Pallas in Cancer – Personality Traits & Meaning

Pallas, the asteroid named after the goddess Athena Pallas is one of the four major astrological asteroids, all carrying names of ancient goddesses of old Greece and Rome.

These four asteroids represent the feminine principle in astrology.

Astrology is probably the oldest science on earth, although today it is taken for a pseudo discipline, not counted amongst the acknowledged ones.

However, back in the old days, it was the same as astronomy.

It seems astrology has been in use since ancient times. The court elites would readily rely on their astrologers forecasts, when deciding on some major moves and acts, such as leading military campaigns etc.

Rulers of the past, regardless of their confession, would often seek an answer from astrologers, even if the practice of stargazing was generally considered suspicious and even negative in a way.

One thing is certain, throughout human history, we have been looking into the skies above, in search for answers to fundamental existential questions.

Today, astrology is still widely practiced, and people mostly interested into personal astrology.

Personal astrology is associated with what we call horoscope. Horoscope literally means the ’observance of time’.

When it comes to individual horoscopes, they are represented in the form of a natal chart.

Natal charts or, as they are also called, birth charts, represent one specific moment in time an astrologer would observe and interpret.

Natal charts are based on one’s precise time, date and place of birth.

According to astrological practice, our destinies and lives are set up by the placement of the planets in our system, at the moment of our birth.

Now, each path will be different and in itself, unique. There are no two same people and two same lives, even if twins were in question.

Asteroids in Astrology

So, what do we do with a natal chart? We look into planetary placement, aspects planets create amongst themselves, zodiac signs and much more.

Everything within a natal chart constitutes one’s frame of life, to say so.

Natal charts are not exactly predictions on what will definitely happen; they are a set of potentials someone has been given by the divine, higher power, or universal power, or however you like to define it.

What we do with it depends on many factors. Now, what do we know about planets and horoscopes?

We are familiar, in modern astrology, with ten planets in total, including luminaries, the Sun and the Moon.

However, there are other celestial bodies to consider, such as asteroids. Asteroids are newcomers in astrology.

They were discovered pretty recently, in comparison to ’old’ planets. The science did not know about them until the nineteenth century.

Asteroids were incorporated into astrological readings only by the end of the previous century.

They are associated with some major cultural and social movements and changes, related to the concept of femininity.

Four major asteroids, with Pallas being one of them, are named after four female deities of the ancient world.

They are known as Vesta (goddess Hestia in Greek mythology), Pallas (Athena Pallas), Juno (Hera) and Ceres (Demeter).

These four represent archetypes associated with femininity, in the first place.

Asteroids named after the goddesses carry attributes of these powerful deities and represent their aspects within one’s personal natal chart.

Knowing the placement of asteroids will help us dig deeper into the mystery of our own being, into the complexity of our relations with other people and our attitude towards the world around us.

Let us start with Pallas.

Pallas in Astrology

Pallas is named after the goddess Athena Pallas, one of the most highly praised and admired goddess of the Ancient Greece; she was known as Minerva in Ancient Rome.

Athena was the goddess of wisdom, warfare, strategy, beauty, art and more.

Athena Pallas was a motherless deity, which as a very important trait. According to mythology, she was born out of her father, the mighty Zeus’ head.

Therefore, Athena has to do with the importance of patriarchal values within the society she was worshiped with.

Athena, at the same time, embodies both the masculine and feminine principle.

She was a warrior goddess, but her strategies and tactics are intuitive. She was the patron of heroes and their guide and protector.

She is considered the deity of wisdom, with owl being her personal animal and attribute.

Athena is also associated with intellect and creativity.

The epithet Pallas is somewhat obscure. It could be associated with a verb which has to do with the use of weapons, but it could also be the name of the titan Pallas, whom Athena defeated in combat.

Asteroid Pallas carries all these aspects of Athena. Its placement tells about our use of intellectual powers, about our way of solving problems and using our strategy.

It is about the ability to use our creative powers, as well.

Pallas is about our way of dealing with conflicts, our attitude towards authority and one’s relationship with the father or the fatherly figure, which closely has to do with the idea of authority, in this sense.

Athena Pallas is also associated with the art of healing, while the process of healing is associated with wisdom.

Therefore, the asteroid has also to do with our ability to use our wisdom and creative intellect in order to heal, ourselves and the others.

