Purple Sapphire Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

If you’re drawn to purple sapphire crystal for some unexplainable reason other than its sheer beauty, this valuable gemstone from the Corundum family might tell you something.

Otherwise known as violet sapphire, the purple sapphire is a stone widely known as spiritual growth and inner calmness gem in the crystal community.

Moreover, the valuable purple-blue mineral clarifies the mind and helps with manifestation.

In fact, purple sapphire is considered to be energetically the most powerful of the blue sapphire realm.

The stone gives the wearer self-confidence and reassurance in their abilities.

Moreover, it provides a discipline that enhances other values and emotions already inside.

Therefore, purple sapphire is love, hope, and devotion enhancer.

The highest-vibrational emotions can spark healing capabilities that people can use with themselves or others.

The energy vibrating from the purple sapphire neutralizes stress and chaotic emotions, transmuting them to positivity and peace.

Finally, purple sapphire is known as the “gemstone of wisdom,” holding immense spiritual power and metaphysical healing properties.

Read on below, and you will learn about the spiritual meaning, healing properties, and uses of purple sapphire crystal.

Purple Sapphire Origin

Violet sapphire was a highly valued stone from ancient times.

For example, Asians viewed it as the crystal of truth and integrity, which gave the bearer high status and respect.

The stone also symbolizes past abundance, wealth, and knowledge.

Priests in Egypt used to wear purple sapphire in amulets, which they believed enhanced strengths and helped the Soul when fighting against evil energy or spirits.

Ancient Greeks believed purple sapphire to be the stone of wisdom and knowledge.

The most beautiful sapphire stones are in Madagascar, Thailand, Brazil, and Myanmar.

However, jewelry sapphire is typically treated with heat to even out the color and make it more transparent.

Purple Sapphire Colors

Purple Sapphire is an aluminum oxide mineral falling under the Corundum category.

The gemstone has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, with only diamonds being the hardest.

These beautiful stones have color shading from light to deep dark purple, changing under the light.

Purple Sapphire gets its beautiful violet color from vanadium, so it can resemble amethyst often.

Purple Sapphire Spiritual Meaning

As already mentioned, purple sapphire is referred to in the crystal world as the “stone of wisdom.”

Spiritually, the powerful gem is one of Earth’s energetically most vibrant crystals.

As such, it strongly impacts the human psyche and Spirit, serving as a connecting force between body, mind, and Spirit.

Therefore, it’s an excellent crystal for connecting to one’s inner Self and tapping deeper into spirituality.

One of the most valuable benefits of violet sapphire is its balance to all levels of one’s Being, offering clarity and calmness.

After all, we can heal and transform the stagnant energy that keeps us stuck only with and through balancing our body, mind, and soul.

The purple sapphire is the perfect stone to use when blockages occur on one’s life journey.

This gemstone provides the focus and direction needed to align with one’s true purpose.

Once one proceeds with clarity and balance, instead of heavy emotions and anxiety, the path emerges.

Feeling stuck is something every human goes through at some point, and many give in to the frustration of the situation.

However, the purple sapphire protects from emotional outbursts and overflowing, providing clearheadedness and enhancing willpower.

Additionally, purple sapphire also improves concentration.

The stone of spiritual awakening

The willpower gained from the violet gemstone is the critical ingredient to start a spiritual journey and truly awaken.

Those that lack it should utilize the spiritual powers of purple sapphire because it can eliminate both conscious and subconscious limitations of the mind.

In fact, the crystal is capable of pushing you into spiritual awakening. And once you open your eyes, there is no stopping you from reaching ultimate fulfillment.

Whatever it is for you. The stone is known to enhance spiritual power and intuition.

But at the same time, providing balance, peace, and focus is needed to overcome the inevitable challenges a spiritual journey brings.

In essence, easing the mind and strengthening willpower is the kind of vibration that can make one’s spiritual development less overwhelming.

The energy of purple sapphire radiates with intuition, inner wisdom, prosperity, abundance, and protection.

It also provides strength, clarity, and the ability to recognize and master one’s emotions, removing blockages to manifestation.

Additionally, purple sapphire symbolizes kindness and judgment, but not in a negative way.

Being a “stone of wisdom,” it represents judging wisely and without attachments to anything other than the present moment and the higher Self.

Mastering one’s inner world and shadow make purple sapphire extremely valuable spiritually.

In fact, the gemstone is known to enhance psychic abilities by opening the Crown Chakra.

This chakra is our connection with the Source and the channel for the messages from the Divine.

It is the invisible yet unbreakable bond with the Universe.

We know our place in the Universe when it’s opened and balanced.

Purple sapphire is excellent in stimulating the gateway to the Divine and lets you download the higher knowledge from higher planes of existence.

Essentially, that means downloading valuable insights from your Higher Self and Spirit guides.

However, don’t assume you will be getting direct messages like voices in your head or movie-like visions.

The Universe works in many creative and downright magical ways, so you should be aware that it might take a while before you tune in and decipher the messages correctly.

