Pallas in Capricorn – Personality Traits & Meaning

When it comes to astrology, many of us will ask – can it really tell us something about our destiny?

Can we rely on the stars to be our guidance on our life path? The truth is, we can, but only if the signs are correctly interpreted.

Everything that happened, everything that is now taking place and everything that shall be is written in the stars.

Stars hold the secret of our existence and our journey through the experience of life. How it could be, you ask?

There is no straightforward answer to such a question.

Since the dawn of civilization, people have tried to understand and, in  a way, systemize things they have seen and experienced.

Intuitively, we turn to heavens when we seek answers to difficult or complex questions.

Astrology as we know it and typically associate with horoscope dates back into the ancient era, into Babylonian times.

The first horoscope dates back from those times and the culture.

Throughout time, astrology has been treated in many ways and its reputation was always ambivalent, to put it mildly.

In old times, up to early modern ones, astrology was not separated from astronomy.

Many prominent historical people relied on their astrologers’ advice, when making an important decisions or an action.

Emperors and empresses, kings and queens, generals and officials, scholars and others would often turn to astrology to find guidance.

Sometimes astrologers’ interpretations of the skies worked, other times not as much.

However, nothing of it stopped people from searching for the answer in the skies above our heads, in planetary movement and other interesting phenomena.

According to this old science of the stars, our individual destinies are also written in the skies.

The placement of planets at the time of our birth says it all. In order to understand what the stars have to say, we have to look into our natal chart.

Asteroids in Astrology

Natal chart is a diagram representing the planetary placement at the time we were born.

Each chart is unique, but what is even more important, each chart would manifest in a unique way.

That said, things we see in the natal chart are potentials.

Understanding our horoscope would help us dive deeper into the essence of our personality and see how could we do best in our life and, of course, in relation to other people.

Horoscopes are far more than our Sun sign, which is what people commonly identify horoscopes with.

Although we all have a dominant sign, the one we were born under, and we carry its characteristics, there are many more details to look into.

You probably know about the importance of planet and zodiac signs, but there are also some more recent additions to the astrological science. We talk about asteroids.

Unlike planets used in astrological readings, asteroids were introduced into this field quite recently.

Their existence was unknown until the nineteenth century, and asteroids were included into astrological reports in the end of the last century.

Four of the asteroids have a special place in astrology.

We know them by names of Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres, the names of the beautiful goddesses of the Ancient Greece and Rome.

These four asteroids, with Pallas amongst them, represent the feminine principle.

Before asteroids, only the Moon and planet Venus were associated with femininity.

The four asteroids tell about feminine traits each in a special way.

We all possess both masculine and feminine principle within; the four asteroids tell about the latter.

Pallas, the asteroid we are going to talk about is a very specific one, in this regard.

Pallas in Astrology

Pallas asteroid is named after Greek goddess Athena Pallas.

The epithet Pallas is associated with a term which has to do with the use of weapon and we know that wise and powerful Athena was indeed a goddess of warfare and tactics.

The other possible explanation tells about a myth about Athena defeating a titan named Pallas in a combat, so the name was attached to her after her conquered opponent.

In any case, Athena was much praised and awed deity, a wise warrior, a true warrior-queen, the protector and guide of heroes, the goddess of wisdom and knowledge, but also of art and of beauty.

In more astrological sense, Athena Pallas is associated both with the conscious and sub-conscious.

Attributes of Pallas are a spear, telling about her military role, her warrior skills, then an owl, a symbol of wisdom, and there is also an olive tree, which is associated with peace, longevity and much more.

Athena is a warrior, but she is an excellent strategist in the first place.

Her nature is different from that of, for example, Ares, the god of war.

Her energy is both masculine and feminine, but definitely colored by her feminine intuition.

According to mythology, Athena did not have a mother, she was born from her fathers head and he was the mighty Zeus, the supreme god of Ancient Greece.

This myth reflects the position of a woman within society of the times.

At the same time, Athena represents the patriarchal society, but she is still an extraordinary, powerful and mighty feminine figure. In her, both principles are present.

Asteroid Pallas and its placement within one’s natal chart tells about the way we use our creative skills in real life, it is associated with the way we employ our intellectual powers, how we create and use strategy, how we deal with the challenges and problems.

Pallas is also associated with wisdom and healing and its placement tells about our ability to use our intellect and our wisdom in order to heal and nurture.

This is an asteroid of creativity and creative capacities, abilities and skills.

The placement of asteroid Pallas is associated with our goals and the field of life in which we could achieve something great by employing our creativity and intelligence in the most effective way.

Pallas also has to do with problem solving and our attitude towards it.

