Pallas in Gemini – Personality Traits & Meaning

Pallas, the proto-planet, the asteroid, has a very important place in astrological readings and natal chart interpretations.

This is one of the four major asteroids in astrology, those carrying names and attributes of powerful goddesses.

Astrology is very deep and a complex field. It has many different branches and is linked to some other sciences.

In older times, astrology and astronomy went hand in hand, they were not seen as separated sciences, as they are today.

Some of the most notable and highly regarded astronomers of the past were, at the same time, astrologers.

Astrologers were always consulted, when there were great things at the table, campaigns, political decisions and more.

Astrology is a science of the stars, as its name literally says.

Unlike astronomy of modern day, astrology studies the movement of the planets and constellations and  their influence over our destiny.

Astrological readings could be done for the whole world, for countries, peoples.

Of course, what we are the most interested into is astrology for personal purpose, personal astrology, that is, personalized horoscopes or natal charts.

We can have our own natal chart interpreted by an expert astrologer.

Many are also interested into comparative astrology, in an attempt to figure out how they actually get along with someone, are they compatible or not.

Comparative astrology and composite charts could help us understand our relationships with people much better.

The clue is always a natal chart. What is it? It is an image of the sky, a scheme representing the exact position of planets at the time someone was born.

There are numerous elements to look into, when it comes to natal charts.

Besides zodiac signs and planets, there are other celestial bodies that play an important role.

Asteroids are one of those.

Let us see into asteroids in astrology.

Asteroids in Astrology

Compared to traditionally known planets, asteroids entered astrology quite late.

They were not introduced into astrological readings before the last decades of the twentieth century.

They brought refreshment and additional depth into natal chart interpretation.

The four major asteroids, amongst many, are named after the four great ancient deities, that is, for powerful goddesses, known from Greek and Roman pantheon.

These asteroids are associated with the feminine principle.

They are Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres, named after goddesses Hera/Juno, Hestia/Vesta, Athena Pallas/Minerva, Demeter/Ceres.

Each of them represents an archetype and is associated with the woman.

Asteroids offer an additional insight into the nature of our personality and being, about our attitudes, tendencies, inclinations.

They represent another beautiful brick in the complex and colorful wall of our personality.

These asteroids tell about the feminine principle within our natal charts and reveal things we might not be aware of.

As you probably know, we possess both feminine and masculine principles within our being.

One of the asteroids of great importance is Pallas, named after the powerful Greek goddess, the mighty Athena Pallas.

The epithet Pallas has been much discussed and there are several possible explanations.

Pallas in Astrology

The epithet Pallas could be associated with a place, with a verb ’brandishing’ (in the context of using weapons) or something else.

Well, we know Athena as a warrior-goddess, the brave, wise and beautiful warrior lady.

One of the possible explanation says Athena got the name Pallas after the titan Pallas whom she had slain in a combat.

According to mythology, Athena was born from the head of Zeus, instead from a mother’s womb.

She did not have a mother and her role is associated with the role of a women within the hierarchy of the men managed world.

Athena represents a heroic woman, a warrior, a wise one. She is a protector of heroes, a goddess of knowledge, intelligence, strategy, wisdom.

Her mythical symbols are the spear, an owl and an olive tree.

The goddess Athena is associated with art and creativity, tactics and strategy; she is, at the same time, the goddess of war and the goddess of art and beauty.

The symbolism of Athena is complex and dual, carrying both symbols of the goddess and the defeated titan.

However, Athena is the dominant and the most important principle; the asteroid Pallas is very interesting in this regard.

It affects both the conscious and sub conscious part of our personality.

The placement of Pallas within one’s natal chart tells about the way we use our intelligence, how capable one is of creative visualization, how capable of creating and using strategies and tactics.

Asteroid Pallas is associated with our attitude towards healing and justice.

It also tells about one’s personal view of their own mental capabilities and intellectual achievements.

This asteroid is of great importance, as it reveals our attitude towards problems, about our way of dealing with problems and finding solution.

Pallas also tells about our ability to heal, especially by using our wisdom.

Above all else, the placement of Pallas tells about our creative abilities, that is, about the way we use our creative powers, for those could be used both for good or bad ends.

Pallas tells about strategic goals, about focus, initiative, creative capacities and our ability to use them in the most efficient way.

