Pink Opal Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

There’s more to crystals than being mesmerizing pieces of jewelry or aesthetic home décor.

These unique objects can positively impact our bodies, minds, and souls.

And no hidden magic or dark spells is driving how crystals function.

Instead, they engage with our bodies’ energy fields, resulting in vibrational energy flow.

Many complementary and alternative medicine practitioners turn to crystals to help their patients.

After all, this practice is no different from Tai Chi, yoga, and acupuncture.

Thus, the increasing living costs and inflation have caused many adults to explore alternative therapies that could help them improve their lives and health.

But healing crystals are not a novelty or a new-age hype.

They’ve been around even in times of ancient China, Egypt, and Greece.

People have always believed crystals have healing power and mystical characteristics.

However, no scientific evidence exists to confirm that theory.

As a result, crystals still fall into the category of pseudoscience.

Yet, crystal master healers explain these objects consist of various compounds and elements that stimulate a reaction in our bodies.

Since energy streams through every atom in humans, we can exchange that energy with crystals.

Moreover, a 2008 study found that quartz may be a natural trigger for generating electricity or starting a fire.

According to the crystal master healers, crystals can do the same way with humans and balance out electromagnetic currents vibrating through our bodies.

But regardless of their power, one loses nothing by giving them a try. And pink opal crystal is a stellar way to start with these minerals.

Pink Opal Crystal Origin

Although crystals come in various shapes and hues, there’s something undeniably magnetic about those with pink and rose shades.

Despite being a common opal, pink opal has magnificent colors, ranging from light rosette to blush, making it highly attractive and compelling.

But where does it come from? Peru is the country that’s most often associated with these rosy opals.

After all, Peruvian opals are revered for being the most standardized, pink-colored opals and the ones with the highest saturation level.

Thus, these opals are Peru’s national gemstone, highlighting their pride and appreciation of these beautiful crystals.

But one doesn’t need to be from that coastal country to find these crystals enchanting.

No wonder people need only one look to stay mesmerized with Peruvian pink opals.

This nation also prides itself on producing the pink Andean opal, originating in the Andean Mountain range.

However, Andean opals are, in reality, blue-green. Other countries also produce pink opals, including Mexico, the United States, and Western Australia.

Each of these opals has a different pink color, depending on the environmental conditions of their locale. But that isn’t to say pink opal crystals originate from Peru.

While it’s a mystery where precisely these minerals first appeared, ancient India, Greece, and Egypt are the most likely locales.

The name of this crystal was probably introduced to the English language from the Latin word opalus.

Yet, opalus is likely a derivation of the ancient Greek word opallios. But the origin story of this name doesn’t end in Greece.

Instead, some claims indicate the word opallios comes from the Sanskrit term upala, meaning jewel.

If these claims are accurate, Roman references from 250 BCE are the first time this word appeared in a written form.

The ancient Romans likely heard about this word from the traders from Bosporus, who sold them opal. But these traders explained to the Romans that this unique crystal came from India.

Even though it’s certain the pink opal crystal originated in ancient times, one can’t confidently say one place or the other gave the world this rosy opal.

For instance, ancient Egyptians undertook demanding construction projects, resulting in magnificent tombs, temples, and monuments.

They performed these building assignments because they believed the pharaohs become gods after death.

Therefore, pharaohs had to prepare for the afterlife and carry equipment, jewelry, and gifts worthy of their power.

As a result, they would wear pink opal crowns on their heads.

On the other hand, it’s possible pharaohs had a different motivations for developing breathtaking monuments and temples.

Perhaps they wanted to show off their influence and power, leaving their citizens in awe of their capabilities.

But regardless of the reason, pharaohs used pink opal crowns to achieve that objective.

Moreover, ancient Egyptians named pink opal crystal the Hope Stone. That explains why they wore crowns with this rosy stone. – It was to showcase the faith people had in pharaohs and a way to wish them luck in the afterlife.

Ancient Romans had a slightly different perspective on this crystal’s abilities.

They believed it helps neutralize or balance intense emotions, preventing romantic connections from impacting political matters.

That’s also the most likely reason ancient Roman political leaders wore these magnificent stones. Indigenous American tribes perceived pink opal crystals as sacred objects.