Capricorn Personality and Traits

We cannot understand the placement of Pallas in Capricorn before we get familiar with both Pallas and Capricorn characteristics.

Since we have learned something about Pallas, let us move onto the Capricorn sign.

Capricorn rules the Tenth house in astrology, which is the house of social status, professional life, reputation, the peak of life.

Capricorn constellation is dominated by Saturn, the planet of limitation, seriousness, endurance and lasting.

Capricorn is one of the rare signs capable of enduring injustice for very long.

People born under the sign of Capricorn are very serious, as if they were born old. They take life for an extremely serious phenomenon and act like that.

People born under the sign of Capricorn do not have time for fun, they think of it as a waste of time, as something completely unnecessary. They are all but playful and cheery.

Even when they feel happy and satisfied, these people leave an impression of a bit gloomy and cold personality. There are not many things that could really strike a Capricorn.

They are calculated and reserved. For Capricorns, life is suffering and enduring, it is their philosophy.

Although it might appear tough and scary to others, it is simply how they operate.

Capricorn people are born as stoic ones. They could endure things no one else could.

They are cold and distant on the surface, very strong and not as vulnerable as many other people. It is one of the reasons why Capricorns are sometimes chosen to be leaders.

No one actually knows how to approach a Capricorn and make them open up.

Forced attitudes result in a cold resistance, which is why Capricorns cannot get along with Aries, for instance. Gentle and emotional signs could enter beneath Capricorns armor in a long run.

Capricorn people are aware of their strength. They are great tacticians and they would rather wait for an opportunity than rush into something.

Capricorns’ pace is slow, tactful, very thought-through.

Capricorns are determined and persistent in their efforts, which help them achieve their goals.

Capricorns’ mindset always include obstacles and troubles and these natives are ready to take up the challenge.

Even at young age, Capricorn people manifest some of the traits of old, wise people. Their spirit is older than their age.

Capricorns are traditional, conservative, they have a strong set of values. They seek for the stable within the instability.

Capricorn people are reliable, serious, dedicated, persistent, tactful and thoughtful.

They do not find interest in superficial things and they could not care less about fun and games. They are determined to reach their goals.

Pallas in Capricorn – General Information

Pallas in Capricorn people are master strategists. They have patience and endurance in things they find important.

A Pallas Capricorn would carefully observe circumstances and make plan on how to achieve their goals.

People born with Pallas in Capricorn are excellent observers. They are serious, calm and quiet, self-assured and strong.

They see everything that is happening around them, but it is not in their interest to speak about it.

These natives are usually well organized and they approach every task with seriousness and responsibility.

They are hardworking, determined and focused on their goals.

A bit cold and reserved, Pallas Capricorn often care more about their work than about close human interactions, although they do very well in social environment.

Many would consider them leading figures, because of their stoic and powerful attitude.

Pallas Capricorn people are hard shelled and proactive about problem solving.

They do not make hasty decisions, they observe things from all angles, create a tactic and see to employ it the best way possible.

Pallas in Capricorn – Positive Traits

Pallas in Capricorn people are organized, structured, they hold onto their principles.

They are calm, perceptive, capable to see the whole image, patient and wise.

These natives are vigorous and persistent. They are very self-reliant and reliable.

They are very intellectual, they do not avoid problems, but seek to resolve them.

They might be loners, but they care to protect those who need a strong person by their side,

Pallas in Capricorn – Negative Traits

Pallas Capricorn natives tend to be very career and job oriented and they also care about their social status and reputation a lot.

It is not a negative characteristic per se, but it could become prevalent and make these natives insensitive and very hard to get along.

They are cold and distant by nature and also tend to be a bit pessimistic.

If their aspects were unfavorable, it could turn into destructive and very dark mood.

Pallas in Capricorn Man

Pallas Capricorn men are committed, structured, well-organized, with high moral values, and usually traditional.

They like hierarchy, they care about their place within society and they contribute with their skills.

These men are strong, self-confident, like a solid rock.

Reliable and trustworthy, these natives make a bit strict and very serious, but loyal and honorable partners, friends, parents.

Pallas in Capricorn Woman

Pallas Capricorn women are fearless. These ladies are goal oriented, they like planning and they would dedicate much time and patience into their work.

They are very persistent and enduring, very tough, in a way.

These women just strike with their self-confident attitude.

They are pragmatic and intellectual, so there is no obstacle and problem they cannot resolve.

Pallas in Capricorn – Brief Summary

Pallas in Capricorn placement is a placement of a stoic, we could say.

Natives with this placement know how to employ their intellectual skills in order to create almost a flawless tactic and strategy.

They do not fall for petty things and there is not much that could lead them astray.

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