Pink Calcite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

If you want to buy a crystal and you don’t know exactly which one to choose, we recommend that you intuitively, without prior knowledge and knowledge of the properties, choose the stone.

In this way, you can truly see the crystal you want from the inside, so that you hear it – which one you like by color and shape and you will see, that you will continue, who will read the message for what it is for, you will be pleasantly surprised because you will need the very properties that the selected crystal has.

Now, if your heart had told you to have some Pink energy inside of your home, then you will not make a mistake if you buy Pink Calcite, which falls under the bigger group of Calcite minerals.

Many confuse this stone with the ever wonderful Mangano Calcite, but they are not the same.

This one is very much dedicated to matters of the heart and it is often referred to as the Stone of compassion.

It has numerous healing properties and it is amazing for so many things that are related to well-being.

This stone is perfect for people who want to understand others better, who want to go deeper than ever before into the human heart, and wake up with deep love and compassion.

You can wake up these feelings even for people you did not know will ever enter your life.

Pink Calcite is the perfect stone to be used for people who want to do charity work, who want to be inspired for doing some service or humanitarian act.

Pink Calcite metallic element will supply you with the power of determination and direction.

It will also give your future work and your surroundings with cheerful vibrations.

Pink Calcite Crystal Origin

First of all, we need to be more familiar with the entire range of Calcite stones, as they are one of the most typical minerals in our world.

We also have to say that this stone falls under the category of very delicate stones that must be taken care of with a lot of tenderness and attention.

This stone could be found in virtually any location, but most notably in Mexico.

Pink Calcite that comes from this country is the most precious stone out of all Pink Calcite stones. It is known to be very tender and soft.

But also, we have to mention that this stone could be found in countries like Belgium, Peru, The United Kingdom, Iceland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Slovakia, and the United States.

Different Colors

The color of the crystal determines which chakra the crystal is associated with, but it can be connected to so much more, it can speak of the usage of the stone and its purpose.

The most correct decision is in your hands, so choose the crystal that you like best.

When it comes to the variety of colors this is the stone that comes in a spectrum of different shades, including the kind we will talk about the most, and it is the most wonderful color pink.

The color is created when crystals of calcium carbonate form a mass and the stone basically thickens.

Then such particles give a pink tone, that could vary from very bright pink almost purple to pale pink color.

When this type of stone is under UV light, then it delivers a spectacular pink color.

Spiritual Meaning

When we are speaking of the spiritual properties of this stone, then we could say that the Pink Calcite has deep spiritual abilities that could certainly support you in developing in-depth, uncompromising understanding, and such a feeling will not be limited just to you, but for all that you come in close contact with.

There will awaken a big amount of love not just for you, but for people, known and unknown.

Pink Calcite is known to be able to connect you to the energy of love – giving you the support to cultivate absolute love for the entire world.

For example, you can use it when you are meditating, or if you are moving into a new space.

If you are shifting homes or offices, then it is advisable to position Pink Calcite in that space, as it will purify the energy before you move into that office.

The whole space will have detailed vibrant purification before you’re there in a physical sense.

It revitalizes inactive energy that is in your body.

This tender Calcite serves as an enhancer of all energies, so it is extremely useful when you are doing meditation, Reiki, or something similar, a practice based on energy.

In this sense, this stone is amazing to be there where any spiritual practice is performed.

It is able to hold heat and power, so can be trusted to be safely used for any spiritual routines.

It is advisable to place Pink Calcite in the western part of your home to attract enormous cognitive energy and increase its favorable results.

This gemstone will successfully land you and deliver an amazing body grade, thus use it in your meditation practices.

The pink stone is there to assist you to get rid of your subconscious of extreme feelings.


This is a spiritual rock associated with a higher mind that enables opening to higher awarenesses and predictive direction.

If you want to reach it, and you are attempting to do so, this is your stone.

On a psychological level, Calcite combines emotions with the psyche, developing dynamic brightness.

It has such a positive impact, particularly where one has failed longing and inspiration – if you have lost something, it can be a person, but it can also be a loss of inspiration, this is the stone to buy.