For example, Cherokee tribes included this type of opal in their seven holy gemstones. As mentioned before, it’s challenging to pinpoint the origin place of these crystals.

Ancient South Americans also had practices related to the pink opal. – Inca tribes used them to send messages to the deities, such as Pachamama, the Mother Goddess.

It seems that everyone has had their take on these powerful minerals. But all the ancient leaders and tribes had one thing in common.

They all believed the pink opal crystal was sacred or sublime in one way or another.

Because of that, ancient people had various practices and belief systems related to these objects, showing their hope the pink opal could benefit their lives, health, relationships, or proceedings.

Today, most pink opals are located in the Andes Mountains in Peru. It’s scarce in any other corner of the world.

However, the state of Oregon (USA) and Australia are responsible for small production.

However, Mexico produces the rhyolite-hosted fire opal, basically the same as the pink opal.

Different Colors

Before moving to its various shades, explaining how this crystal gets the pink color is crucial. Unsurprisingly, the process is the same as with most rose-colored formations.

Water evaporation from silica (a hard, colorless mineral) results in gel remnants solidifying into opal over time.

However, the creation of the pink color depends on the origin locale.

For instance, the color of Peruvian and Mexican pink opals comes from quinones, organic elements typically originating from plants.

A small amount of these compounds enters the stone during the formation process, resulting in rose shades.

Australian and American opals, on the other hand, get their pinkish color from manganese, as this mineral is common in Australia and America.

If we use the Mohs mineral hardness scale, it’s possible to see these opals have a similar rank to those at five to six.

Nonetheless, the chalcedony mix is usually present in pink opals, resulting in a six rating. That makes the scale higher than in most other widespread opals.

Overall, the pink opal is more opaque than anything else.

Hence, it doesn’t have the fire hues like most Precious Opals. Because of that, it’s known as the Common Opal.

These stones come in various astonishing colors, from pink-white and bright baby pink to a creamy shade.

However, pink opal typically has a significant amount of contrasting color streaks.

Because of that, it’s possible to see various shades making the appearance of these gemstones, including black, yellow, peach, white, and light blueish. It can even appear in the color lavender.

These aesthetic stones are unique because they resemble the softest candies.

One might even get the desire to munch them due to their appearance.

That’s why pink opal has an intriguing nickname – Peppermint candy stone.

But no country has candy-like opals like Peru. That nation is revered for producing the brightest and most stunning specimens.

However, other South American countries come a close second. But the USA and Australia are honorable mentions concerning hued pink opals.

Regardless of the shade, it’s crucial to avoid exposing these stones to sunlight. These minerals contain water and might become brittle and dry due to their sensitivity, resulting in breaks.

But pink opals don’t only resemble soft candies. Unlike other gems, they’re also similar to conch pearls and pink corals.

No wonder many environmental activists advocate for purchasing pink corals instead of calcareous concretions and sea gemstones.

Buying pink corals has a less significant impact on nature due to their less harmful production process and effects.

It would be a loss to fail mentioning one of the rarest pink opal stones, revered for its dreamy appearance. – Silken pink opal is salmon pink and is typically translucent, sometimes opaque.

One can find this unique stone in only three regions, as they’re rare and expensive.

Thus, the silken pink opal has delicate shades, making it the ideal choice for sensitive souls.

Spiritual Meaning

Many people refer to the pink opal crystal as the Stone of Spiritual Awakening. That nickname comes from its powerful vibrations and effects.

Pink opal can help one tap into their spirituality by helping with self-healing across all levels.

It also helps rejuvenate one’s soul, mind, and emotional body.

Moreover, many master crystal healers claim this stone assists in cleaning one’s spiritual space. Thanks to that, it helps accept the things weighing them down and experience a release.

Acceptance allows people to understand and process what happened and move on without holding on to the pain and trauma.

As a result, they have grown and become more well-rounded individuals.

But master crystal healers also consider the opal crystal a love stone, opening a path to the profound connection with the Heart chakra.

That means this mineral plays a significant role in healing emotions and opening the heart to love and positive vibes.

In a way, the pink opal crystal assists in mending old wounds and uncovering hidden pain and fears that hinder growth. That makes this stone nurturing, kind, and compassionate.

