Orange Sapphire Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

We believe, and we think that the majority of you, will agree when we say that there is no one whose heart will not dance before the brilliance and beauty of precious and semi-precious rocks.

There are so many to choose from – there are Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds, Jade, and sapphires.

These stones will definitely take your breath away, and, in compliment to highlighting the beauty and sensuality of the person who is wearing the crystal, they are known to have amazing healing properties.

Trust that stones in general (all of them precious, semi-precious) have on human health and destiny goes back to ancient periods.

Almost five centuries B.C in ancient but highly developed China, people developed ways of healing with crystals and precious stones, which is the start of contemporary crystal therapy, an increasingly famous extension of alternative medicine.

Now, we have mentioned Sapphires, as one of the best of the best.

The most common associations regarding the most beautiful stones there are Sapphires, is their notorious blue color.

It is, at the same time, both lovely and charming.

But, not many people know that there are much more colors of Sapphire than blue which is the most famous.

Crystal experts say that different colors in crystals in fact give completely different traits to stones, and it includes also Sapphires.

Each shade shows its own individual esoteric effects and vibrational designs, and all of these stones, regardless of their color are seen as stones that are connected to Wisdom.

In fact, it is said that all of them are representing the benefit of the higher senses, getting instinct, clearness, and self-mastery.

If you can, it is recommended to wear these stones if you can have protection, a good future, and spiritual understanding.

Sapphires should not only be seen in the lights of protection and wisdom, they are also stones that are associated with compassion and an intelligent decision-making process.

When it comes concretely to the Orange kind of Sapphires, there is no doubt that they look wonderful and are very attractive.

It is believed that they are able to convey the wisdom of devoted creation that goes through the path of the hearth to the world.

Their lively orange dashes trigger the Sacral Chakra.

In it, we can see the origin of sexual power, and libido, and what comes right there is the seed and the impuls of creational force.

With the proper usage of these orangy stones, these vibrations are able to align for the purpose of creation that comes from the bottom of the heart.

Orange Sapphire Origin

The history of this precious gemstone can be traced back to the old times of the Persian Empire when they reasoned that the sky was blue because of the reflection of the beautiful sapphire stones.

Instead, a little later, professors of the Catholic religion only acknowledged that it was a holy stone.

Because they were seen as the crystals that are associated with the apocalypse, they have even said that Moisés carved the 10 commandments were said to be really made of Sapphire.

We must say that once upon a time, this Orange Sapphire was not regarded as popular or valuable, but it is a rare stone with the most wonderful color, and this is the reason why it is very popular nowadays.

Also bear in mind that this crystal is not mined in great amounts, so even rocks that are smaller in size and not so “pretty” in appearance, are not cheap.

Different Colors

Sapphire is a stone that falls under the category of Corundum.

This is a mineral, an aluminum oxide.

Its shape is prisma or bipyramid or rhomboid design.

Its colors are usually translucent to opaque.

For example, Ruby is a red variety of Corundum.

Now, how come these Sapphires are orange?

Well, in them there is a supplementary imprint of chromium and iron.

This is what makes this stone an orange, and it could be both mildly orange, almost pale, and it could be more red-orange, or even brown orange crystal.

We must also add that this type of Sapphire was not seen as valuable in the past, but nowadays it is becoming more and more popular, precisely thanks to its color.

We must mention one more stone called Padparadscha Sapphire, and it has a specific orange color that is almost pink.

Spiritual Meaning

On so many levels, this stone finds a buried wish and makes manifests its most profound truth in innovative expressions.

This Orange stone cultivates Divine motivation and assists in getting one’s spiritual idea into incarnation.

Orange Sapphire oozes life energy and is a powerful crystal for improving sexual exuberance and lust, and improving fertility.

If you have a mind that is restless and you need something to calm it down, then you should freely use this crystal.

It is excellent for relaxing and concentrating the mind, letting the liberation of mental anxiety and undesirable thoughts.

Orange Sapphire enables unplugging the mind to magnificence and instinct, conveying weightlessness and delight as it repairs harmony within the human who uses such a stone.

It is favorably triggering and refining the Sacral Chakra, which is a controller of the energy flows and it symbolizes the middle of gravity of the human being.

