Purple Fluorite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Crystals were given to us by Mother Nature as a means of establishing energy between us.

Mother nature has arranged everything perfectly for us, we just need to use what she can give us.

Crystals have been created in it since it existed and each of them absorbed a certain energy under the influence of the energy of the universe and the sign under which we were born, each of them has its own special carrier who will receive incredible benefits and energy from it.

Believe it or not, they will make us better people and better persons.

So that it will cleanse us of accumulated negative energy and fill us with positive energy.

Crystals will manifest the best properties and benefits that they can provide us by practicing meditation with them and opening and purifying our chakras for a better flow of energy through our body and weaken or completely eliminate toxins that are trapped in our body.

It will stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph throughout our body and relieve us of headaches, migraines, and various infections.

They have a healing effect on our bodies and accelerate the healing of injuries and wounds of all kinds.

They can provide us with many things and one should not hesitate whether to use a crystal or not.

Find which crystal bass would be the best for you and don’t hesitate.

Purple Fluorite Crystal Origin

Even in some older days, this crystal, and not just the Purple version was considered to be the lucky crystal the one that brings wisdom.

Fluorite is at times called the stone of wisdom, as many knowledgeable people throughout history have been using it abundantly.

And, we must add that in the old days, this is one very high-priced stone that has been used to make some wonderful objects, that were very beautiful and decorative.

This was one of the favorite stones in ancient China – there, people made different amulets, which were supposed to obtain good fortune and guard against black witchcraft, depressive beliefs, and even suicidal thoughts.

It is also a known fact that in ancient Egypt, Fluorite was the stone that was used to make sculptures and decorations.

For, in example 18th century, there was a firm belief that when you make powder from this stone was believed to cure the kidneys and that can resolve problems with it.

In England, during the 19th century and later, the Blue John was the most popular type of Fluorite.

It was a blue variant of it, and it was very high priced at the time.

Nowadays it is mined in numerous countries around the world – countries like France, China, Colombia, Mongolia, Germany, Korea, Pakistan, South Africa, USA, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Peru, Namibia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

Different Colors

There are many colors of this crystal, and all of them are equally beneficial for our bodies and minds, and souls.

For example, there is a transparent Fluorite that can stimulate our crown chakra.

It gives energy to our aura, and it is amazing for our intellectual powers.

energizes the aura, and brings the intellect into harmony with the spirit. This is the stone that can make us see things.

And, for example, the green kind of this stone is known for its ability to eliminate negative energy from our auras and our lives.

Such a stone can break apart our traumas and gives healing – such a stone can break apart negative emotions.

And from the physical point of view, this is the stone that can clear infections that we have in our bodies.

Any form of infection is going to go away if we have it by any chance – as the green stone eliminates bad things from us, and purifies our aura and energy near us. It is good for any stomach problems.

And, when we speak of the Yellow kind of this stone then we can say that it is good for the enhancement of creational force and if we are in a group the energy of it will be stable.

Physically this is the stone that eliminates toxins from our bodies – it is great for the liver

From an emotional point of view, it makes us light and fun, wonderfully joyful.

It is associated with wealth and a lot of abundance in all directions.

The Blue kind is also associated with the creational forces and the bettering of communication between people.

It is amazing for our energy status and also to give us the energy that we have lost. it is beneficial for our eyes, and ears as well.

This type of Fluorite can speed up the process of spiritual awakening.

The rainbow kind is the stone that has all this mentioned and much more – it is great for any form of mental struggle, and for enhancing our logical thinking.

The Black kind is effective when you use it at night, as it will ensure you sleep like a baby, without any nightmares.

Now, here we will speak more of the Purple kind of this stone – connected to the third eye chakra, which assists in our health and

Purple and purple fluorite stimulates the third eye and helps a healthy and constructive way of thinking.

They help the wearer improve communication. These crystals are great for meditation.

They are useful in the treatment of bone and bone marrow disorders.

Spiritual Meaning

This crystal is very much loved crystal, as it should be used when a person needs to make some very important decisions in their life, as this stone will give you clarity when in a need to make life choices, and you are struggling to do it.

Such a crystal is there to assist you to make choices regarding the life path you want to take in the hereafter that is aligned with your spiritual blessings and purpose.

This is also the stone that is known for its ability to purify negative energy and stress of all kinds while boosting memory and understanding of anything new that may be hard to learn.

So, all those who want to learn better should use Fluorite crystal.

From the symbolical point of view, this is the stone that has numerous positive influences on our brain, and this goes even higher; such a stone can get us closer to the higher orbs in the Universe.

