Orca Agate Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Crystals, in general, don’t even look like ordinary stones, they are beautiful pebbles whose crystal structure carries great energy and healing power.

If the light is life, then crystals are very alive, even though we consider them “senseless nature”.

As conductors of light of a certain color, they deliver us life in all its shades and its grandeur and beauty.

Nature has formed such a palette of colors in the world of crystals that we can barely conceive and produce.

We can respect and give gratitude for all that beauty, get nearer to it and use the advantages of their brilliance and the light they scattered around us, usually with the exact intensity for many years.

If you hear about this stone, do not ever think that this stone is the same as the Blue Agate, which is a completely different stone.

Orca Agate is recognized as a stone that carries power since it has a lot of power and numerous healing properties in itself.

This stone is an excellent choice if you are thinking to buy a new crystal.

Orca Agate Origin

The name itself – wonderful and so reminiscent of the oceans and nature itself, Orca, comes from the magnificent orca whale.

Another name for this stone is Orca Stone Ocean Agate as well.

It could be only found in Madagascar and belongs to a Chaledoney variety.

In Madagascar, this stone is shaped in a unique way, often times in the shapes of flames.

It crystallizes in mass construction.

The popularity of the Orca stone was in part thanks to the comprehensive assortment of forms and sizes that were available.

By some belief, this stone was known even in old times and was used as an amulet, as a protective stone from any evil.

Priests also used it; and some associate this stone with the old Atlantis.

Different Colors

The color itself is another story, having in mind that the name came from the wonderful being that lives in the ocean, an Orca Whale, and it is because the colors of this stone remind of its color.

It has shades of blue and also grey, and on the rock itself, there are noticeable white dots.

We can see traces of black, brown, yellow, and colors also.

It is a gorgeous chalcedony stone, that could be found, not so in different colors, but more in numerous combinations of colors and shades, often leaning on only blue and grey with the white spots.

Precisely because its color, interesting patterns, and accessibility of this crystal made it very popular, although it was discovered “recently”.

Spiritual Meaning

Everything on the planet has its own energy and vibration at which it “moves”, but as we gradually separated ourselves from nature, we lost the capacity to feel vibrations and touch the world with pure natural energy. And that natural energy, the pure energy of the Earth, is maintained in the crystal power.

Orca Agate is a type of crystal that is associated with the process of transformation.

It touches all of our chakras, particularly the throat chakra, as this blue-grey stone is “in charge” of the communications.

Also, vibrations that come from it are purified and powerful, but the word that could describe it is also grounding.

Such a grounded power helps people to stay really bonded to Mother Earth and to be connected to Nature.

By doing so we can use its restorative vibrations.

This means that all of us as human beings can rejuvenate ourselves, not only in a physical way but also in a spiritual way, which is far more important.

It is advisable to use this stone whenever you feel like you have stepped away from the Source, that you are living a life where you are not connected to Nature, and you spend your days surrounded by an electrical device, and you are even far from people.


Orca Agate is a strong rock that reverberates with the Throat Chakra.

In this sense, since we use out through to speak, it is associated with all aspects of communication.

Orca Agate stands for the inner truth and can assist one link to their inner mind and acknowledging undercover self-truths.

The Forgiveness crystal or Orca Agate will also enable you to provide clearness when creating conclusions or simply making choices in some way.

It promotes a peaceful inner feeling, gives you the capability to accept sheltered self truths or display your inner reality, and discharges you of any doubt, not just in yourself, but in the entire process of life.

Use this stone always when you are in doubt, the vibrations that come from Orca Agate are courage and forgiveness not just to the world but to yourself, that times you have made some wrong choices and now you can make a difference.

Orca Agate Healing Properties

Orca Agate crystal is known for its healing properties where it can recover any in-depth inner emotional damage.

At times this wound come from our own inability to forgive, and therefore by the usage of this stone, we can forgive ourselves in the first place and then all others, who hurt us emotionally.

Its other name is therefore the Stone of Forgiveness.

This is the deep and honest procedure of communication with oneself and forgiveness, Orca Agate is able to free us from doubting ourselves and finding a feeling of inner peace.

This crystal is, as some like to point out a wonderful instrument for peace, recovery, and meditation.

It is the stone you should use when you want to balance certain energy.

With it, you can clean yourself from the inside, and it is said that this stone is able to cure because it touches all chakras, not just troat chakra, but Solar Plexus chakra, Crown chakra, Root chakra, and Third eye chakra.

These are all layers in the stone and a part of its healing properties.

