Ruby Kyanite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

The importance of self-care has been on the rise in the past years, especially after the pandemic hit.

People are finally encouraged to find more time for themselves and enjoy and practice rituals that help them feel better, healthier, and energized.

Collectively, we’ve been through a turbulent period, and it was emotionally and mentally draining to cope with everything and stay functional.

After all, the world nearly stopped for two years, bringing joy, connections, and activities to a halt.

That created confusion, and many people struggled with a sense of being lost and unable to find themselves again.

Various unusual outlets started gaining popularity as we desperately needed something to make us feel alive and better about the future.

That was an ideal opportunity for the use of healing crystals to bloom.

Even though humans have been using them since we can track history, unprecedented events often make alternative medicine and therapy more revered.

Healing crystals are an intriguing combination of minerals that help realign, balance, and cleanse by resonating with our bioenergetic systems.

They help stabilize the human body energy field and bring harmony.

As a result, healing crystals help heal our body, mind, and soul and clear out negative patterns and intrusive thoughts.

Ruby Kyanite crystal is among the best examples of harmonizing gemstones that can improve wellness and well-being.

Ruby Kyanite Crystal Origin 

Ruby Kyanite is a blend of two crystals that decided to come together – Ruby and Kyanite.

This great and unique combo of minerals is a relatively recent discovery, originating in southern India.

Researchers found it in the same locale where the captivating Ruby in Fuchsite deposit resides.

Sometimes, tiny veins of these three minerals appear together, resulting in a beyond-rare mineral called the Ruby Fuchsite in Kyanite.

Hence, sculptors, crafters, and healing crystals practitioners aim to discover this combi in a raw form, allowing them to turn them into various spheres, shapes, sculptures, and hearts.

However, most collectors struggle with finding raw specimens, even though they’re astonishingly valuable.

Ruby and Kyanite are easy gemstones to carve, shape, and polish.

Because of that, they’re among the favorites in the metaphysical industry and have been since the 1990s.

Here’s everything else you should know about these crystals and what makes them unique.

Different Colors

Ruby in Kyanite falls into the Corundum mineral class and the Trigonal crystal system.

Its hardness varies between 7-9 and can have a vitreous to pearly shine.

Moreover, the diaphaneity of Ruby in Kyanite goes from transparent to translucent, and the Kyanite contains mesmerizing blue shades, while Ruby varies from purple to reddish.

Like Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire, and diamond, this crystal is among the traditional cardinal gemstones.

Ruby translates as the King of Gems in Sanskrit (Ratnaraj) but means red in Latin.

These stones are durable and robust and have unique combinations of colors – plum, mauve, violet, maroon, wine, and burgundy.

On the other hand, Kyanite represents a blue aluminosilicate mineral, typically located in sedimentary or aluminum metamorphic rocks.

Moreover, it’s often found in Quartz.

Kyanite has other names, including Cyanite, Disthene, and Rhaticite.

However, this gemstone is unique due to its anisotropism, meaning that the mineral’s hardness depends on its crystallographic direction.

The name of this crystal comes from the ancient Greek language, and it means dark blue.

Its colors vary from cerulean and greyish to azure and navy.

However, when they blend, Ruby and Kyanite form a stunning combination.

These two represent strength, love, and unity.

Spiritual Meaning 

Ruby and Kyanite leverage different healing characteristics, with the former being bold and strong and the latter tranquil and calming.

Although that may seem like a contradictory combo, they work even better together and provide a well-rounded effect.

However, that starts making more sense once you start using them and discovering their benefits and how their combined efforts function.

Inherently, these two gemstones provide unique healing vibrations.

Ruby Kyanite is among the best gemstones for aligning your whole Chakra field and energizing it.

Thanks to that, you will feel renewed and refreshed, capable of doing anything you set your mind to.

This crystal will reinforce your positive characteristics and dissolve negative energy.

That puts you in an ideal position for chasing your Highest Good.

Thus, Ruby Kyanite will encourage you to be courageous and curious and to explore the world while keeping in touch with your inner wisdom.

