Pallas in Aquarius – Personality Traits & Meaning

When people talk about astrology, many identify it with horoscope, that is, with personal horoscope or natal chart.

However, astrology is a wider and complex term, encompassing much more than your personal birth chart. Astrology is a science of stars, as it name suggests.

Many consider it pseudo-science, although it is characterized by the same principles as an acknowledged science.

It studies the image of the sky, the position of planets and stars, and asteroids, as we shall see, and their relation with individual/collective existence and destiny.

In other words, astrology is based on the claim that the whole cosmos affects whole of the living life, the whole nature, each and every human being and individual lives and life paths.

To use the academic language, astrology is all about the macrocosmos – microcosmos relation.

Horoscope is, to say, a part of astrology. When people say horoscope, they usually think of either short term predictions that can be read online or in a newspaper or, those more curious, birth chart.

Natal charts are images of the sky frozen in time; the exact position of planets at the moment of one’s birth.

Astrology can be divided into different fields, including natal astrology, which is what we are interested the most, mundane astrology, astrology of events, astro-medicine, esoteric astrology and more. Natal astrology is what most people are interested into.

One’s birth date is characterized by the specific position of celestial bodies and their mutual aspects. Such an image of the sky is like a celestial DNK or ID.

Natal chart can tell much about who we are and what we are to become, but it is not a guarantee, nor it is a prophecy.

Birth charts reveal our traits and our potentials; it does not mean everything will be manifested the way we expect. The heavens know the best.

Asteroids in Astrology

The first thing one has in mind when talking about astrology and natal chart reading are zodiac signs.

Of course, zodiac signs are essential part of a birth chart and they, to a certain degree, define our person. Your Sun sign and your ascendant tell much about who you are.

However, you are much more than your ruling zodiac sign, for a natal chart comprises of all other signs, of planetary positions and their aspects.

Each natal chart is unique; there are many people born under the sign of, say, Aquarius, and they may have shared traits, but their lives are unique.

People are generally familiar with the importance of ten planets in astrology, Sun and Moon included.

On the other side, most cannot tell much about other important celestial bodies, such as asteroids; Pallas being one of them.

Asteroids were not in use in traditional astrology, just as some of the planets were not known (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).

With new astronomic discoveries and calculations, asteroids came into our knowledge. Soon they entered the field of astrology.

Astrological interpretation of asteroid positions and their impact on natal charts are pretty new, compared to the history of astrology.

Asteroids are discovered in the early 19th century, but their inclusion into astrology is later.

Asteroids are celestial bodies found in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

However, four of them have an important place in astrology: Pallas, Juno, Vesta and Ceres, the four goddesses.

Let us learn more about Pallas and its meaning and purpose in astrology.

Pallas in Astrology

Asteroid Pallas is associated with Athena Pallas, the Greek goddess Athena.

Mighty Athena was greatly appreciated and worshiped amongst Ancient Greeks; she is a warrior-goddess, the goddess of wisdom, art, healing, trade and skill.

Athena Pallas was born from the head of Zeus, according to the myth. The myth is associated with the idea of patriarchate.

Many myths about Athena suggest so, but they also tell about the power of woman within men dominated society.

Pallas Athena is powerful, untouchable, a warrior-goddess clad in armor.

Thinking about her traits in association with asteroid in astrology, Pallas represents self-protection from emotional vulnerability.

Pallas is an incredible astrological element, related to intelligence, civilization and society.

In astrology, Pallas is associated with practical intelligence, which is inventive and holistic.

Pallas is associated with mental power and ability, the feminine one. It resonates with feminine energy and is more related to friendship and honor than to romantic relationship and lovers.

Pallas is a warrior-queen of the natal chart, the principle of wisdom and creative, inventive intelligence.

Aquarius Personality and Traits

Before we move onto the specific position of Pallas in a natal chart, let us say a couple of words about its place, in the given example – the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

In order to understand the connection between the elements of a birth chart, we have to know about each one first.

Aquarius rules over the Eleventh House in the natural horoscope.

The Eleventh House is associated with friendship and community. Aquarius is ruled by two planets, as two other zodiac signs.

Its rulers are Saturn and Uranus. These two planets are associated with karma and destiny.

Aquarius as a complex sign, one in which two opposite principles get in touch. One is the principle of Saturn, characterized by static energy, conservative attitude, limitations and boundaries.

The other is mutable, eccentric and elusive Uranus.

Uranus is the dominant ruler of Aquarius and its impact is easily noticed in Aquarius people.

Aquarius people are unconventional, idealists, non-formal, eccentric, ahead of their time. Aquarius people are visionaries, people with great ideas, those who can see things other can never fathom.

They are ’children of the future’, people ready to sacrifice everything for an idea.

Typically, Aquarius people are tolerant and very open-minded, but also very individualistic.

They cannot be manipulated or controlled; these individuals choose their path on their own, guided by great, splendid ideas.

Some of the most important ideas for Aquarius people are those of freedom and independence.

It is impossible to force them do things or follow the set of rules, if they find the latter inappropriate. They are not familiar with routine.