It has soothing vibrations and gentle rose hues that encourage serenity and peace. Because of that, it’s recommended to have the pink opal crystal when agitated, nervous, and disappointed.

This stone should help focus on one’s higher self and allow spirituality to stimulate calmness and bring resolutions.

Moreover, it’s also believed it’s essential for triggering inner gifts and leveraging the full potential.


Inherently, pink opals are the symbol of protection as opal gemstones.

But like other rose-colored gemstones, they symbolize healing, tenderness, and love.

However, pink opal crystals still have a unique symbolism and aren’t akin to other pink stones. If we compare rose quartz and pink opal, we can see distinctive differences.

Although both stand for healing and love, the former symbolizes compassion, empathy, and romance, while the latter is about being kind to ourselves.

These gemstones are also associated with the divine.

Greek mythology says that Zeus wept joyful tears after his win against the Titans, forming the pink opal crystal.

Nevertheless, some cultures believe that the heavens dropped these gemstones as a blessing.

That isn’t as farfetched as some might think. After all, seasonal rains are responsible for the creation of pink opals.

After the rain waters and drenches the dry ground, the water spreads through the ancient underground rocks, carrying a mixture of oxygen and silicon.

These gel-like silica residues stay between the cracks and rocky layers.

Most of the water evaporates eventually, giving the world magnificent pink opal, the same way Gods showered humans with blessings in the form of these gemstones.

For instance, some Egyptians claim that the pink opal has metaphysical properties and believe that’s why their nickname is the Hope Stone.

Ultimately, this stone symbolizes emotional renewal and hope, helping people leave behind what’s ruining their odds of happiness.

Pink Opal Crystal Healing Properties

Pink opal crystal is a natural common opal and typically consists of chalcedony and palygorskite.

Palygorskite is synonymous with phyllosilicate, which is similar to opal.

Chalcedony represents a cryptocrystalline form of silica, consisting of fine moganite and quartz ingrowths.

Therefore, the primary structure of pink opals is based on hydrated silica.

Many people confuse it with quartz due to similar properties, but opal contains more water (up to 10 percent of the stone).

This crystal is unique due to its healing power if we go beyond its physical properties.

Carrying this stone and exchanging the energy with it helps improve memory and reduce confusion.

But it also helps people focus on their goals, move past the obstacles, and carry on with their path.

It’s beneficial to place the pink opal under the pillow or beside the bed to eliminate nightmares and stimulate happy dreams. That is necessary for healthy rest and maximum brain functionality.

Overall, this rosy crystal is the best for matters of the heart. That’s also its central healing power.

Pink opals help us be more empathetic, find a way to forgive others, and accept the good and the bad.

People can’t achieve their goals and live healthy lives if they hold on to their grudges and cannot move on.

But this stone also reminds us of the importance of giving and how kind acts benefit our health and wellness.

For instance, you can probably recall at least one occasion when you helped someone else, raising their spirits and ensuring no negative thoughts were holding them back.

That likely helped you by lowering your stress, shifting the focus, and finding harmony in someone else’s happiness.

That is because giving has the power to make us feel more fulfilled than receiving.

If you wonder how that is connected with pink opals, the key lies in its empathetic and gentle vibrations that encourage affection and promote emotional healing.

As a result, carrying a pink opal stone is recommended when facing stressful and challenging situations.

This gemstone will help you recover from the pressure and focus on helping others and ensuring their well-being.

Therefore, it can bring clarity when needed, help unlock empathy, and connect with the higher octaves of the universe.

Pink opal inspires you to be more open-minded, trust the possibilities, and offer compassion to those on the margins. That isn’t to say this gemstone is all you need to be happy and fulfilled.

Remember to take care of yourself and use the pink opal as support and a reminder of generosity and altruism.

Moreover, carrying this crystal can help you lower your anxiety and harmonize your emotions.

But pink opal can even help if your stress and pain stream from guilt and repressed traumas.

For instance, the Peace and Penance stones are ideal for driving the process of forgiving yourself and processing past mistakes.

Thanks to that, you can heal, put your hope in the future, and stop allowing old errors and misconceptions to disrupt your path.

