Purple Agate Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

The esoteric effects of crystals and their positive effect on human beings are not just a recent discovery, this is a known fact for thousands of years.

Their healing effects, restorative power, and worth were identified by the ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures, who exploited them in the best possible way.

Crystals were used, not only to make talismans but also to treat different health issues.

Knowledge and understanding about Crystals have been handed down through the past, so many myths about their use have persisted to this day.

The healing effects of Purple Agate crystals have a wide range of effects on the body and soul.

Special benefits will be enjoyed by the wearers of the purple agate crystal, for which it is specially intended, which are the zodiac signs Leo, Sagittarius, and Gemini.

His healing energy will work on other carriers as well, but it will work faster on these ones.

Purple agate crystal has a special power for your emotional healing.

We are all familiar with the fact that both health and illness depend on our emotional state.

Purple agate crystal will help you to achieve emotional stability and balance so that in some difficult emotional moments, immunity will not betray you, which would make you suitable for the development of bacteria and viruses in your body.

Purple agate crystal will make sure that it doesn’t happen so easily because it will strengthen your soul and body.

Of course, it is relevant to check your health at all times in conventional medical institutions, and these, so-called alternative medicine is here to guide you through the labyrinths of the soul, which conventional medicine still fails to heal.

So, just be educated in what you do, and for sure you will benefit from crystals.

Purple Agate Crystal Origin

Now, all Agate crystals are associated with the powers and the achievement of triumph, force, and bravery.

Have in mind that Agate stones belong to the oldest crystals, it is said that they are almost 15,000 years old, or more.

The name comes from the Sicilian region, the river Achates – in this area this stone was found originally.

Some legends say that it has been done by Theophrastus. He was a Greek philosopher and naturalist; the one who found out that this rock is much more than just a simple stone found in the ground.

He understood that it was so much.

Its usage was first popularized in Italy when it was primarily found.

It could be found virtually anywhere.

It could be found in Italy, Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Scotland, Egypt, Uruguay, Brazil, India, China, and Madagascar.

It belongs to the group of stones that are quartzes ( silicon dioxide), and Agate is one of the hardest minerals there.

It is very durable, and harder than many others.

Different Colors

Agate is, as we have said one of the most widespread stones there are – and it can be found in almost any color of the specter.

There are almost 150 Agate stones in the world, and some of them are yet to be discovered.

It is a very common stone, and very much used – almost all crystal loves have one of them.

It can be red, orange, gray, blue, brown, red, green, yellow, black, or purple, the one that we will speak about more.

Some Agate stones are multicolored, and they have higher prices.

All of them are almost equally gorgeous and almost equally beneficial, with some differences.

Spiritual Meaning

In ancient Greece, it was a common belief – that the person who wears Agate stone, has sure protection from the darkness, and will always have a clear mind and be very lucky in love.

This is one of those stones that are able to make your confidence boost, become braver, and be protected from all harm.

This stone is the symbol of unity, harmony, self-confidence, and security.

The Purple Agate can heal, enhance analytical crafts and raise the user to more elevated, more spiritual grades on the path of our spiritual growth.

Those who practice Feng Shui often use this stone.

They use Purple Agate to design epicenters where people can go to focus and expand their creativity and self-expression.

The Purple Agate can be put where recovery is most required.

Is it your heart or your mind?

Maybe on your head or you can simply place it on your hands.


This is the stone to use when you feel that you lack creativity – it harmonizes two sides of your being.

You know the story of yin and yang energy – the black and white, the good and the bad in all of us.

It is the constant fight we all have to take, and this Purple stone can assist us along the way, as it can protect us from all bad vibes, and negativity, and can bring us good fortune.

Such a stone is perfect for people who want to research past lives and learn from them.

The Purple Agate is the stone to do it, as it, is the stone for the enhancement of psychic power.

It improves inner wisdom and makes the soul open to recovery via past life understanding.

Purple Agate Crystal Healing Properties

All Agate stones are amazing – all of the have numerous benefits for human life, health, and good fortune.

Purple Agate can encourage a positive shift in your spiritual, inspirational, and material being.

The uses of this stone and the methods it can be utilized are almost endless.

