Orange Selenite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

We, as conscious human beings, are surrounded by nature, by gorgeous artifacts of nature, that were created by the hand of the Universe, and they are here for the reason, and they have their own purpose.

It is not just the one that meets the eye, a wonderful thing to look at; they have their energy fields, and in the same way, you are looking at the ocean that is calming your mind, when you take the stone off the ground, it gives you its energy.

When your rub it, for example, you will be able to feel its powers that are going through you.

So, all stones, including crystals that exist on planet Earth have their own etheric body, and we, through initiation, can invoke the energy of a particular crystal by tuning into its vibration.

Their energy is consistently pure and free from any impacts that can come from the side; since they give us the ability to heal, renew, transform, etc…

They can truly become a healing tool, a preventative tool that we can use to start healing, primarily from the inside and of course on the outside, since their benefits could be manifested on numerous parts of our bodies, on the face, and so on.

The entire planet Earth is covered with crystals, and just as people from the past knew that there is something special about them (primarily they attracted attention because of their appealing appearance, and soon after they understood their vibration and energy fields, as they were holding them on their bodies and even use them in different spiritual and religious rituals.

One of the very popular crystals in recent years is all sorts of Selenite, and among them, there is one in particular that draws more and more attention – the Orange Selenite.

It is said that the crystal Selenite inhabits the space between light and matter; and that it serves as a tool that attracts light to us therefore when it (the light) appears all that is dark (negative) disappears.

It is a very famous crystal, known for its protective influences against any negativity in the mind and our aura.

This makes so much sense since we know that the aura is an energy field that all people have, it is the vibration that points to the relation between some person or object and its surroundings.

There is so much more…. Keep reading….

Orange Selenite Origin

Selenite, in general, all kinds are considered to be a very delicate stone, in some cases, it is cut in such a way that there are numerous different forms of it, so its “strength” can be improved.

It could be found in Morocco and Mexico (the primary origin spot).

Selenite is an excellent crystal for any spiritual activities, it brings deep peace and satisfaction to the soul, to say it in the most general way.

It is excellent for meditation and spiritual work, it carries heavenly energy, as it is associated with the light, and therefore the source of the Universe, just like the Sun is the center of our world.

A crystal that brings clarity of mind, protects us against bad external influences, it affects emotions, and calms us to the point we are able to sleep as babies.

Selenite in general has receptive energy, it belongs to the Moon, and has the element of water.

Selenite is believed to carry the imprint of everything that has happened on planet Earth, and the same case is with the Orange kind.

Different Colors

First of all this type of crystal, the Orange Selenite belongs to the Gypsum family.

Such a crystal is formatted from multitudes, of extensive tabular bars, and it can appear in clusters.

Its color comes from the existence of the Hematite that is inside of it, and the dimmer orange sections are noticeable.

Its color is not bright but it is prominent, and it is possessing more considerable quantities of this rock that has a lot of iron in itself.

Spiritual Meaning

Orange Selenite and the energies it holds are almost equivalent to the standard type of Selenite, with the sole distinction being the weighty grounding impact Hematite has.

For example, if we take a look at the white Selenite that is so strong and it presents powerful fuels qualified for creating spiritual learning, then the Orange kind also has the power to affect our energy fields.

The Orange Selenite is the grounding material and in some way, represents the spiritual shell of a person, and at the same time, this stone engages in the refinement of the spirit.

It is very much recommended to carry this stone all day long so that all negativity is just going away from you; it cannot come anywhere near you.

Don’t be scared to hold this rock all day, if you feel like it, as no harmful energies will get near you, as you are shielded by the divine ray that arrives from this crystal.


Regarding its symbolism, this stone of orange color is as some like to point out, the same as in the case of its White counterpart.

It holds a lot of power, primarily the one that is needed for cleaning and purification.

Orange Selenite is acknowledged to be able to recover the aura and counterbalance persons’ chakras while obtaining the energy that cleans and washes all negativity and allowing the spiritual energy to enter your life.

With its bright and transparent tones, it allows you to get to the heart of the problem, sort out the mess, and solve the problems.

It is an ancient mineral and one of the most powerful crystals for new vibrations on Earth.

Orange Selenite Healing Properties

Just like many other crystals, this one also is suitable to be used for the purpose of healing.

It is a known fact that it has a tremendous impact on the energetic instead of a material level.

Nevertheless, it is supposed that holding this stone on your body, for example on your back, can help your spine, and muscles.