But if we talk about the physical aspect, pink opal helps with heart conditions, whether circulation problems or irregular heartbeat.

This gemstone can also increase your stamina and vitality and help you be more potent. Besides, many people claim it helps with an upset stomach and nausea.

Pink opal may help you tap into your subconsciousness and let go of suppressed pain. That’s why it’s ideal for people struggling with insomnia and sleepless nights.

If you can’t fall asleep due to being hunted by your memories and past decisions, consider sleeping with the pink opal near to you.

Its vibrations will soothe you and help you focus on breathing and falling asleep.

Since this stone helps with various heart issues, it can also accelerate healing after a breakup.

It can remind people there are always better things waiting in the future, making it essential to relinquish the past and strive toward new objectives.

Pink opal helps address hidden traumas and sleep disorders and reduce stress.

Because of that, it’s ideal for children, teenagers, and young adults starting their lives.

It can help them be less anxious and switch worries with hope and confidence.

Thus, pink opal supports healthy lung function and improves oxygen circulation in the body.

According to some beliefs, this gemstone can help with medical procedures, such as eye ailments (e.g., cataracts).

If that’s not enough, some people use it to heal the bites and stings of poisonous animals.

No wonder this stone can help relieve pain from spleen-related illnesses or stabilize insulin and glycemic levels.

Although it allows only topic use, pink opal can also help with skin issues.

Pink Opal Crystal Metaphysical Properties

Pink opal crystal has numerous benefits and healing power, metaphysical among them.

Some people consider it magical, and those living in the Middle Ages era claimed it could grant invisibility by wrapping it in a luscious bay leaf and holding it in hand.

Although the pink opal crystal can’t serve as an invisible cape, it certainly has magnetic properties.

For instance, it’s suitable for anxious individuals who often want to hide from the world and take some time to relax and get back to the crowd.

In that case, they can use the pink opal to help them feel invisible and not attract attention.

But this gemstone also helps people pick up their thoughts and understand themselves more profoundly.

It also helps identify the emotions causing negative and regressive convictions and beliefs.

Moreover, this magnificent stone can serve as an amulet in dangerous places and situations.

It sends protective vibrations and boosts confidence, making the one carrying it more determined and braver.

Pink opal crystal can calm chaotic emotions, help people find their inner peace, and be more hopeful.

Since pink opal is associated with the heart and soul, it can boost fidelity and strengthen a relationship between two partners.

As a delicate stone nurturing romance and self-love, it can support long-lasting connections and intensify feelings.

Besides, this gemstone can encourage people to be authentic and more confident about their goals and visions.

Thanks to that, it can even help care less about what others think and eliminate the fear of judgment.

People often silence their dreams and fail to follow their hearts because they fear someone else’s opinion.

Pink opal plays a significant role in helping you focus on your desires and being true to yourself.

Other Benefits and Uses

Using pink opal helps cultivate joy and makes one feel at ease. This gemstone promotes caring vibrations flowing through the person holding it.

Moreover, it has pleasing aesthetics, making it compelling to look at it. Thanks to that, you will likely feel peace and tranquility take over you while holding it.

After all, this unique gemstone appeals to your higher heart and the Heart Chakra.

As a result, it helps loving and serene energy flow through your whole body.

But the pink opal can also boost well-being and make you feel healthier. These characteristics explain why this stone can help you relinquish old, toxic behavioral patterns.

That means it can help you overcome your negative feelings for someone. Even though some people don’t mind holding grudges, this practice affects your health and can cause stagnation.

It’s crucial to be compassionate and seek ways to forgive others when possible. This gemstone has positive energy, helping you lower hostile attitudes and be more caring.

Thanks to that, you can nurture long-lasting connections with people and reinforce your friendships and family relations.

But you can also use the pink opal in meditation due to its higher spiritual vibrations.

That can help you connect with your higher self and greater realms. After all, that’s necessary for reaching the spiritual awakening.

The answer is inner wisdom if you wonder what realms this stone can help you reach.

Pink opal can help you connect with the higher spiritual masters and receive their teachings and guidance.

But that also means this gemstone can heighten your intuition and make you more confident in your sixth sense.

Remember that the next time you play soothing music and prepare for meditation.

