Pink Amethyst Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Amethyst is a very fine stone from the quartz (silicon dioxide) family, it is very common, but regardless of its frequency, it is considered a prestigious stone.

And you can imagine how much the pink kind can be rare.

It is a known fact that this was the stone that was worn by pharaohs and knights and attributed to the many virtues of people who carried this stone with them, and it was believed that this was the stone that brings luck in any work you want to do in life.

The pink kind is so wonderful and very rare, it is so gorgeous, but it is only found in one place in the world.

It has, just like all amethyst stones, numerous benefits, and some of them are yet to be discovered.

Multiple different people see Pink amethyst as a much more delicate and even more womanly kind of standard purple amethyst stone.

It is important not to be fooled by the softer appearance of the stone – despite its “fragile appearance, it is also a very powerful stone, for sure.

Pink Amethyst Origin

The word amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethystos”, that is, from the verb “méthyo” which means “to be drunk”, but by adding “a” before the verb, the term is obtained which means “not drunk”.

Later on, you will see from where this type of connection comes, and it has got to do with the Greek tradition.

The value of Amethyst was recognized by many rulers and noble people of that time, and it was something that was recognized as a wonderful trait that was reserved only for a few selected people.

Those were always high noble people who wore Amethyst jewelry on crowns and rings.

Just to illustrate this – this crystal was one of the favorite crystals of the Russian Empress Catherine the Great.

There is evidence that it was used as early as 3000 BC, in Egypt and some parts of Asia.

It is a known fact that this stone was used primarily as a very decorative stone, as a part of various ornaments that were extremely expensive.

As we have said, the first civilization that was using this stone was Egyptian, and later, in the 18th century, it was widely used for making brooches.

Nowadays, all amethyst stones are still seen as very precious stone, but their value has never decreased because it has been used very often in making various objects, such as the British crown, the Egyptian crown, the Russian crown, and so on.

Because of its unusual beauty of color and luster, it is still considered one of the most popular crystals (semi-precious stones).

Now, speaking of the origin of this stone we must say that there is a legend that says that the God Dionysus, who was offended by a mortal, swore that he will have his revenge.

Dionysus said that he will take revenge on the first human being he meets on his way.

And the story goes that the first being that Dionysus meets was Amethyst, a beautiful and innocent young girl.

An angry Dionysus threw two hungry tigers at her, ready to tear her apart and eat her, this was his revenge that he was certain that he will take on.

Dionysus filled himself with a glass of wine, preparing to enjoy the spectacle of a young girl being eaten.

However, the goddess Artemis, who could not miss anything anyway, intervened and transformed Amethyst into a crystal statue, as pure as the virtues of this young girl.

The alternative story says that the God Dionysus was very mad at one point and that he could not see any more wine and bacchanalia during orgies, and at that moment he had one desire.

That desire was the beautiful nymph Amethyst.

Dionysus has chased the young girl, and all that he has wanted to do is to have her, to obtain her in his possession.

The young nymph, terrified of possible loss of honor, begged another goddess, Artemis to help her.

The goddess Artemis immediately answered her request – and right at the moment when lustful god Dionysus grabbed the nymph Amethyst with his hands, instead of her body, a crystal statue was created in his hands.

Repenting of doing this, he wanted to give the stone statue the purple color of wine, and in memory of Amethyst, he gave the crystal the power to reverse the effects of alcoholism and to forever promote the trait of chastity”

From this story, we can find one of its healing properties – the stone that is used to beat alcoholism and any addiction.

But, in the case of the pink kind, it is said that this stone was the protector of honor of a woman, protecting her.

This stone could be mined only in Argentina, in the El Chiquada mine.

Different Colors

It is known for many years, and centuries, but it is still extremely popular today because of its beautiful colors, from light purple to deep purple (manganese, iron, and titanium form its color).

And for example, the red kind of this stone is very hard to find and for the same reason this kind, the pink one is highly valuable, cause it also has the presence of hematite in itself.

It is important to remind you that all Amethyst stones are a variety of Quartz (Rock Crystal) – this means that they can come in numerous colors, and they can be transparent, semi-transparent, or opaque.

Of course, the darker the purple, the more valuable it is.

The pink shade of this stone comes from the inclusions of Hematite.

This is what makes the structure of this stone so wonderful, but it has less of this element than for example the red kind.

This stone is seen as a private and delicate crystal, one of the very common usages is in jewelry.

Spiritual Meaning

All Amethyst stones and which also include the Pink kind are seen as very spiritual stones, and the pink kind, we can see that it is seen as the stone of peace, tenderness of the soul, romantic feelings, and kindness.

At the same time, this stone is also known to be the true stone of happiness, and it is best known for its ability that it can easily, and without any difficulty turn negative into positive.

