Peach Moonstone Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

The beautiful Peach Moonstone is a type of Moonstone crystal with immense healing, spiritual, and metaphysical properties.

This gemstone is considered the crystal of inner vision and is considered perfect for new beginnings.

Moreover, Peach Moonstone helps balance the heart and the sacral chakra.

It is a unique gemstone of intuition, feminine power, fertility, magic, empathy, and love.

It’s the crystal to clear the blockages from the heart chakra and opens up to new love after grief.

The Difference Between Moonstone Crystal and Peach Moonstone Crystal

Besides color and chemical composition, there are almost no differences between Peach Moonstone and Moonstone crystal.

As a result, both are incredibly powerful for healing and connecting to the spiritual realm.

In fact, Peach Moonstone enhances intuition and provides clarity and even psychic visions for some people.

These are only a few of this crystal’s fascinating metaphysical properties.

In this blog, you will learn everything there is to know about the meaning, healing properties, and uses of Peach Moonstone Crystal.

And not only that, but you will also learn the spiritual significance and symbolism of the popular Moonstone variety.

Peach Moonstone Crystal: The Divine Feminine Gemstone

The crystal symbolizing the Divine feminine, hope, and love is a peach-colored version of the Moonstone crystal.

The gorgeous gem sometimes occurs in pink, gentle red, tan, or red-orange color.

This color makes Peach Moonstone one of the most beautiful crystals on Earth.

The color comes from the combination of feldspar and titanium dioxide, and it’s the most significant difference when this crystal is compared to Moonstone.

Moonstone has a white or light blueish color, but both have the iridescent shine that makes them uniquely beautiful.

Finally, Peach Moonstone’s chemical formula is slightly different from Moonstone’s.

However, they share very similar metaphysical benefits and healing properties.

That said, it’s important to stress the main difference between these two gemstones regarding specific goals or desired outcomes.

Moonstone crystal is fantastic for enhancing intuition and clear vision.

On the other hand, Peach Moonstone provides stability; it’s an excellent crystal for new beginnings.

Peach Moonstone Origin

Moonstone is a crystal’s community name for the type of Feldspar minerals; they are silicates combined with some elements of Silicon and Oxygen.

The main characteristic of these minerals is magnificent-looking iridescence.

This shine is usually white or silver, but some Moonstones have a rainbowy shimmer.

These gemstones are gorgeous and make fantastic jewelry.

Silicate minerals divide into six groups, then into subgroups such as Feldspar or Quartz.

As already said, Peach Moonstone is a Feldspar mineral, just like Labradorite, Sunstone, or Amazonite.

One can find it anywhere close to orange-colored Feldspar deposits, mainly in India and Madagascar.

Additionally, one can find some wonderful Peach Moonstone crystals in the US, Canada, and Australia.

These crystals are typically obtained by miners in tiny shafts. They dig them out using their hands and make their natural shimmer more glimmery by cutting and polishing the stones.

The iridescence that makes Peach Moonstone crystal so uniquely beautiful is also called “the Shiller effect.”

This gem has a monoclinic crystal structure and a conchoidal or brittle fracture style.

Peach Moonstone is 6-6.5 on the Moh’s scale or hardness. It has a vitreous luster and is found both in transparent and opaque versions.

Peach Moonstone Different Colors

Peach Moonstone is a rare crystal occurring mainly in ultra-light to pale peach shade.

But besides the unique color, this crystal has one genuinely unique property.

The magnificent, gentle-looking shine that moves with the stone is called adularescence and makes Peach Moonstone one of the most beautiful gemstones on the planet.

This gem is actually a gentle peach with silver iridescence. The magnificent shimmery property comes from potassium aluminum silicate, making this crystal a genuine showstopper.

This property is what makes it a highly sought-after crystal, with pretty high prices in some cases.

Peach Moonstone History

Moonstone crystals were historically profoundly significant for ancient cultures, especially for the Roman empire and the traditions of the Orient.

Besides jewelry, this unique crystal was widely used for many of its immense benefits.

