Pallas in Sagittarius – Personality Traits & Meaning

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences in human history, if not the oldest one.

Today, however, it is not considered a science in formal sense, but a pseudo science.

Regardless of how we label it, astrology has been in use since the earliest civilizations.

Stars hold the secret of our existence and our destiny, astrologers would say.

Everything that has ever happened throughout our history, was written in the stars.

There is no consensus on why human beings search for the answers in the skies above.

Mythologies, religious systems, legendary tales and science all have something in common, when it comes to that.

According to astrology, each one of our lives is like a beautiful pearl within the universe, unique and special.

Together, they make what we call humanity, civilizations and more. We are a part of a much bigger plan.

Astrology and astronomy were closer than today, in old times. Actually, they were the same.

Both of those disciplines have to do with the movement of the planets and their influence over the life on Earth.

Astrology and especially personal astrology tries to figure out how a particular placement affects our lives.

Most of people identify astrology with horoscope and their Sun sign, but it is way more complex than that.

Astrology is complex and has different branches, as well as related field, such as numerology, for example.

What most people would like to know about is their personal horoscope, that is, their natal chart.

Natal or birth charts represent our time of birth as reflected in the skies.

It is a diagram representing the exact positioning of the planets within our solar system, at the time of one’s birth.

We can use natal charts to understand who we are, we can do comparative or composite charts, as well.

Reading a natal chart requires great knowledge, great skill and great intuition.

Information a natal chart contain are not always easy to understand, for they are complex and rich in meanings.

A natal chart should always be seen in the context of someone’s life.

Asteroids in Astrology

Although many people would simply associate the term horoscope or astrology with their ruling sign, that is, their Sun sign, it is much more than that.

Astrological charts include planets, houses, aspects and some other important elements.

Asteroids were unknown in times astrology has been founded, to use that term.

They were discovered in modern times, at the very beginning of the nineteenth century, but even then, they were not yet introduced into astrology.

It happened a bit later, in the twentieth century. Asteroids brought refreshment to astrological readings.

Their presence does not change the meaning of an astrological reading, but only adds to it.

Understanding the placement of asteroids within someone’s natal chart offers even more detailed and deeper insight into one’s personality, life path, attitudes towards life and people and much more.

Let us speak about the four major asteroids in astrology, with Pallas being one of them.

These four are asteroids named after the four ancient goddesses, so they represent the feminine principle in a natal chart.

The four asteroids aforementioned are Vesta, Juno, Pallas and Ceres, named after Roman and Greek goddesses.

Each of them carries special attributes, associated with the deities.

The placement of these asteroids within our natal chart could help us discover new things about ourselves and other people.

Some astrologers do not include asteroids in their readings, but it has been more common in recent times.

Pallas in Astrology

Pallas is one of the four feminine asteroids, named after the powerful goddesses of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Pallas is named after Athena Pallas, the warrior-goddess of the Ancient Greek pantheon.

It is not certain where does her epithet come from.

It could have roots in a term associated with the use of weapon or it could be the name of a titan whom Athena defeated in combat.

According to the latter opinion, Athena carries the name of the one she conquered, as a trophy.

Athena is certainly one of the most powerful ancient goddesses.

She is a warrior and a wise woman, a brave and intelligent one, a masterful tactician and strategist. Athena is also the goddess of healing, of beauty and art.

Her creative abilities are amazing and so the asteroid Pallas also has much to do with our creativity, the use of our creative gifts and skill, with our creative visualization.

Athena was born from the head of her father, the almighty Zeus, the ruler of Olympian gods.

She did not have a mother and it is Athens herself who puts the role of a father in the first place, in some of the myths about her.

Athena carries both the principles of conscious and sub-conscious, both masculine and feminine traits, but her nature and intuition are definitely feminine.

In Athena, the two are combined in a very specific way.

This patron of heroes, beauty and art is one of the most splendid and admired ancient deities. Asteroid Pallas is associated with her attributes.

The placement of Pallas in one’s natal chart tells about the person’s creative skills, attitude towards intellectual challenges, one’s mental abilities, wisdom, creative potentials and ability to use them in actual life situations.

Pallas asteroid is associated with one’s attitude towards problematic situations, with one’s initiative in taking action, with one’s ability to create a strategy and use it.

This is an amazing factor within anyone’s natal chart, for it reveals much about our potentials and the way we could use them.

The placement of Pallas tells about the actual area of life in which we could employ our abilities.

Sagittarius Personality and Traits

The placement of Pallas is what makes the asteroid in one’s natal chart ’behave’ in a certain way.

In order to understand how the house of Sagittarius affects the nature of Pallas, we have to tell something more about Sagittarius sign.