This is one stone that is known to be an amazing cleanser and a stone that can enhance positive energy.

Being around it is enough to make your room clean from any negative vibes.

Many people like to use this stone in this way, for sure.

Pink Calcite also allows us to create deep, true empathy for ourselves.

This stone is able to assist us in overcoming self-blame as well as self-criticism.

Perfect for people who love to criticize themselves a lot.

Pink Calcite Crystal Healing Properties

We will remind you that we have called the Pink Calcite, the Stone of compassion, and there is a major reason for it, since its primary purpose is seen in the process of healing of the heart, or emotional healing, whatever you like to call it.

Use this stone, if you have a complicated connection with somebody, perhaps a member of your family or maybe even a co-worker, whatever close relationship you may have this is the crystal to use without any doubt.

Do not be scared to use it, as Pink Calcite will assist you in the process of understanding others, who they are, and what kind of message they want to give to you.

It allows you to witness a problem from their point of view and improves wisdom – you can truly understand why someone is acting as he or she does, and you can see things from that perspective.

Pink Calcite supports the heart (any emotions you may have, they do not need to be just romantic, they could be different) develop, and this is not all.

This Pink gem is here to give you the inspiration to enter the world of deep love; the one that leads us toward better understanding and compassion.

These could be feelings you did not know you even had inside of yourself.

If you are the type of person who has a lot of self-blame and who criticize yourself a lot, then you should use this stone.

Pink Calcite can assist you to dissolve and remove those emotions that drive you to feel so low.

This rock helps you to be more delicate to yourself and remember to be your own finest companion.

This stone is amazing for the process of physical healing; as Pink Calcite benefits ease heart problems.

It is also believed that this stone can assist people who are struggling with some form of problematic digestion.

Perfect for people who are having problems that are caused by stress, depression, or anxiety and stress.

Pink Calcite Crystal Metaphysical Properties

All Calcite is a powerful cleanser and amplifier of energy. Just having Calcite in a room will clear it of all negative energies.

Pink Calcite is a crystal that may be utilized for implementation gains and individuality while also growing compassion for all.

This stone is also convenient for people who are moving through any form of psychological torture, like any form of violence, losing a loved one, or a breakup.

Now, its true form is seen when this stone is used to reveal hidden feelings and also intentions.

For all those who want to suppress their emotions, Pink Calcite will discover secretive reasons for admission and release.

Pink Calcite can help eliminate stagnated or undesirable urges to permit room for new knowledge of an inner being.

This stone opens the meridians and improves the exchange of energy between the Crown and Heart Chakra.

This means that all things that you have been holding back now can be released – touching your soul where it is.

It has, in fact, an encouraging attribute that will dispel any obstruction. It will encourage you to identify your importance and unconditionally hug yourself.

It will reduce your stress and problems while also recovering your neurological system.

Pink Calcite will supply you with the psychological and inner grit to handle cognitive suffering.

Now, in a metaphysical sense, Pink Calcite is a spiritual rock associated with a higher intellect that enables opening to higher awarenesses and predictive direction.

You can see what lies beyond, with the help of this stone, and you will not ever feel lost with it, because if you have a desire to reach it, you will see much clearly.

Other Benefits and Uses

If we take into account that this stone has the benefit of cleansing and purifying, people have numerous uses for this stone, and this also includes the Pink kind.

This type of stone is used as a means of neutralization acidic impacts, which is very bad for human beings.

This is the stone that could neutralize acid and can provide good health to us, in the most general way.

As we have said this is the stone that wakes up feelings of compassion among people, and therefore you can use this Pink stone, to become more inspired than ever before.

All people who want to do work in some charity work should use this stone – as it will encourage them to make a certain act out of deep love, and remain selfless.

When you feel that you are being too hard on yourself, this is the moment to meditate with Pink Calcite.

To stop being your own worst critic, who is not able to do anything as it is planned or what is “right,” Pink calcite should be used by people who are not feeling that they can meet their expectations.

Have in mind that a heart is a heart, and in this sense, this stone can help you ease any heart issues you may have.