The people of India considered Peach Moonstone especially beneficial for lovers, which is why this crystal was a typical wedding present.

But not only that, this crystal is historically praised for its unique radiance closely associated with the Moon and its lunar cycles.

Furthermore, Moonstone crystals are linked to the New Moon, Full Moon, and Harvest Moon and thus symbolize youthful, feminine energy.

For this reason, the crystal is considered to be especially beneficial for women. Moreover, it’s a gemstone to use for balancing feminine energy.

Besides aligning the feminine and masculine sides, women of the ancient culture used Peach Moonstone to soothe their menstrual cycle issues and boost fertility.

Additionally, women used this crystal during labor to ease the pain and discomfort.

Peach Moonstone Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual significance and power of this crystal are incomparable. This crystal symbolizes good fortune, hope, and strong intuition.

Furthermore, this gem is believed to be powered by the Moon. It’s for this reason this crystal is closely linked to the Divine feminine.

But first and foremost, Peach Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. In fact, the crystal is the ideal choice to let go of the past and move into a new beginning.

After all, humans go through various life cycles, just like the Moon. The latter is why Moonstone crystals are considered to be of immense help when moving through challenging life phases or drastic changes.

As a matter of fact, Peach Moonstone vibrates with positive energy that inspires one to move through life’s amplitudes with calmness and grace.

In addition, this gem has fantastic protective abilities. It offers a close bond linking the solar plexus chakra with the heart chakra.

This incredible benefit makes it easier to make decisions and care for oneself and others correctly.

Additionally, it helps combine creativity with passion, dramatically boosting your inspiration.

Furthermore, Peach Moonstone is a stone of inner vision, helping one find their passion and take inspired action.

After all, finding your Soul’s passion is critical to be happy and fulfilled.

Unfortunately, due to busy lives and cluttered head-spaces, many people lose the connection to their heart’s desire.

But luckily, Peach Moonstone can help immensely; this stone provides clarity, focus, and cleansing.

The unique gemstone can clear your mind from intrusive thoughts or negative patterns.

Once it clears the clutter of difficult emotions, insecurity, or fear, you can dig out the truth hidden behind the veil of reality.

The truth comes from one’s connection with Spirit that resides in all humans.

The Spirit whispers to us always, but we often cannot hear or comprehend its messages.

Fortunately, you can enhance your intuition and tap into higher wisdom with the help of Peach Moonstone.

The high-frequency vibrations of this incredible crystal can provide healing and transformation so you can strengthen the bond with the Divine.

Remember, everyone is connected to the Source at all times.

However, most people are typically unaware of that glorious fact.

This crystal will help you enhance your connection with the spiritual realm and comprehend and utilize Divine guidance.

Peach Moonstone Symbolism

There are almost no crystals with as much symbolism as Peach Moonstone.

As a result, this gem has had many names throughout its rich history, including “The Stone Of New Beginnings,” “Traveler’s Stone,” “The Dream Stone,” and the “Stone Of Sudden Inspiration.”

A mere glance at these titles is enough to grasp this crystal’s magic and its benefits.

Peach Moonstone is the crystal of love, acceptance, purity of Spirit, creativity, and passion.

Moreover, it is the best gemstone to obtain if you lack the motivation or courage to pursue your wildest dreams.

After all, it takes bravery to go after what truly makes us happy and fulfilled.

Since Peach Moonstone is a “stone of new beginnings,” it can encourage you to go after the things you want.

Moreover, this gem can be your loyal sidekick while you’re going after the goals you already gave up on.

The symbolism of Peach Moonstone is deeply connected to the Moon, too. This mysterious link with lunar cycles makes it primarily a feminine crystal, vibrating with warm, feminine frequency.

Therefore, this crystal’s energy is nurturing, warm, fertile, calm, brave, and open-hearted.

These frequencies make it a powerful stone for fertility and childbirth, as well as healing various ailments on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

But there is even more incredible Peach Moonstone symbolism. For example, this gem was called “the stone of happiness” in ancient India.

In fact, the beautiful crystal was typically used to celebrate important events and milestones.