It will provide strength and protection for astral travel, as well as shaman journeys, which is essential for maintaining a solid connection with your physical body when allowing your spirit to roam and discover new heights.

This crystal also improves lucid dreams and makes remembering what you dreamt at night easier.

Besides, it helps with manifestation and ensures you let your desires and wishes into the universe.

Ruby Kyanite will nudge you to pay more attention to the good things in your life and your spirit guides.

For instance, it helps you notice their presence, acknowledge their messages, and roll out their suggestions.

Hence, this is a complex and powerful stone that helps you ground and guide higher vibrations into the earthly realm.

This stone activates your root, throat, third eye, and Solar Plexus chakras, ensuring their interconnectedness and activating them.

Thanks to that, you can explore your pineal glands’ capabilities without fearing you’ll wander too far away from home or your physical anchor.

Ruby Kyanite will strengthen your psychic abilities and positively alter your current mindset and mental state.

As a result, you’ll become more aware of your environment, including in your dreams, improve your critical thinking and enhance decision-making.

This crystal may even help turn your dreams into reality and get rid of old and toxic patterns that serve you no good.

Moreover, it uncovers what you need to maintain balance, protect yourself from negativity, invite serene vibrations into your life, and manifest your soul’s desires.

When Ruby and Kyanite come together, they become a powerful and nurturing gemstone that positively affects emotions and brings a sense of clarity.

Ruby is a crystal that resonates with the heart chakra, opening and activating it.

It will protect your heart from losing energy and eliminate any existing emotional congestion.

Moreover, this crystal can make you increasingly emotionally aware and help you connect with others on a higher level.

Ruby can help you express love and passion and see the genuine nature of love coming into your life.

On the other hand, Kyanite can fill you with peace and help you feel at ease, regardless of circumstances.

Together, these two gemstones can show you the Divine Love and Serenity in things around you and the universe itself.

They will also help you open up and receive gifts from the Greater Good, amplify positive energy, and soak in spiritual knowledge.

Thanks to these effects, you can become more open-minded, especially regarding love and relationships.

You may realize that love comes in many forms and shapes, but people often forget one that should be their starting point – self-love.


Ruby Kyanite is a blend of communicative power and heart-activating energy.

That means that this crystal can help you communicate matters of the heart and be open about what you want.

This gemstone symbolizes pure love and ultimate serenity, but it can also amplify manifestation and help you solve problems in your dreams.

It brings bravery, mental strength, and fortitude.

Hence, this gemstone can remove blocked energy and realign your chakras.

It often reinforces vivid dreams and improves meditation and the law of attraction.

Moreover, this gemstone enhances self-expression and transparent communication, helps you speak your authentic truth, and promotes tranquil energy.

It will nudge you to follow your unique dreams and bliss, no matter where they take you.

Your vision might be grandiose or ambitious, but this crystal will help you turn your dreams into reality.

It will also boost your intuition, guiding your happiness journey.

Therefore, Ruby Kyanite is ideal for nurturing and driving spiritual development.

This crystal may even activate your inner soul surfer, encouraging you to dive deep into your wants and needs.

It often symbolizes a fire within that never dies, but we often neglect it.

But this gemstone will help you find yourself again and understand what your soul needs and how to make it happy.

If you’re feeling lethargic or passive, it will shake you out of your routine and inspire you to go after what you want.

This crystal will calm your hyperactivity but awaken your passion.

Hence, it drives your life force and pushes you to live your life the way you want without letting self-destructive energies get in the way.

This crystal will also boost your motivation and inspire you to set achievable objectives and put things into motion.

Although it encourages you to speak your truth, it also motivates you to do the same for others and stand up for those needing support.

Ruby Kyanite also symbolizes a genuine connection and clarity of mind, allowing you to reach intense harmony and satisfaction.

Ruby Kyanite Crystal Healing Properties

Ruby Kyanite can help you improve your organizational skills, focus on one thing at once, and work productively.

That way, it helps reduce stress levels, think objectively, and calm your mind in chaotic situations.