It can even calm the nerves and the entire nervous system and harmonize the hormones.

And, Orange Selenite can even help detox the organism, from the inside and outside, including the energy area, and improve the clearness of mind.

But, not only that you could use this crystal for clearing your mind, with it primarily, as the case with numerous other crystals, you can use to clean your aura.

Speaking of it, we must remind you that the aura or the individual energy field is never a constant, it can change and its properties vary, depending on external and internal factors.

This crystal is able to use an energy field and convey information about a certain person who uses it.

Orange Selenite Metaphysical Properties

Orange Selenite is the perfect crystal for all those who have the need or simply would want to try, to connect with Divine beings or simply spiritual guides.

This is the stone that can lift you up, bring you closer to the spirtual reams, and bring you closer to the higher ranks of the mind.

It is believed that the vibration of this orange rock will serve you as a unique link to the Divine realm.

It dissolves the obstructions and dread that are most certainly made by our own traumas, in the form of damages and thoughts (that do not use us).

Meditating with Orange Selenite assists in passing our other lives, the ones that were before and that will come later.

It brings mental transparency, removing chaos and demonstrating the larger picture behind any situation.

This type of selenite is excellent for creating a protective energy network around the house or space where we live.

It is placed in the corners of the house or apartment, thus creating a safe and peaceful space that does not let in external influences. Lovers exchange it as a sign of reconciliation in crisis situations of the relationship.

Selenite wands can be used for preventive removal of other people’s influences, they protect the aura very well and it is most effective to hold them in the hand.

Other Benefits and Uses

Many people love to use this stone in their homes and also, or even more in their workplace.

This is because this stone is giving you distinct energy of protection and balance in any place where you find yourself and where you spend a lot of time.

Orange Selenite is a crystal that is bringing to you clear energy, that is bright and illuminating just like a ray of sunshine.

It brings improved alleviating to the sacral chakra growing self-confidence, affection, sexuality, and originality.

This orange rock encourages a sense of well-being, consensus, eagerness for life, and enjoyment.

One more important thing that touches on the health status of a person, and ways how Orange Selenite can help you improve it, is the story of auras, that we have mentioned before.

It is pointed out that Orange Selenite is used for all sorts of purifications, as this stone is perfect for cleaning your mind and spirit, but, let us not forget the physical body.

It works in a way, that, since aura is not the energy that is stable, but it changes a lot, it is inconsistent.

It alters with attitude, beliefs, feelings, and under the influence of the surroundings that we are in at the given moment.

Now the good part -by using this orange crystal, your “possible” health issue could be detected before you exhibit any symptoms.

It is even plausible that you can diagnose disease through the aura, and then this stone will “tell” you what is wrong, and will work on your healing.

Zodiac Birthstone

When it comes to its connection to the Zodiac signs, there are two in particular that are connected to this orange crystal.

These signs are Cancer and Taurus.

For the members of the Taurus group, this rock is necessary to calm them down and bring peace into their minds.

It should provide them with a sense of equilibrium, a wonderful feeling that all elements of their lives are just in the perfect balance, as they would want it to be.

And, Cancer members are advised, especially those who love to spend a lot of time in their homes to use this rock for the protection of their families from any negative energy.

They should put it in the corners of their homes, and they could even mediate with this stone since this is something that is necessary for them at times of stress when they are having a hard time and are struggling.


This stone is suitable for any jewelry design.

In fact, any piece of jewelry could be made with this attractive stone.

Anything you want could be made with this orange stone.

How to Cleanse and Charge Orange Selenite?

Some experts claim that this stone should never be cleared since it has the inherent power to repulse and transmute harmful vibrations.

Negativity and bad energy just cannot come close to this stone, as it is able to repel them just like insects are getting burned by the light.

Occasional cleaning in water is one option that cannot hurt but is not necessary.

How much does Orange Selenite cost?

Orange Selenite could be found easily on the market since it could be found in numerous places in the world, and the production is massive right now.

So, the price is not particularly high for these sunny stones.

Expensive versions of this stone that are greater in shape and size could be bought for 350 dollars, or a bit more, but you can also buy them for prices that are ten times less.

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Orange Selenite is the crystal that ensures peace in the house.

Physically, it straightens the spine, promotes mobility, protects against mercury poisoning and the contents of dental fillings, and rejuvenates.

Orange selenite is known for its healing properties, it heals the earth and matter, bringing clean energies.

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