This stone is also known for its promotion of psychic totality and for obtaining profound spiritual peace and unity.


This stone is occasionally called the mind changer, as this crystal can assist you in the process of getting rid of all unnecessary elements that have been struggling with you for a long time.

But more importantly, this is the Purple crystal that can surely transform your way of thought and get rid of preconceptions that have been keeping you low.

This crystal is all about the energy, but not as much as the uplifting one, but more about the energy related to the darkest and deepest parts of our soul and mind.

And yes, this crystal is very strong and it can truly affect, not just your energy but the energy of the people who are close to you, and since its color, is purple, then we know that it is not reserved only for love, and dealing with it, but also it has a lot of impact on our work, health and energy levels as well.

Purple Fluorite Crystal Healing Properties

If you regularly use this stone, then you will most certainly improve your mental powers and all those who study or have a major mental work should use the Purple Fluorite.

This crystal improves the mental abilities of the person who uses it or wears jewelry that has it.

When it comes to emotional healing, then the Purple Fluorite is used for releasing negative relationships that you are dragging as completely unnecessary luggage.

Maybe this is just a habit, or this is something more, but use this stone when you must be in clarity and when you should get rid of everything and anyone who does not serve you.

And, this is the stone that is used to teach us that being lonely is not a bad thing, on the contrary, this stone can clearly show your inner darkness, in a sense that grief and being lonely are not essential for life.

They are part of it, but you can see what they are and move one further, without them.

The Purple Fluorite is there to assist you in getting rid of practices and thoughts that were dangerous to you and got you sorrowful, and will also improve your odds of drawing love, peace, and harmony in your life.

Purple Fluorite Crystal Metaphysical Properties

There is no doubt that fluorite is a stone that is seen as a powerful protection from any harm that can come to us.

This crystal is also true for the purple kind, it shields the aura from the entrance of any harmful effects.

The Purple kind of Fluorite is used for better efficiency at work, for better organization at work, and in life also.

All those who are looking with dread into the future then should use this gorgeous crystal as it will make them feel less scared and more excited about all that this crystal can bring to them.

The Purple Fluorite will make you find purpose in things and circumstances that at first glimpse seem messy and problematic.

Other Benefits and Uses

This is the stone for wisdom and with the incredible ability to renew the skin and improve the movement of the crystals discovered near it.

In mix with stones such as citrine or aventurine, it brings good fortune and a lot of good times and wins in the work that you do.

Use purple Fluorite to be protected from any radiation that is negative and toxic, and this also includes bad energies that are given by other people; whenever you have some problematic environment, like for example at your work and you cannot move from it, use Purple Fluorite and it will be much easier for you.

This crystal should be used if you had some issue with fungal or bacterial infections, for soothing inflammatory problems.

If you feel dizzy or you cannot sleep you should try the Purple Fluorite.

Zodiac Birthstone

Purple fluorite is the crystal that is best connected and will have the greatest benefit for the Pisces zodiac sign.

It will bring their organism and psyche into a perfect balance and will have a very healing effect on them.

People born under the sign of fish can be very loud and hard when arguing with someone, especially women in this zodiac sign, while men are a completely different story.

Purple fluorite crystal will affect them by bringing peace and tranquility to your soul with its energy and will prevent them from acting impulsively.

Pisces are very generous and often put other people’s needs before their own, which can sometimes get in the way of themselves and their spouses, whom they later blame because they don’t have anything to wear or don’t have what they need at the moment, then they turn into real demons and it is very difficult to bear their way of communication in those moments.

Purple fluorite crystal will bring it into balance so that he will be a little more generous towards himself and everything will be balanced that way.

Purple fluorite crystal will help female fish to solve frequent infections of the reproductive system, to which they are very prone, and will also prevent the appearance of cysts on the ovaries, which they often suffer from.

People born under this zodiac sign often suffer from headaches and migraines, and this crystal will reduce them to a minimum and thus prevent excessive consumption of medicines.

Purple fluorite crystal will help fishes to attract a person who will be their eternal friend and marriage partner with their energy, and they are most compatible with the zodiac sign of Scorpio, which can teach them to be very tolerant and to love them from the bottom of their soul.

Pisces must know that it is very important to properly maintain the purple fluorite crystal, to get the most out of it.

People of this zodiac sign love company and like to relax with good wine, which they can sometimes overdo, although they tolerate alcohol well.

They can perform all the tasks that are put in front of them, both business and personal, in the state of a hangover, but all this at the expense of their health.