In addition, the gemstone was praised for boosting creativity and healing emotional trauma.

Peach Moonstone Healing Properties

Peach Moonstone is one of the few crystals that can aid the healing of many diseases and medical issues.

This crystal is used for many different purposes and brings healing to the physical and emotional body.

Of course, a crystal is not a magical cure. But that said, some of the precious gemstones can aid in healing immensely.

As history and experience have shown, Peach Moonstone is one of those crystals.

Physical Healing With Peach Moonstone

Since this is a crystal of womanhood, it’s no wonder it’s excellent to alleviate PMS symptoms and hormonal imbalance.

Moreover, Peach Moonstone can reset and rebalance the whole body, moving it into a new, healthier, and more harmonious cycle.

Additionally, the gemstone is also used to help with infertility, but also to ease childbirth pains. But that’s only the start of it.

Besides making the pregnancy and birth less painful, Peach Moonstone also provides strength to deal with all childbearing issues that might appear.

Furthermore, the peach gem is strongly recommended for teenagers dealing with the challenges of puberty.

Coming of age can trigger all sorts of hormonal and emotional fluctuations. These often unnoticed chemical imbalances can influence the psyche dramatically.

Unfortunately, the latter can change how the young see the world around them, making it difficult to adjust.

Therefore, Peach Moonstone can serve as a good luck charm or a talisman to young generations dealing with the challenges of growing up.

No less importantly, the crystal’s serene frequency is extraordinary in releasing anxiety and alleviating muscle tension.

Finally, Peach Moonstone is an excellent help when dealing with menstrual cramps and hormonal imbalance. Moreover, it can even help with infertility.

Emotional Healing With Peach Moonstone

One of the most incredible powers of this crystal is its calming energy. The soothing frequency of Peach Moonstone can soothe the triggers that can cause harmful emotional reactions, especially those that can hurt the body too.

After all, emotional stress is one of the most significant disease triggers.

In fact, it’s a silent killer that can dramatically affect your entire body.

Luckily, Peach Moonstone can bring healing and cleanse the negative energy stored in your body.

And not only that, the crystal will provide flow and enhance your resilience, strength, confidence, and determination.

This crystal is known to bring serenity and peace during times of change. The gemstone will keep you peaceful and instill a sense of safety during overwhelming experiences or emotions.

Moreover, Peach Moonstone provides grounding and balance, which are critical to making the right decisions during challenging situations of confusion.

After all, one can only make the correct decision when their energy is grounded and clear.

Without it, the vision is foggy and unclear. Luckily, Peach Moonstone enhances emotional intelligence, too.

This way, you won’t get wiped out by your sea of emotions. Instead, you will feel safe and confident, even when you’re showing vulnerability.

After all, emotional vulnerability is essential to build healthy relationships. So alongside patience and courage, this peach crystal beauty will encourage you to be receptive, open-hearted, and brave.

And since Peach Moonstone enhances intuition, you can release worry and focus on manifesting love in every shape or form you dream of.

Additionally, this gemstone can heal emotional traumas and transmute feelings of hurt, insecurity, fear, and lack of connection.

In fact, this gem will bring a sense of warmth to a broken heart that is afraid to love again. Cleansing the heart chakra is critical to be able to leave the past in the past and focus on the new.

However, that is easier said than done, which is why many people suffer loneliness throughout their lives. But you don’t have to.

Peach Moonstone crystal is incredibly healing regarding emotional trauma and past hurts.

In fact, this crystal can help cure depression, rage, disappointment, and sadness. All you need to do to utilize its magical powers is place it somewhere in your bedroom.

This stone promotes joy and passion, a zest for life. So while you’re healing, it will motivate you to seize the day one by one.

In essence, Peach Moonstone will help you stay positive while working on your self-confidence, transmutation, and strength.

Spiritual Healing With Peach Moonstone

This crystal’s vibrant, high-frequency energy is excellent for new beginnings, dream-chasing, and finding one’s life purpose.

Moreover, it provides the clarity needed to visualize the path to one’s desires.

But that’s only the beginning of spiritual healing with Peach Moonstone.