In fact, here we are speaking of the hub of the Life Power of the human organism and such a position gives it control over all information that comes into its area.

Any signal that comes from within, like instinct, is associated with this chakra, and it is connected to the realm of Orange Sapphire.

When this concrete chakra loses its balance, then there are numerous manifestations – like chaos, over-dependency on people, repression of emotions, and incapacity to sense pleasure.

There is also immense anxiety about hedonism, any form of enjoyment or sex, and anxiety and stress.

The Orange Sapphire is able to put this chakra into balance and therefore all these elements will be brought into the right place.

The true effect of such an impact you will recognize by the person who is wearing this stone – it will have a lot of dignity, it will constantly sense happiness in life, and encounters the way of life where the person is able to go according to the Universal vibration.


We have already mentioned that this Orange stone has a certain association with the planet Mars, which is considered the planet of action.

So, this stone is, in many ways, a crystal with the tendency to move us and to give us braveness, when we do not have enough of it.

This stone also is known to impart energy and power of meaning, loaning the power to move ahead with efforts or stand strong in resistance, if needed.

Such a stone is perfect for all people who are creative, but for some reason are not able to find their inspiration in daily life.

Therefore such a stone is perfect to give inspiration to writers, dancers, painters, actors, and singers.

All those who want to wake up their sleepy creative force.

Orange Sapphire Healing Properties

Orange Sapphire is a very useful crystal, that men and women could use alike; and in both cases, such a stone is amazing for improving their libido and improving sexual satisfaction.

Couples who have fertility issues should definitely use Orange Sapphire.

This Sapphire relaxes organisms that are overactivated and subsequently, it is assisting the glands system to work properly.

It could be used for any blood issues, any illnesses regarding blood, or some form of extreme bleeding.

The Orange Sapphire can strengthen the blood veins and enhances their proper work.

Such a Sunny stone can also bring essential energy to feelings, letting a person who uses this crystal be much more outgoing and active, lively, and totally joyful.

It permits the person who carries the stone to better communicate his or her emotions to their environment.

Now, extra attention must be given – Orange Sapphire is extremely useful in overpowering any damaging sexual ventures from past experiences.

It works in such a manner that it is helpful in creating more restorative perspectives concerning their sexual power.

Orange Sapphire can cast a light on a person and therefore it can bring more enthusiasm and originality in communicating passion, emotions, and sensual pleasures with a lover.

Some crystal experts even claim, that you could use these stones if you feel less worthy, that you are inferior to others, etc.

It is, in the same way, amazing for people who are scared to socialize with others and speak in public.

It is highly recommended for all people who are coming from bad families where they were truly non-important and inferior and often regarded as useless.

Such a stone also lends help in pursuing a childhood dream or purpose that appears nearly unimaginable.

We must not forget saying that this stone is also associated with the Heart Chakra and it is one impact where the Orange Sapphire restores the balancing capacity to be ourselves within the atmosphere and benefits in our connections.

Orange Sapphire Metaphysical Properties

If we want to tackle the metaphysical realm of the work of the Orange Sapphire, we should remind ourselves that all crystals have always had strong symbolism and specific meaning, great power, and strength.

All of the above is also attributed to these Orange Stones.

Experts in this field claim that the human body is a source of electromagnetic radiation and that the cause of disease lies in the disturbing frequency of that field.

And since each stone has a different composition and, also, a strong electromagnetic impact, with the right choice and combination, the disease can be prevented and treated.

So, in the case of the Orange Sapphire, it is believed, that when you put this stone on the skin, directly, then it emits certain “vibrations” and thus affects the state of the entire organism, or at least certain organs.

Now, this is the part where we know, that this stone, just like many others has an effect on human health, in a physical sense.

The part that we must not forget is that Orange Saphhire also has a tremendous impact on the psyche, as well.

There are beliefs that love, health, well-being, and spiritual peace can be called into life with the Orange stone.

Now, you can imagine how a person who has a highly developed human soul can reach some other realms, and take on an action that is everything but not ordinary.

The “magical” effect of Orange Saphhire, as it is said, comes from its beauty, rarity, purity, and unique composition; and there is a spiritual journey that it can take you, and therefore, it is its own metaphysical purpose.