However, there’s more to what you can do with pink opals than use them for meditation or emotional matters.

It is also a birthstone; you can carry it as your birthday symbol and let others know in what month you were born.

Pink opals are also associated with jewelry, as their unique aesthetic fits any style and outfit.

People typically wear it as necklace pendants, earrings, or even bracelets.

These pinkish stones can complement your styling and serve as stellar details.

Since most jewelry with pink opal pendants is handmade, it signifies uniqueness and elegance.

Thus, you can use them as hairpins, home décor, and lucky amulets.

But most people don’t know that pink opal can also help attract wealth and abundance by helping you reinforce your strength and sharpen your focus.

These gemstones help cleanse your chakras and open them to love.

According to some beliefs, the power of pink opals can help you attract your romantic interest and boost the passion in your relationship.

Despite having a delicate allure, this stone is quite intense and magnetic.

Because of that, carrying it can help you let go of inhibitions, act more freely, and enjoy sensual moments.

However, have good intentions when using it and ensure it benefits your loved ones too.

For instance, pink opal can help you invite good things into your life and your partner’s.

If you and your significant other desire, you can leverage it to stimulate your adventurous side and spice up the things between you two.

On the other hand, pink opal can also help relieve depression and eliminate self-destructive behaviors.

Zodiac Birthstone

Pink opal is a birthstone and a Zodiac crystal, adding to its uniqueness. This mystical, rosy gemstone is an October birthstone, like the standard opal.

People born in October (Libras and Scorpios) are typically associated with eroticism, passion, beauty, and desire. No wonder this captivating crystal is their birthstone.

But pink opal is also October’s birthstone because it helps its natives establish harmony between love and lust.

Contrary to popular opinion, this gemstone is also connected with creativity, child-like innocence, and hope.

Even though that might contradict passion and sensuality, pink opal has various characteristics and powers.

Regardless of its traits, the October birthstone brings luck to all its natives and protects them from evil forces.

Gifting someone with this birthstone may signalize loyalty and commitment.

It can also help protect the native from nightmares and negative energy.

However, people should never give this stone to someone born in a different month, as it may symbolize misfortune.

If you’re an October baby, pink opal can help you balance your emotions and moods.

It can also support you when feeling low, depressed, or anxious.

On the other hand, the pink opal represents a Zodiac crystal for Pisces, Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio horoscope signs.

However, it has more influence on the latter two due to being the October birthstone.


Pink opal is a popular choice for necklace pendants and stylish earrings.

Its delicate rose color complements almost every outfit and helps people express their authenticity.

Many influential designers and jewelry companies use this gemstone to create alluring accessories, including Swarovski, Farfetch, and Ruby & Oscar.

Hence, jewelry prices with pink opal range from $15 to over $300.

How to Cleanse and Charge Pink Opal Crystal?

After using pink opals for cleaning, it will absorb your negative energy instead of you keeping it within and letting it fester.

But even this gemstone gets full after some time, making it unable to do what it’s supposed to.

Because of that, you must cleanse your pink opal and free it from everything it has consumed. No worries! – Various options exist to conduct the cleansing.

Here are a few ways to clean your pink opal crystal:

  • Let the water run and hold your pink opal under for approximately two minutes. However, it’s even better if you soak your crystal in a river or stream, although tap water will also do the trick.
  • Take your pink opal and bury it in the soil, letting it rest overnight. You can do it in a plant pot or your garden.
  • Find incense or sage and smudge your pink opal with the residual smoke.

However, be careful if you have a triplet or doublet crystal, as these should avoid prolonged contact with water. Otherwise, you might hinder the glue.

How Much Does Pink Opal Crystal Cost?

The price of pink opal crystal ranges from $1 to $135 per carat.

The value depends on various factors, including origin, patterns, shades, type, scarcity, and brilliance.

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Pink opal crystals have tremendous and powerful energy with healing and metaphysical properties.

They can help you overcome suppressed fears, stop nightmares, or balance your emotions.

But these gemstones are also helpful in medical issues and can alleviate heart conditions or reinforce your well-being.

Besides their practical and symbolical traits, pink opals are beyond aesthetic and can complement your styling as much as your home interior.

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