Aquarius people are extremely self-reliant or, better, idea-reliant, but they are social, altruistic and humane.

Pallas in Aquarius – General Information

Now, let us see how Pallas and Aquarius correspond to each other in a natal chart.

What is it like to have Pallas in Aquarius and how does this particular positioning reflects on one’s life? This is a very inspiring and interesting combination to see.

Energies of Pallas and Aquarius create an incredible effect.

When combined, Aquarius’ visionary, idealistic and ahead-of-its-time nature, and Pallas’ creative intellect and power, these two make an individual who is passionate about exploring futuristic ideas.

People with Pallas in Aquarius tend to spend hours and hours thinking about how the world might look like in the future, thinking about how they can take part in its change.

They are prone to thinking about other worlds, other realms and realities.

To people with Pallas in Aquarius, the idea of distant galaxies and parallel realities is nothing strange, nor is imagination of future something unusual.

In fact, they are capable of visualizing future and even of inventing concepts that can bring the world closer to the imagined future.

Pallas in Aquarius people rarely deal with the mundane; they think in terms of eternity, rather than in terms of limited time and lifespan and the exact present moment.

They are very interested into the nature of humankind and the possibilities before us.

Pallas in Aquarius people are visionaries, caring about humankind. Their mindset is not egocentric; to them, ideas of a better community are a priority.

They are free-minded and very independent, but all they do is for the sake of something beyond the individual. Their mindset is collective, in fact.

Pallas in Aquarius – Positive Traits

On a positive side, Pallas in Aquarius people are tolerant and understanding; they have incredible intellectual abilities and capacities that help them see beyond the surface.

Pallas Aquarius people are optimistic and tend to see the good potential in humankind.

They truly believe humanity could get much better and they never stray from the idea. They are nor delusional, but people able to see and value such possibilities.

These people are very aware of everything happening around them, and on a global scale.

They tend to make the world a better place and they do not let the evil and negative things happening in the world discourage them. Pallas Aquarius people are very good in futuristic technologies.

Pallas Aquarius people have a strong aura and make a great impact on their surroundings.

Others find them unusual or eccentric, but can hardly resist their energy. Pallas Aquarius people can be inspirational leaders.

Pallas in Aquarius – Negative Traits

On a negative side, Pallas Aquarius people, being extremely intelligent and always a step ahead in their ideas, tend to fall into depressed state, where even their given optimism cannot survive.

The reason is their awareness of humankind potential.

These individuals perceive the world as an incredible field of opportunities to make it better, and a place where people can become better.

Sadly, in the eyes of a Pallas Aquarius, people rarely use even a half of their God-given potential.

Sometimes, Pallas Aquarius individuals seem intimidating and strange to others.

Although they are self-reliant and independent, they are haunted by the feeling that no one understand them.

Although humane and in search for the ways to help humanity, Pallas Aquarius can underestimate others, because they do not see the world through their eyes.

They often feel lonely and have to fight that feeling all the time.

In addition, people with Pallas in Aquarius tend never to be satisfied with things and themselves as they are, because it is never good enough, meaning, they are aware of the unused potential and it bothers them greatly.

Pallas in Aquarius Man

Men whose natal chart presents with Pallas in Aquarius are inclined towards finding creative and practical solutions to problems they face, but, even more likely, the problems on a bigger plan.

They are visionary men, very intelligent and skilful.

An interesting trait of men with Pallas in Aquarius is that they can be very nostalgic, which might sound a bit odd for the combination of astrological elements focused on the future.

However, past and future can be in a strong relation.

Men with Pallas in Aquarius are prone to idealization of both the past and the future, which could be inspiring, on one hand, but depressing on the other.

They find it hard to live in the moment and have difficulty to commit to a relationship.

However, once they do, they are loyal the end. They search for a true soul mate, one who would share their vision about the world.

Pallas in Aquarius Woman

Pallas in Aquarius women are intelligent and creative ladies who seek ways to contribute to an idea and to the collective being.

They are philanthropist and truly dedicated to their mission, as they see it.

Female Pallas in Aquarius are caring and guided by the idea bigger than themselves.

They are very sensitive, but the same as Pallas Aquarius men, avoid serious commitment for long. Once they find their true love, they are caring, devoted and loyal.

There are no major differences between Pallas Aquarius men and women.

Women with Pallas in Aquarius are open-minded and intuitive, intellectual and creative ladies.

Pallas in Aquarius – Brief Summary

People born with Pallas in Aquarius encompass some of the most dominant traits of asteroid Pallas and zodiac sign of Aquarius.

The manifestation of this incredible mix of energies depends, of course, on the rest of the birth chart.

The basic traits of people with Pallas in Aquarius are orientation towards future, open-mindedness, freedom and independence, visionary attitude, altruism, belief in humankind greatest potential, but also suffering because of the awareness of the unused potential.

Pallas in Aquarius is seen in people who see the world from a wider perspective, in both space and time.

They even tend to possess prophetic abilities and they are good at inventing in the field of new technologies.

Somewhat out of this world and ahead of their time, they awake in others either awe and admiration or misunderstanding and wonderment, or both.

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