You can use it as a wonderful jewelry item, a decorative sculpture, an amulet, or a meditational focus spot, or you can just place it in the room with all of your other precious stones.

But here, when it comes to this Purple stone; the focus is on the center of the healing, in an emotional sense.

There is no doubt about it; we must all be aware that emotional well-being is usually the key to material and spiritual well-being.

Utilizing Purple Agate as a companion on your voyage to emotional purification can obtain you plenty of abiding advantages.

The Purple Agate is known for its ability to look deep inside of your soul, deep, deep inside, all in the process of finding your true being.

And for that, you need to look into the darkness.

Use this wonderful and dark crystal to open the more in-depth part of you that shelters your imagination, instinct, and clearness.

All those people who are having a hard time dealing with any form of negativity; old and buried traumas, negative recollections, and old fears that they did not deal with, should mediate with the Purple Agate.

It will especially help people suffering from PTSD because the purple agate crystal is recommended for soldiers who have been on the battlefield.

It will help them to deal with the post-traumatic stress that comes after the war, after the calm of their organism comes a storm that this crystal will alleviate.

It will help them get rid of the burden they accumulated on the battlefield and leave it behind happy that they managed to survive.

It will spiritually heal a person so that with meditation with this crystal he will be able to continue with his life in the right way.

Purple Agate Crystal Metaphysical Properties

Did you know that this stone is with anointed also the Stone of Science?

This is just one of the names this stone has and another speaks of it and its true metaphysical nature of it.

It is the Sacred Stone Of The Astral, and it truly justifies its abilities.

According to some ancient texts, the Purple Agate was believed, and some still believe it today, that in it there are some traces of ancient souls that are incorporated in this stone for the protection of humans.

When you use Purple Agate during meditation, you can truly connect to the world that is beyond – this is one connection that is right one step before you enter the spiritual plane.

The metaphysical effects of the Purple Agate make it one of the best in this area, as it can open your third eye, and from there you can find your base for self-reflection, understanding, psychic powers, and higher wisdom.

The Purple Agate is also connected to the crown chakra; so this crystal could be used to extend the sensitiveness to others, expand our imagination, and develop a path to higher ranks of consciousness and cognition.

It can successfully clean your aura, balance yin, and yang energies; and most importantly put a protective guard from negativity.

Other Benefits and Uses

This stone is for all those who are hurt and in deep pain, who are carrying

emotional luggage, that is pushing them to the bottom and does not let them grow.

Purple Agate is perfect to be used by students and all those who are learning something and are under mental stress – this dark stone could be utilized as a rock to improve attention, provide safety and protection, and improve effectiveness.

From the physical perspective, we can say that all those who use this stone; should use it, if they, by any chance, have some digestive problems, or with the bladder.

Purple Agate is useful to deal with problems with the lymphatic system or pancreas issues, which are very common these days.

Numerous natural therapy practitioners are recommending Purple Agate for problems with sleep, and this is also a modern-day disease.

All people who have a problem with sleeping should use this stone as it has a calming effect, it has soothing vibes.

Purple Agate helps reduce the pressure and anxiety that may be holding a person from resting, and when you do not sleep well at night, you cannot function very well by day.

But, on the other side of the story, we have to say that this Purple stone does the opposite to your metabolism.

Here it serves as a booster.

It can jumpstart your metabolism, giving you more physical power.

This is the yin and yang energy that we have spoken of before – here you can create a balance.

You can be filled with energy by day and rest by night so that the natural cycles are in the right order.

The Purple Agate is amazing for all people who have skin problems and problems with blood.

Zodiac Birthstone

Purple agate crystal is intended for the zodiac signs: Leo, Sagittarius, and Gemini to a certain extent.

The purple agate crystal will have extremely positive effects on these zodiac signs and they should not hesitate to try using it to improve their life, health, and work.

Leos, like all zodiac signs, have their advantages and disadvantages.

By wearing this crystal and using it properly, they will find the balance they need to be the best version of themselves.

Leos are self-centered, sometimes cruel and insensitive, and this crystal will reduce their bad qualities.

