Pallas in Libra – Personality Traits & Meaning

Pallas is an asteroid or a proto-planet, as sometimes labeled, one of the four major asteroids in astrology.

It has a very important role in astrological readings and knowing its placement could offer us much deeper insight into who, in fact, we are.

Before we move onto the asteroids and their role in astrology and focus specifically on Pallas, let us say a couple of words on astrology, the ancient science of the stars, the oldest of sciences.

Astrology as we know it probably dates back into the time of Babylon.

Astrology is associated with some other fields, as well.

In the past, for example astrology and astronomy were not separated as they are today.

Notable scientists, researches, religious figures and more were astrologers, amongst other things they did.

In our times, people are mostly interested into what we commonly call a horoscope, that is, personal horoscope or natal chart interpretation.

Natal or birth chart reading is extremely popular.

Through birth charts we could discover our own potentials, see how well we get along with another person, we could read individual and composite charts, we can do astrological compatibility readings and so much more.

What does a natal chart actually show? Natal charts do not offer information set in stone, but guidelines, some essential bases of our personality that could be shaped by various circumstances in life.

Birth charts, the placement of planets within charts and all else, help us find out about our potentials and capacities.

Through an in depth birth chart analysis we get to know ourselves much better. Astrology is not simply a divination practices.

It is a science, although labeled a pseudo one.

Nevertheless, it is based upon principles, knowledge and methodology just as any other science.

There are many things to look into, when it comes to natal chart readings.

Asteroids in Astrology

While most of us are familiar with twelve zodiac signs and planets, there are other factors to search for, when it comes to a proper birth chart interpretation.

Asteroids have long been unknown to astrologers and some of them still do not use them in readings.

However, asteroids have been more and more popular, so to say.

Discovered at the very begging of the nineteenth century and added to astrology much later, asteroids represent a precious piece of information, when it comes to astrological readings.

Asteroids circulate within the asteroid belt, as the place they are located is called, the space between Jupiter and Mars. Four of those asteroid have a special place in astrology.

These four asteroids are named after ancient goddesses and associated with the feminine principle.

Asteroids were introduced into astrology during great social changes, associated with the feminine principle, the role of women.

They are named after Roman/Greek goddesses Juno/Hera, Vesta/Hestia, Minerva/Pallas, Ceres/Demeter.

These powerful deities of the past all embody feminine principle and its specific variants, specific archetypes.

While asteroids are a minor element in astrological readings, compared to the role of the planets, they have been gaining more and more importance.

Their placement reveals the subtle pieces of puzzles that makes us who we are.

By knowing your asteroids, you will much better understand the world you live in and your place within that same world. Let us talk about Pallas.

Pallas in Astrology

As we have mentioned, Pallas is one of those four major astrological asteroids, named after the mighty Athena, that is, Athena Pallas.

This epithet, Pallas, could be associated with the act of brandishing (use of weapons).

As we all know, Athena was a goddess-warrior, a brave strategist, a true warrior-woman, the goddess of wisdom, art, beauty and warfare.

There is another explanation on her name. It is said that she got the epithet Pallas after a titan named so, whom she murdered in a fight.

In any case, Athena is definitely known as a strong, powerful, invincible warrior-lady.

Athena is a patron of heroes and a wise strategists. She combines manlike strength and feminine intuition.

Her place in mythology tells about the position of a mighty woman within the men dominated world.

Athena is at the same time a strong woman within the men world, and a woman who only has a father.

According to mythology, Athena was born out of Zeus’ head and she never had a motherly figure in her life.

This goddess is also associated with creative powers, with strategic talent, with tactics.

Her symbolism is complex and double, as she carries both attributes of a goddess-warrior and the titan whom she defeated.

Asteroid Pallas reflects some of the Athena’s attributes.

It rules both the conscious and the sub-conscious in our being.

It has much to do with our mental abilities, our intellectual powers and our use of those.

The placement of Pallas within our natal chart can help us understand the way we use our mental and creative abilities, it tells about the filed in which those should be best manifested in.