Luckily, purple sapphire enhances intuition.

So, after some time, you will notice the thoughts and insights meant for your highest good and which road to take when unsure.

Once your eyes are opened, you start to see, hear, and feel it.

However, to succeed, you need the silence of the mind, balance, clarity, and faith, all of which purple sapphire provides to the bearer.

Therefore, the corundum star gemstone is the most helpful tool you could use during meditation or prayer.

This is because it expands the vision so you can clearly see which way to go.

At the same time, it will eliminate your fears and insecurities, bringing a sense of security needed to proceed with drive and passion.

The violet sapphire is similar to blue agate regarding the vibrations it transfers to the bearer.

The gemstone carries energies of inspiration, love, magic, and destiny.

Additionally, those having vivid dreams that they deem somehow significant might find the crystal helping them with interpretation.

Overall, a purple sapphire will expand your mind to infinite possibilities, so you see the magic of life and your potential creations.

The intuition it provides will take you exactly where you need to go during that process.

Carry it at all times, and it will keep you mentally alert and peaceful.

In fact, the transforming crystal will allow you to spot the lower vibrational people from miles and protect you.

Purple Sapphire Symbolism

Violet sapphire was a highly valued stone from ancient times.

For example, Asians viewed it as the crystal of truth and integrity, which gave the bearer high status and respect.

The stone also symbolizes past abundance, wealth, and knowledge.

Priests in Egypt used to wear purple sapphire in amulets, which they believed enhanced strengths and helped the Soul when fighting against evil energy or spirits.

Ancient Greeks believed purple sapphire to be the stone of wisdom and knowledge.

The precious gemstone vibrates with manifestation energy, clarity, calmness, and spiritual development.

The purple crystal is thus excellent for setting clear intentions and following the correct direction to reach one’s goals and desires.

In fact, this gemstone is the one to use when thoughts and imagination need more focus and direction.

Purple sapphire promotes the virtues needed to succeed in whatever you desire by giving self-control, discipline, and determination.

In addition, this crystal also vibrates with love, faith, and companionship.

Since purple is the color of strength, security, and reliability, the crystal symbolizes love, harmony, modesty, and loyalty.

The latter is one of the reasons why the ancient rulers and nobles wore the stone.

Additionally, the purple color of the stone is also why it’s believed to be excellent protection from negative energies, betrayal, and evil.

That, however, is not just a story. The crystal experts claim that purple sapphire has a powerful energy that enhances the connection between body, soul, and mind.

Therefore, it’s also used to improve focus and concentration.

The latter provides a clearer path to connect with one’s inner Self and emotions.

That connection is critical to maintaining loving and abundant relationships.

But even more importantly, the purple sapphire energy steps in to help you deal with challenging emotions once they arise, so you don’t react.

Instead, you keep your cool and gather your feelings to communicate them in a collected, calm, and loving way.

Essentially, purple sapphire vibrates the energies of:

• Hidden wisdom
• Honor
• Love
• Discipline
• Knowledge
• Abundance
• High status
• Spiritual power
• Healing
• Protection
• Realibitliy
• Loyalty
• Truth
• Companionship

In general, the color purple symbolizes anything reliable, stable, and genuinely valuable.

For example, the light violet sapphire is the crystal of peace, love, longing, and virtue.

Purple Sapphire Healing Properties

Besides having a powerful spiritual influence, purple sapphire can also activate your self-healing capabilities.

Moreover, this stone helps to deal with emotionally and mentally straining situations by dissipating stress and vibrating calmness and positivity.

In essence, the stone works as a counteract to stressful situations that may result in physical symptoms.

The purple sapphire is a powerful healing crystal, capable of helping with physical ailments, not just the spiritual realm.

In fact, the gemstone is known to aid the body’s healing on a cellular level.

Therefore, it’s an excellent help when treating eye diseases or blood disorders.

Moreover, the precious gem helps improve veins’ elasticity and strengthens them.

In addition, the gemstone is fantastic to use when you’re having trouble sleeping or have other sleep-related issues besides insomnia.

Regarding physical pains and ailments, use purple sapphire for:

• Eye problems
• Blood disorders
• Anxiety and stress
• Insomnia
• Metabolism disorders
• Glands issues
• Pressure and tension
• Nervousness
• Improving organ function

In general, this crystal will truly recuperate you. In addition, it will help you heal your body by healing your mind.

Since it’s all intertwined and connected, balancing the body and Spirit with purple sapphire leads to a whole new emotional perspective.

The best way to utilize purple sapphire’s incredible physical healing properties is to wear the crystal close to the body.

Purple Sapphire Metaphysical Properties

However, the benefits of healing mentioned above are just several of many others.

As a matter of fact, the violet gemstone can heal you on the emotional and spiritual level too.

In fact, the stone is still used in jewelry for therapeutic purposes.

The purple sapphire crystal can transmute this energy, turning it into a determined positive force of healing and manifestation.

With this in mind, it’s wise to wear a purple sapphire pendant because it helps immensely in dealing with emotions, especially mood swings.

