Shiva Lingam Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Nowadays, when our days are filled with stress, people in most cases reach for pills to make their lives easier.

Very few people reach for alternative medicine and even fewer people believe in the healing powers of crystals.

We have a wide range of crystals from our mother earth and believe it or not, not every crystal is for the same person.

In order to know which crystal mother earth intended specifically for you, you need to know what day and under what relationship you were born, and what energy you received on the day you came to this world.

Crystals are there to help us clean our negative energy, suppress agitating passions, stimulate potency in men, fertility in women, and many more positive things that a crystal that is with us can do.

Each crystal has a zodiac sign to which it belongs.

Some zodiac signs can even have a large selection of crystals for themselves, while certain ones only have one that they can carry with them.

First of all, they can improve our health.

But we must be careful because if the crystal is not cleaned, it will not have an effect.

When it is cleaned, the crystal needs to be recharged and there are different variants for those things.

You should also be careful, because certain crystals can be damaged during cleaning, for example with salt or while charging in the sun, they should not stay on it for more than two hours, while on the moon they can charge throughout the night.

Find the crystal that follows you and you will be amazed at the change it will bring to your life.

For all those who have not heard of this stone, it is relevant to say that Shiva Lingam is gaining more and more interest by the day, and it has numerous qualities, especially in the spiritual sense.

Shiva Lingam is a rock, even if some people think that it is a mineral in fact.

Lingam symbolizes that outcome affects the union of Prakriti and Purusha, the male and female forces of Nature.

But also this stone is the sublimation of Satya (Truth), Jnana (Knowledge), and Ananta (Infinity).

Shiva Lingam Stone Origin

This stone is made out of quartz – opaque crypto crystalline.

It could be compared to agate stone, Jaspers, or maybe chalcedony.

We can even find Shiva Lingam stones that have traces of iron, and it is said that we can find a component that is related to Obsidian, and it is called Basalt.

It is a known fact that Shiva Lingam is regarded as the Holy Stone – and this is true for many many years, here we are talking about a tradition that is more than a thousand years old.

And, this also applies that the fact that its origin is similarly mysterious and unknown – no one knows the place of its origin.

There is not much evidence regarding its origin; but as the fascinating research shows, it is believed that it came from sedimentary rock.

These rocks were made thousands if not millions of years, and such rocks have coatings of distinct color that are somewhere between gray and red.

And one thing is also known – such material is found near the Narmada River region. This is a region that is in the northern Mardhata Mountains.

One source claims that Shiva Lingam came to Earth 14 million years ago when a meteor hit it.

And it hit this region – the Narmada River region, very close to the Indian city Mumbai.

It is located around 300 miles from it.

Of course, during this extended period of time, the heat and the impact itself shaped the stone, as well as the water it collapsed – it made its shape – a distinctive oblong form.

But they can be shaped into some other shapes.

Some of the Shiva Lingams have a natural oblong shape, but if they are out of order, they will be shaped using hand tools

One interesting fact is attributed to the Shiva Lingam stone – it can be collected only for one day during one year.

This occurs only when the monsoon season begins in the Narmada river region, and when the river is very low.

Local residents have the right to pull rocks from the river.

This is called their “ancestral rights”.

On the stone itself, there are coats of herbs, wax, and mud, and also there are coats of oils, and this gives them their distinctive shine.

As a part of the Indian tradition, and as the name reveal this stone is associated with their powerful God Shiva.

In India, we can find a large number of temples dedicated to the God Shiva, and there we can find temples where this stone is incorporated in them as stones could be pretty large.

Different Colors

Also, the Shiva Lingam does not have its own color, but it takes on the color of the place it is found.

Primarily the Shiva Lingam Stone is brown, but this is so general – on it, it has so many different colors, reddish, and spots that have different hues as well.

It is believed, by the Hindu tradition that these marks are representative of God’s Shiva and her forehead.

This is what makes them so wonderful and unique.

It has an egg shape, and it has a remarkable shine.

It is an egg-shaped stone with brown hues that is collected from the Narmada River Polished to a high shine, the locals sell these stones to spiritual seekers around the world.

They can vary in size from half an inch in length to several feet.

Spiritual Meaning

Shiva Lingam is used for the process of spiritual upliftment, as it balances our body, mind, and soul.

It is also used abundantly, according to the Indian tradition for meditation.

It is said that this is the stone that puts all of our energies into balance and it is a stone that gives us cheerfulness and tranquility.

The Shiva Lingam is able to bring out energy into balance with planetary power.

It can also be utilized in times of prayer – when you pray for harmony, healthiness, abundance, and wealth.

Traditionally, it enables the kundalini energy and grants spiritual awakening.


Speaking of symbolism, the Shiva part is clear, but the Linga part implies the process of ending, on the end, or the conclusion.