In fact, this gem is known to help activate the Kundalini energy and helps one “see” and feel the sacred connection with the Divine.

No less importantly, the stone provides harmony and inspiration.

And not only that, this precious crystal connects one to their inner knowing.

In addition, this crystal helps open the mind to synchronicity and serendipity.

These are the channels of communication with the Universe.

Humans are conduits for Divine communication, so it’s incredibly beneficial to utilize the power of Peach Moonstone.

This fascinating mineral will help you see the divinity in all people and things and give you a sneak peek at the Divine plan.

This stone’s tremendous energy will boost your intuitive abilities and help you connect the dots to the ultimate truth that brings healing and freedom.

To summarize, these are the most incredible benefits of Peach Moonstone crystal:

  • Increased sacred feminine energy
  • Enhanced intuition
  • Spiritual awakening or transformation
  • Enhanced psychic gifts and abilities
  • Protection from the influence of negative energies
  • Enhanced creativity and creation
  • Manifestation “on steroids”
  • Connection to the Divine
  • More love and self-love
  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Chakra cleanse and alignment

Peach Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Expanding humans’ psychic abilities is undoubtedly one of the most fantastic metaphysical benefits of Peach Moonstone.

This crystal strengthens the connection between the third eye and the crown chakra. As such, this beautiful gem is an excellent guide through one’s spiritual journey.

The stone improves intuition and enables one to connect with their Higher self and collect wisdom from the Source itself.

Peach Moonstone does it by removing energetic blockages based on fear, insecurity, doubt, or ignorance.

In essence, this crystal will heal and transmute anything that hinders you or keeps you from accessing the hidden knowledge, Divine spiritual wisdom.

Moreover, the gem will help you connect with inner guidance and strengthen the bond with the 5D realm.

This way, you will be able to tap into your creative potential and reach ultimate fulfillment by following your true passions.

In connection with the latter, Peach Moonstone will also help your self-expression and encourage you to live and act with integrity.

In addition, this gem enhances lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Finally, the crystal is excellent for the sacral chakra, our basis of emotion and creation.

An imbalanced sacral chakra can make you feel awful. It manifests as physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion.

But not only that, a blocked sacral chakra often results in lower libido and a lack of creativity.

So if you feel like you’re stuck in that area, Peach Moonstone could be a fantastic solution.

This crystal is an excellent assistance when figuring out why and where our blockages reside.

Moreover, it helps one see and deal with the negative emotions and thought patterns blocking their progress.

Therefore, Peach Moonstone provides clarity and acts as a conduit for one’s creativity.

Moonstone crystals are generally known for enhancing intuition and unlocking inner guidance.

In fact, “the stone of inner guidance” provides a stronger connection to the subconscious.

That space is filled with hidden knowledge and intuitive insights. And since Peach Moonstone links the crown chakra and the third eye, it’s evident how helpful it can be when connecting you with the Divine.

Open and aligned chakras offer more accessible and quicker access to the sacred knowledge of the Spirit.

And not only that, the same door leads to heightened intuition and psychic abilities.

Peach Moonstone will help you find your powers and use them to make your and the lives of the collective more abundant and loving.

In essence, this crystal is the stone to obtain if you want to deepen the bond with your guardian angels and Spirit guides.

The glimmering beauty will help you gaze deep within to see the divinity in yourself and others.

Moreover, Peach Moonstone will attune you to the frequency of the Source. It will help you move along with the mighty cosmic force of the Universe.

Other Benefits and Uses

Besides healing the body and Spirit, Peach Moonstone is used for many purposes.

To experience the full magic of this unique gemstone, you can wear it, keep it in your pocket, or place it on your house altar.

Whether you prefer Peach Moonstone jewelry or carrying the crystal in your pocket, the benefits are the same.

Meditate With Peach Moonstone

Crystal experts claim that meditating with this stone can propel you to spiritual heights you have never dreamed of.

Hold the crystal in your hands during meditation and allow its divine frequency to enter your energetic sphere and subtle body.

If you have your own altar, that’s also the ideal place to put your Peach Moonstone crystal.

