Pallas in Leo – Personality Traits & Meaning

Asteroids are a true refreshment in astrology!

In comparison to classical planets, asteroids are, along with some modern era discovered planets, a sort of newcomers in astrology, perhaps the oldest science in human civilization.

The discovery of asteroids and new planets made some changes in traditional Western astrology or, it would be more fitting to say, it added to it.

Astrology, as we know, dates back thousands of years ago.

Since the dawn of time, it seems, humankind has been gazing into the skies, trying to fathom the unfathomable.

Astrology, the ’science of the stars’, as its Greek name says has been around for ages and it is still practiced all around the globe.

Although its reputation varies, when we look into history, it seems that it has been gaining more popularity in recent ages.

Astrology is considered a pseudo science, though.

However, it is based on solid principles and methodology, just as any other science.

According to the ’science of the stars’, our lives are influenced by the planetary motion.

Indeed, the life on Earth is definitely under influence of cosmic phenomena and changes.

However, the astrology tries to figure out how planets and stars and what happens in the higher realms affect individual and collective destinies.

Astrological readings are not mere predictions of future, they are much more than that.

Astrologers were both praised and stigmatized throughout history.

Nevertheless, it is very important to know that some of the greatest minds of our past, famous astronomers, in the first place, were also astrologers.

Most of people would like to know what awaits them in the future or they simply want better to understand why something is happening to them.

In order to learn about these things, we could look into one’s natal chart.

Asteroids in Astrology

Natal or birth chart is a complex diagram representing a moment in time.

Yes, exactly like that – it represents the placement of planets at the moment of one’s birth.

According to astrology, the placement of planets shapes up one’s personality, traits, potentials and more.

Now, you are probably familiar with your ruling Sun sign – the zodiac sign matching the planet Sun in the personal horoscope.

However, your horoscope is much more than that.

Besides your ruling sign, there are other elements to look into.

Besides planets and zodiac signs, there are other celestial bodies and elements to look into.

Asteroids have been gaining more and more popularity and meaning in astrology lately.

Asteroids were discovered around the beginning of the nineteenth century, but they entered astrology later, in the time of some very important cultural and social changes.

The four major asteroids were associated with the feminine principle.

What is very important is that, before asteroids, only the Moon and planet Venus were feminine elements in natal charts.

For asteroids, Pallas amongst them, were named after the four beautiful and powerful deities of the ancient world, the four goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology.

They are known as Juno (Hera), Pallas (Athena Pallas), Vesta (Hestia) and Ceres (Demeter).

These four asteroids represent the feminine principle and archetypes that could be found within someone’s natal chart.

It is important to mention that each one of us possesses characteristics of both principles, masculine and feminine, to a certain and specific degree.

Each of these asteroids carries special attributes, energy, characteristics and vibes and those interact with other actors within one’s natal chart.

How a certain asteroid would play out, depends on its placement, aspects etc.

Pallas in Astrology

Pallas is one of the four major astrological asteroids and it carries the name of the famous Athena Pallas, the powerful goddess of Ancient Greece, worshipped by Romans as brave Minerva.

Athena was a warrior goddess, the one that combines within both the masculine and feminine energy, representing, at the same time, the dominance of men and the place of a powerful woman within the men dominated world.

According to Greek mythology, Athena was born out of her father’s head, so she did not have a mother; it is something Athena emphasizes in some of the myths.

Her father was no one else but the supreme god, the pater familias, Zeus (Jupiter).

It is not quite certain where the epithet Pallas comes from.

It could have to do with a word that describes the use of weapons, which would be quite fitting for a warrior goddess, the protector of mighty heroes of Greek mythology.

It could also come from the titan Pallas, whom the goddess defeated in combat.

Athena is not a brute warrior, but a wise one.

Athena represents the strategy, tactics, intuition, the last being primarily female feature.

She was also considered the goddess of wisdom, with an owl, the wise bird, as her symbol.

She was also the patron of heroes, of beauty and art.

The asteroid Pallas represent the way we use our logic, along with intuition, strategy, creative capacities, intellectual creativity.

