Peacock Ore Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Crystals will be thousands of human companions for protection, help, and decoration.

They have their vibration, that’s why they are suitable for the first contact with the sacred energy, in the hands of a connoisseur, they are capable of changing lives for the better.

In the beginning, it may be difficult to choose the right crystal for yourself.

But know that in reality the crystal always chooses us, never the other way around.

That’s why there are no risks, to get confused.

Likewise, no crystal will harm you; in the worst-case scenario, this is the stone that will not affect you; but if you know how to use it, and know how to clean and charge it regularly, then there is no mistake.

Sometimes it happens that the effects of a certain crystal do not suit someone, but this is only because the person is not yet ready for its vibration, or is not yet far enough to lower the certain blockage.

So don’t worry, enter the magical world of crystals – we will guide you for sure.

Here, today we want to present to you the stone that is maybe not as popular as some others, but it is certainly worth looking into.

Peacock Ore is the crystal we are talking about.

It is a wonderful rock that is endowed with some very strong healing abilities.

Some of them are yet to be discovered, while some others are well known for many years now.

Peacock Ore has a gift for causing you to turn your attitude about challenging issues, conflicts, and anything you see as a potential problem.

It is like being able to look at things from the inside, and realizing that things are not as bad as you may think they are.

This is the stone that could change your life, and make you feel much better in an instant.

And what is even more wonderful is that this stone can be bought for a reasonable price.

Peacock Ore Crystal Origin

It is a known fact, nowadays, how ancient people used this stone in abundance, even if they did not call it by the name we know it today.

But, nowadays Peacock Ore is one of the most used crystals among people who know it, so experienced crystal therapists use it abundantly, as well as spiritualists.

They know that there is something truly special about this stone.

One of the most notable things that are related to this stone is its stunning look, which not many could rival.

Bornite is this stone, and it is most commonly known as Peacock Ore.

And if you do not know what Bornite is – it is just a mineral that has copper iron sulfide inside.

In it, you can usually find chalcopyrite.

It is made by heating the bornite.

It can be found nowadays in numerous places in the world, most notably, you can find it in Peru, Mexico, Morocco, and also Arizona for example.

Have in mind that the biggest pieces of Peacock Ore were found in Kazakhstan.

Different Colors

Peacock Ore is called after the famous bird, or to be more precise after its wonderful and colorful feathers.

This means that the color of this stone is just like the shiniest of them all; this stone has all those wonderful shades – just like yellow, deep blue, purple, pink, and more.

Most o them have their well-known signature pearlescent shine, and truly this stone looks like it is out of this world, like some rock that just feels like the sky and it does not belong to this world at all.

Technically saying, Peacock Ore is made when bornite (that we spoke of at the beginning of this piece) is heated and revealed to the air.

Bornite is red, just like any copper, but when it comes in contact with the air, then it changes its color and has that wonderful green and deep blue shade.

Spiritual Meaning

This stone is a deeply spiritual one, and yes, it provides you a lot of peace in times when you may need it; even in the direst situations, this is the stone that you must use, as it will relax you and make you feel calm, just like when the sea is dark and restless, you will sail on one blue-green one that is calm.

Peacock Ore has a gift for causing you to turn your attitude about challenging issues, conflicts, and anything you see as a potential problem.

It is like being able to look at things from the inside, and realizing that things are not as bad as you may think they are.

While many will allow anxiety and fear to flow over them when confronted with trouble, this colorful crystal can turn all those negative feelings into at least positive ones or brighter in any case.

Many people like to use this as an anxiety reliever.

Its effects permit you to make, if needed, a step back and review the things that drive your discomfort and anxiety.

This stone can make you see things from another side, and when you do it, when you look at things from another point of view, you will be able to see your problems as small, or irrelevant, and you will be able to see that your life is great.

Peacock ore is the crystal that makes you change your perception of life, and this is all that needs to be done when you want to live a happier life.

This stone is meant to be used for all people who are living their lives unaware of its shortness; and during that time they are not directing their energy, most notably spiritual energy in the right place.

Such a negative reality is a daily life for the majority, who prioritize their power wrongly, conveying bad incidents and sad memories with too much control over their entire lives.

When that occurs, a wave of despair will come over them, and it takes a lot of work to move away from it, for sure.

Use this stone if you ever feel like it.

Peacock Ore in a spiritual sense is all about the change – how we look at the outside world.

Its spiritual meaning is all about transforming how you examine the world now just from the outside but also from the inside, as every change starts right there for sure.

As we spoke about before, Peacock Ore has a method of enabling you to see more straightforwardly than ever earlier.

