Pallas in Virgo – Personality Traits & Meaning

Do you know how asteroids are placed within your natal chart? Asteroids are quite an interesting factor in personal horoscopes.

Their placement offers us a much better understanding of our personalities, our potentials and actions in life.

Asteroids were discovered at the verge of the new century, nineteenth at the time.

However, they were not seen in astrology until the later twentieth century.

Astrology, as all disciplines, grows and evolves with time.

It is considered the oldest science there is, although it is today categorized as a pseudo one.

Nevertheless, astrology outlived all its trials and it is still actively in use.

Astrology is sometimes understood as a field of various practices and, indeed, there are different branches of astrology and different practices related to astrology.

Take numerology, for example.

However, what is important to know is that, in old times, astrology was a scholars’ discipline.

It was set within the wide range of various other practices, such as astronomy and alchemy, for instance.

With the age of Enlightenment, things changed.

Although people have a bit of ambivalent attitude towards astrological practice, even though it is based on methodology and principles well established, which is a characteristic of scientific approaches, astrology is actively used by many.

It is also important to note that not everyone could simply be an astrologer, because it sounds trendy or makes money.

Astrology needs to be thoroughly studied, before applied.

A master astrologer has an inclination towards it, a lot of knowledge and a lot of practice.

Most of us are interested into the personal area of astrology, that is, we would like to know what the starts have in store for us, individually, or for the people we care about.

The best way to find out what the stars really have in store for you is to get your personalized natal chart reading.

And within your natal chart, you will find many guidelines, through planets, zodiac signs, their aspects and much more.

Asteroids in Astrology

Natal charts are made according to one’s birth date.

They represent the image of the sky, that is, the diagram of the sky with exact placement of planets and other celestial objects at the moment a person was born.

According to astrology, the placement and the interaction of natal chart elements make you who you are, in a way.

Now, besides well known planets, both classical and modern, including the ’lights’, the Sun and the Moon, there are other celestial bodies.

Asteroids, as we have mentioned, are a bit of newcomers in astrology, although they are present within the field for more than four decades.

Asteroids were introduced into the field in the second half of the previous century and they certainly brought some fresh air.

The four major asteroids in astrology all represent the feminine principle. While it does not necessarily sounds strange, there is a reason to emphasize it.

Before asteroids entered the field, only two planets were associated with the feminine principle, the planet Venus and the Moon.

It is also good to mention that each person, regardless of their biological predispositions, possesses both the masculine and the feminine principle, to an individual degree and distribution.

The four asteroids stand for the feminine principle and archetypes.

These are named after the goddesses of the ancient world, Greek and Roman.

They are known in astrology as Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres.

In mythology, these goddesses are known as Juno or Hera, Vesta or Hestia, Athena Pallas or Minerva, Ceres or Demeter.

The asteroid Pallas carries the name and attributes of the famous, magnificent Athena.

Pallas in Astrology

Pallas asteroid is associated with the goddess Athena Pallas.

According to the myth, Athena never had a mother; she was born straight from her mighty father’s head.

Her father was the supreme Olympian god, Zeus.

Athena combines both feminine and masculine characteristics in her character, when it comes to that.

She represents a powerful woman in the world dominated by men of the times. She is a wise warrior and a strategist.

Although she encompasses some masculine characteristics, her nature is intuitively feminine.

She is also the patron of arts and beauty. Athena was, amongst else, the patron and protector of some of the greatest of Greek heroes.

The epithet Pallas is somewhat mysterious.

It could have originated from a word that has to do with brandishing a weapon.

According to other interpretations, it was the name of a titan defeated by Athena the goddess.

In any case, Athena was much praised and adored goddess.

She was considered the deity of war, strategy, tactics, creation, creativity, wisdom and healing.

Her symbol is an owl, the bird traditionally associated with wisdom.

In astrology, asteroid Pallas represents our use of creative intelligence, our use of talents that are presented in the archetype Athena represents.

It is about our use of creativity, strategy and intuition in combination.

The placement of Pallas within a natal chart tells about the area of life in which we could implement these talents we have.

Virgo Personality and Traits

Before we move onto the Pallas in Virgo placement, it would be very good to learn something about the placement itself, the sign of Virgo.

What are the main characteristics of Virgo?