Purple fluorite crystal will have a healing effect on their body and will detoxify it, so hangovers will be reduced to a minimum, and health will be preserved.

People of this zodiac sign, especially women, tend to always choose the wrong pieces when shopping for clothes and try to get as cheap as possible to buy more things.

This later backfires on them, because their things collect during plowing or quickly fade, and shoes crack…

Purple fluorite crystals will balance that energy for them to find the golden mean in this field.


Purple Fluorite is a stone that has amazing healing effects when it comes to issues connected to internal organs.

Then, as we have said this crystal can be used for any breathing issues a person has; for example for bad breath or asthma, and therefore it is amazing and looks good when you wear it as a part of a necklace or as a pendant.

Then it is placed precisely where it suppose to be, and it can truly make all those bad symptoms go away.

And, as we have said, this stone could be worn as a wonderful set of earrings as it is also close to the area in which it has an effect.

You can make various types of jewelry from Purple Fluorite crystals.

It will blend very nicely with any type of precious metal because of its wonderful color.

It will fit both with yellow and white gold, but if you will fit it with precious metals, you will have to charge it exclusively on the moon so as not to stain, for example, a necklace fitted with a crystal.

Since the purple fluorite crystal does not tolerate the sun, to be able to show off its beauty with a necklace or bracelet, you will be able to wear it on jewelry only and especially at night.

During the day, it will have to be hidden under your sweatshirt or shirt, so that it does not fade in the sun.

It will find a very nice place on an earring on the navel and it will look phenomenal when you show it off in the evening with a T-shirt that reveals your stomach.

How to Cleanse and Charge Purple Fluorite Crystal?

Purple fluorite crystal, like all other crystals, is very important to maintain properly.

At the same time, you have to keep in mind that the secret method is not the same for all crystals because some are sensitive to sunlight, like purple fluorite crystals, the maintenance of which we will give some tips on how to do in the best and safest way so that you don’t damage your crystal.

Because if you damage your purple fluorite crystal, you will have to get a new one and start all over again.

Because once you get a purple fluorite crystal, the one you wear will strengthen its energy and have a powerful effect on you, so be careful.

As we mentioned, purple fluorite crystal must not be exposed to the sun, because it will lose its color and shine.

To cleanse it of accumulated negative energy, it is best to let it stand in the sea or even better real Himalayan salt for up to 48 hours, taking care to ensure that the crystal is dry when placing it in the salt.

To recharge it, it would be best to bury it in the ground, where it originated and acquired its healing energy and healing properties.

It should be buried in the ground for a period of two or three days and then invite if you feel the need.

The earth will restore his energy and shine and he will be ready for you.

If you don’t have a place to bury it in nature because you live in the city, you can get a bigger pot and buy soil from a flower shop and bury it there or simply leave it on the window when the moon is full and the night is clear, and the gentle moonlight and energy will fill it up to its maximum.

You can clean it of negative energy using the smoke of a sage, by circling the crystal with the smoke for a few minutes, being careful not to set anything on fire.

How much does Purple Fluorite Crystal cost?

Smaller versions of this beautiful crystal can cost up to five dollars, and those that are bigger can go up to three hundred dollars and more.

It all depends on what you want your crystal to be.

If you want to wear it as a piece of jewelry you can find it somewhat cheap, but if you want a truly decorative and effective object, then you must be prepared to give a couple of hundred dollars.

But it is all worth it.

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All Fluorite stones are amazing and among them, Purple Fluorite is one of the best also.

This wonderful stone is there to assist you when you have problems and you want to listen to your inner voice and heighten your instinct, boost your faith in yourself and your capabilities, as well as to accurately decide when and how you should respond in particular life circumstances.

This crystal is perfect for the process of focus, and therefore you can use it for your work when you need to focus your attention on just one task.

It will allow you to focus on the job, as well as to work with a bunch of information and different circumstances, at the same moment.

The Purple Fluorite is there to ensure the attainment of the objectives you have set in your life.

The Purple Stone can draw good news, good contracts as well as pleasant surprises.

There is no doubt that all people should use it as it can help you boost your advancement in your profession and economic matters.

Cleaning and maintaining this Purple stone is simple – all Fluorite stones are cleaned under mildly warm water, or alternately you can leave it during the night in water, it will have the same effect.

Charging is also easy – it does not love too strong light, but you can leave it a night to take in the Moonlight, preferably from the Full Moon.

This is a decision helper stone as experts advise you to use it when you are in critical situations in life and you must make a decision fast, and it will have an effect on many other people.

Then, the Purple Fluorite is the stone for you.

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