In fact, the beautiful gemstone helps deal with anger, which makes avoiding emotions overflowing and outbursts way easier.

Purple sapphire is a true blessing for the bearer in both a spiritual and a healing way.

There are mighty healing powers in violet gemstones and incredibly abundant vibrations.

Purple Sapphire Emotional Healing Properties

Moreover, one of the most beautiful violet crystals helps deal with stress, depression, and anxiety.

As most know already, stress and anxiety are one of the top reasons for getting sick in the first place.

So since purple sapphire helps with stress by washing you over with calmness and clarity, it’s a kind of a hero in the crystal realm.

In fact, the stone is especially beneficial to people who find it challenging to deal with their emotions.

Purple sapphire enhances emotional stability and calmness, especially in times of great worry or anxiety.

The stone vibrates the peaceful energy that helps restore balance on both the mental and emotional levels.

The violet crystal is also a massive help to people suffering from inferiority complexes or imposter syndrome.

If you’re typically introverted and afraid to let your voice out, you might find great comfort and aid in the purple sapphire.

That property is especially prominent if you’ve grown up in a toxic environment where you were entitled and made to seem useless and unworthy.

This incredible crystal is just what people that went through such harrowing experiences need since it offers a new perspective.

By helping one find their inner strengths and gifts, purple sapphire often provides insight into the correct path for manifesting the biggest desires.

Purple Sapphire Other Benefits and Uses

During the process of spiritual awakening, the purple sapphire works in magical ways.

It enhances one’s spiritual resilience and power, focus, and self-discipline.

Additionally, it radiates the supporting energy, which creates the self-confidence needed to successfully progress and manifest.

But more importantly, violet sapphire improves creativity and the artistic wire we all have inside.

However, unfortunately, not all are connected with their inner Self to recognize it.

Luckily, purple sapphire can help by helping you see yourself as the Divine Being you are.

Furthermore, it will help you see yourself as the people that love you the most see you, which will boost your self-esteem and confidence.

The insights purple sapphire offers are what will propel your spiritual development and help you reach prosperity in every sense.

The wondrous world of Divine magic awaits you, and purple sapphire will undoubtedly help you tap into it.

How to Use Purple Sapphire for Best Results?

The energy purple sapphire resonates with is the energy of light, focus, direction, and enlightenment.

It carries the fiery force of life and helps you bring love and passion into your actions regarding every aspect of life.

With the help of this beautiful gemstone, you can move with enthusiasm and reach your strongest desires.

However, it’s critical to use it correctly. To attract wealth and abundance, carry the crystal in your bag, wallet, or pocket.

Place one in your office, too; it’s only logical!

Purple Sapphire Zodiac Birthstone

The people born under the sign of Taurus might find purple sapphire incredibly helpful.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus signs are calm, strong, and stubborn. However, they are also very passionate and temperamental.

The violet crystal might be the stone to help them with self-discipline when needed.

Purple Sapphire Jewelry

Wearing purple sapphire in jewelry will channel the energy of love, security, confidence, abundance, and inner wisdom to you.

Once infused with these vibrations, you will gain clarity on the path to take.

Purple sapphire will boost your efforts from that point and propel you to reach your strongest desires in this lifetime.

And finally, wearing purple sapphire in jewelry is wise to keep the abundant energies of the crystal inside your auric sphere.

The unique thing about purple sapphire is that it can also help the professional field succeed, especially for writers, journalists, and lawyers.

However, the majestic powers of purple sapphire won’t be as effective without proper care.

Therefore, cleansing and recharging the crystal is critical.

How to Cleanse and Charge Purple Sapphire?

Crystals can lose their healing energy and manifesting power with time, so it’s essential to unload, clean, and charge them regularly.

To explain, you remove the negative energies collected through the unloading process through healing and transmuting.

The process is simple; you remove the dust and residue using a cloth or a gentle brush. Washing the crystals with water is okay.

However, use spring water to avoid limescale getting on the stone.

Never use any chemicals to clean purple sapphire.

It’s best to place it in sunlight at dawn and dusk to recharge the crystal and boost its healing properties.

However, avoid putting purple sapphire in direct sunlight since it’s a sensitive gemstone; it might get damaged.

How Much Does Purple Sapphire Cost?

Since purple sapphires are less common than blue and yellow and, above all, very unique, they are costly.

The pure-colored large purple sapphire gemstones cost approximately $1000 to $2000.

However, the cost depends on the crystal’s clarity, color shade, weight, and cut.

Also, there is refined purple sapphire on the market, but they are way less costly than untreated crystals.

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Purple sapphire is genuinely one of the gifts from the Divine stored in Mother Earth, helping humans gain strength, clarity, and enlightenment from ancient times.

The powers of the energy-abundant gemstones are known to aid one’s spiritual journey and manifestations.

After all, the Path is a tumultuous process that can be emotionally and mentally draining to most.

Purple sapphire offers the emotional, mental, and physical stability needed to navigate the challenging human experience on Earth.

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