It tells about our creative visualization and our tactics.

Asteroid Pallas is also, just as Athena, associated with concepts of justice and healing and its placement tells about our comprehension and attitude towards these.

Pallas is also about our approach to problems and about our way of solving problems.

Pallas is about strategy and focus, but also about intuition.

Knowing its placement could help us focus better and use our strategies and our creative abilities in a good way.

Libra Personality and Traits

In order to understand the meaning of Pallas in Libra, we have to understand the very nature of Libra.

Libra rules the Seventh House in astrology, the house of marriage and married partner and those who stands opposite of the self, our personality.

Libra constellation is ruled by the romantic, lovely, charming Venus.

Venus is elegant, beautiful, naturally flirty and in love of beautiful things.

It makes Libras very sophisticated, artistic, peaceful and loving people.

Libra people avoid conflicts by nature, they are mediators.

Libras tend to create balance, as the very sign suggest.

They pursue and try to create harmonious surroundings wherever they find themselves.

People born under the sign of Libra are kind, gentle, friendly and sociable.

Typically, people feel very good in presence of Libras.

These people laugh easily and enjoy having fun.

However, they are not hasty and thoughtless, because of their playfulness, on the contrary.

Libras are notorious for their inability to make firm decisions.

They often procrastinate and they need quite a time until they finally make up their mind on something.

They are emotional and they evaluate every situation in life before they make any choice and decision.

They are all but impulsive and headlong.

If you insist they make a decision earlier than it would be their natural pace, they would likely mistake, basing the decision on emotions.

Once they make decision, Libras stick to it.

These people have a genuine feeling for things that are valuable and precious.

Libra people are not superficial, they always go into the depth of things.

This is what makes them indecisive, in a way.

People born under the sign of Libra are peacemakers.

They do not like conflicts and they would never start them on their own.

However, they are excellent mediators and they always represent the voice of reason when situation gets heated.

Libra people are open, sociable, loving. They are amazing and reliable friends.

Very communicative, outgoing and charming, Libras know many people but have only a couple of close friends.

They greatly value friendships, relationships, family relations.

Pallas in Libra – General Information

What is the meaning of Pallas in Libra placement? Pallas in Libra is a wonderful placement, associated with peace, balance, mediation.

Pallas Libra people are excellent in judgment about heated arguments others start.

People with Pallas in Libra have an excellent sense of justice and they can be spokespersons for those whose voices are rarely heard.

They readily support the weak and oppressed and have no fear about it.

Lovers of peace and harmony, Pallas Libra people would try to make balance in very troublesome situation.

They have an analytical, sober and diplomatic approach to resolving problems, especially problems in relationships, communication problems etc.

Pallas in Libra – Positive Traits

Pallas in Libra people are excellent mediators.

They have an inborn need to resolve conflicts and they are very capable of doing so.

They use their logic, their intellect and cool head, but they never exclude their emotions.

Pallas in Libra – Negative Traits

Pallas in Libra people avoid conflict at all cost, which sometimes is not the best solution, because they let others use their opportunities.

Besides that, Pallas in Libra placement is generally benevolent.

Pallas in Libra Man

Pallas in Libra men are charming, kind and peace loving.

These men are true gentlemen and they win others by nice words.

They are very tolerant and full of understanding.

They will readily defend those who cannot defend themselves.

They would never seek fight, but would readily defend those they care about.

They could do great in the field of diplomacy.

Pallas in Libra Woman

Pallas in Libra women are gentle, kind and charming.

They are amazing company and they are very open towards people in general.

Lovely and sophisticated, they are all but superficial.

These ladies know how to react in troublesome situations, keeping calm and having a calming effect on others.

They make others feel more composed and rational, when it comes to difficult times.

They have an excellent gift for mediation, counseling, diplomacy.

They could be amazing spokespersons.

Pallas in Libra – Brief Summary

Pallas in Libra people have a balanced approach to problem-solving, they use both their brain and their heart.

They are capable of remaining calm and composed in the stressful situations and they know how to handle problematic relations without raising a sword, to put it figuratively.

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