Shungite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

The scientifically documented properties of crystals thoroughly apply to the Shungite stones, and this is one very popular black stone, that is very specific and very interesting, many metaphysical properties are connected to it.

It is the stone that has such a strong energetic impact on all living beings and even on lifeless entities

This crystal is so powerful that it is recorded that it spreads its energy like some other crystals a couple of meters, for example, one or two, but this black stone provides much more.

It has a diameter bigger than five meters, in cases of some larger stones.

It is beneficial for numerous diseases and it is called at times the stone of life, because it can truly bring the person back to life, in a sense when someone is very sick, using this stone, as it is believed, could bring that person back from dead.

Technically, Shungite is a mineraloid thanks to its structure that classifies it as such.

The most unique composition is seen in the black stone, Shungite has fullerene or 3-D spherical molecules, which are a crystalline form of carbon and the main component of gemstones.

Shungite is considered the only known source of fullerenes on the planet Earth.

Some argue that some meteorites have also a similar structure and a certain amount of fullerenes, and this is what makes scientists say that this stone is out of this world.

All of this makes Shungite extremely special; not just by looking at its benefits, but we can also say that the price of the stone is quite reasonable.

Except for fullerenes, Shungite contains almost all the minerals in the periodic table, and not many other crystals can say the same.

Shungite Crystal Origin

As we know, carbon is the basis of all life on Earth.

Right away, you noticed that we have called this crystal, the black stone, and this is because it is made out of carbon mostly, it gives it its dark colors.

Now, when we are looking into the origin of this stone, it is truly hard to find out this information, having in mind that it is estimated that Shungite is almost 2 billion years old.

There are claims that this old age suggests that this material remained when our Solar system was primarily formed, and then it has fallen on the Earth as a residue of some old planet.

Other claims include the possibility of the collision of a large meteorite with Earth, causing Shungite to settle into the ground; the result of the action of microorganisms in water; and the gradual change in the composition of organic matter in sedimentary rocks.

Now, what is truly relevant to mention is that this carbon stone is made in the form of globules, or lumps and their true form could be seen when this black crystal touches water.

Then in combination, these two the true powers of the stone are released.

It is precisely these carbon lumps that are transformed when they are found in the contact with water.

Then, the water alters the structure of the stone molecules and gives the stone its prominent healing properties.

During wars, in old Russia, soldiers were treated with Shungite.

This is all thanks to the antiseptic properties of this stone, which gives water great power, and in old Russia, the emperor knew that so he ordered every warrior to bear a component that is made out of this black stone.

In many historical documents, it is repeatedly mentioned that the emperor ordered the soldiers to drink only water that had been disinfected with Shungite.

And this is just the beginning…

In Shungite, we can find elements such as Silicon, Calcium, Aluminum, Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, and Sulfur,

In Shungite, we can find also many other macroelements and microelements that make it such a complex and wonderful stone.

It is found mainly in Shunga, a village in Karelia, Russia, and other locations.

Countries, where this stone is found, are also Congo, India, Austria, and, Kazakhstan.

Different Colors

The color of Shungite depends on the chemical composition of the stone itself, which could differ, for example, carbon could appear from 20 to almost 90 percent.

The color itself depends on the admixture in the stone and can be black, but also we can find something more – gray shades, ash, and other shades.

But, generally, when you look at Shungite it will look black.

Also, have in mind that an authentic Shungite crystal may have fractions of pyrite that is silver; and embedded in the stone.

This silver trace is precisely what distinguishes Shungite from other black stones, such for example, Black Obsidian.

The authentic Shungite is recognizable by its characteristic metallic luster on the external shell.

The type of Shungite is also responsible for a variety of colors.

We cannot say that all black rocks we have on the planet are Shungite.

One method to reveal if the Shungite in your possession is genuine is to look at it closely.

Not all Shungite rocks have the same appearance, as they are excavated in other locations, though the general formation must stick to one of these 3 varieties:

First of all, there is Raw Shungite and it is considered to be the widely spread crystalline type.

It has the darkest black color, despite its low carbon content of 35 to 50%.

If you, for example, rub the stone with a brush, the Raw Shungite will create a matte gray sheen.

This type of black stone should be mostly used with water.

Next is the so-called Petrovsky Shungite and which is known for its carbon content that can be as high as 75 percent.

This type has a reflective, brighter shine. Additionally, it is more inexpensive than other kinds.

And finally, we come to the best of the best.

It is the Elite Shungite, as it is the rarest type of Shungite. It contains up to 98 percent pure carbon.

Inside it has a deep black hue with a silvery, shiny appearance.

It is soft and delicate, and therefore it requires special manual extraction.

Spiritual Meaning

Shungite is a black stone made of 99 percent carbon, in some cases, in others it has less carbon, and other substances that are found in the stone are very beneficial for human beings, those who choose to use it daily.

Having said this, Shungite is one of the rare crystals that could be used for grounding, detoxification, and neutralization of any negative or toxic energy.

More and more people are learning about these crystals, and for all of them, their meaning varies from physical protection from disease to spiritual protection from harmful energy forces that are all around us at a certain moment.


Shungite is believed to be one of the most potent stones, and the story becomes even more interesting, due to the unknown origin of this stone, that was upon a time, was used as a black color for painting.

It has numerous properties, and this stone is seen as the ultimate healing stone.