So, Shiva Linga is the sign of Lord Shiva: a sign that comes as a reminder of the Almighty God, who is transcendental.

Looking into ancient texts, we found one that relates to this stone – it is called “Linga Purana” and it speaks of Linga that is barren of fragrance, color, flavor, and more.

In other scriptures that came after, Linga is the symbol of the productive ability of Lord Shiva.

This stone is the symbol of female energy, as we know that is associated with the goddess Shiva.

Hence the name.

It is the symbol of femininity and is used abundantly in rituals, celebrations, and meditation approaches, and it is suitable for all those souls who are in search for seeking enlightenment.

An insignia of sexuality and powerful energy, the Shiva Lingam stone has been considered to be holy for ages.

With its power, it can trigger the kundalini energy and fill the whole chakra system.

For all those who feel that they are low in life and they might need a boost of spirit and life power, it is advised to meditate or sleep with this stone.

It enables the consolidation of contraries, such as male and female power, spirit, and body, and is perfect for sexual recovery.

Shiva Lingam Stone Healing Properties

Shiva Lingam is a stone that is supposed to give us balance when have lost it, and it is the stone that provides us with a lot of positive powers.

Shiva Lingam is all about positive energy.

We already have mentioned the connection of the Shiva Lingam stone to Goddess Shiva, one of the most powerful deities in the Hindy tradition, ad it is not hard to guess that it is associated with and has an effect on females.

Shiva Lingam stone is the symbol of fertility -the shape of the stone is a clear association when you look at the stone truly its egg shape looks like a female egg, the symbol of birth, and reproduction.

Now, it is connected to the male organ, the part of the stone that resembles the phallus, and in their duet, as a two, they are the symbol of

the introductory elements of life and essence itself, as well as the total spiritual harmony.

This is why they are used in all types of meditation, and for sexual pleasures, problems with libido, births, etc.

The Shiva Lingam Stone is known for its ability to shatter fine sexual relations after a split and allows the removal of power lines, and pins from genitalia, both male and female.

This stone can re-energize the base chakra and unlocks a straightforward pathway for a new connection.

Use this stone for the restoration of self-respect in males when they have lost it. It can bring back virility and male power.

In ladies, it can restore femininity, and give back female power.

When you use it for healing, this stone is used in the process of meditation.

On such occasions, you can place this stone on certain chakras or just hold it in your hand.

Relying on the intention, the Shiva Lingam stone can be utilized for the attraction of positive energy, and for the stimulation of the third eye.

This place is between your eyes, and here this chakra hides.

Use this stone when you want to find forgiveness, or to accomplish spiritual connection, in these moments also you can put this stone during mediation on the third chakra.

To unlock the energy of certain chakras, it is placed on special energy points.

The Shiva Lingam stone is used to relieve pain, and disease, and attract the energy of health and vitality.

Shiva Lingam Stone Metaphysical Properties

This stone is used in metaphysical fields and therefore it has numerous such properties – it all comes from different Hindu beliefs.

The Shiva Lingam is used for healing, as we have said, but on a much deeper level.

This is true for sexual healing, as it gives sexual strength, and boosts general well-being, force, and vitality.

It is believed that this stone is one of the strongest that could be found –

the Shiva Lingam comes from God itself, bringing greatness, and healing energy and balances all forces in the person.

Such a stone is effective when used for all 7 chakras in a human organism.

It is suitable to add that it is deeply rooted in the Hindu tradition that the Shiva Lingam stone comes from the river and the water (or the river in this case) has healing powers, as the water takes all of it away.

It releases your body, mind, and soul from any accumulated negative energy, pain, stress, or trauma.

Other Benefits and Uses

For people who truly believe in its powers, this is not just a simple stone, it is a glorious stone, one of the greatest.

It can take you above your bodily consciousness and help you even to speak to God.

In Hindu tradition, many devotees dedicated their lives to the worship of Shiva Lingam.

Its mystical powers are known.

Also, the Shiva Lingam stone could be used for the inducement of attention of the mind and help concentrate on things that matter to you, and to wake up awareness.

This stone makes it more comfortable for its user to see and let go of all that he or she has grown out of.

It is particularly valuable for the emotional distress that arises from early preadolescence because it revives faith in male energy and in one’s own male rates and can draw a suitable partner for sexual recuperation.

Even more, the Shiva Lingam stone has a restorative impact on menstrual cramps, impotence, and infertility.

This stone is able to promote energy outpour through the meridians and the entire body.

It allows people who use it, to dominate judgment, accept discrepancies in others, and sense harmony not only with themselves but with the entire world.

It is advised to put this stone on the picture of the person who is going on some travel, as in this way, you are protecting him or her from any harm.

Zodiac Birthstone

Shiva lingam is the stone most associated with the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Every Scorpio should have this crystal with them, which with its radiation will positively affect everything that Scorpios possess while purifying the negative.