It has to do with the area of life in which we are to be the most creative, the most intellectual.

The key words for the asteroid Pallas are intelligence, wisdom, intuition, strategy, logic, tactics, healing, science, justice, trust, strength, learning, artistic genius, creativity. In addition, asteroid Pallas tells about father-daughter relations.

Leo Personality and Traits

In order to understand how the powerful Pallas would likely play out when in the field of Leo, let us get more familiar with the zodiac sign of Leo.

How are Leo people like? What are the main characteristics of Leos?

Leo rules the Fifth house in astrology, which is the house of love, talents, pleasure seeking, children, creative energy.

This is a typical masculine zodiac sign, ruled by the powerful and mighty Sun, the masculine luminary.

In contrast to the Moon, the feminine and passive light, the Sun, and Leo along with it, is active and masculine.

Leo people are very driven, very passionate and active in life. They are naturally warm and open-hearted.

Leo people are guided by their emotions, by their heart, not that much by cold reason.

We could say they are intuitive, though not in a profound way Water signs are. Leos are intuitive when it comes to action.

They have a royal attitude, they love to be in the center of attention and they know how to master it.

They are charming and tend to be pompous at times. They love to brag around, and win their audience easily.

However, even though they could be overly self-confident to the point of arrogance, they are generally benevolent and noble-hearted.

Leo people are brave and protective of whom they hold dear. They are loyal and very inclined towards their closest ones.

Leo people care about their status and outer appearance, but they are genuinely warm-hearted and very generous.

They would do their best to make you feel welcome and pleasant in their surroundings.

These natives are optimistic and they do not hesitate to do the hard work, if necessary.

They are true guardians, patrons and loyal partners. Leos are enthusiastic and have a lot of drive, when it comes to working on something important.

Pallas in Leo – General Information

There is so much more we could say about both Leos and Pallas, but let stick with this wonderful placement.

Pallas and Leo have some similar vibrations, one might say.

Both are associated with great energy, drive, creativity, protection.

People with Pallas in Leo are definitely courageous and outgoing.

They are practically unstoppable when it comes to their goals.

Even if they fail, they would not give up or feel broken.

They will gather themselves together and think of a new and even better strategy.

They are very cooperative, but they like to shine out.

They enjoy the spotlight and could do great in the industry of performing arts.

They are very creative, friendly and approachable.

Pallas in Leo – Positive Traits

Pallas in Leo people are extremely talented, usually in an artistic sense, or in any industry that evolves some kind of performance, be it a stand up comedy show or giving some serious, scientific lectures.

They know how to shine, they have incredible charisma.

They are trustworthy and supportive of people.

They feel great if they uplift others.

They are sensitive towards injustice and they will always readily raise their voice if necessary.

Pallas in Leo – Negative Traits

On a negative side, all characters that are given this amazing, a bit of theatrical personality, are at risk of becoming too proud of themselves and arrogant.

Although Pallas Leo people do not necessarily have bad intentions, they could be reckless, when it comes to this.

Pallas in Leo Man

Pallas in Leo men are flamboyant, charismatic, strong and with a powerful aura.

They could literally made people follow them only by their demeanor and appearance.

They have a strong sense of self, but also the strong sense of justice.

They have very high moral standards and would readily defend them, regardless of if they are the ones being under attack or it was someone else.

Pallas in Leo Woman

Pallas in Leo ladies are astonishing in many ways.

Like their male counterparts, they value justice, they are fearless, when it comes defending their ethical principles and they are incredibly charismatic.

They always leave an impression that lasts.

These women are independent and capable, usually very ambitious, as well, but they are not insensitive and only personal goal-oriented.

They are warm and friendly.

Pallas in Leo – Brief Summary

Pallas in Leo is a very powerful combination, in astrological terms.

Two mighty warriors energy united in a very specific way.

People with Pallas in Leo are charismatic, with high moral standards, in love of justice and beauty.

They are brave, noble-hearted and they know how to use their energy and creativity in areas that require a lot of exposure and interaction.

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