Other Benefits and Uses

Did you know that the Sapphire, and this one also, is the stone that is extremely firm, right next to the Diamonds?

Such a quality makes them amazing for usage in any industrial activity.

For example, for the creation of scientific tools, impenetrable windows, and electrical devices.

Use this stone if you want to move your professional life to a higher level, as this orange crystal is perfect for it.

This stone is amazing for the processes of protection, as it gives people an understanding of more elevated codes when that profession is for example history or archeology.

Journalists and writers also could benefit from Orange Sapphire.

Any job that has got to do with decisions should use this stone.

It improves understanding and good determination.

It is likewise an excellent tool for all those who need to ground their ideas into reality and who demand additional power to bring things through to fulfillment.

Sapphire, the “holy stone”, as the Jews called it, improves eyesight and cures all eye diseases. It very successfully relieves eczema, and migraine, and solves problems with respiratory organs.

Zodiac Birthstone

Throughout history, Sapphires have symbolized truth, honesty, and loyalty, and there is no doubt that all of them, despite their colors have the same impact on humans.

According to belief, this crystal is a representation of amulets that bring peace, joy, and wisdom to their wearer as well as protect against evil. Some of the oldest beliefs attributed to sapphires are that they protect travelers and explorers.

Its property is described as so powerful that they were believed to protect its original wearer even after it passed into someone else’s hands.

Sapphire is given to people born in September and is the zodiac stone of Taurus.

Tauruses are people who captivate others with their kindness and sincerity, and compassion; this is what all people appreciate in these people.

However, they have some flaws, what is surely the biggest flaw is that they trust some people too much, even here we are speaking of unlimited trust, and those same people have betrayed them many times.

The problems arise in Tauruses insecurity and the need to forgive and trust over and over again.

The Orange Sapphire will help them not feel as insecure, and to be brave enough to step out of their comfort zone, and say no if necessary.

Likewise, the disadvantage of Taurus is that a simple little thing can spoil their happiness, members of the Taurus sign are sensitive people, it is very easy to make them sad, and Taurus never manage to change that in themselves, and they certainly should.

Balancing their emotional state is also one of the things that Orange Sapphire could come useful.

At times, simply don’t want to agree to any compromise, they are proud people and it is very difficult for bulls to agree to any compromise due to the fact that they always want to achieve the greatest possible success.

Being more grounded and enjoying the moment is also where this Orange stone can help them.


This stone is amazing for adding to any form of jewelry – anything you would wear, you can put a Sapphire into it.

The Sapphire is one of the “precious four” gems, among which are the red Ruby, the Green Emerald, and the fine Diamond.

Therefore, we often see Sapphire stones in fine jewelry, and of course, this also includes the Orange kind.

Next to the Diamond, Sapphire is one of the most popular types of gemstones and can often be found in almost all forms – from fine jewelry such as brooches, pendants, and necklaces to traditionally designed jewelry such as rings and earrings.

In an engagement ring, sapphire also means fidelity and honesty.

How to Cleanse and Orange Sapphire name?

Avoid exposing it to high temperatures and keep it in a box with other gemstones to avoid surface scratches.

Some people like to put this stone in some scent for example Sage, for purification purposes.

It could be cleaned in the water.

How much does Orange Sapphire cost?

On the market, we have found large stones, which that can cost almost 20 thousand dollars, but also much less.

There are nice examples that could be bought for just a couple of hundreds of dollars.

Have in mind that this stone is one of the hardest to find on the market, as they are very rare.

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There is not one part of life, where Sapphire stones are not beneficial.

In general, they can even encourage sensual experiences and the presentation of concepts and creative realities.

One more notable thing is that these stones are warm, as they reminisce of the Sun and its power, it is here to warm us and to give us comfort, in the same way, this stone has one more quality that people could use.

So Orange Sapphire is a solar stone, conveying heat and bodily consolation.

Also, it is said that this type of Sapphire stone is associated with the planet Mars, or the Red planet, as it is called at times.

This means, in a metaphorical sense that this stone is associated with the realm of actions, and that in many ways, this stone can move us in a certain direction.

Mars is the planet of action, and the action we are talking about is vigorous and very brave.

All people who want to find their “mojo”, as in creative force should use this stone.

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