The need for a larger amount of money for this zodiac sign will be reduced to normal by wearing this crystal so that they will be satisfied with less.

Leos are not interested in how they will get to what they envisioned and in what way, and therefore sometimes they do not choose the means, they can be arrogant and ostentatious, and such types of Leos should definitely own this crystal and carry it with them.

With meditation, he will help them realize their full potential.

The qualities that a lion possesses are nobility, perseverance, tolerance, and quick forgiveness.

So, by wearing this stone, their qualities will be additionally expressed even when the lions are not in the best mood.

Purple agate crystal on the Sagittarius zodiac sign will have very good benefits.

Sagittarians are great adventurers in search of new experiences that they want to enrich their lives.

They have a very good sense of humor and are generous people, and wearing this crystal will help them realize their dreams.

They are great conformists and philosophers to the point that they can be hard-working.

Sagittarians don’t like it when someone imposes their will and forces them to do something they don’t want, and they will be very direct when it comes to that.

Sagittarius does not like to wait for something to happen, but rather takes matters into his own hands, which he knows can be disastrous for him.

They have a sporty spirit and love nature and travel, therefore they are prone to injuries, and this crystal will, along with meditation, help them to recover quickly and continue on.


The jewelry that can be made from Purple agate crystals is diverse.

Due to its beautiful color, it can be combined with platinum, yellow gold, and silver.

Its original form can be processed to obtain crystal balls for a bracelet that can be combined with some dark metal to further express the purple color.

Balls can also be made into a necklace with a gold pendant, which can be beautifully worn on any occasion.

Even a smaller stone can be shaped into a heart and placed on a white gold ring, which would be an ideal gift for your better half.

How to Cleanse and Charge Purple Agate Crystal?

Cleaning Purple Agate crystal is very simple.

Like all other crystals, the purple agate crystal becomes empty over time and needs to regain its energy.

You can do this with this crystal in various ways.

You can leave it overnight in a container with Himalayan salt and then rinse it under a stream of clean water and then wipe it with a soft cloth or even leave it to dry in the sun because the purple agate crystal cannot fade on it.

You can keep it in dry rice for a few hours and it is very important that you throw away that rice immediately, so that you don’t accidentally consume it, because it has absorbed the negative energy that the crystal picked up from you and it would not be desirable to take it back into yourself.

Just as it needs cleaning, the purple agate crystal also needs charging in order to regain the energy it uses to affect you.

This would be best done by burying it back in the ground in your yard or somewhere in the garden for a few days so that it can recharge with energy from mother earth and be ready for you again.

We emphasize that the place where you will bury the purple agate crystal should have the sun most of the day and the moonlight in the evening because it also fills it with its energy.

If you charge it on the Moon, you should make sure that the night is clear and the moon is full.

How much does Purple Agate Crystal cost?

It depends on its color and size of course.

On the market online and other, we can find Purple Agate stones that are

innately found and natural, or color improved.

There can be seen in both versions – the natural ones are rare, so they are very expensive.

Those Purple Agates that were color-treated still have their powers, so those who do not want to spend a ton of money could buy this version and have more or less the same qualities.

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We hope you have found the answers to your questions – but you are clearly a believer in their healing-healing power, the one who enjoys the good vibrations of crystals every day.

Purple Agate is a stunning crystal that also includes vital energy and healing effects on the person who wears the stone.

Especially this stone is absolutely beautiful; with different hues of purple mixed with white dots and tracks, it’s clear to see why this rock has been used for the manufacturing of jewelry, and amulets.

After having to deal with all of the negativity in your life, you may find that you will have more sensation with love, connections, and other interpersonal parts of your life.

This transition could be so much easier with regular meditation with the Purple Agate.

Use this stone to clean your aura – as it can stabilize and protect you, from the spirtual point of view, as it releases all negative energy from your life and environment.

Those who use it regularly will come to the point where they can rely on this stone to release the negativity before it enters space.

If you are under the attack of the evil eye, this is a stone to use as a protective one.

Purple Agate can be utilized in a house environment and also in your workspace, and in any office location, and it is a great expansion to any individual, comfortable spot such as a reading spot, or any resting space.

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