Also, Pink Calcite is the stone for expanding the view, but also it is the stone that combines emotions with the psyche, developing dynamic brightness.

You are being given an opportunity to grow, with compassion, and empathy but with a bright mind as well.

Zodiac Birthstone

There are many crystals, as you know and the list of crystals that are somehow the most related to your astrological sign.

Each sign has certain collective trials and crystals can therefore help a lot here.

Namely, there are many people whose lives are actually ruled by the characteristics of the ascendant, much better than their exemplary astrological sign.

All Zodiac signs are encouraged to use Pink Calcite, but maybe it is perfect for all Virgos out there.

Using this stone, these people will be able to find real compassion and understanding, without being hurt.

Sometimes their lives are filled with a lot of sadness -sometimes because Virgos do not forgive people too much, too many of them easily get attached to certain people.

This is precisely where this stone could help them.

Virgos are known to be people who always give a second chance, and always find some reasons to understand those people, but even though they do not want to hurt them, life would be much better if they didn’t have some people around them who are only there to cause them grief.

This stone could be used to help them change that in themselves so that they could protect their tender hearts and understand the motives of others.


Of course that the jewelry made with this stone is perfect, in appearance and “work”; it is an amazing option for additions.

On you or on your home, it could be part of your business or home; there can be found numerous pendants, sculptures, and other embellishments.

Pink Calcite is useful for stopping negative vibrations and barriers from the Sacral and Solar Plexus groups.

You can use it with other minerals for better work, place it on a plate, and put it in your room.

Its usage was known for centuries, and its manufacture from it is also easy, as this stone can tolerate warmth and coldness.

How to Cleanse and Charge Pink Calcite Crystal?

Keep crystals in your home so that you will work with them with great respect.

Always take care of them, cause they will last longer and have a real purpose.

Never throw them away in that box with the keys, but in a drawer full of other matchable stones, or just have a place for this stone alone.

Designate a special place for them, where it will feel good.

Pink Calcite, just like some other stones prefers to “rest” in containers made of natural materials such as loess, clay, volcanic ore, etc.

The best way to charge Pink Calcite stone is to put it on the floor and lay uncovered to the energy of the Full Moon, as this should be done every month.

For cleansing, it is recommended to absorb your crystal in a combination of saline water and cider vinegar; and this emulsion should be used for washing your stone.

Afterward, you may subject the Pink Calcite to the Moonlight, as this will soothe this stone.

Some like to wash this stone under regular running water, and some even like to put it in a bowl of brown rice for cleansing purposes.

How much does Pink Calcite Crystal cost?

If that crystal is real, we can easily find out with a simple test, so that we hold it in our left hand and it becomes warm in a few minutes; if it stays cold, we have to choose another, a more appropriate one.

You can choose a stone by color, by zodiac sign, or even by your possible mental or physical problems.

Others are based on the connection between the color of the crystal and the chakras.

Bigger pieces of Pink Calcite cost around 200 dollars, smaller less.

Some smaller specimens that are equally beautiful and beneficial could be found for 20 dollars online.

Additional advice is when you are buying it, to look at the crystal from all sides.

Pay attention to the feelings it arouses in you. You will subconsciously choose the one you need the most at some point.

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Pink Calcite is a tender gem meant for people who want to wake up some altruistic tendencies in their lives.

Understanding others and finding a shred of love for people you don’t even know is where this stone truly stands out.

This Pink stone should be used by all who are attempting to do some charity work, who want to be encouraged to do more service for the community, and who want to do more selfless acts.

Pink Calcite is a supporting and empathetic crystal that will help you in finding kindness and empathy is needed.

This Pink stone will also serve as an inspiration to welcome yourself as you are.

Finding love for others.

Pink Calcite is a perfect stone to be used for relaxation and to ease your soul and mind.

It will also help you overpower your concerns and everything else that keeps you from appreciating your most important achievement.

Pink Calcite is a soft gem that shields the Heart Chakra.

It’s a gemstone that will encourage you and show you assurance.

Pink Calcite will encompass you with a friendly and wholesome feeling of absolute love, which will help you restore your inner wounds and passionate deterioration.

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