Pallas in Aries – Personality Traits & Meaning

Horoscopes hold the key to our life path and destiny.

Although commonly and mistakenly identified with one’s Sun sign, horoscopes are far more complex; beside our dominant zodiac sign, they encompass all other signs of the zodiac, planets and other celestial bodies.

When speaking about birth charts and astrology, asteroids are definitely not the first thing to come to ones mind.

However, they play an important role in our celestial identification card – our natal chart.

What is natal chart and how can we interpret one?

Natal charts are schemes representing planetary distribution, planetary placement at the time of one’s birth.

They are drawn according to one’s exact place, timing and date of birth.

Planetary placement within zodiac signs and houses define who we are, aspects planets and celestial bodies mutually form, shape up our traits, characteristics, capacities and potentials.

That said, natal charts actually offer us insight into possibilities, into our potentials.

There are no two same human beings and two same life paths.

Even twins, born at the same time, place and date, will not grow, mature and develop in exactly the same way.

Each human life is unique and written in the skies.

The interpretation of natal charts help us better to understand the life we live, who we are, who are people around us, how the world goes round.

Of course, knowing your natal chart details is not an essential knowledge, but it could be a fantastic guidance.

Through detailed horoscope analyzes, we learn about ourselves, about our own qualities, flaws and strength.

We also learn about people in our lives. Horoscopes are not exactly predictions, but they could give us a hint of potential events.

Natal charts are complex. Although you certainly present with some of the basic qualities of your Sun sign, its nature is affected by various aspects and placement of other astrological elements.

Asteroids in Astrology

Asteroids were introduced into astrological readings less than a century ago.

They were discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century and added to astrological charts even later.

In astrological terms, asteroids represent the feminine principle and energy.

There are many asteroids to be found within the asteroid belt, but four of them have a special place in astrology.

They are Vesta, Juno, Pallas and Ceres. They are given names of the four powerful ancient deities.

As you clearly notice, these are four Greco/Roman goddesses: Hestia/Vesta, Hera/Juno, Athena Pallas/Minerva, Demeter/Ceres.

Each of the goddesses embody a female archetype. Before the discovery and introduction of asteroids, only Venus and Moon were ’female’ celestial bodies.

Asteroids in astrology play an important role and could be of great importance in natal chart reading, composite charts interpretation, comparative analyzes and much more.

They can help us better understand our relations with other people.

Each of these four feminine asteroids reveal certain parts of our personality and can help us better understand our place in life.

Astrological qualities of asteroids are associated with attributes of the four goddesses.

Let us learn something more about our asteroid in question, Pallas, named after the mighty Athena, the warrior-goddess of ancient Greek pantheon, and her Roman counterpart, Minerva.

What are attributes of Pallas and what does this asteroid signify in a birth chart?

Pallas in Astrology

Pallas, named after Athena Pallas, is an asteroid associated with civilized values.

The goddess Athena was a patron of art, crafts, healing, great strategists and warriors.

She is, indeed, a warrior queen, a goddess without a mother.

According to the myth, Athena was born from the head of Zeus, so she did not have a mother.

Athena has much to do with the hierarchy of the patriarchal society, but she also represents the power of woman within the men dominated world.

Athena was invincible, untouchable, wise, powerful and strong, a true warrior. She is a protector of society and state. Athena is a goddess associated with political questions.

Athena Pallas represents the principle of creative intelligence and wisdom.

She embodies the divine knowledge and she represents understanding, the balance between feminine and masculine powers.

Pallas asteroid is associated with the process of learning, creativity, politics, relations, competition.

This asteroids explains how we handle all these things. Its placement reveals more about it.

This asteroids is associated with the relation and connection between intuition and logic.

It tells about the field of life within which we are capable of expressing our mental and creative abilities. It is associated with our logic and reason,

The aspects asteroid Pallas forms with other celestial bodies within the natal charts tell about the relation and the exchange of energy between our psyche and our creative and intellectual abilities.

Aries Personality and Traits

Before we move onto the placement of powerful Pallas in fiery Aries, we should tell something more about the zodiac sign of Aries.

Aries is a Fire element sign and it rules the First House in astrology. What are the basic characteristics of Aries?

Aries people are newborn individuals, everything is before them to be taken.

Aries people are vital, full of energy, strong, determined, strong-willed and usually very self-confident.

Deep down inside, all Aries people believe they are meant to lead others and to be first.

They firmly believe there are no impossible goals in this life and they will work hard to get to it.

If they fail, they gather themselves together quickly and move on.

Retreat and giving up is not something Aries would do.

