Pallas in Scorpio – Personality Traits & Meaning

Everything that happens in our lives is connected with the higher realms.

Our earthly existence and life is connected with some higher, divine and mysterious forces beyond our comprehension.

Everything there is is written in the stars.

Astrology has been around since very distant past.

Although its reputation went through many changes, it is still in use and very popular.

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences there are. It is the science of the stars.

According to astrology, our destiny is written in the heavens above.

Everything we experience in life has to do with planets and their movement.

However, it is not only planets that matter.

There are other celestial objects that should be taken into account.

Pallas is an asteroid, for instance, not a planet.

There will be more talk about asteroids and their role in astrology.

Before that, let us say a couple more words on astrology itself.

Astrology is a complex field, divided into many branches, of which the most popular is personal astrology, that is, personal horoscope.

Personal horoscopes are based on natal chart interpretation.

What is a natal chart and what kind of information does it contain?

Natal or birth charts are diagrams showing the exact placement of planets ate the time of one’s birth, their distribution over astrological fields, aspects they create with one another etc.

They also include some other factors.

Each natal chart is completely unique and it manifests uniquely.

Even if you were born at the same time, the same hour and place with another person, a twin, maybe, your natal charts would still be unique and you two would grow in a different manner.

What is to be seen in natal charts are our personal potentials and capacities.

Birth charts and astrology are not prophecies; they represent a set of capacities, potentials, possible outcomes.

Although, true, everything is written in the stars, it should be taken in a wider sense.

Astrology could help us in understanding the world we live in and understanding ourselves and people around us much better.

Every piece of information we read in a natal chart is of extreme value.

Asteroids in Astrology

Everyone knows about planets and zodiac signs and their importance to astrology.

In traditional astrology, only five planets were known, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn; those visible with the naked eye.

Besides these, the Sun and the Moon, of course.

Even in times before the rise of civilization, our distant ancestors would look into the sky and observe Moon phases. Much later on, three other planets were added to the list.

Astrology and astronomy were not separate sciences, back in the day.

Most of the notable scientists and astronomers were, at the same time, astrologers.

The discovery of asteroids came much later. Asteroids were discovered at the begging of the nineteenth century, but incorporated into the astrological field even later.

Asteroids entered astrology in the second half of the twentieth century.

That said, asteroids are a new factor in astrological readings.

They were included into astrological readings in the time of great social and cultural changes, related to the place of women within society and in cultural sense.

There are many asteroids known today, circulating within the so-called asteroid belt, in the space between planets Mars and Jupiter.

Four of them are of a great importance to astrologers and they all are associated with the feminine principle.

Those four asteroids are known under the names of Juno, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres, powerful Ancient Roman deities, counterparts of Greek goddesses Hera, Hestia, Athena Pallas (Minerva in Rome) and Demeter.

The placement of these asteroids within one’s natal chart tells about qualities associated with these asteroids in astrological sense.

Each of them carries attributes of the goddesses aforementioned and the goddesses represent feminine archetypes.

Pallas in Astrology

Pallas asteroid is named after the goddess Athena Pallas, one of the mightiest female deities of the ancient times.

The goddess of war and wisdom, strategy and beauty, powerful Athena was highly praised in the ancient times.

Asteroid Pallas is best understood through understanding the place of Athena in Greek mythology.

Athena was a mighty daughter of Zeus, the supreme god.

In fact, Athena did not have a mother, as she was born from Zeus’ head directly.

Athena embodies a powerful women within the male dominated world.

She, at the same time, represents both masculine and feminine principle, one might say.

She is a wise warrior, and she does represent the feminine strive to take an important place within the patriarchal world.

However, in mythology, Athena often emphasizes the importance of having a father.

Athena also represents intuition, science, intelligence, strategy, art and beauty.

In astrology, asteroid Pallas carries many attributes of Athena Pallas.

It rules the relations between fathers and daughters.

Pallas has much to do with genetics and, in modern sense, with biotechnology.

Its placement within one’s natal chart tells about the field of life in which some of these talents and principles would manifest the best, in which they have a potential to develop.

Some of the keywords associated with asteroid Pallas are listed bellow.

These are science, genetics, intelligence, wisdom, intuition, logic, justice and struggles for justice, strength, strategy, tactics.

Pallas is also associated with creative abilities, learning, artistic skills and art in general.

Knowing the placement of Pallas within your natal chart will help you get even deeper into your own personality and your traits.

It will help you discover what are you good at and how to use it.

Pallas tells about how we see our own mental capacities and capabilities.

It tells about our own perception of problematic situations and our way of resolving problems on our way.

