Purple (Morado) Opal Crystal: Meaning and Healing Properties

Crystals vibrate at a high rate, attracted by the disharmony of people’s auras, bringing messages to bring people back into harmony with themselves and the Earth.

This is the most general understanding of how crystals work.

The earth is the one that creates them, as they are the centers of information or intelligence or even neurons.

Experts say that this statement explains the theory that crystals are living beings, even though they do not have a conscious mind, they are living as they vibrate.

Each one is unique, yet each carries a hologram of the Earth, from the moment of its creation and further, and in the same way crystals obtain our energy and this is the reason why you need to take good care of cour crystals after usage.

All the energy that is gathered on them after usage must be clear so that it can work properly again and again.

Natural crystals are specific and significantly different from cultivated and artificially made crystals; and you should always opt for crystals that are natural, as only they have the benefits you look for in these magnificent stones.

They can also contain some elements of other crystals and minerals; often times they are multicolored and have what are called veins – spots and lines, as well as “cracks”.

All of this makes them such beautiful stones, not just in as decorations, but much more.

Opal is regarded as one of the most exquisite crystals due to its distinctive appearance and assortment of colors.

Since old times, Opal has been attributed with mystical abilities and it is believed that this is the stone to be used if you want to see the future.

It was believed that it awakens the power in predicting the future.

Old Romans thought that Opal could draw wealth and gives protection against illness.

In Middle Ages, it was assumed to give its owner the ability to become invisible.

There are numerous varieties of this stone, and one of them, that is known for its distinctive purple color is Purple Opal, or Morado Opal.

Purple (Morado) Opal Origin

This Opal is also famous as Morado Opal, or Violet Flame Opal. Some like to call this type of Opal, Opal Royale.

It is not the kind of crystal that was known for centuries, it was discovered in 2011, and the country of its origin is Mexico.

In Mexico we can find two distinctive kinds of Opal, one is Purple or Morado, and another is Mexican Fire Opal.

that was recently discovered in central Mexico in 2011.

This Opal primarily crystallizes in the shape of groups and nodules, and it does not contain anything that we usually see in Opals like its orange color, which is associated with fire.

The word Morado in Spanish means purple, hence the name.

Later on, that name changed, and to this day it remains on the expensive side.

Different Colors

It is a known fact that the most common Opal is one of the most across-the-board varieties on the planet.

It is also known that this crystal could be found in a large number of colors.

The purple one, this kind of Opal has such a color thanks to particles of silica and fluorite.

Opal Morado is purple, and it is generally with some milk white and lavender lines and an opaque purple design.

Morado Opal is usually cropped into cabochons, although sometimes it could be “crumpled”.

Because of its purple color, some people confuse it with another stone, the Tiffany stone, but they are not the same at all, but certainly pay attention when you buy, not to buy the wrong one, the one you do not want.

Spiritual Meaning

Purple Opal derives some of the most elevated vibrations of any other type of Opal you can find on the market, although all of them are considered to be extremely beneficial.

It is associated with the process of opening the third eye, and therefore it is recommended that you hold this stone on that place on your forehead, while you are in a state of prayer or mediation.

This chakra will instantly become unblocked, and this is what happens first when you start using this stone.

Your own psychic powers will come to the surface, as well as an expansion in the cognitive ability as an entirety.

This is partly thanks to the intensified relationship we have with crown chakras and as a consequence, with our third eye.

This spiritual channel is required for the process of obtaining higher proficiency shipped straight from our spirit compasses and Guardian Angels, as some like to point out.

In fact, these messages come in the state of serious meditation, and also through our nocturnal dream processes, and can even occur when your mind is still awake.

When you regularly use this stone, you will witness an accumulation of synchronicities as a strong link is made between you and Morado Opal.

It would feel just like a deja vu, and such occurrences are not, by any means coincidences.

These are signs that you must take seriously, as they will be used as “checkpoints” in your life.

Such events are there to ensure you that when you act in this way and follow your soul track everything falls where it is meant to fall.

To add – it is essential that you persist in moving ahead on your own spiritual travel while utilizing the knowledge that’s being conducted through you with the support of Purple Opal.


Morado Opal holds a lovely, delicate yet strong energy that unlocks our minds to the special nature of life itself.

It is the symbol of love, affection, and passion but it also conveys an opening to more elevated vibrations of devotion and of course unconditional love.

Morado Opal boosts our sense of value, heightens and develops perception and instinct, encourages faithfulness in intimate relationships, and arouses psychic, spiritual, and metaphysical capabilities within us.

Using this Purple stone you can always be in touch with the vibrations of the world globally, and will consistently increase accordingly, equipping you with all that you might need for the immaculate alignment with your innate self.

It is a good meditation gem, particularly if your method contains mantras or other holy rituals to direct your vibrancy flow.

Purple (Morado) Opal Healing Properties

This purple crystal is amazing for the processes of healing, purification, and putting chakras into balance, and for some for the process of opening them.