Gemini Personality and Traits

Before we move onto the placement of Pallas in Gemini and reveal what lies behind this interesting astrological combo, let us say a couple of lines about the sign of Gemini.

What is it like? What are the major traits of Gemini?

Gemini rules the Third House, the one associated with communication and mental abilities.

The Third House is ruled by Mercury, the planet of youth, communication, verbal expression, travel.

Mercury is named after the god Mercury/Hermes, the messenger of gods.

The planet Mercury keeps Gemini mutable, changeable, but also extremely adaptable.

Gemini usually does not have hard times to adapt to any new given situation.

Representatives of this sign are youthful, curious, talkative, friendly.

They are interested into various things and they have no problem if their subjects of interest are even in contradiction to one another.

The thing is, Gemini know a lot of things, their knowledge and interests are broad, but they rarely dive deep into the subject.

Many would perceive them as superficial and there is some truth to it.

These people often engage with so many different things, out of their innate curiosity that they simply do not have time to deal with each one on a deeper level.

Gemini people are good logicians, but their logic is empirical, practical and lively, day-to-day logic that make them efficiently and quickly resolve problems, come to practical solutions and more.

They are usually optimistic and cheerful.

It is almost impossible to see a gloomy, depressed Gemini.

They approach life with ease and curiosity, they like to be informed about everything and they have a capacity of handling tons of information, precisely because of their ability to keep their head on the surface.

Gemini people are joyful, playful, amazing to be around. They are skillful, witty, clever and they do not have mean intentions.

They seldom get mad and angry and they are not vengeful. Above all else, Gemini people dislike routine.

They are typically versatile and have hard time sitting still. They are not ready to commit.

Flirty and playful, they will readily use their charms.

Pallas in Gemini – General Information

Pallas in Gemini is an interesting combination, since both the asteroid Pallas and the constellation of Gemini are associated with mental abilities.

People with Pallas in Gemini tend to be intellectual, versatile and very eloquent.

These people know how to use their words. They could be amazing public speakers, writers, great interlocutors, people who give excellent wise and practical advices.

They base their self-confidence in knowledge they possess.

Pallas Gemini people are excellent at handling information, they have a strategic approach to it and they know how to use it.

They are extremely creative in using information, especially when it comes to verbal expression.

These people are true masters of words. If aspects were favorable, these people could make great things come to pass, by using their communication skills.

Pallas in Gemini – Positive Traits

Pallas Gemini people heal through words. They are wise and possess a lot of knowledge.

What is more, they know how to use it for a greater good. Not only they know many things, but they are capable of passing knowledge.

There is no arrogance in these people; they feel their best if they can express their creativity through words and if it could make people feel good.

They are excellent counselors.

If you need an advice, encouragement, a word of support, be sure Pallas Gemini is the right person to talk to.

People with Pallas in Gemini know how to tell a good story.

They feel it is their duty to share their knowledge, to pass it down to people around.

They are joyful by nature and they have no problem with multitasking.

Pallas in Gemini – Negative Traits

Sometimes, it could happen they take their role too seriously and become too proud of their knowledge, underestimating others.

Also, it could happen they use their incredible talent for utilizing information to manipulate other people.

Pallas in Gemini Man

Pallas in Gemini men are talkative, amazing interlocutors, excellent storytellers.

They can bring the tension down in any situation by their words.

Cheerful and easy-going, they are great to spend time around.

These men are very intelligent and they master information they get.

They would readily speak in the name of those who are weak and oppressed.

They use their communicative skills to bring a bit of peace and order into this chaotic world.

Pallas in Gemini Woman

Pallas Gemini women are intelligent, brave and creative, just like the beautiful Pallas Athena.

They are amazing at educating others and they know how to pass knowledge.

These ladies will always have a good, and well-thought advice for you.

Women with Pallas in Gemini will always say what they think.

They know it is their task to use their gifts from heavens to help people on a bigger plan – through spreading knowledge and a word of wisdom.

Pallas in Gemini – Brief Summary

Pallas in Gemini is a wonderful placement, if the rest of the chart was favorable towards it.

People with this placement are wise and they are masters of communication.

They know how to use words creatively and for a better end. Naturally optimistic, they readily engage in spreading knowledge.

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