Pallas in Pisces – Personality Traits & Meaning

Horoscope can reveal many things about our personality, life and even future.

There are several types of horoscopes and what most people are interested into are personal horoscopes, that is, birth charts.

Birth or natal charts represent your celestial, cosmic identification card, so to say.

Birth charts could only be done by serious experts in astrology, capable of proper interpretation of the position of the planets and other celestial objects seen on the scheme.

However, there are some basics that could be taken universally, for each element of a natal chart has its specific characteristics, applicable to any chart.

What makes horoscopes unique are planetary positions and aspects and their manifestation in an individual’s life.

Natal charts are images of the sky, like a photograph of the sky taken at the exact time of one’s birth.

According to astrology, the ancient ’science of stars’, celestial bodies and their vibrations shape up individual destinies, affecting us personally and collectively.

Astrology is very old. Since ancient times, people have been aware of the connection between our earthly life and something beyond; the whole universe is an incredible flow of energies.

What happens on the major plan, reflects on the minor plan.

Everything that takes place in the cosmos has an effect on us on earth.

The position of the planets at any given moment plays a role in our lives, although we are typically unaware of that, busy with other things.

Planetary positioning at the moment of one’s birth defines one’s life path to a certain degree; we can say it provides a sketch of one’s life path.

If carefully reading the natal chart, we can see beyond visible reality.

Natal chart is a set of possibilities and potentials, rather than a prediction. What we see in a chart as a possibility is not set in stone.

Asteroids in Astrology

When it comes to birth chart interpretations, everyone knows about zodiac signs, planets and, possibly, houses.

However, natal chart encompasses other elements, as well, that is, other celestial bodies.

Besides traditionally known planets, the Sun and the Moon, there are others, some of which are asteroids.

Asteroids take a special place in astrology and their position and relation to other birth chart elements is very important.

By analyzing the position of asteroids in a natal chart, we can get a much more specified horoscope reading.

Asteroids entered the field of astrology pretty late, compared to the long lasting history of astrological practice.

They were discovered only at the beginning of the 19th century.

However, time has passed until their astrological potential was acknowledged.

There are numerous asteroids within the so-called asteroid belt, circling between planets Mars and Jupiter.

However, four of them are of great importance in astrology. These are Juno, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres, named after ancient goddesses.

Asteroids represent the feminine aspect in a natal chart, but in a very specific way.

The one we will talk about today is Pallas and its combination with the zodiac sign of Pisces, that is, the possible manifestation of asteroid Pallas positioned in Pisces.

Pallas in Astrology

Pallas asteroid is named after the goddess Athena Pallas. Athena was a palace goddess, the goddess protector of household and kings.

She is a warrior-goddess, the deity of wisdom, the patron of heroes, as many Ancient Greek myths testify.

She plays a very important role in myths about Orestes, the Trojan war, myth about Gorgon-Medusa. Her place in astrology, associated with the asteroid is also of great importance.

Pallas asteroid is associated with the feminine and inventive intellect.

Pallas Athena, according to myths, did not have a mother. One of the most popular myths tells about her birth from the head of Zeus. Pallas Athena is socio-culturally associated with the patriarchal society.

As a warrior-goddess, Athena is closely associated with heroes, she is also the goddess of creativity, intellect and wisdom.

Pallas in astrology represents the principle of creative intellect and divine knowledge.

The position of asteroid Pallas in the natal chart tells about one’s learning abilities, mental capacity, creativity and competition.

It also tells about the perception of relations with other people, especially male-female relations.

Pallas asteroid is also associated with political and social questions. The intellect in Pallas is practical and logical, it does not remain in the field of theory.

Athena is an active and efficient strategist, but also patron of arts and crafts.

Pisces Personality and Traits

Before we move onto the position of Pallas in Pisces, let us say a couple of words about the aforementioned zodiac sign.

It is of vital importance to understand each element of the combo, before we analyze their connection.

The sign of Pisces rules over the twelfth house. The last of the astrological fields, it represents the invisible, elusive, subconscious, the hidden and mysterious.

In other words, everything that is beneath the surface.

What is also important to mention, the Twelfth House is the third and the last of the occult houses (the first occult house is the Fourth, ruled by Cancer, the second one is the Eight, ruled by Scorpio; all three are water signs).

Before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Jupiter was considered the ruling planet of Pisces.

However, with the discovery of the three, astrologists found that Neptune has a very strong impact on Pisces.

Neptune is the more dominant ruling planet of Pisces, compared to its another ruler, Jupiter.

However, when interpreting a natal chart, both ruling planets and their positions have to be taken into account and carefully analyzed.

In Pisces, Jupiter manifests greater wisdom and expansion, than in Sagittarius.

Neptune, on the other side, makes Pisces incredibly imaginative, creative, intuitive, but also elusive and chaotic.

Pisces people tend to be idealistic, romantic, lost in another reality, so to say. They try to avoid the cruel side of reality, by escaping to imaginary realms.

Pisces people are very emotional, sensitive, compassionate and unbelievably intuitive; some of them could even present with psychic abilities.

They need no logic and rational analysis to unravel other’s secrets, feelings, whole personalities.