In healing, it is assumed that the Morado stone can relieve matters associated with the mind and memory, convey peace and brings serenity to the mind and heart, and permits us to align with our purpose.

The process of emotional healing is particularly important, and the Morado stone will help you bring this process to the end, afterward you will feel so much better like an enormous burden has fallen off you.

It serves amazingly well when you have problems with your partner when one of you has been hurt and does not know how to express such feelings.

There can be a lot of fear, adn there can be a lot of shutting down in front of the lover, and the relationship will never be the same.

Morado must be used for this type of healing, as it can truly elevate the pressure and fear from expressing your emotions honestly.

Purple Opal allows you to align things between you and your lover and therefore you can leave this stone in your bedroom for the best results.

Morado Crystal is there to assist you when you feel that you lack strength and that you need it, to be as brave as you can, and also to stay confident sufficiently to love in the future.

It causes you to see the nature of love – where there is a feeling of love, there cannot be any fear.

Purple (Morado) Opal Metaphysical Properties

Purple Opal obliges us to come back to virtue and holiness.

Along the way, it can truly become an inspiration and can wake up hope and guides us in terms of ideas and activities.

Even more, it is believed that the Morado stone can reinforce our relation to the Divine Domain and higher dimensions in the Universe.

Using it, we could speak to Angels, and convey messages that can further help us in our lives.

Other Benefits and Uses

It is highly recommended to use this stone while you meditate.

You can do this in a combination with other crystals that are very vibrant and powerful.

You can place, as we have recommended this stone on your third yes and you can put Quartz crystal on a crown chakra, for the maximum effect.

In combination, these two crystals will start to stimulate chakras and enhance each other’s impact.

Using the Purple Opal you can make clear your inner sight and start directing capabilities like astral traveling and lucid dreaming.

This stone is known for its ability to help us to release tension, and Morado Opal is truly there to assist us in the process of emotional healing.

It calms us and nourishes and infuses a sense of inner peace and calmness.

Overall, this purple gem is there to assist us to get into the process of creation, as we sometimes forget of it, not just to use it, but that we even have it.

Morado stone, therefore, enables us to dab into our creative manifestation and guides us on how to lead our lives, express our feelings, and construct our lives from our real and genuine selves.

Zodiac Birthstone

This type of Opal is associated mostly with all water signs in Zodiac.

Water is the element of feelings and emotions, and these sensations rise to the surface uncontrollably.

They need something to put them into the right channel.

All water signs in the Zodiac – Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are very sensitive, very compassionate, and deeply creative.

They are dreamers, spiritualists, visionaries, and intuitive people.

They want to open their third eye and see what is beyond the obvious, and this crystal may be just the thing for them.

Also, they are hypersensitive, each in its own writings, so for them, it seems like there is so much pain and they feel everyone else’s hurt, so they want to numb themselves. Alcohol, drugs, and sex are quick fixes to distract from the pain.

What could be a cure for such destructive tendencies – meditation is essential for all water Zodiac signs, and it is always better to do it with one mighty crystal just like Morado.


Jewelry made out of these stones is wonderful – you can bough erring, pendants and like.

Since it has such a pearlescent quality and is commonly used in the creation of different kinds of jewelry.  

But, it is essential to keep all your Morado pieces in storage, protected from any harsh conditions.

For example, earrings that have Morado Stones must be put and cleaned after you have worn them and taken care of, and for example, pendants with Purple Opal should be held in a manner that the chain does not scratch the rock.

How to Cleanse and Charge Purple (Morado) Opal?

You must take good care of all Purple Opals, it is essential.

It must be kept where it will not be disclosed to warmth, cold, strong light, or temperature oscillations.

How much does Purple (Morado) Opal cost?

Defining the price of Opal is not an easy process.

A number of elements affect the prevalent value of this crystal, from where it is mined to the form it takes, and of course, its unique color.

Typically speaking, the most invaluable Opal is the rarest variety, and the least valuable is the most typical.

Now a tiny piece could be bought for just a couple of dollars, and better-looking versions of Morado stone could be purchased for more than a hundred dollars or more.

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Morado or Purple Opal also called the Mexican Opal, has numerous benefits, and it should be the next crystal in your collection.

It is amazing for the process of cleansing and opening the Third Eye Chakra.

It stimulates the opening of the Crown Chakra and heightens our contact with Angels, supernatural guides, and the Divine Realm.

Purple Crystal extends our perceptual view permitting us to see deeply into the world from the inside and outside, and therefore we can understand better others and ourselves.

It then teaches us to dab into the ocean of Divine knowledge within so that we are bringing the best path of activity in reaction to these interchanges.

Even more, this type of Opal can be used to stay attentive and bypass dwelling on the history of your life, what is in the past it should stay there, for sure, or you will not be able to move on.

Morado Crystal especially inspires people to be more innovative, encouraging, and intuitive.

Purple Opal can serve as a reminder of the magnificence and use of art. It is especially perfect for poets, authors, performers, or anyone who has been stumbling with their creative work.

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