Virgo rules the Sixth zodiac house, which is the field associated with one’s attitude towards health and professional life.

You are probably familiar with some of the stereotypes of meticulous and a bit hypochondriac Virgos.

Let us not be too hasty. Virgo constellation is ruled by the planet mercury, the planet of communication and ratio.

In Virgo, Mercury manifests far more rationally than in Gemini. For Virgos, there are no coincidences and spontaneity.

Virgo people are extremely analytical individuals. They do not rush, they like to do things step by step and in detail.

They have an incredibly strong focus and pay great attention to details many would simply overlook.

These natives do not like unplanned and unorganized events and situations.

They are not particularly imaginative nor that interests them.

They are methodical, goal oriented, practical and have an excellent memory.

Virgos are afraid of unpredictable situations, they like to have it all organized and under control.

It could make them a bit stiff and even limited. They do not engage in risky actions and behavior.

Virgo natives rarely make mistakes, because they have enough patience and dedication to think through every possibility.

Virgos do not need attention and they are masters in abstracting emotions.

These people are not very emphatic and sensitive. On the outside, they often appear cold and distant.

In general, they stick to already established order and traditional values, not being fond of innovations.

Virgo people are great logicians.

They could, however, become very communicative and impressively presenting their conclusions or they could be mostly reserved and quiet.

It depends on the rest of their natal chart.

They are notorious for their obsessive need for organization and cleanliness. They are meticulous in everything they do, dedicated and attentive.

Perfectionists, true masters in area of their interests, they are not very sentimental and romantic, but are reliable and very polite.

Pallas in Virgo – General Information

Pallas in Virgo might sound as an interesting placement. Indeed it is.

Natives with Pallas in Virgo are master strategists and logicians, who also know when to trust their guts, when it comes to matters of great decisions.

These natives have the strategic mind and intuitive nature of Athena, but also the organizational skills, focus and patience of a Virgo.

Pallas in Virgo – Positive Traits

These people are extremely intelligent. They have a pretty realistic point of view, always staying with both feet on the ground.

They know how to use their intellectual abilities to resolve any problematic situation.

Pallas is, amongst else, about how we deal with problems and conflicts.

Virgo Pallas people are into details and they have an excellent memory, so there is no way they could be manipulated or tricked.

They have a critical approach to things in life. Many would agree their reasoning is brilliant and consider them people worth of learning from.

Virgo Pallas are analytical, systematical, meticulous and very reliable.

They don’t like to leave anything to a chance. They have extremely good organization skills.

Pallas in Virgo – Negative Traits

On a negative side, Pallas Virgo are a bit too stiff and unwilling to adopt any innovation, unless it was them to come up with one.

In addition, they react badly to surprises, to spontaneous change of plans and crisis.

Their advantages, that is, their otherwise useful and fascinating traits, could turn out problematic in situations that require instant and proper reaction.

Pallas in Virgo Man

Men with Pallas in Virgo are sharp minded, usually deeply interested in one specific industry and fully dedicated to it.

They care much about professional development and put other things in the second place.

They are amazing at whatever they do, regardless of the position they hold.

They are detail oriented, they stick to established patterns and respect the given order.

They like to keep things in order themselves.

If their aspects were favorable, they will know how to recognize the good reasoning of their inner voice and to incorporate its hints into their down-to-earth, well thought-through approach.

Pallas in Virgo Woman

Pallas in Virgo women are usually oriented towards their professional goals or developing their talents, similarly to their male counterparts.

They are meticulous, they care about keeping everything in perfect order.

These ladies are classy and minimalistic, which could be also said for the Virgo Pallas men.

They are very intellectual, true logicians and great strategists.

They like making long term plans and they follow them step by step.

However, they would at times rely on their intuitive nature, when making important decisions, but they will usually think through that inner voice and what it have to say in a very analytical way.

Pallas in Virgo – Brief Summary

Pallas in Virgo placement connects the natural detail-oriented, focused and workaholic nature of Virgos with the strategic, logical, but also intuitive.

The ratio prevails in these people and they are very realistic. They are hard workers and goal oriented.

These natives are usually career focused or mastery focused, whatever the field of interest.

They are patient, dedicated and very logical. They do not let emotions get them their way.

They are polite and well-mannered, but not particularly romantic and warm.

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