This may include negative emotions in the first place, but it can also speak of simply negative energies that at times surround all of us.

It is important to say that the pink amethyst is the symbol of tenderness, along with sincerity and spirituality.

The Pink stone can activate the awareness of the soul.

Also, this stone has been used in numerous rituals as a part of love magic, and its tender pink color is a reminder of it.

This stone is used to strengthen a relationship or to attract love – and it is particularly effective if a woman uses it to attract a man.

But, just like any powerful stone, this is not it – the pink amethyst is used in numerous material well-being rituals, to attract wealth.

If you want to be happy from the outside as well as from the inside, this is the stone to use.

And, when we speak of inner parts, it is valuable to say that the Pink amethyst is regarded as our indispensable companion on the way out of our consciousness from the shadows.

When we want to find just a piece of light, this is the stone to look at and carry with us.


It is not rare to find the Amethyst stone on relics, on rings of Christian priests, but also rosaries in the Buddhist religion.

Do you know that Amethyst is the stone that was mentioned in the Bible?

It was, and this stone there takes incredible importance, its main symbol has always been the encouragement of virtue and piety.

You can imagine that the same symbolism applies to the Pink stone -as the name itself brings an association with purity and virtue also.

But, you must have in mind that stone is regarded as a stone that has many supernatural powers and some of them for the pink kind are yet to be discovered.

This is a powerful talisman that when worn around the head, as a piece of jewelry, protects its wearer.

And the protection is not limited to only being protected in this world, but beyond.

Just like all amethyst stones, the Pink kind has the undeniable power to ward off bad thoughts and to us perform intelligence.

The bearer of the Pink amethyst talisman will have help in “receiving messages and gifts from higher beings”.

Your mind will expand and you will be able to see many truths, that are beyond comprehension to others.

The Pink Amethyst is a symbol of wisdom and strength.

Pink Amethyst Healing Properties

There are undeniable qualities in the Pink stone – it is known to be the stone of the soul and healer of spirit and psyche (emotions).

Have in mind that all Amethyst stones are considered to be holy stones, while the high priests gave worn them as a sign of Jesus’ suffering, this includes especially red kinds.

Now, we have spoken of the protective powers that this stone has, but not only that, this stone is known to be able to help to remove or repel negative energies from the environment.

It does not have to do it violently, but it can do it most tenderly and softly, and therefore this stone can work amazingly well in the process of overall balance.

The pink Amethyst can contribute to balance, peace, happiness, and a sense of tranquility.

This stone is used for the process of improvement of the energy in the rooms where we stay – it should be used in any stressful environment.

It is desirable to have it in the bedroom for peaceful nights, as it ensures that you will have the best sleep of your life, and dream only nice dreams.

All people who have insomnia or nightmares should use it.

Experts say that this stone should be used for the third eye chakra and on the crown chakra (calms the headache) and reduces the temperature in the root chakra.

It can be also applied to the solar chakra.

Now, the part regarding the alcohol – all amethyst stones, and this includes also the Pink kind should be used for treating problems with the liver, and alcoholism is just one of them, but in general, this stone also contributes to the proper functioning of the liver and all inner organs.

Due to its enormous power, it has found significant use in the treatment of addictions, such as alcoholism (the very etymology of the word amethyst speaks for itself), tobacco, drugs, even coffee, and the like, as well as for detoxifying the body, from the outside and inside.

We have said that pink Amethyst is the perfect stone for any emotional issues – it has the effects of transit, that is, it is easier to “get over” or overcome something, including separation.

Any form of a breakup, heart, and emotion requires the usage of this stone.

It can be used in the case of the loss of a loved one, both for the one who leaves and for the one who stays.

A great property is the purification of space and objects (it is also used in the form of a sphere, ball, geode, and druse, but also in other forms).

In lithotherapy, it contributes to peace and relaxation, helping to promote calmness and deep relaxation, which is why larger pieces of amethyst are often kept in the bedroom.

If amethyst is in the living room, it will allow a much faster flow of energy into your living room.

Pink Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

This is the stone that takes you from beyond – it calms extremely nervous or angry people, strengthens love and enables a harmonious relationship with a partner, brings peaceful sleep at night, and always helps purify blood vessels when near a person.

It has always been used in ancient magic and is still used today.

It is easiest to put it under the pillow, and this will certainly eliminate insomnia and nightmares, and ensure peaceful sleep and sweet dreams.

To take advantage of its anti-stress effect, or drive away mental anguish, it is enough to hold it in your hand to immediately feel its positive and healing vibrations.

It has so much power as a charm (or as a talisman) that it can protect travelers from thefts and aggressions of all kinds, which may befall them on the way.