Shiva lingam has a particularly positive effect on Scorpio’s already expressed sexual energy so that with this crystal they become tireless in bed.

They will also increase her magnetic attraction and will be noticed wherever they appear.

The Shiva lingam will curb Scorpio’s temperament, for which people of this sign are otherwise known.

In order for Scorpios to be less temperamental and tense, they will have to practice meditation with this crystal.

Twenty minutes a day will be enough and this crystal will soothe your energy.

It is recommended that this zodiac sign have a crystal next to the bed when they go to sleep because during the night they will act with their energy and have a peaceful sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for new actions and undertakings.

Shiva lingam should be taken by all people who are Scorpios when they plan to go shopping.

Since they are known as hasty spendthrifts, this crystal will curb their passion and need to spend absolutely every last dollar on wardrobe and duplicating food in the refrigerator, which later ends up in the trash bin due to the expiration date.

Scorpios really enjoy shopping and it’s an experience like sexual excitement for them.

This crystal will restrain them to some extent and prevent them from having an empty wallet at the very beginning of the month.


Many people love to carry this stone with them during the day and to meditate with this stone; this custom is particularly popular in India, of course, and their people use it, as a piece of wonderfully colorful jewelry used in healing rituals and practices.

The Shiva Lingam stone could be held in a pocket and should be positioned near the pillow during rest to encourage peace of mind.

It can make you relax and calm.

It looks wonderful; and could be worn as a ring, necklace, or bracelet – it goes so well with metal or wood.

How to Cleanse and Charge Shiva Lingam Stone?

Attention should also be paid to the fact that the Shiva lingam, like any other crystal, needs to be cleaned and recharged from time to time.

Shiva lingam is not particularly sensitive and you can clean it by putting it under a stream of cold water and holding it like that for a few minutes.

You can also leave it to stand for up to two hours in sea salt or, even better, Himalayan salt.

Just as seawater cleanses our body of negative energy, it will also act on the crystal, which is then ready for use.

You can charge the Shiva lingam by returning it to its place of origin, which is the earth.

Bury it in nature or in the garden for two days, so that it is filled with energy, which will help you in your everyday life.

It would be best if the place where you bury it has plenty of sunlight, so it would be desirable to have moonlight, which can also fill the Shiva lingam.

How much does Shiva Lingam Stone cost?

From India, stones are sold all over the world, and we can find small or bigger ones and on that depends their price.

Shiva Lingam is a completely natural stone, that does not have anything artificial in it, but can be shaped, as we have said in different shapes, even if they are naturally oblong.

Right now we must say that this stone falls under the category of inexpensive stones – you can find smaller pieces for 5, or 10 dollars, and a bigger version can cost more, but not that you cannot afford it.

And think of all benefits it could bring to you.

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The Shiva Lingam in this sense is completely distinguishable from all other stones that are mentioned in the Hindu custom.

This is an oblong stone that has a brown color and can be found only in one place in the world.

It is known for its wonderful shine – which is polished by hand by the locals in the Narmada River.

This stone is sought out all over the world by numerous people, believers, and all those who know that it has a high spiritual value.

These stones could be found in various sizes, they can be extremely small or significantly big.

There are many advantages of contemplating the Shiva Lingam stone.

In esotericism since ancient times, this Divine stone is seen as a stone that supports the love of a couple and enables the overcoming of infertility.

By the way, special cleaning methods are used for the Shiva Lingam stone, which terminates all negative vibrations on that experience.

This stone is recognized in Feng Shui, as it is seen as the perfect stone to use to improve connections between partners, sexual chemistry, and fertility.

Shiva lingam stone is a symbol of the consolidation of male and female power, and can also be seen as the true symbol of love between the two lovers.

Its shape symbolizes male energy – wisdom, and the markings on it, which vary from stone to stone, designate female power – knowledge.

It is said that this stone has a bit higher frequency than any rock on our planet, and its vibrations are perfect for clarifying space.

It balances male energy (knowledge and energy) and female energy (intuitiveness and understanding).

Shiva lingam especially affects the potency and sexual desire of its wearer, and it does not pose any relevance if is it the wearer of this stone woman or a man.

That is why the wearer of the Shiva lingam must regularly clean and charge his crystal so that it is always at its full capacity and ready to act in a way that only it can do for you.

In many of these sections, we spoke of its sexual ability, and when you

are making love with your loved one, keep the stone close to your bed so that you can take advantage of its vibration.

You can gift this stone to a passionate person, someone who is Zodiac Scorpio – as this is the sign that is prone to various perversions in the bedroom, so this sign will awaken additional sexual energy in that person and reduce those perverted ideas to a minimum.

Here the accent is on slow, almost tantric sex and enjoyment of both lovers.

In any case, Shiva Lingam is an exotic and inexpensive crystal, with numerous uses.

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