Rhodochrosite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Some of you maybe have never heard of this stone, but it belongs to the twelve of the best minerals that could be found, with so many benefits “under its belt”.

Rhodochrosite is considered to be the mineral that is associated with the overall vitality of the human being, as it tackles almost all parts of our being; and it is the stone that opens up the positive perspective.

Rhodochrosite is perfect for the soul and connections with other people, specifically for people who feel unloved, who have a problem with low self-esteem, and who need emotional or sexual healing.

Rhodochrosite attracts a soulmate, and during this piece, you will see that it has the best and strongest connection with matters of the heart, both internally and externally.

It stimulates us to encounter the truth about ourselves and other people with understanding and devotion.

Only those who do not want to face themselves and face the truth could have an issue with this rock.

Rhodochrosite is able to connect us to the higher mind and helps us integrate new knowledge.

Emotionally, Rhodochrosite encourages the spontaneous manifestation of sentiments, lifts one from a sad mood, and brings lightness to life.

It relieves asthmatic and respiratory problems.

It cleans the kidneys and improves bad eyesight, normalizes blood pressure, stabilizes the heartbeat, and strengthens the sexual organs.

This amazing stone is associated with the Root, Heart, and Solar plexus chakra.

Use this stone on all chakras you will see how the magic happens – the heart chakra supports the proper functioning of the heart and lungs, equalizes blood pressure, and has a positive effect on blood circulation.

The navel chakra affects the work of the spleen, digestive tract, and liver. The sacral chakra affects the work of the kidneys.

At the base chakra, it affects the work of the gonads, so all women who have any reproductive issues should use this stone.

This stone is known to be a symbol of tender love.

Rhodochrosite Crystal Origin

It could be found in countries like Argentina, Peru, Russia (in the Urals), Uruguay, America, South Africa, and the USA (particularly in Colorado).

We must add that the oldest mine is located in Argentina.

Another name it is known is the Rose of the Incas.

The chemical formula for this crystal is MnCO3.

Different Colors

In the majority of cases, Rhodochrosite could be found in pink color, but this is not the only color you can find Rhodochrosite since on the market you can buy pieces that are gray-brown or even red.

Have in mind that this stone is partially transparent and has a white or light pink scratch and a vitreous or pearly sheen.

Rhodochrosite crystallizes in the trigon system, it is formed hydrothermally and sedimentally.

This suggests that individual crystals of Rhodochrosite are rarely found.

It crystallizes more often in geodes, and the most common are granular and kidney-shaped aggregates.

The hardness is 4.

It is easily tempered and has a shell fracture.

Spiritual Meaning

All crystals have their spiritual meaning, but right away, just as at the beginning of this piece, we have said that you must know that the matters of the heart are associated with it.

In fact, Rhodochrosite reflects the light of the heart and love and stimulates the activity of the heart chakra.

It is a known fact that this mineral, Rhodochrosite has a special energy and power, it is excellent for the heart and interpersonal relationships, especially for people who feel unloved, who feel lonely, who do not value themselves enough, and who think that others do not value them.

It is believed that this crystal attracts a soul mate.

More of this matter we will discuss in the part where we deal with the healing of this stone, as it is connected to emotional healing.

So, it has an effect on the heart chakra, but also it cleanses and activates the solar plexus chakra, which is the center for energy distribution.

Also, this is the place where you make stronger your spiritual center, as it is amazing for strengthening spirituality and adjusting to the higher opening.

Rhodochrosite is valued around the world for the fact that it strengthens the connection with the spiritual spheres and inspires us to open the heart of universal love. Furthermore, it can assist you in finding a soul mate.

So, yes these two are very much connected, and when you reach one you have all chances to reach the other.

Speaking of the spiritual matter, Rhodochrosite is a wonderful stone for meditation, as it expands consciousness and enables deep relaxation, acceptance, and balance.

You should definitely try it, at least 5-10 minutes per day, and you can put this stone on any part of your body, you can put it on a heart, or on the head.

When held within the energy field, it is believed to be able to heal energy gaps, the so-called holes in the aura field.

Rhodochrosite helps purify the heart chakra because it brings to the surface all the pain that is located in that part of your body.

This may be the cause you were not been able to move on from one point of growth to another; this may be the cause why your spiritual growth was not present, or slow.

The fact why this stone works, is that it tackles all parts of a human being, both internally and externally; it covers everything, just like we are made, one part affects the other, and so on.


Looking from the symbolic point of view, we can say that this crystal is associated to love, and it is associated with all those things that are loved in our lives.