Pisces see beyond the surface, with their intuitive eyes. They feel the world around them, they can be very spiritual.

They find it hard to define their life goals, since they are often stretched between imagination and reality.

Pisces know you better than you know yourself.

They can read you before you open your mouth. How does the traits of Pisces combine with Pallas attributes?

What is the meaning of Pallas in Pisces in astrology, in general, in men and women? Let us start with general info.

Pallas in Pisces – General Information

People with Pallas in Pisces embody a very interesting combination of intertwined energies of Pisces zodiac sign and that of asteroid Pallas.

It affects their worldview and their attitude towards people, society, humankind.

Pallas Pisces people have great imagination, as Pisces are traditionally the sign of imagination and Pallas’ attributes are intellect and creativity.

The practical side of Pallas supports the Pisces’ potential, so Pallas Pisces people could actually apply their creativity in real time.

People with Pisces in Pallas tend to fantasize, though. Sometimes, it makes their clash with reality harsh and inconvenient, to say the least.

Some would say that Pallas Pisces people flow between unrealistic thoughts; that might be true for some.

However, the intellectual in Pallas could moderate the innate tendency of Pisces element to get lost within the realm of imagination.

Pallas Pisces people are romantic and sensitive. They are often quiet and possess an incredible artistic potential that helps them channel their thoughts and emotions into something concrete, tangible and visible.

Pallas in Pisces – Positive Traits

Pallas Pisces people are kind, nurturing and compassionate. They see beyond people’s differences, not judging anyone by their origin, status, ethnicity or whatever else.

That is so, because they see beneath everyone’s ’shell’.

These natives are natural born healers. They see good in people and tend to help others find the positive within.

There is something in their melancholic nature that makes them see beauty even in the greatest tragedies.

Although they seem to avoid harsh and cruel side of reality, their imagination and belief into beauty actually helps them go through the greatest temptations and challenges.

The beauty will save the world, as the famous writer said.

Pisces Pallas people are talented for arts, writing, music, dancing and any other form of creative expression.

These natives’ emotions are always intense, their heads often chaotic, even when it does not look so on the outside.

Nevertheless, they are capable of finding order within their own chaotic world.

Pallas in Pisces – Negative Traits

Pallas in Pisces individuals tend to be moody and often avoid speaking directly, which makes them hard to reach and very difficult to please.

Although they spend much time fantasizing, they don’t like to be alone.

When faced with the reality, they cannot handle it very well on their own. They often find it hard to adapt to the given circumstances. They can be very immature and irresponsible.

While their chaotic inner world could be greatly inspiring and a source of creativity, it prevents them from fulfilling some very basic expectations, needed for proper functioning within society.

It often happens their unrealistic ideas about life take over, so actual circumstances make them depressed and hopeless. They are prone to disappointment and have difficulty of getting back into track.

Pallas in Pisces Man

Pallas Pisces men are usually creative and imaginative individuals, often introverted, feeling uncomfortable under the spotlight. They are kind, caring and could offer much in a close relationship.

They are observers, rather than actors. On a negative side, they tend to hide their negative emotions and pain, because they cannot deal with others’ reactions.

The intention is good – they hate disturbing someone over their own matters.

These men are typically talented for some kind of art. Career is not a priority for them, for they value peoples’ relations and bonds better.

For a Pisces Pallas man, a friendship is much more important than a profession.

Pallas Pisces men are caring and compassionate with their loved ones. They think about people in their lives.

Being very romantic, they are gentle and understanding individuals who treat their beloved with respect and love.

Pallas in Pisces Woman

Women with Pallas and Pisces are like good fairies from fairytales. They are caring and nurturing, affectionate and loving.

These ladies are sensitive and empathetic; they would rarely criticize or judge others.

Imaginative and intuitive, these women can feel others’ emotions and are capable of understanding others’ problems.

They are very good listeners, although they tend to take things too emotionally.

Typically, Pallas in Pisces women are interested in arts and crafts; they enjoy making things by their own hands.

Just as Pallas Pisces men, they are romantic. They need gentleness and devotion in their lives.

They don’t like to be alone and always seek for a connection and a relationship.

It could happen they change many partners, which also stands for men, searching for the right one.

Curious about people’s stories, Pallas Pisces women could be very tolerant and supportive of others.

Pallas in Pisces – Brief Summary

Pallas in Pisces is a very interesting positioning, making a person with this combination in a natal chart highly imaginative, with a unique perception of the world and especially people’s stories and relationships.

The actual manifestation of Pallas in Pisces in one’s birth chart would, of course, depend on the position and aspects of other planets and elements seen in the chart.

These are some of the basic and general characteristics.

People born with Pallas in Pisces are intuitive, imaginative and often lost in their dreamy fantastical world.

However, if the energies are balanced, they can actually apply at least some of their given talents in reality.

When it comes to their attitude towards life and the world, they tend to see the beauty and goodness in everything and everyone.

The clash with reality could be shocking for some of them, since it happens they avoid hard truths.

On the other side, their mechanism of imagination help them thread their life path bravely, with faith into the better, loving world.

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