Pallas in Taurus – Personality Traits & Meaning

Pallas is one of the four most important asteroids in astrology.

Asteroids are quite new in astrological readings, since they were introduced into the field in the last decades of the previous century.

Traditional astrology knew only about those celestial bodies that could be observed with the naked eye.

Later, with new technologies and discoveries, new heavenly bodies were added and their movement interpreted.

Astrology interprets the effect of the planetary movement, the influence of the placement of certain heavenly bodies within natal charts, their mutual correlation and the exchange of energies.

According this old science, stars greatly affect our destiny.

Great astronomers of the past were also astrologers, in times when astrology and astronomy were not separate fields.

To go back into even more distant past, many notable people, such as great rulers or military generals, relied on star readings.

Literally, astrology means ’the science of the stars’, although we know it as a pseudo science nowadays.

Nevertheless, it is still in use and widely popular.

Just like any other science, astrology relies on certain set of principles and methodology.

Astrology has many branches and specific fields of interests.

Most of us are interested into personal horoscopes, that is, natal charts, individual, comparative, composite.

A natal chart is an image of the sky and planets at the moment of your birthday.

Each chart is wonderfully unique, precisely as our destinies and lives are.

There are no two same human beings, even if they appear to be exactly the same, as twins.

Even if born at the same time, same place, their lives will manifest uniquely.

That said, astrological readings reveal our personality and our potentials.

What we read from natal charts could be differently interpreted and manifested.

However, there are some basics, regarding specific type of celestial bodies, zodiac signs, planets, houses.

Asteroids in Astrology

Asteroids are new in astrology. Not all astrologers use them in their readings, but more and more do so and for a good reason.

The knowledge of asteroids in astrology help us have a much deeper and more detailed analysis of our birth charts.

Asteroids were introduced into astrological practice in the era of very specific social changes, associated with the woman’s position and role within the society.

Asteroids were linked to these changes and associated with feminine attributes.

Before that, only two celestial bodies were associated with the feminine principle.

You are certainly familiar with both – Venus, named after the ultimately lovely feminine deity, and the Moon, associated with even earlier comprehension of the feminine principle.

The four asteroids speak precisely about the archetypes of women.

They are named after powerful ancient deities: Juno/Hera, Minerva/Pallas Athena, Hestia/Vesta and Demeter/Ceres.

Each of these deities represents a set of values incorporated in an archetype of a feminine model.

Asteroids named after these goddesses carry their attributes.

Knowing the placement of an asteroid within your natal chart, reveals an additional and more subtle information about who you are.

It makes your natal chart more complex and adds to its deeper meaning.

Pallas is one amongst the four carrying the Greek name of Athena Pallas.

Let us find out more about this asteroid, its meaning in astrology and about one of its specific placements, that of Pallas in the sign of Taurus.

Pallas in Astrology

Asteroid Pallas is named after one of the greatest goddesses of the Ancient Greek pantheon, Athena, that is, Athena Pallas.

She is a very interesting and admirable deity. Athena was born out of head of her father, the almighty Zeus.

The myth of Athena’s birth reflects certain socio-cultural patterns of the times.

She was a child without a mother, she was born directly from Zeus’ head. Athena tells about the position and power of a woman within the patriarchal world.

Some of her traits are masculine, more than feminine.

Athena was a warrior queen, wise, untouchable, the protector of some of the greatest ancient heroes.

She is associated with social and political questions, the divine protector of the state.

However, Athena also stands for creativity, especially in an intellectual sense, and she also stands for understanding, traits that are traditionally considered feminine.

We could say, she embodies the idea of balance between the feminine and masculine principle.

The asteroid Pallas is associated with many of Athena’s attributes.

Asteroid Pallas is associated with creation, competitiveness, learning and knowledge, wisdom, political aspect of life.

The placement of Pallas tells about our attitude and management of these aspects.

The placement of Pallas reveals the field of life in which we have the greatest potential and opportunity to manifest our creative powers, our mental abilities.

It also has to do with our logical mind and our reason.

Taurus Personality and Traits

Before we move onto the placement of Pallas in Taurus, we have to tell something about the zodiac sign of Taurus, in order to understand the basic meaning of this position of the asteroid.

Taurus is the earth element sign, ruler of the Second House.

The Second House is primarily associated with our belongings, property and possessions.