Rhodochrosite, also known as the compassionate heart stone, symbolizes selfless love, empathy, and emotional healing.

It could be bringing us closer to us people we have lost for our selfless actions, but it can also be bringing us too close to ourselves.

It is the stone that is connected to the process of self-love, and all people who have lost it should start using this stone abundantly.

Because it will wake up feelings of self-love, and from that point on, love could only grow in numerous ways, toward other human beings.

So, Rhodochrosite is the crystal that comes as the symbol of selfless love and compassion.

If you have behaved badly toward others, looking at your own needs, is the stone you should use to level up your energies and make you a bit more stable by the day.

Speaking of matters of love, as this stone tackles them all, you should know that you could use this stone if you have some traumatic experience, or you have lost someone you loved very much.

It could be used in moments when you are dealing with some losses, that have pushed you over the edge, in an emotional sense primarily.

Rhodochrosite then can be used, when you pray or meditate, as it can assist you to deal with a loss if you are in the process of grieving.

And, ultimately, Rhodochrosite is the perfect stone for emotional maturing and growing, as it can truly assist you if you feeling low at the moment.

It helps you with self-forgiveness and self-love, at the same time, as the best results are made if you work on both of these areas.

In practice, this means that Rhodochrosite is able to make relationships you have in life to be more open and honest, to be more fulfilling.

It enables the spontaneous expression of feelings, and it can also strengthen passion and sexuality.

Those who have any form of sexual trauma or just low self-esteem in that area of life.

This stone is also amazing to help you get an insight into the problems and shortcomings, which help you learn some life lessons, although it is not always a pleasant experience, it is for your good for the rest of your life.

This stone works in a way that inspires a dynamic and positive relationship and gives courage to the heart to express love and emotions and pursue one’s dreams.

All those inner things you were being afraid to do, now you can do, as wearing this crystal helps you become lively, cheerful, dynamic, and active.

As a consequence, you become more attractive to others, those who are just like you, on your vibrational level recognize it, and will become your lovers, partners, friends, etc.

You can find your match in this way, and this is exactly what we mean when we say that this stone can help you find a soulmate.

Now, we have mentioned dreams, Rhodochrosite is effective in this area of life also.

It is able to mentally invigorates and stimulates creativity, dream states, and a sense of personal power.

Through the dream world, you are able to find out so much, about yourself and your personal path.

Rhodochrosite Crystal Healing Properties

When we are speaking of healing properties that are associated with this stone, we must say that it has numerous beneficial healing properties.

As we have said, it is connected to all matters of the heart, as this stone is known to assist you with emotional healing (healing of the heart, if you have been hurt, if you are grieving, if you have experienced some kind of a loss, this is the stone for you.

It is known to have a healing benefit for the heart.

So, it truly helps with emotional healing, and it should be used in all those cases when people lack courage and have trouble with public speaking, dealing with a lot of people, etc.

This stone increases the courage to order a change for the better, and is not this what all of us want for ourselves in life?

Not only that, you can use this stone to heal your body as well, as we know that you can do it also, although of course, primarily, you must heal from the inside.

More, Rhodochrosite can assist you if you have any problems in the immune system or nervous system.

As you know it affects all parts of your body and mind, it works in a total way.

If you are struggling with some kind of infection, you should use Rhodochrosite.

It soothes inner restlessness, and depression and reduces feelings of worthlessness.

People who have constant headaches should use this stone, and in this way, they can cures migraines using this stone (people use it in the way, they are putting this stone directly on the head so that the stone has a direct effect on the migraine).

Not only that, Rhodochrosite is amazing for dealing with any respiratory problems and asthma also; for children who are still building their immune system, this is the stone for them.

Use Rhodochrosite if you have problems with the blood, as it has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure.

People of all ages could use this stone if they want to calm down.

The impact on psychological well-being is immense when it comes to this stone.

This crystal energy cleans and balances the emotional body and brings peace and renewal; use it after a stressful day at work and you will feel better in an instant.

It is the most important ally in healing emotional wounds from childhood, and this is the ability that not so many stones have, and this one does.

Even if you want to shy away from this problem, and do not speak of it in some meaningful way, we must tell you that you must, and you can use this stone for that purpose.

Its other name, therefore, is the ‘Inner Child Stone’, as it can directly speak to your inner child, and if he has some kind of trauma, this stone can heal them.

Not to forget, Rhodochrosite is the perfect healing stone for all those who have been abandoned but feel unloved, and it is also an excellent stone for healing trauma that has been there as a consequence of some sexual abuse at any time of life, especially during childhood.