Cancer Personality and Traits

Before we move onto the very placement of Pallas in Cancer, let us go through some important lines about the sign of Cancer, in order fully to understand the implications of this particular placement. What are the main traits of this Water element sign?

Cancer rules the Fourth house of astrology, which is, at the same time, the first of the occult houses.

In case you did not know, so-called occult houses are occupied by Water element signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

The fourth field in astrology is associated with home, ancestors, the beginning and the ending of life.

Cancer is dominated by the energy of the feminine luminary, the Moon. All representatives of this signs has a dose of feminine energy, regardless of being male or female.

The psychology of Cancers is very complex. The feminine traits are not necessarily something visible, but they are to be found deep within the personality of Cancer representatives.

These natives are incredibly emotional and often moody, it is simply how they are.

These ’children of the Moon’ could experience an unbelievable range of emotions, others cannot even come near to experience.

From an exalted state of happiness, even euphoria, they could change into the mode of undefined sadness, irritability, anger.

These people can experience the pain of the world more than anyone else. Only their emotional fellows could possibly understand them.

Cancers are not easy to deal with, as their emotional states and ranges are very difficult to understand and explain.

Cancers need a warm hug and a soft word, rather than a critique and rational advice.

They are both childish and sage, at the same time, since they are highly aware of the passing of life, while still remaining big dreamers.

They are incredibly emphatic. Cancers deeply care about people around them.

Although sensitive and prone to mood swings, be sure Cancers will be there for you.

No matter how fragile they might appear, they would use the last atom of their strength, if well-being and lives of people they care about are at stake.

Cancers are ready to sacrifice all they have, for their family and loved ones.

They are both soft and hard-shelled, at the same time. A Cancer would allow even open despotism and tyranny, in hope they could change others for the better.

Pallas in Cancer – General Information

Let us see now how the asteroid Pallas feels in the field of emotional, emphatic Cancer.

This is a very interesting placement, considering both natures of Pallas and Cancer. It is a fusion of wisdom and intellect and emotion and empathy.

People with Pallas in Cancer are intuitive by nature. They are understanding and they will employ their empathy for the greater good.

These natives know how to use their empathy, without being hurt.

They are noble and dignified. In order to deal with life problems, they see first to understand the needs of people around them, including their opponents. They are strategic warriors, not wild combatants.

Pallas Cancer natives approach any obstacle, problem or simply a challenge of any sort with both intuition and reason; they master them both, giving first hand to their intuitive powers.

They would do their best to avoid bloodshed, figuratively speaking.

Pallas in Cancer – Positive Traits

Pallas Cancer people are loyal and devoted to their family and dear people.

They are ready to sacrifice whatever it takes, if it is needed for protection and well-being of their beloved ones.

They are selfless and they find pure joy when helping others.

They have an incredibly ability of understanding others’ emotions to the bone, without letting it exhaust themselves.

They can help a lot of people and they are willing to do it, it is in their nature.

These natives are wise, loyal, compassionate. They value family bonds above everything else. Pallas Cancer people are pacifistic and benevolent.

Pallas in Cancer – Negative Traits

On a negative side, they can be a bit moody. If the placement is negatively affected, they could become a bit to sensitive, so, while doing great in helping others, they cannot save themselves from being damaged, more than it would be expected.

Pallas in Cancer Man

Pallas Cancer men are caring gentlemen. They have a lot of understanding for people around them and they make for faithful, supportive friends.

They are very compassionate and they will openly show it.

These men would often opt for a path which will open for them many options to help other people.

They are extremely loyal and dedicated and they would never let down anyone whom they’ve made a promise.

Pallas in Cancer Woman

Women with Pallas in Cancer are intuitive, wise and protective.

They are natural peacemakers and the voice of both reason and empathy, in any troublesome situation, a combination that is very hard to reach for the most of people.

They are empathetic, yet reasonable. Cancer Pallas women are natural caregivers, putting the benefit of others – their loved ones, in the first place. They are warm-hearted and loyal.

Pallas in Cancer – Brief Summary

Pallas Cancer natives are emphatic, loyal, intuitive and wise. Their role is to serve others, rather than to command.

However, they serve with great dignity and honor.

These natives are caring and peacemaking and they truly believe in goodness in people.

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