Sagittarius rules the Ninth house, which is the house of philosophical thought, religion, long journeys and travel, spiritual experiences.

Sagittarius constellation is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, of noble nature and ethical values.

Jupiter is the planet of justice, nobility, finery and its nature is expansive, it is an intellectual planet, very different from the nearby, limiting, and way to strict Saturn. Influences of Jupiter shape the characteristics of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius people are very intellectual and into philosophical topics, they like to explore the world around them and think about the depths of it.

They seek for what is the stable core within the instable movement of the empirical reality.

These people think about everything that is around them, their minds are very open for thousands of ideas and they are not static and passive.

These people value their own freedom and principles, but are very open to accept principles and values of others.

These natives are daring and would readily engage with troubles and problems in life, approaching things from different angles.

They are always ready to hear what others have to say, they are open from advices, but they will always make the final decision on their own.

These people fight for their ideals, they are all but conformists, but they are not as aggressive and forceful as, for example, Aries or Leos could be.

Sagittarius are also Fire people, but they are more subtle, more sophisticated.

Their flame is fine and multilayered, so they have a much better control over themselves.

Sagittarius people perceive life as an open playground or a battleground. They like challenges, especially intellectual ones, but they are also empirical.

These people usually travel a lot or at least have an urge to travel.

They like to explore distant, unfamiliar places, meeting other cultures, exchanging knowledge and experience all around the world.

Sagittarius people are incredibly optimistic.

They do not let defeat and failure bring them down; they will take it as another experience and they will move on.

They like to test their own ability of adaptation and they are very youthful and young in spirit.

Pallas in Sagittarius – General Information

Pallas in Sagittarius is quite an amazing placement. These natives are courageous, but subtle, at the same time.

They value their freedom and respect the freedom of others.  They are dynamic and optimistic people.

These natives are spiritual and intellectual and they are usually focused on a bigger plan.

They are very interesting in exchanging experiences and learning from others.

They grow and expand through numerous interactions.

They have a good judgment of a situation and could employ their cheery nature to handle a problem, especially in conversation.

They resolve problems by assessing them from different angles and through various lens.

Pallas in Sagittarius – Positive Traits

Pallas Sagittarius people generally have a positive attitude towards life and there is rarely a situation that could make them give up or feel totally down.

They are curious to find another solution and that is what drives them.

Pallas Sagittarius natives may be very dynamic and even impulsive, but they dislike arguing and conflicts.

They handle heated conversations very well and use their intellect and joyful nature to clear things up.

Their minds are open for various topics.

They like philosophy and spiritual questions, there is much one can learn from them and much to exchange, for they are open to hear others, as well.

They are ethical and tolerant.

Pallas in Sagittarius – Negative Traits

There is nothing particularly negative about this placement.

However, Sagittarius Pallas natives tend to be a bit bored and grumpy if there is nothing that could stimulate them intellectually.

They like to be entertained all the time.

In addition, they sometimes fail to recognize the seriousness of a situation.

Sometimes they have a bit too light approach to life.

Pallas in Sagittarius Man

Pallas Sagittarius men are adventurous, intelligent, tolerant and extremely positive.

They believe there is nothing in the world that could stop them.

They like to explore new ideas. They are usually very into philosophy and religion.

They like to travel a lot and to distant destinations, it is what enriches their lives in all senses.

They are very social, interactive, communicative.

They like nature, physical activity, just as much s they like intellectual topics and conversations.

They do not actually show their deepest emotions, which are often hidden behind their bright smile or an engaging conversation about something else.

However, if they become closer with someone, they are warm and they sincerely care about the other person.

Pallas in Sagittarius Woman

Pallas Sagittarius ladies are intellectual and philosophical, and very dynamic in life.

They like to be around people who share their passion for excitement and adventure.

Like Pallas Sagittarius men, they also like to explore the world they live in.

These ladies are bold and have strong ethical values. They enjoy learning and intellectual exchange.

They have strong logic and they perfectly master their mental abilities.

However, another similarity with their male counterparts, they do not handle their emotions very well.

They prefer to rely on their reason, rather than to surrender to their emotions. It is not easy for them to build an actual relationship.

However, when they do, they are very caring and they put great effort to understand the other person.

Pallas in Sagittarius – Brief Summary

Pallas in Sagittarius natives are intellectual and philosophical individuals who, at the same time, crave excitement and first hand experience of things in life.

They are adventurous, curious and masters in solving problems by using logic and a versatile approach.

They are tolerant, open minded, they like to learn, exchange and their value others’ freedom.

However, they often struggle with handling their own emotions.

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