When you’re moving through difficult circumstances, it’s comfortable to embrace this pessimistic pinpoint of thought.

You begin to glance at the globe via cloudy mirrors, which end up confusing your assessment and shifting everything into a cavity of the dark.

It can be like a dark sensation that all the world is on your back and that you cannot move to get out of it.

Peacock Ore will help you move from such a dark place and move into the brighter one.


This crystal, Peacock Ore is the embodiment of fun and joy, and its colorful appearance is associated with all those wonderful and happy things in life.

It is associated with happiness, it is the symbol of a smile and joy.

Its range of shades can convey a smile to anyone’s life, and its powerful shape oozes enjoyment.

It has one more name – the “Stone of Enlightenment.”

This says a lot about its traits, and this is the stone that truly can get you to those places where you will be enlighted.

Holding the rock in your company can be sufficient to relieve worries and discover happiness in the small things.

Peacock Ore is about making great joy and sprinkling positive vibes anywhere you go and anywhere you want to be; it will ensure that things are working to your advantage.

It is the stone that can give you a lot of peace if you are in some stressful situation and you need to calm down.

It is the symbol of relaxation, not only joy; Peacock Ore enables you to see something as it is, in its true form, it lets you find brightness and positivity where ever you find yourself, and this includes the ability to see in the darkness.

This stone is considered to be the expert at ministering to emotional distress and allowing you to find some spiritual joy.

A lot of people can turn to this bright gem, just when they want to achieve a bit more joy and emotional harmony.

Peacock Ore Crystal Healing Properties

This is a stone that has numerous healing properties, and humans can benefit a lot from it.

Peacock Ore has power that can affect your senses, body, and essence in bright patterns.

Introduce this shimmering gem into your life and you will never regret it.

Primarily, it can affect your emotions and is very effective in the process of emotional healing.

In this sense, Peacock Ore glows the most brilliant.

This stone is perfect to be used for people who are in a dark place in their lives, and who need a bit of brightness to shine.

Peacock Ore is the stone that must be used for all those who are dealing with some form of trauma and who are not being aware that life lasts so short that we must not waste any time being too dark and negative.

This also means that they are not fulfilling their entire potential and that they are not being able to direct their energy in the right place.

Peacock Ore will help them in this process also.

If you ever feel sad or lonely, this is the stone that can help you feel better.

Peacock Ore is like a burst of bright rays to smash apart that pain, darkness, and despair if you feel like it has consumed you at times.

It’s an impressive rock because it doesn’t touch the matter of negativity, like other crystals.

It has its method to do it – it works in a way that its bright vibrations can easily enter your mind and shoot away the darkness in a moment!

It allows you to look beyond the haze and enjoy every minute of your life, whatever it may look like.

Some others like to use the high energy of this stone to display physical uses.

The physical bonuses are maybe falling into a very small circle, as we are yet to be familiar with them.

But, what we know now is that Peacock Ore can reach the goal of enabling more pleasing general health.

More precisely, it’s said to promote energy in expectant ladies and help support them healthily as their infant grows.

That positive power and advancement of good health are told to shine through the womb to affect the baby also.

Other experts say that this stone can produce a genuine adrenaline enlargement.

Living in its mere existence is considered to be sufficient to make those hormones that are responsible for good feelings, stream through your being.

It is just like energy charging.

Peacock Ore Crystal Metaphysical Properties

Peacock Ore is a great rock to have in your collection if you are interested in having a stone that has pronounced metaphysical properties.

Most practical healing stones function to activate distinct power points in a human being.

The deep energy removes stoppages to save your life force energy floating without any disturbance.

This multicolored crystal is no other, but its effect is remarkable.

Peacock Ore has an impact on the solar plexus chakra – which is located on your stomach, and it can hold emotions of self-confidence, expanding your self-esteem and permitting you to discover relaxation in contentment.

The most significant opponent of this chakra is dread.

Allowing it to manage your energy will depart you a cover of your one-time self, effectively killing your self-esteem.

But, we must say that in all of this there is something good – Peacock Ore and its metaphysical properties will assist you in that process.

The third chakra is located in the solar plexus (nerve plexus that originates from the middle part of the spinal cord) and is connected to the pancreas, which regulates blood sugar and acts on the stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, and nervous system.

It is also connected to the part of the adrenal gland that secretes adrenaline; is the place where we assimilate the energy that flows through the body.

The guiding principle of this chakra is that our health and success are most closely related to self-esteem.

It is the center of personality, so it is associated with qualities such as self-respect, self-discipline, ambition, generosity, the strength of character, intuition for survival, and initiative.