Heal Fertility Issues With Peach Moonstone

It doesn’t hurt to repeat; Peach Moonstone is the stone of femininity and fertility.

So naturally, it’s a fantastic crystal to help with conception or other birth-related issues.

In fact, Peach Moonstone can boost feminine energy and remedy the adverse conditions of pregnancy, whether in the early stages or after childbirth.

And not only that, the crystal helps the energy restoration following birth.

Heal Insomnia With Peach Moonstone

Since it provides calmness and serenity, this crystal will soothe the racing thoughts and prepare the mind for the night.

In addition, the serene vibration of Peach Moonstone can help with stress and anxiety that cause insomnia and REM sleep issues.

Placing one of these crystals near your bed will help you enjoy a whole night’s rest.

Peach Moonstone For Excellent Feng Shui

Besides the names mentioned earlier, Peach Moonstone is also called a “water stone” because it promotes flow by cleansing stagnant energy at home.

Keeping it in your home helps attract love, prosperity, and joy into a household.

Moreover, this gem promotes the overall well-being of your home and maintains its energy pure and abundant.

Pro tip: The best location for the Peach Moonstone is the southwest side of your home.

Finally, since it’s a traveler’s stone, it’s wise to carry it whenever you travel.

In fact, the crystal community claims it’s especially beneficial for night travel, especially because it provides protection.

Zodiac Birthstone

The magical properties of Peach Moonstone are evident, as is the fact that anyone using this crystal would benefit from it immensely.

That said, some of the zodiacs can draw even more high-frequency vibrations from Peach Moonstone.

The zodiac signs that would be very wise to obtain this crystal are Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn, and Sagittarius.

This gem can help their spiritual progress by providing them with new ways of learning and growing.

Peach Moonstone Jewelry

There is no doubt; Peach Moonstone jewelry is truly magnificent-looking.

Its soft color and iridescence radiate the incredible frequency of the precious gemstone. It’s as if the stone is mimicking the glowy Moon connected with it.

Whether you choose a Peach Moonstone necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings, it will be your favorite piece of jewelry.

It looks fantastic on every skin color, but its looks are only one of its divine properties.

Wearing Peach Moonstone crystals will provide you with healing, balance, harmony, and confidence.

If you’re a crystal lover, you may want to pair it with other gemstones.

So you should know that Peach Moonstone combines fantastically with Amethyst, Pink Aventurine, and Rhodochrosite.

How to Cleanse and Charge Peach Moonstone?

Just as every other crystal on Earth, Peach Moonstone also loses its potency with use and time.

However, once you clean and recharge it, it’s as good as new, ready to heal, protect, and support you.

You can cleanse and charge your Peach Moonstone by using these methods:

  • Put your Peach Moonstone in direct sunlight for several hours
  • Place your Peach Moonstone in the moonlight for the night
  • Smudge your Peach Moonstone profusely with Palo Santo or sage
  • Put your Peach Moonstone in a bowl of water and leave it there overnight

How Much Does Peach Moonstone Cost?

Peach Moonstone is a rare crystal. Therefore, it’s usually quite expensive.

However, the price depends on the quality of the gemstone.

For example, Peach Moonstone crystals can cost you over a thousand dollars for the highest-quality gems.

But on the other hand, the low-quality samples with fewer inclusions can cost $10 per carat.

Additionally, the price of this crystal can be pretty high since it sometimes takes years to obtain a Peach Moonstone of exquisite quality, known for its famous glimmer.

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The stone of the sacred feminine is the stone to use if you want to enhance your intuition and tap into the hidden wisdom of the Universe.

In fact, you could even discover or improve your psychic gifts and abilities and experience immense spiritual progress.

But more importantly, Peach Moonstone can help heal a variety of issues on a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional level.

It’s the crystal to help fertility, ease childbirth, and support overall reproductive health, from hormonal imbalance to infertility.

Finally, Peach Moonstone provides gentle, serene energy with immense transmutation powers.

This rare gem will fill you and your home with joy, love, calmness, and positivity.

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