Seeing Purple While Meditating – Meaning and Symbolism

If we can say that contentment in our lives, relies on the condition of our mind, and the condition of our mind relies on the extent of our mental strength and the deep of our knowledge; then we know that meditation is the way.

And it all starts with breathing, and this is the primary step – you are meditating, cleaning your mind from thoughts, and climbing further in the higher consciousness.

Now, we already know that during those moments we can see certain colors, as they enhance the entire experience of meditation.

Seeing the purple color during meditation can have different interpretations depending on how we felt at the time we saw it, what we saw beside it, what was around us at that moment, which people were there, and many other factors that will determine the correct meaning.

Purple Color Meaning

Otherwise, the purple color represents the crown chakra, and our nervous system as well as our brain are connected to it.

This chakra is responsible for our spiritual connection with the Universe.

It is a known fact that the purple color is associated with strength, power, and focus, but maybe the most important part of its meaning is the representation of the ability to transform.

The power to transform is the greatest ability that this color can bring to you, and this is also true when you see it while you are in a process of meditation.

Seeing Purple While Meditating – Meaning and Symbolism 

If you saw the purple color during your meditation and felt that something was wrong, it could mean that your nervous system and brain are not functioning well because this chakra is blocked for some reason.

Don’t give up on meditation because of that, but try to discover through it, what is it that has brought you there.

Through meditation, you will be able to detach it over time, so that the flow of energy through it will be re-established.

If you saw the color purple during meditation and saw your work colleagues talking, it may mean that the universe is sending you a message that something is happening in your business plan and that your colleagues are mentioning you for some reason and talking about you when you are not there.

It is possible that you impressed them with some of your moves at the workplace and that you left a good impression on them.

You may receive a salary increase or a promotion.

If during meditation you floated above the ground surrounded by purple color, it may mean that your connection with the universe is special and that your crown chakra is very strong and dominant.

During meditation, you can foresee some events and situations and act accordingly in the future.

If you saw a purple sky during meditation, it may mean that you have just begun to open your crown chakra.

You are a beginner in meditation, but judging by this scene, you are on the right track.

You started meditating because you felt that you were not well connected with the universe and you were right.

Now that you have begun to open the crown chakra to its energetic influence on you, you will feel various sensations and benefits that the universe offers.

Listen to what he has to say and let his strength guide you.

If during meditation you dreamed that you were walking on purple grass, it may mean that you should follow the signs that the universe sends you and rely on it and the feelings it sends you.

By listening to him, you will not wander in the wrong direction and get lost in the material world without connection with the spiritual world.

If you may have seen the purple color radiating from you during meditation, it may mean that slowly but surely your meditation is beginning to give results and that you have begun to open your crown chakra.

This is the first sign that you managed to activate it in the right way and don’t worry that you won’t be able to do it again, because meditation is like swimming, once you learn how to exercise it correctly, you can’t forget it, you can only progress.

As with swimming, to progress, you need to dedicate time to it, and sometimes if you don’t succeed, you can find a mentor who will help you with this.

It will be enough for them to show you the technique a couple of times and you will still be able to continue your training on your own.

If you saw a path of purple color during meditation, it may mean that your subconscious is trying to show you the path you should follow to achieve peace and happiness.

Man relies too much on his reality and forgets that in addition to the physical world, there is also a spiritual one made of energy.

He has forgotten how he can open his third eye so that he can be the example of someone he meets for the first time.

Many people who practice meditation can even feel their energy while passing by a person and read whether everything is fine with that person or not, they can even predict some situations, for example in public transport, whether someone will get up from their seat and leave the bus.

This is because the chakras are open and the energy flow through us is good and they have awakened their instinct.

That purple path you saw is an invitation to continue as you started and that you will succeed in opening your chakras, starting with the crown.

If during meditation you saw a purple door that you were unable to enter, it may mean that you are stuck somewhere in your meditation attempts and that you are not succeeding in achieving it.

It is very possible that you are a beginner and have not been educated enough in this area.

You can read a hundred books related to meditation, but the practice is practice.

We will say that sometimes you need someone who will introduce you to meditation in the right way so that you can succeed.

Your chakras are probably blocked and you need help to open them to get a good flow of energy through them.

As we said, the crown chakra is the chakra that is connected to our brain and nervous system.

It is represented by the purple color and the fact that it is connected to our central nervous system means that to open it, we must be relaxed and relieved.

if we were to achieve deep meditation.

When we fail to sink into it, it is because we are tense and burdened with something and cannot open the crown chakra, which will open the way to the opening of the others and the flow of energy through them.

When we see the purple color during meditation, it means that we have started to open it or have completely opened it.

It is a very nice experience, especially if it happens to you for the first time because you have realized something that you were not even aware of until now, that there is an energy in you that you have not realized until now.

It is proof of man’s spiritual side and deep subconsciousness, which we can sink into only through meditation.

If during meditation you saw a purple horse running across the field, it may mean that you are a free-spirited person who knows how to appreciate the true values in a person.

You value people who love their freedom and independence and who strive to open others’ eyes to see the real truth, which is that it’s not important how much you own, but what you own.

You are trying to explain to people that it does not matter how rich they are materially, but that spiritual wealth is what is valued and what is right.

If you saw purple trees during meditation, it may mean that you are a person who loves nature very much and truly enjoys your stay in it.

You are someone who knows how to connect with nature around you and you feel its energy.

The energy of the trees, the Sun, and the Moon is what fills you up and makes you happy.

Every stay in nature is a new experience for you and believe that some of the trees already recognize you and feel your energy as you do theirs.

You are someone who very much practices meditation in nature because the leaves drying in the wind and the rays of the sun on your face help you to open your chakras and absorb clean energy from your surroundings.

If you saw purple people around you during meditation, it may mean that you are a person who can connect with everyone and establish contact.

You are a very open and approachable person to everyone and you are very popular in society.

You are someone who will come to everyone’s aid, but you perpetuate that from others.

However, you face disappointment because not all people are like you, and not all think the same.

Not everyone is ready to help whenever needed and some people only look out for themselves and their interests.

Purple people during meditation indicate that everyone is equal to you, whether they are rich or poor, whether they are good or bad, you will find a point of light in everyone and focus on that and try to awaken the good side of your personality and spirit.

If during meditation you saw purple snow falling on you and all around you, it could mean that you have a lot of your own and other people’s worries on you.

In you, people subconsciously see a channel through which they will get rid of their negative energy, and it started to burden you.

People talk to you and bore you with their problems and they have transferred so much of their negativity onto you that your crown chakra is blocked because of it.

You need to take a break and distance yourself from those people and through crystal meditation, untie your crown chakra to ensure a smooth flow of energy through your body and to cleanse yourself of the negative energy that has accumulated in you and is causing restlessness in your heart and soul.

The crown chakra is connected to our nervous system and that is why you have been tense and anxious lately.

That purple snow that falls on you is the problem of the people who surround you, try to gather that snow that was falling around you in one big lump during meditation, which you will melt with the sun’s rays breaking through the clouds. Or how you push that huge lump into the flowing river.

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