It affects our power relationship.

Other Benefits and Uses

Some people claim that it is enough that you only take a look at this stone and it will give you rational force, it will provide you an inspiration when you cannot find it, and it seems that you will be able to do your work with a lot of joy.

This is the stone to be used when you are feeling like you are about to lose your self-esteem and creative urge.

It will help you restore it in an instant, for sure – and when you are found yourself in the presence of Peacock Ore, you will likely find out that your mind works differently, and the advice here is not to fight this urge but to let it be as it is.

Peacock Ore is the stone that will help you find creativity and inspiration for work, it will give you new ideas, and goals.

It is the stone that will help you do it with a lot of ease and comfort.

Zodiac Birthstone

All Zodiac signs could use this stone, but most notably, people who belong to Cancers and Capricorns.

Cancers have stronger emotional mood swings. Their mood varies from extreme happiness to extreme sadness.

They always show understanding for others’ feelings but also want the same in return; and when they do not have it, they feel miserable and fall into the darkness.

As soon as something emotionally hits and upsets them, they become pathetic and hard to listen to.

They could have so many benefits from Peacock Ore, as it will ground them and make them see things from the happier side of life.

They could feel more grounded, and such a powerful pain that they feel could be gone very fast.

Speaking of the happier side of life, for Capricorns, this is also one of the main issues, and this is why they have to use this Peacock Ore.

Capricorns can be very unhappy.

They often live in the past, trapped in the time of their youth, when everything was carefree and cheerful.

Very quickly when obligations, such as work and obligations to family, catch up with them, Capricorns become belligerent and quarrelsome.

For all these scenarios, Peacock Ore is the key.

It can open for them a completely new side of life, where they can see that things are not as dark and gloomy as they think they are.


The beauty of a Peacock Ore is undeniable – and this means that you could use this stone in numerous ways.

Artists love this stone, and you can find sculptures, and also this stone is a part of some jewelry pieces.

Jewelry is the most comfortable way to introduce the importance and healing effects of this gem.

Regardless if you purchase a wonderful chain that has these stones in it, a bracelet, or an attractive ring with just one small stone in its set, you can bring the full benefit of its power.

And it is quite inexpensive when you know where to buy real products.

Wearing it as a jewelry piece, you will be able to keep it tight to your Solar Plexus and enjoy everything it has to offer to you.

All benefits.

How to Cleanse and Charge Peacock Ore Crystal?

Of course, you have to maintain this stone, both for its appearance and for its healing benefits.

Once in a while you must clean it, you can do it with some sage (smoke from the burnt sage is thought to be the most effective way for cleaning), or simply use the like warm water.

As it falls slowly over the stone, it washes away all that s negative and has accumulated on it.

Charge it on the lunar light, as the best possible choice; so it can restore its energy.

Never use any chemicals on it, because they can damage the stone.

How much does Peacock Ore Crystal cost?

Online we can find some for a reasonable price – you can buy a bulk of them for just a couple of dollars, and some bigger and more beautiful pieces can go over 200 dollars.

Just be careful that you buy the real deal.

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Beautiful and enchanting, this is the stone that oozes charm and functions to inspire everyone it meets.

It’s about remembering positive prospects and enjoying every point of positive impulse you can.

Peacock Ore isn’t willing to keep all that harmful habit of thought; to make them as far as it can; as you must be aware that this process comes for your benefit.

Its power and healing effects are defining, allowing you to see your position from a new arc.

By redirecting your mindset, your preferences modify, and the things that drove you to be hurt and in pain will never be able to do it again.

In the presence of Peacock Ore, the brightest crystal there is; you will see that your mind works differently than ever before.

Don’t resist it! Carouse in that power and use this stone to wake up your creative side.

You will feel that you are born with this desire and the advice here is to go with the flow and let it run free.

This stone is made to be used for all people who have extremely low self-esteem. As this is the enemy that has taken away your joy and was tearing you apart for so many years.

It was the silence and now you will have a new voice.

With this stone, more than ever before, you will be able to see life, from a different point of view, and see that life is rather good, and the only thing that required adjustment was your point of view.

Peacock Ore doesn’t cause you to see the world via rainbow mirrors that show the world bright and without any problems, because this is not the case.

Living in such a delusion is also what can cause you to be lost just as in the beginning.

It can be just as harmful as anything else.

Rather, this stone will help you see things as they are – in their true colors. Changing the point of view is occasionally the only thing that is needed to be happy.

Peacock Ore helps you by removing yourself from those difficult conditions so that you can notice that the world is not as bad as it may seem.

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