They do not like compromises, they are ready to destroy everything before them, only to get what they want, guided by the god of war, their ruling planet, Mars.

The only scenario in which an Aries would abandon an idea and give up, is the one in which something new and even better occurs.

Aries people do not like to be told what and how to do, they have no patience and they tend to be impulsive, even aggressive.

However, they are not vengeful; Aries is too self-confident to deal with others petty businesses and too action seeking to analyze other’s motives.

Aries people are very straightforward, direct, bold and courageous.

They lack intuition and they could hurt sensitive people unintentionally.

However, if you make them know what they did, they will reconsider their behavior.

They might be rough, but usually not mean; it is not their intention to deliberately hurt others.

Aries people are loud and prone to anger. They could be very stubborn.

Aries people have two roads, to say – the path of a warrior of light and the other, that of the dark warrior.

Their incredible energy has to be handled and channeled well.

If their energy is well channeled, Aries are passionate, admirable, people one would gladly follow into the battle; if their horoscopes are unfavorable, they become wrathful, aggressive and difficult to deal with.

Pallas in Aries – General Information

How does Pallas, the warrior-goddess, feel in the field of warrior Aries?

Let us find out how do these two powerful energies combine.

People who are born with Pallas in Aries are courageous, brave, unstoppable when they have a goal.

They are highly competitive, very intelligent and they enjoy mental challenges.

They are creative and capable of building their life by their own hands.

These people are full of energy, so they need constant movement and activity, both physical and mental.

They are full of original ideas, as well, and capable of bringing them into reality.

They have an incredible drive for life in general.

Pallas Aries people are leaders, not followers.

Pallas in Aries – Positive Traits

On a positive side, Pallas Aries people could be someone to look upon, people capable of leading others, reliable, strong, passionate and driven.

Although they are focused on their own goals, these goals often include others.

They are not vengeful, although they are competitive.

They want to be the first, but, with favorable aspects, they would value and respect their opponents.

In short, a favorably positioned Pallas in Aries gives a person worth of every respect, a noble knight, a warrior of knowledge and wisdom, a patron to others.

Pallas in Aries – Negative Traits

Pallas in Aries people tend to be arrogant about their vast knowledge and intellectual powers.

They do not respond well to authorities, because they hate being commanded by others.

A Pallas Aries is a general, not a common soldier and he/she would make it clear.

Pallas Aries people are not very sensitive. More rational than emotional, too rough to be romantic and gentle.

They do care for dear people, but do not expect sweet words and cuddles.

On the other side, they could be really passionate.

These people have hard time asking and receiving help.

Their greatest weakness is the fear of weakness, actually, the fear of appearing weak to others.

Pallas in Aries Man

Pallas Aries men are competitive, ambitious, driven to rule.

They are natural born leaders and conquerors.

They like to be in control of others, rather than to be controlled and dominated.

They prefer to be authority figures. They except others to respect them and they could be inspiring leaders.

These men are excellent strategists and tacticians. They are passionate about saying the truth.

These men are fearless. Even if confronted with serious rivals and opponents, they will bravely defend their ideas.

Highly energetic, active and oriented towards future, these men need a partner who can tolerate such an amount of energy, either a lady who can follow their pace or the one who can soften them, without trying to control them.

They prefer deeds over words, in romantic relationships, but also in all other types of relationships with people.

You may think a Pallas Aries does not care, but he will prove you wrong, by a deed.

Pallas in Aries Woman

Ladies with Pallas in Aries are brave, independent and mentally powerful.

Very intelligent and capable of standing to their ideas, these women are fearless.

They will readily confront anyone who tries to subdue them, regardless of the place and time.

These women are energetic, active, always on the run. They are protective of their loved ones.

Pallas Aries women are creative and they enjoy being engaged with new crafts, skills, lessons.

They like to learn and constantly improve their skills.

These women are very self-aware, they know what are their best qualities and what are the weaknesses.

They are optimists, just like their male counterparts.

Pallas Aries women will blow your mind away with their courage, strength of character and intelligence.

They are not romantic fairy-tale princesses, but true warrior-queens.

Pallas in Aries – Brief Summary

Pallas in Aries is a powerful placement, considering the warlike characteristics of both of those.

While Athena is a great strategist, Aries is loaded with incredible energy, fueled for new goals.

With favorable aspects, Pallas in Aries manifests as a creative, intelligent, wise warrior personality.

People born with Pallas in Aries are authoritarian, strong, mentally, if not also physically, they are bold and determined about their goals.

They are born to lead, not to follow.

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