Speaking of this sensitive matter, this stone is able to help us in the healing of past events that caused the disintegration of the individual’s self-esteem, after healing, the memory of our mission and the reason for the incarnation returns.

Rhodochrosite Crystal Metaphysical Properties

There is more to this stone, as its properties are not limited to the mentioned above.

One more thing that sets this stone from others is its ability to activate human qualities of humanity, compassion, and love.

We can become better humans because of it, we can connect to the source, and those who have that seed in them could help others become better.

Rhodochrosite crystal can be the perfect guide for gentle bioenergetic vibrations that unite and harmonize feelings, soul, and physical features in the human body.

So, if you are blessed with these and similar abilities, you can grow them even more, and help others to heal.

Rhodochrosite develops creative abilities and intuition, thus releasing the pressure we carry in the area of ​​the heart and plexus, as we have said, and when you wake up those bioenergetic abilities in yourself, you can heal others.

This stone is known for its ability to enliven you spiritually.

Rhodochrosite promotes a positive attitude towards oneself and the world and enhances dreams and creativity.

This stone connects us with the higher mind and here lies its metaphysical power because we can find out what is it and how can we serve it.

Wider consciousness and connecting material with spiritual energy, is what Rhodochrosite does, as it can connect to it.

This is the stone of the truth – with it, all lies will be repelled.

It is a stone that insists that we admit the truth about ourselves and other people, without excuses, but in secret, but with love.

It helps with self-forgiveness and self-love.

It strengthens the sense of self-worth, awakens love in us, and relieves emotional stress.

Rhodochrosite is useful for diagnosis on a psychological level.

People who have an aversion to stone are suppressing something in themselves that they don’t want to see.

It invites us to face foolish fears and paranoia.

It also enables the flow of divine messages to Earth (that if you want, you can receive, and spread more), and therefore, in the long run, if such a pattern is followed, it creates a world of optimism and love.

What more can we ask for?

Other Benefits and Uses

Its impact is complete, and there is no doubt about it, as it has an immense impact on physical well-being.

Rhodochrosite contains manganese, an important physiological element of the body, which is required for bone development and tissue regeneration.

It can also be used to help the heart and circulatory system and stabilize blood pressure.

The elixir that some knowledgeable people make that is made precisely from rhodochrosite works well for skin diseases, liver cleansing, and stomach problems.

It also offers remarkable relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and some cases of multiple sclerosis.

It is also easy to use when weaning ourselves from caffeine and other substances.

Psychologically, rhodochrosite soothes emotional stress, supports a positive attitude, enhances the state of dreaming and creativity, connects with the higher mind, and helps you better understand new information.

Emotionally, rhodochrosite lifts from a depressed mood and brings lightness to life.

It works and improves bad eyesight, and it has a magical effect on the digestive organs, regulates blood sugar and insulin production, cleans the skin, and helps with skin diseases.

It is recommended to be used for frequent anxiety attacks, paranoia, and feeding problems.

This causes a strong reaction that we feel in the gut or the solar plexus. This reaction may be the result of a severe traumatic experience from childhood.

One of the things that we have not mentioned yet, is that this crystal, the Rhodochrosite often works very quickly.

It exposes the emotions that we were taught to believe are unacceptable and natural.

Then we see things less negatively.

This stone improves self-worth and moderates emotional pressure.

It helps bring out all repressed recollections and later disperses and removes them.

It is a crystal that helps you face the truth about yourself and other people.

It is useful for diagnosis on a psychic level, as it helps you face unreasonable fears and paranormal wonders.

People who have an aversion to this stone are suppressing something within themselves and refuse to face it.

Zodiac Birthstone 

What Zodiac signs are the perfect candidates to wear this stone?

It best suits the zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and here is why.

For the stubborn Aries people, this stone comes as a perfect remedy, as it

encourages unconditional love and makes us lively and joyful.

For Taurus people, this stone could be used for the development of inner peace and freedom, as they could be a bit rigid at times.

For the members of the Leo Zodiac sign, Rhodochrosite is the perfect stone to be used, as they need to become less self-centered, as for them this stone opens up a sense of fairness and helps to resolve karma, which could be an issue for them.

For all Leos out there, this stone is magnificent as Rhodochrosite increases courage so that it makes them able to see things that they could not face in their lives and enables them to order a change for the better.

They often struggle with it, just as well as the members of the Cancer Zodiac sign, and this is also the reason why they should use this stone.

For them, if they mediate with it, and place it on their solar plexus, it can help to see the traumatic emotional problems of the inner child in them, that they have been struggling to deal with.

