionally, Opal is heavily resonating with the energy of Mother Goddess.

Thus, the gem is a perfect gift for women expecting a child. Opal offers protection, calmness, emotional support, and focus.

Since it’s a highly healing stone, Opal is a typical part of crystal grids. As it’s an amplifying gem, it’s usually used in reiki.

The energy of Opal truly complements the powers of most crystals and gemstones.

Additionally, Opal is excellent for motivation and creativity. So place it in your office, art studio, workstation, or any other place you need your creativity to shine.

Furthermore, the beautiful gemstone can bring harmony and balance to your close relationships.

So place Opal in the spaces you share with your loved ones to create a warm, harmonious atmosphere where love and understanding prevail.

As already said, Opal provides hope, purity, love, and transformation.

So keep one in your home to maintain the good vibes and loving energy in which all your loved ones can thrive.

Finally, opal stone is incredibly beneficial when meditation and practicing yoga and mindfulness.

Since it’s all about balance, and Opal promotes just that, it’s an excellent tool for anyone looking to truly dive in and look for their true path.

After all, inner work is critical to raise one’s vibration and progress on the spiritual journey.

Opal is a perfect gemstone to get as an ally to the most essential adventure of a lifetime.

Zodiac Birthstone

Opal stone is an October gemstone, which means it’s excellent for people born under the zodiac signs of Libra and Scorpio.

So astrologically speaking, the magnificent gemstone symbolizes the harvest season, balance, and equality. As most are aware, the latter is a significant trait of Libras.

The zodiac represents balance and a fair judgment dependent on an equal give and take of energy, in whichever form it comes.

Since Opal is a stone of harmony, it’s very potent for Librans that are all about that trait.

Libras are ruled by Venus, which is a planet of love, desire, and commitment.

Since Opal enhances all of the above, it’s the gemstone for the zodiac that could experience some incredible benefits if they choose to get one for their gem collection.

Essentially, Opal provides Libras with vitality, balance, self-awareness, and love.

No less significantly, Scorpio can also benefit greatly by wearing Opal. Scorpios are known as loyal, reliable, and determined.

However, they often deal with secrets and feel jealousy, which is why they might find Opal incredibly healing.

To explain, Opal is a balancing and alchemy gemstone. As already said, its powerful vibrations can transmute such negative emotions and turn them into higher vibrational energy.

Moreover, pink or green Opal can help clear the heart chakra and offer support when one is feeling unsafe or insecure.

Opal is among the most beneficial gemstones for the sometimes dual-natured Scorpios because it helps them balance their feelings, so they don’t overflow.


Opal stone is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful looking gems to wear in jewelry.

This stone’s rainbowy colors and light make a truly unique jewelry style.

However, alongside beauty, Opal provides healing and protection to the wearer.

As a matter of fact, Opal transfers the high vibrational frequencies to the wearer when pressed directly to the skin.

Therefore, opal jewelry is not only incredibly gorgeous but also magically healing and balancing one’s entire chakra system.

We advise you to wear Opal as a pendant, so it’s always close to your heart to protect, heal, ground, and connect you to the Higher realm.

How to Cleanse and Charge Opal Stone?

Remember, Opal is one of the softer gemstones out there, so it’s not supposed to be cleaned with harsh agents or cleaning machines.

However, it’s entirely safe to cleanse Opal using a soft cloth and water. You can use mild soap, but do not submerge the gem in such water.

When drying, ensure you gently pat it dry and store it safe from any other metal jewelry or harder gems if you have any.

Additionally, opals are cleansed by smudging.

Also, make sure you charge your Opal regularly since it collects the negative energy it transmutes, so it’s not that potent anymore.

To charge the gemstone, rub it in your palms or simply place it in the moonlight to make it full power again.

It’s recommended to do this monthly or after a full-on energy session.

In our opinion, it’s best to follow your intuition.

How Much does Opal Stone Cost?

Since Opal comes in various sizes, colors, and preciousness levels, its price varies.

The gemstone is usually weighted and sold based on the carat.

Additionally, the cut and clarity also play a critical role when pricing opal.

Luckily, there are many opal mining locations globally, so it’s still possible to obtain the gem at reasonable prices.

A carat of Opal typically costs between $10 to $6,000.

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For those favoring the alluring gemstones of the world, Opal will undoubtedly seduce them.

One of the most beautiful looking stones on the planet makes incredibly unique jewelry.

But that’s only a minor part of its uniqueness and value.

The stunning eye candy comes in many colors, with the most beautiful opals being opalescent in rainbowy shades.

Opal will show you the “fire dance” and the play of light, but it will also heal, protect, and harmonize you on all levels.

The gemstone is famous for its physical and emotional healing benefits, as well as its profound spiritual significance.

Wearing Opal can propel you to new heights, and serve as a loyal aid to your spiritual development.

The mesmerizing gem will benefit you greatly in whichever shape, color, or form you get.

Whether it’s a milky common, or a magical and shimmering precious opal calling you, it will always provide you with love, light, and healing.

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