It was believed that amethyst could suppress the effects of snake venom.

Other Benefits and Uses

(That is why in many eras wine glasses were made of amethyst, to neutralize the negative and inevitable effects of excessive wine consumption!)

Because of all this, many people wear jewelry with this stone, because it provides an all-day soothing effect from the moment it is put on.

It is excellent for gout attacks.

This is the stone that can successfully eliminate anger and rage, reduce nervousness, help to balance thoughts and Relieve depression and sadness.

Pink amethyst can promote feelings of happiness and contentment, reduce stress, and above all, it is the stone that encourages feelings of love.

It helps to balance the hormonal system, reduces headaches, strengthens immunity, and can detoxify the body, it is amazing for respiratory problems and perfect digestion.

Zodiac Birthstone

As we know, each zodiac sign has certain crystals that suit it best, highlight its benefits and help alleviate its shortcomings.

Pink Amethyst is the stone that is the most likely to be associated with two signs – Virgo and Pisces.

Dangling Virgos are known for ruining everyone’s mood.

They are critical and constantly nagging, so it is not unusual that they notice that they have fewer and fewer friends as they age.

This may be the perfect stone that will help them deal with their negative energy.

For Pisces – the members of this sign tend to get involved in secret and complicated relationships because they easily fall for nice words and sweet promises.

The Pink Amethyst will likely help them deal with those problems in love, and what is even more important is the fact that they tend to enjoy too many glasses, and since Pink Amethyst is the stone to deal with different kinds of addiction, the members of this sign should use it for sure.


Precisely to take advantage of all the benefits that amethyst offers, it is most often worn in jewelry.

A position near the throat chakra in the form of necklaces or pendants is recommended, but any piece of jewelry with Pink Amethyst will fit perfectly and spread positive energy.

Its beautiful color will match any outfit and attract attention.

Because of its strong impact on the chakras, throat, heart and head, we can say that this stone should be used as jewelry, a pendant, and earnings, or should be placed as a talisman on the head.

How to Cleanse and Charge Pink Amethyst?

For the proper functioning of the crystal, this is the stone that needs to be cleaned of negative energy from time to time.

More often if you constantly wear and use it, and somewhat less often if it is not constantly in use.

There are various ways to clean crystals, the most common being cleaning with water (rinsing under running water for a few minutes) or soaking in a bowl of water in which rose petals have been soaked overnight.

You can also clean crystals by smoking by smoking sage under the crystal for a few minutes.

Charging Amethyst is best done in the Moonlight during the night of the full moon (clouds or rain will not interfere).

It charges in the moonlight, ideally on a full moon, this is what is the most recommended by the experts.

It is advised to avoid charging in direct sunlight, as this could disturb its tender colors, and this is the rule for all stones of this kind, and the Pink version even more.

Alternatively, it is advised to bury it in the ground overnight or leave it next to a rock crystal (quartz) to recharge; maybe this is not to easiest way, but it is the most effective.

Avoid charging in the Sun because all amethyst stones are photosensitive and may fade with prolonged exposure to the Sun.

Amethyst is purified directly under running (tap) water or by immersing it in a solution of salt (sea or Himalayan) and spring water.

How much does Pink Amethyst cost?

This stone is relatively new on the market, but it is not what we would say is the most expensive stone – you can find smaller pieces for just over ten dollars, but the cost can go a bit higher, and you can buy them for a couple of hundreds of dollars.

You can find it easily online.

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Amethyst is a beautiful crystal, with a recognizable color -the Pink kind was discovered recently, but it has gained a big popularity for sure.

This valuable crystal spreads soothing energy and has an excellent effect on the nervous system, ensuring peace and tranquility.

This Pink stone is also a symbol of refinement and beauty, while in the past it was a symbol of nobility.

Precisely because of all the benefits that its energy provides, it is desirable to wear it in jewelry or keep its geodes in the space where we live.

In lithotherapy, this stone is considered a stone of humility and wisdom.

It encourages creativity, imagination, and clarity.

Not only that, but we can say that this stone, most definitely plays an extremely large role in meditation and concentration, as well as in spiritual elevation.

It has a calming effect on emotions of anger, fear, apprehension, and sadness, but also anxiety.

It increases the activity of the right side of the brain, as well as the pineal gland.

It is mostly used for meditation and spiritual work.

It is used with a white candle and an adequate scent to activate the sixth sense.

As this is a stone of “divine practice”, it sharpens the mind, quickens thinking, and reactivates psychic abilities – it is used in numerous magical rituals, also love rituals.

Always take care of your pink stone with care, since it needs to be cleaned and charged on the Full moon, not in direct sunlight.

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