Seeing Green Color During Meditation – Meaning and Symbolism

The heart chakra in our body is green and it represents the air symbol in our being.

She is responsible for what our social life will be like, our married life, what our relationship will be like with our friends and work colleagues, and of course love.

During meditation, if your dominant color is green, it means that you have entered into meditation with it and that you should learn a lesson based on that.

That lesson could be hard, and it could be a signal that for you good times are coming, and that transformation is possible.

Green Color in General

First of all, we must take a look at the meaning of the green color in general, and for the majority of us, this is the color that symbolizes peace and calmness, and scientific studies confirm that this is the color that you should look at when you want to relax, not only your eyes but your soul also.

And, when we look at the symbolic meaning that is beyond this is the eon that stands in between paradise and land, everlasting and all that can disappear.

In the majority or maybe all cultures in the world, this color represents hope, life, happiness, and joy, but also transformation, and all that starts can end.

Green is considered to be associated with heaven, and wellspring, but as the shade of immaturity, it is a sign of everything that has not taken its full form.

It has the symbol of foolishness.

The world of mystical beings, including faires, is connected to this color; and in some cases, it is the symbol of treachery.

If we look at the Christian fate we can see that the color green is connected to the aspect of hope, but life, and the spirit that is in a human being.

For some, it is a representation of many good deeds that the person does; for the benefit of all other people.

Have in mind also that the color green can have a negative connotation – it can speak of an evil force, the Devil itself, and this is true when we are talking about the pale green color.

Seeing Green Color During Meditation 

The color green in meditation has many meanings and it is up to you to interpret the experience and learn the lesson.

If during meditation you saw your enemy in green color, it may mean that it is a person who was once very close to you but who hurt you extremely, so that he showed his true face only after a long period of your friendship. She did something unforgivable and unacceptable, which you can’t get over.

The fact that you see that person in green means that you still have an emotion towards her, regardless of what she did to you, but that you cannot forgive her because your pride is deeply hurt.

Your subconscious is telling you that you should completely forget about her and erase her from your memory because if she could and had the opportunity, she would do the same thing again.

This is a person who has no remorse for his actions towards you, and you should not attach importance to such people in your life.

From now on, there is no place for her in your heart and it should be closed for such people.

That person, unfortunately, disturbed your heart chakra, because now you distrust the people around you, who didn’t deserve it.

You are now afraid to open up to someone and express your feelings.

Through meditation, you will cleanse your heart chakra and bring it back to its original state, so don’t give up and over time you will bring it into balance.

If during meditation you saw your spouse who is green and angry with you, it may mean that you are not on the same wavelength with him lately.

You may have some difficulties and disagreements, because of which there is unrest in both of your hearts.

Your subconscious tells you that your partner loves you and that you need to find some way of behaving and solving your problems together.

You are very fiery and you don’t have enough patience when you are criticized and especially when you think that criticism is not in place.

Then there are arguments and provocations, which harm both your marriage and your health.

Your heart chakra will weaken more and more until its energy dries up, and then you will not be good for your spouse or other people around you.

To restore your heart chakra with meditation, it is best to do yoga exercises, which will further activate it and establish the balance necessary for its smooth function in our body and spirit.

If you saw yourself glowing green during meditation, it means that your body and spirit are connected and that your heart chakra is fully open.

Ahead of you is a period in which you will have a lot of pleasure in love and married life, as well as beautiful moments with your friends and loved ones.

The oxygen saturation of your organism is excellent and you will think very soberly and your concentration will be at its maximum. You should use this period to start some new business ventures and meet new people.

But at the same time, don’t let it drag you down, dedicate most of your time to yourself and your loved ones because you will radiate positive energy and make sure you pass it on to the people you care about in life.

If during meditation you saw the desired light radiating from the ground, it may mean that you should spend more time in nature among the trees.

Man has neglected nature because he lives in urban areas where there is little greenery.

And even the little that is there, we pass by it like a monument and we don’t pay attention to the trees and flowers.

We have lost that connection with mother earth, which has given us so much for our good, and we have neglected it and are polluting and exploiting it at every step.

You had that connection with her as a child and she is calling you through your meditation to reconnect with her and establish contact.

Try to meditate somewhere among the trees on the grass, where it is quiet, and let the sounds around you lead you into meditation.

The sounds of the leaves on the tree rustling under the gusts of the gentle wind, the smell of grass and earth in your nostrils, and the sounds of birds around you.

It is the right way to open the heart chakra and cleanse it of bad energy so that the flow of oxygen through your body is established again in a proper way.

If during meditation you saw a green light coming out of the eyes of your loved one, it could mean that they are trying to communicate something to you, but they don’t know how to do it without hurting you.

It is possible that you have been married for many years and that for some reason her feelings for you have started to weaken and your subconscious is telling you that, you feel it too but you just don’t want to admit it to yourself.

When will you have to face the truth and calmly talk about it like adults?

You love everything g spouse and you can’t imagine life without him and the union with your child, but you have to understand that human beings have free will and therefore our heart chooses whom it will love and under what circumstances it will stop.

Do not allow this to be something that will disturb your spiritual state to the extent that you endanger your health, you are a very emotional and moody person and this can be very difficult for you.

That’s why you try to meditate, which will calm your organism and open the chakras for the flow of energy that will heal you and help you overcome all difficulties, both emotional and of this nature.

If during meditation you saw a green light coming out of your mouth, it may mean that you are ready to declare your love to the person from whom you kept it a secret for a long time because you didn’t dare to confess your feelings to them.

Your subconscious tells you that you don’t need to waste any more time because that person will probably leave your life and will have nothing to do with you.

You must finally open your heart to her, but be careful in what way you do it, so as not to scare her and drive you away.

You have to choose the right moment but do not show your intention and let it be as spontaneous as possible.

If you don’t do it in the next period, you never will so gather courage because you have nothing to lose.

In this way, you only torture yourself and your heart chakra will close if you feel envy and jealousy if someone else overtakes you and steals her or his heart.

Don’t allow yourself to lose the chance for real love that is right in front of your nose, and your gut tells you that you have a chance.

If during your meditation you saw the green light disappearing in the distance, it could mean that your chakra is out of balance and that is why you have apathy.

You are numb to emotions and love, even towards your closest ones, and you can solve this only if you restore the balance in your Anahata.

Anahata (heart chakra) is responsible for love, spiritual peace, compassion, and your heart chakra was disturbed by something you did and now you do not function properly, because you do not have a good flow of energy through it, nor can you meditate well.

This is a problem for which you should consult an experienced meditation teacher, who will help you to put yourself in order and establish a harmonious relationship with yourself and your loved ones as well as with other people who surround you.

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