This crystal also ensures your emotions and current mindset don’t distract you.

But it will encourage you to dig deep into what makes you happy and what does nothing but leave you dissatisfied.

Moreover, this crystal can remind you that you shouldn’t do anything only because you think you must.

That behavior leads to suffering for no reason and not doing what genuinely resonates with your soul.

This gemstone significantly improves mental health and reminds you that your feelings are valid because you’re not a robot.

Hence, it can help you organize your life more efficiently, find time for self-care, and prioritize work-life balance.

Many crystal healing practitioners recommend Ruby to those looking for a happier and healthier life.

However, they suggest Kyanite to people seeking a more peaceful and well-balanced life.

In combination, these two crystals can show us how to be brave and live life the best we can.

However, they also encourage us to live a realistic life, not only what looks good in our heads.

Ruby Kyanite encourages you to prioritize your mental, physical, and emotional help and seek balance.

It invites you to assess your life and whether you’re ignoring certain matters to find more time for others.

This crystal will encourage you to put self-love first and introduce changes into your life if you believe they will increase your happiness.

It helps you stay focused on your tasks and goals without letting them overwhelm you.

Ruby Kyanite has an overall good impact on your whole body.

It promotes reproductive system health and improves the function of the spleen and kidneys.

However, this crystal also helps with the issues affecting the brain, throat, and muscular system.

For instance, it can help promote detoxication of these areas and boost their longevity and health.

Moreover, Kyanite acts as a pain reliever, and you can use it to address infections inflicting pain.

On the other hand, Ruby is helpful for those battling self-harm and addictions.

Finally, Ruby Kyanite can eliminate negative thoughts and prevent them from piling up.

It will encourage you to take action and change your life if you are dissatisfied instead of waiting for things to happen.

Ruby Kyanite Crystal Metaphysical Properties 

Ruby Kyanite will help you increase your bravery, strength, and zest.

This crystal will activate your enthusiasm and give you the confidence to unlock your self-development.

It will protect on a mental, spiritual, and emotional level.

Moreover, this crystal will encourage you to keep following your path, regardless of how many obstacles you encounter.

After all, it will provide you with the guidance and clarity needed to reach your bliss.

This crystal has a grounding energy and will help you not get lost in your pursuit of happiness.

Other Benefits and Uses 

Ruby Kyanite can help you recover from exhaustion and recharge energy.

It will also boost your mental activity and get your cerebral juices flowing.

Thanks to that, you’ll regain positive vibes and have more drive to work on your tasks and objectives.

Moreover, this crystal can help you decipher your dreams and understand their true meaning.

Put Ruby Kyanite under your pillow, and you’ll start remembering your dreams and identifying their meaning.

This crystal also realigns and recharges every chakra.

It can also help you activate two chakras simultaneously and merge their energy.

Like other crystals, Ruby Kyanite provides support during meditation and will help you eliminate mental and emotional blockages preventing you from relaxing.

Zodiac Birthstone 

Ruby Kyanite is the Zodiac birthstone of those born during the Gemini reign.

Hence, this crystal is ideal for late May and early June natives.


This unique crystal fits any piece of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Its moody aesthetic is perfect for fall and winter, as well as edgy and quirky styling.

How to Cleanse and Charge Ruby Kyanite Crystal?

Unlike most other crystals, Ruby Kyanite doesn’t require as much cleansing.

However, we recommend cleaning it depending on how often you use it and whether it’s been exposed to a lot of energy.

Clean with a soft, wet cloth and state your intention to let the crystal know it’s getting time off.

You can also put it into brown rice for a few hours or use smudging sticks.

On the other hand, you can charge your Ruby Kyanite by letting it rest on the window under moonlight overnight.

How Much Does Ruby Kyanite Crystal Cost?

The price of Ruby Kyanite depends on its size, shape, and colors, but it ranges from $2 to over $150.

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Ruby Kyanite is a unique and astonishing crystal with impressive properties.

It assists in manifestation, promotes tranquility, and helps recognize genuine love while prioritizing self-love.

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