Pallas is also associated with healing and using our wisdom as a cure.

It is also about focusing on our goals and using our creative powers in order to achieve something.

The placement of Pallas reveal the way we should use our creative capacities.

Scorpio Personality and Traits

In order to understand what the placement of Pallas in Scorpio means, we have to learn some basics about the Scorpio sign, its characteristics and main traits.

Scorpio is by far one of the most mysterious signs in astrology.

Scorpio rules the Eighth House, the house of death, carnal desires and regeneration.

Scorpio is probably the most regenerative of all signs, the one who can travel from the thickest darkness to the brightest light.

The house of Scorpio is the second of so-called occult houses; the first and the last one are occupied by Scorpio’s Water element relatives, Cancer and Pisces.

Like the latter two, Scorpio is highly emotional and intuitive sign.

Rulers of the constellation of Scorpio are two planets, the mysterious and distant Pluto and the bellicose, warlike Mars.

Mars gives Scorpio drive, energy, passion, fire,. while Pluto is associated with mystery, death, other realms.

People born under the sign of Scorpio are intuitive, they read people easily and they do not tolerate lies and deception. Scorpios value honesty, justice, respect.

They command respect by their somewhat enigmatic and quiet demeanor, yet magnetic and breathtaking.

Scorpio people rarely complain in public, they carry their burdens in silence. Scorpios are warriors, solitary and independent.

Scorpios do not care about what people think about them, nor they need affirmation from the outside world.

They cannot really stand superficial people and small talk. If there was no one to follow, Scorpios pursue their goals alone.

These people seem to be in touch with realms others cannot reach. Scorpios could reach ends others can only dream of.

If they passionately want something, they do not think much about consequences.

It is not easy to understand Scorpios, unless your intuition was strong as in other Water signs.

Scorpios are unstoppable when driven, to the point of destruction and self-destruction, if their energy was completely out of control.

They are extremely passionate, known to be the best lovers. Emotions and bodily pleasures go hand in hand for Scorpios.

In love, they are extremely loyal, devoted and affectionate. If their lowest nature prevails, they become possessive, jealous and destructive.

Pallas in Scorpio – General Information

Pallas in Scorpio is definitely an interesting placement, considering we have a warrior-goddess here and powerful Scorpio, ruled by another deity associated with war.

Pallas in Scorpio people are tough, mysterious, intuitive.

People with Pallas in Scorpio are capable of seeing beneath the surface.

They dig deep into the problem, until they find a solution and they would not give up easily.

What is more, they have a very deep interest in some fields they are fascinated by and they understand things around on a deeper level.

Their knowledge is intuitive, they reach beyond the visible and tangible.

They cannot be easily deceived or tricked, because they clearly see through people’s intentions.

They can almost read others minds.

Pallas in Scorpio – Positive Traits

People with Pallas in Scorpio could use their incredible talents and traits for good ends.

Their power of understanding people on a deeper level can help many.

They could be healers and advisors, they can use both their intuition and wisdom to help others.

Pallas in Scorpio – Negative Traits

If their aspects were not favorable towards this placement, it can manifest in a bad way, that is, they can employ all of their excellent abilities for very bad things.

They could be master manipulators, as they can easily spot everyone’s weaknesses.

Pallas in Scorpio Man

Men with Pallas in Scorpio could be excellent detectives, for instance.

They are perceptive and intuitive, at the same time.

In addition, they are often magnetically attractive, by their aura.

Pallas Scorpio men are usually interested into the field of psychology and related fields or an interdisciplinary approach.

They have an amazing healing potential, especially when it comes to human behavior and emotions.

Pallas in Scorpio Woman

Women with Pallas in Scorpio are similar to their male counterparts, when it comes to their ability to see beneath the surface and reach deep into people’s minds.

They can literally sense bad energy and they know how to deal with it.

They can also be amazing in the field of psychology, hypnosis and similar areas.

If aspects were good, these women excel in these fields and could become amazing healers.

Pallas in Scorpio – Brief Summary

Pallas in Scorpio people are complex, insightful, have an eye for details, have excellent intuition and they are interested into what lies behind the surface.

They can read people’s faces, demeanor, mimics, everything.

People with Pallas in Scorpio cannot be fooled even by the best acting, there is no way you could get away with a lie, when it comes to them.

They have excellent healing capacities, especially when it comes to human behavior, emotions and psychology.

These people are a bit mystical and interested into depth of things, into the essence of things, because of the strong influence of Scorpio.

Thanks to that, they always go into depths when finding a solution to a problem, healing themselves or others, etc.

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