For some Cancers, this issue can be the cause for all of their issues, but using Rhodochrosite they can resolve the issue that has an origin in the past.

At the root chakra, he will help you, that the negative emotional energies that you feel there, gently come into the day and encourage you to face them.

For all Virgos out there, Rhodochrosite encourages the spontaneous expression of feelings, including passionate and erotic impulses.

They can have issues with this and therefore should use this stone so that they can become much more confident in their lives, regarding love.

Rhodochrosite is a powerful stone to aid in emotional healing, as we have said, and this is necessary for all Zodiac signs in one way or the other.

The feeling of love, and self-love, awakens when people use this stone, and if they cannot use it during the mediation, then they can wear it as jewelry, and in a similar way, the energy of this crystal will help you during meditation, to reach a state of joy and happiness.

It will awaken their inner child (even if there is no trauma at all, but at times we forget to deal with it, and forget its meaning) and bring deep childhood joy and pleasure into their lives.


Those who want to wear this beautiful stone as a part of jewelry can do it, and there is a variety of choices.

You can wear it as jewelry on the wrist, like a bracelet, or place it on the heart or solar plexus chakra.

Other information: It is processed into balls, jewelry, cabochon, and polished.

In case of a migraine headache, place it on the upper part of the spine.

Having said all of this, it is important to mention one more thing, regarding wearing jewelry made out of this stone.

All women should wear it of course, but especially those ladies who have some trauma in their lives.

Since this crystal is an excellent stone for emotional support and healing, all women who have bad love experiences should wear it.

It enables those who have experienced sexual abuse to receive treatment so that they can forgive and listen to themselves.

Due to its very strong healing properties, it is recommended to wear it on the body all the time.

It works especially well in combination with malachite and copper.

How to Cleanse and Charge Rhodochrosite Crystal?

Just like all other crystals, and this one is among the most powerful ones, should be cleansed and charged regularly, as it is able to absorb a great amount of energy in itself.

You must clean it, and the best way to do so is to cleanse it under a stream of cold water.

Now, observe the stone and act accordingly – if it changes color or becomes cloudy, then it should be cleaned every day since it is full of bad energies and could not provide you with anything that you need.

As it has very strong healing properties, it is recommended to wear it on the body all the time, as we have said, but also implies that it has to be cleaned all the time, as it quickly acts and reacts.

Charging is done also in a very simple way.

Rhodochrosite is very sensitive to heat and therefore it is charged for a short time in the shade or overnight next to rose quartz and rock crystal.

Those who do not use this crystal as often should opt for cleaning it once or twice a month under a jet of lukewarm running water.

In this case, they should charge it as they will place it next to a rock crystal.

How much does Rhodochrosite Crystal cost?

This stone is well loved and cherished for its gorgeous color and its one-of-a-kind shape.

It is rare and has amazing properties it comes pricy, one of the most expensive minerals on the market.

Some pieces could cost a couple of hundred dollars, and bigger and more unique versions of this stone are a couple of thousands.

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Rhodochrosite is one of the 12 master crystals.

It is one of the best of the best since it could help you with any issue you may have in life, and want to deal with them in the most natural way of all.

You should know, that this stone gives the wearer cheerfulness and self-confidence.

Rhodochrosite works on our sexual life, as it is known to enhance sexuality and invigorates old, stern relationships that do not serve anyone.

It is the mineral that is primarily associated with the heart chakra, so it brings love into our lives and eliminates anger, anxiety, and emotional pain above all others.

It teaches us to face our fears and the truth, whether concerning ourselves or others.

This mineral encourages us not to break down, no matter how painful feelings we have to go through, to always persevere and learn from it.

Regarding our health, it is amazing for every part of our bodies.

It stimulates the functioning of the genital organs and circulation, as it is perfect to be used for women.

It relieves asthma symptoms and eliminates respiratory problems.

Rhodochrosite crystal is also known for the process of cleaning the kidneys, soothing migraine headaches, and stabilizing heartbeat and blood pressure.

It is known to be the mineral of happiness, love, and inner balance.

It is used for dealing with losses, fear, loneliness, and abuse.

It helps us to forgive, to trust again, to live, and to love.

Rhodochrosite is able to revitalize us mentally, as if we use it regularly it promotes a positive attitude, and enhances lucid or prophetic dreams and creative urges, that are now directed in the perfect way.

With it, we can feel unconditional love, inner peace, and freedom, but maybe the deepest impact it has on the connection to our inner child, especially if it has been having some traumatic emotional problems.

Abuses and pain could be conquered with it.

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