By layering one by one, your entire body could be healed.

We have said that this stone could be used when we are in times of any doubt, especially in cases of self-doubt.

It works in a way that it gives us the necessary boldness to absolve ourselves and let go of harmful emotions like regret, remorse, rage, fear, guilt, etc.

Orca Agate Metaphysical Properties

Orca Agate is an incredible rock, that has been in this world forever.

There are claims that even the ancient Egyptians were mining it.

Then, and now there is a belief that Orca Agate should be put into the water before we consume it because it can dispel illness that may come from it if it is toxic for some reason.

Some who use this stone are able to understand the world much better than others since it provides sensitivity to situations, awakening one’s intrinsic skills, and cleverness.

And even further, Orca Agate is able to create angelic or spiritual impulses.

Some people in this way use precisely this stone to communicate to the other world, to get in contact with Divine beings, and maybe hear an answer to their questions.

It can take you to a place that you can never reach without a helping crystal hand.

Other Benefits and Uses

As we have said, Orca Agate is a perfect stone to be used when you have a desire to connect to Mother Earth, when you feel like you are very far from it.

The most straightforward way to do this is to get yourself down to Earth’s pulse, and this crystal can help you in doing so.

Most typically, such a process can be done via breathing and meditation; the two best ways of connecting to nature and being present in the moment.

The feeling that you want to reconnect with nature comes as a consequence of a bad lifestyle, and you can use this stone to easily do it.

As your senses begin to stall, vitality and energy can be sensed all around you, your task is to let go of it, as much as you can.

The idea is to reconnect to this life-force exuberance and grow towards the best interpretation of yourself.

Only you understand who is that person, and how to get there, of course.

With it you can balance the mind, spirit, and feelings, you can connect not just to nature but to the entire world.

This stone wakes up goodwill and it ameliorates aggressiveness, grumpiness, and even melancholy.

In the opposite direction, Orca Agate improves benevolence, responsiveness, and acceptance.

Zodiac Birthstone

This type of crystal is associated with the Zodiac sign Gemini, which is connected to its dual nature.

Since this stone is able to balance the energy of a human being in its totality, it can elevate the mind, emotions, and spirit, and this is exactly what the restless Gemini people are needed.

They need to be in some kind of peace because their mind and actions are all over the place.

They need nurturing energy that comes from this stone, for sure.


Nowadays, crystals are very commonly carried as jewelry, but the fact is that you can hold them wherever you want, at home or at the office.

Since this crystal is very successfully carved, it can find its place on almost all types of jewelry imaginable.

Bracelets, necklaces, and others.

Having in mind that it has numerous benefits and that is good for almost any part of your body, you will not make a mistake if you carry it in any way, as a part of jewelry or by itself.

How to Cleanse and Orca Agate?

Just like in the case of stones like Blue Agate and many different stones, Orca Agate should never be cleaned by any chemical product or even a soap.

In any case, you must inform yourself before you clean this stone.

Rather, you can successfully clean this stone by just using warm water and a gentle, delicate fabric to brush away dirt from its exterior.

Never scrub this stone, because you can damage it; and after you have clean it with warm water you should dry it completely, and then you can use it once again.

How much does Orca Agate cost?

On the market you can buy some significant examples of this stone, for example online you can a huge sample carved into a shape, and it can cost almost 300 dollars, and it could be placed as a wonderful home decoration.

Other examples of this crystal cost around 150 dollars a piece, but you purchase smaller samples for just 10 dollars, depending on the quality and size of the stone.

Always have in mind that the price of a crystal depends on supply and demand, the same crystal can have a value of just a couple of dollars and can go up to several thousand dollars.

Also, it is not only the size and appearance of the crystal that give the value, but what form it is and in what form, and how rare it is.

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Orca Agate crystal, as you were able to see, is the stone that serves as a protective shield, and cleaning in some matters is what defines it since it is profoundly linked to the ocean.

This blue-grey and white stone improves solidity and allows people to remain leveled in who they are, even in times of very problematic circumstances.

In fact, this crystal supplies empowerment from the inside and guides how to become more useful at influencing the result of life by bearing any issue that comes at you.

The lesson, in this case, is to overcome it with enthusiasm and skill and assist with executive skills, cleansing, and remodeling things, in some way you are cleaning the negativity out of your life, just like you would clean the clutter from your home.

Orca Agate is considered to be the crystal that is associated with abundance, and it could bring plenty and fullness to the people.

It’s famous for its stabilizing and heightening energy and is associated with persistence and patience.

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