In the second field, the energy of Venus, the ruler of Taurus constellation, is materialized. Its energy earth-bound, very concrete.

Taurus has a tendency to possess, to have in hands what is tangible and visible, what can be experienced through our senses.

You will hardly meet a Taurus person deprived of the desire and will to possess things, but also people, in a way.

Taurus people need to have in their arms things that they like. They are hedonists and they love pleasures.

However, Taurus people would also love to work by their hands, they have to put their fingers on concrete objects.

These people are a bit slow, but persistent, enduring, hard-working, careful in their plans, systematical. They like doing things step by step, no rush.

They are generous and welcoming and they enjoy providing for others, especially in terms of materiality.

They would like to provide themselves and their closest ones with a comfortable and even luxurious lifestyle.

Taurus people are stubborn if they want something, be it a thing or a person.

However, that also makes them very reliable and caring.

These people would never leave you behind and they are some of the most loyal friends, colleagues etc.

They are rational, but not strict. They re very tactile and passionate.

They enjoy cuddles, hugs and kisses. Taurus are warm-natured, solid and calm.

Pallas in Taurus – General Information

The placement of Pallas in Taurus brings many advantages.

People with Pallas in Taurus are of calm demeanor, they precisely know what they want, they are enduring and patient. They are capable of providing financial security.

They know how to handle money and do not acquire it by tricks. They are systematical and rational.

Pallas Taurus people like to learn and love to gather knowledge.

Just as in other life aspects, they do it with calmness, patience and persistence. They enjoy studying and expanding their knowledge.

These people do not make hasty decisions about anything in life, be it a job, a hobby, a relationship, friendship or something else. They are pragmatic and calm, so they rarely make mistakes.

Pallas Taurus people tend to be artistic and creative.

They enjoy creating things by their own hands and they are ready to learn and improve their skills.

They are in love with aesthetics and art in general.

Pallas in Taurus – Positive Traits

Pallas Taurus people are guided by their ratio and the common sense.

They are all but impulsive, which sometimes makes them appear indifferent within a group.

However, they are calm and composed by nature.

These people are very patient and dedicated to the things they work on.

The same stands for relationships. They care much about their loved ones and want to offer them the best life possible.

They do not find it hard to work for others’ benefit.

They are warm and they would show their affection through deeds, through gentle gestures, such as kiss or a hug.

They would never restrain themselves from such gestures.

Pallas in Taurus – Negative Traits

Pallas Taurus people could become a bit decadent, if they surrender to the quest of material pleasures.

If it happens, they only want more and more. As a result, their talents for other things get suffocated.

They could become obsessed with material gain, focusing solely on the financial aspect of what material, that is, tangible and visible stands for.

Pallas in Taurus Man

Pallas Taurus men are composed, classy, hedonistic and very skillful in handling money.

They are true gentlemen and they love to make people feel good and relaxed around them.

These men are calculated and systematical, very down to earth and rational, so they usually know how to deal with problems, without panic and hasty decisions.

They do so in every area of life. They have a calm, charming demeanor.

These men love to be masters of their own destiny.

They like to create and do things by their own hands, and they will truly enjoy both the process and the result.

They create things out of genuine love and with full dedication.

They are oriented towards prosperity, financial stability and security.

They are very dedicated to their partner, family and friends.

Pallas in Taurus Woman

Pallas in Taurus ladies are sophisticated in manner, skillful and they enjoy learning, expanding their knowledge, working on things they find important.

They are very persistent in their ideas and goals, steady and slow-paced.

They are excellent strategists and have realistic goals.

Pallas Taurus women know their limits and would gladly try to expand and improve.

They know that great achievements in any field require hard work.

These ladies are elegant, charming, warm-hearted and very calm, despite the effort in their work.

You will hardly meet a Taurus Pallas men and women who complain about their work.

These women know how to maintain valuable connections and relationships.

They see the people they care about feel amazing in their presence.

Both Pallas Taurus men and women are great hosts.

Pallas in Taurus – Brief Summary

Pallas in Taurus is a calm and very good.-natured placement, if aspects were favorable, of course.

People born with Pallas asteroid in the field of Taurus typically know how to manage their finances, while they do not obsess about it.

These people are calm, they value every step they take, they do not give up on their goals easily and are naturally good strategists.

They care about people around them and need a fair amount of genuine physical closeness.

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