Pomegranate Dream – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

These dreams are not so common, but they can appear.

In most cases they are a symbol of fertility, they represent your hidden desire to have a family.

These dreams are also connected with your sexual desires and your need to have a steamy relationship with someone.

It means that you are not someone who is looking for anything serious, you just want to have some fun.

Pomegranates in a dream may also represent issues in your family or your business.

Sometimes they are a sign of disappointment or sadness.

You shouldn’t feel worried about having a dream like this because they are not negative signs.

They are simply a reflection of your current emotions and life situations.

You can dream of picking pomegranates, eating a pomegranate, selling or buying pomegranate, etc.

There are different scenarios and they all have a unique meanings.

When you know the course of your dream, then it is easy for you to find the right meaning.

These types of dreams sometimes don’t even have any particular meaning, but it is still important to check them out.

Our dreams can help us to understand our current emotions and problems.

So, find your dream right here.

The Most Common Dreams Of Pomegranate

Dreaming of picking pomegranate

This dream represents your wild nature.

It means that you care about your desires, and you like steamy things to happen when you’re with a lover.

You don’t like something boring, something everyone already has.

You want to be wild and remembered.

This dream may be a sign that you’ll have a wild adventure with your lover or partner soon.

Maybe you’ll go on a trip together, or you’ll do a fun activity together.

You want everything to be extraordinary in your life.

When you know that everyone can have something, you don’t want it then.

You want to have someone or something that no one has and that no one can easily get.

Perhaps you like to fight for something unique.

You should keep in mind that everything isn’t about your desires, some things shouldn’t be seen as a victory.

Dreaming of selling pomegranate

This dream appears when you are making some kind of deal in your business.

You are entering a new phase, you are on another level of your work and you are trying to prove that you belong there.

This behavior will only lead you to a bad outcome.

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, there is no need for you to give someone that much power over you.

If you know that you are worthy, then there is no need to prove that to anyone else.

Also, you are going to make a decision that is a big risk for your company.

If it goes the way you plan it to go, then you’ll make a fortune.

But, if something goes wrong this risk won’t pay off.

The thing about business decisions is that you should never make a decision based on temporary feelings.

You should never rush this decision, try to collect all the information you need before doing something drastic.

The truth is that risk is needed in everything, but there are unnecessary risks that shouldn’t be made.

You need to be cautious in this upcoming period, your business partners are not the people they say they are.

Don’t trust them easily, analyze their behavior, and don’t do business with people who don’t look trustworthy.

Everything can change in a second, people can turn their backs on you at any time so don’t be fooled by sweet talk.

Trust actions and not words.

Dreaming of cooking pomegranate

This dream represents people who love you.

You have a good reputation in your surroundings, and your actions have proven your character in many ways.

That’s why people respect you so much and that’s why they trust you.

You can easily land a job because you are a trustworthy person, and you are responsible when it comes to your duties.

You keep your word and you are not someone who hurts others with bad talk.

Even though someone’s opinion shouldn’t matter to you, being respected does matter.

It is nice to know that people respect you, you see everyone can love you but respect is something different.

Like in relationships, you have a person that loves you but it somehow doesn’t work out.

That’s because there is a lack of respect.

Someone that loves you can still do something disrespectful to you, but someone who respects you and your boundaries won’t do the same.

That’s why so many people focus on being respected rather than being loved by someone.

You have a great thing going on, you shouldn’t mess it up easily.

Your new projects will be successful and you are going to make some great progress.

Dreaming of eating pomegranate

This dream is a sign that you have a crush on someone.

Lately, you’ve been thinking about someone more than you should.

Perhaps you met someone who swept you off your feet suddenly.

Or you are falling for someone you already know, but this feeling is strange because you never imagined yourself to be falling for that person.

You are likely to have a relationship with that person, but it isn’t likely to last.

Even though you like this particular someone, you won’t be invested in that relationship so it won’t work.

You have a lot going on in your life and you are not looking for a relationship right now.

This also means that your feelings aren’t that strong, you like someone but you don’t care about this person.

It may be a fun fling for a while, but you need to be fair in this situation.

You shouldn’t waste someone’s time.

If you are sure that you don’t want anything serious then you need to be open about this.

Tell this person how you feel and what you want, because if you don’t they could get their hopes up while you don’t want anything serious.

Dreaming of rotten pomegranate

This dream represents disappointment.

Shortly, you’ll be disappointed because everyone around you will start showing their true faces.

You can’t get everything you want in life, there is no chance that you can have it all.

There will be ups and downs which can make it hard for you to remain patient.

When difficult times arrive, be sure to remain patient even if it’s hard to do so.

In anger we can do many things we don’t want to do, that’s why everyone should remain silent in anger.

Your friends are likely to abandon you, in this time you will see how people can change in a second.

They are making decisions that are disappointing you, perhaps they are doing something which isn’t good for you too.

They might be ignoring you for some time or leave you alone in hard times.

You shouldn’t focus too much on them.

The thing is every single person can choose to leave you at some point.

They won’t hesitate on hurting you, even when you’ve done everything for them.

When things get good for them, they are likely to forget about you and everything you’ve done for them.

So, focus on yourself and move on from those situations.

Dreaming of planting the pomegranate tree

This dream is a positive sign for the dreamer.

It means that you are going to be happy in this upcoming period of your life.

Everything is likely to fall right where it belongs, in the right place.

You’ll feel great about yourself and the decisions you have made in this past period.

You are aware of your blessings, you see how blessed you are to live this life.

You are grateful for everything you have and for everything that happened in your life.

Everything happened because it was meant to happen just the way it did.

Everything is going great for you, and you don’t have any negative thoughts anymore.

You have found your faith in God once again, you have Him by your side and you feel good right now.

Turning to God is the best medicine someone can choose for himself.

When things go wrong turn to God, when things are going right again turn to God.

Dreaming of bees flying around the pomegranate

This dream reveals your creative side.

You have a talent for many different things, in this case, you likely have a talent for painting.

In general, you love to make art because that’s something that makes you feel alive.

It is something that feels fulfilling and right.

You are good at it, and you should use your talent to make some profit.

You should turn your talent into a serious job where you can get paid.

Never do anything for free in life, if you have skills for some kind of business then you should use them.

It is a pity to not show your talent to the world when someone who hasn’t got any talent is getting attention.

Dreaming of flowering pomegranate 

This dream represents your family situation.

You are having a lot of difficulties when it comes to your family, but you can put an end to this situation.

You see, peace is coming into your home soon but you’ll need to do something to make that happen.

If you and your family members are constantly arguing, then you should talk with them about this topic.

No matter what the situation is, communication is the key to success.

When you talk about your emotions clearly, then you can fix a problem.

Your family situation can change if you are willing to work on these issues together.

Dreaming of eating a large and red pomegranate

This dream is usually a symbol of fertility.

This means that you and your partner are trying to have a baby for some time now.

Or perhaps you are thinking about taking the next step with your partner.

You want to start a family and it feels like the time to do it is now.

This dream symbolizes fertility of a woman, this woman is capable of having a healthy baby when she decides to do so.

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