Thanks to the antique era that Shungite belongs to, this stone is known to have extremely powerful grounding abilities.

In general, it carries ground power.

Such a stone then delivers strong protection against destructive energies formed by the electromagnetic vibrations of all electrical machines that we use daily.

Shungite assists in the process of energizing and grounding one of the most important chakras.

The root chakra, to be more precise.

But this is just the start, as Shungite touches all other chakras, as it can reach all areas of our entire being.

Therefore, this stone allows the human body to evolve into the more sensory energies that are located in all other chakras that are located higher.

It pushes away any negativity, toxic energies, etc.  And, there cannot be mention of this black stone, if there is no mention of the water.

Because we know now that any water could be filtered and enriched by Shungite.

When you consume this water then your entire being is returning to balance.

The mental energy becomes more prominent.

Shungite Crystal Healing Properties

The medicinal properties of Shungite have been known for more than 3 centuries.

It was mentioned first in the 17th century, somewhere in the beginning.

It is associated with the court lady Ms. Ivanovna, who has served Romanoff royal family.

She was sick and some people from the village show her the powers of the liquid that was formed on the completely black stone.

She has recovered and had a child.

Emperor Peter started years later to mine this stone in large quantities, and from this moment the Shungite water was seen as miraculous and was used abundantly.

It has been documented that there were a lot of intestinal diseases in the army at that time.

It is believed that the Russian army was saved by this stone used by the soldiers and Tsar Peter himself.

In those times some studies were conducted and they concluded that this stone and the water are beneficial for the treatment of several diseases.

The conducted research has shown that water “has great power” against anemia, scurvy, liver disease, dropsy, and many other different diseases. All the local population was treated with magic water from various diseases.

It is considered to be amazing in curing allergies, chronic fatigue, arthritis, sore throat, gallbladder problems, stomach problems, pancreatic dysfunction, asthma, kidney issues, liver problems, and autoimmune disease.

Where to begin with this potent stone, everything we say will be an understatement, and there is a big chance that we will not mention all of its healing properties.

Its powers are known now all around the world – rightfully called the powerful stone that has numerous miraculous properties to it.

It is believed that Shungite restores youth, heals wounds received in battle, and a soldier who carries a piece of this stone on some part of his body, even when he is injured, he will remain alive.

Its notable powers are known for centuries – some of the greatest healers wrote about the miraculous effects of the mysterious black rock.

People of science have paid attention to them for a couple of last decades, and the interest in Shungite stones is on the rise ever since.

Why is Shungite so powerful?

Well, first, this is the only stone that has so-called fullerenes.

They are, simply said, a structure of molecules that made it in the shape it has.

It is interesting to mention that fullerenes have only been discovered in Shungite.

So, it makes it the only natural mineral in the world that has fullerenes.

They are important for the process of healing, and they are in charge of all those healing properties for many diseases, preservation of youth, and beauty.

This stone is amazing for the general health of organs and all systems in the human body.

It is advised that people use this stone abundantly since it works perfectly in healing.

It does it in a way that when this black stone is used, then it absorbs all the bad factors that interfere with human health and at the same time “adds” and regenerates those elements that humans need.

It takes away what is toxic and gives back what is needed for the body.

Additionally, Shungite is also able to feed our body with the necessary macro and micro elements (as it has them all in the abundance), and also make a selection – from the multitude of elements it contains, the body takes exactly what it needs.

In this way, the normal content of minerals is slowly habilitated in the body, which helps to cure many chronic illnesses and restores the body’s vitality.

It is said to act against pollutants, free radicals, and harmful microorganisms, so people like to place Shungite in their offices.

It can be used for eliminating any form of radiation that can be harmful to cells and our human DNA.

It reduces electromagnetic emissions from power grids, computers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, appliances, and other electronic devices.

It does so because this stone can convert harmful radiation into vibrations that are more compatible with us.

This area is yet to be proven but for sure there are reasons why this crystal is so used.

Shungite Crystal Metaphysical Properties

If we want to tackle what is beyond, we must remind you that the origin of Shungite is not yet confirmed and that many mysteries are associated with this black stone.

One of the clearest examples of how this amazing and mysterious stone has its metaphysical properties could be easily seen in the magical pyramids.

We know that some are found all over the world, we are not talking about the Egyptian pyramids, they are in a league of their own.

No, we are talking about the pyramids that could be small and made out of some potent crystal, where dead bodies are not decomposing, where they are mummified.

Any food or liquid does not spoil, it just dries.

There are claims that blunt things could become sharp again, for example, razors.

Even when temperatures are way below zero, water does not freeze.

There are even people who claim that being in these pyramids can boost your immunity system and stops your body from aging.

All bacteria, viruses, and any toxic matter when placed in pyramids simply disappear or lose their potency.

Now connect all these traits and add them Shungite. The traits are then enhanced even more.

Their magical power is enhanced by the abilities of the Black Stone, of Shungite.

Shungite pyramids have the effect of more than five meters in the diameter of the positive biofield; of course, this all depends on their size.

Not any other stone has such an ability.

The power of the Shungite pyramids penetrates resonance with the station’s vibration and allows it to execute power equilibrium.

As a consequence of constant movement, there is a leveling of the organism’s vitality, supplying it with energy and making the human biofield stronger than ever.

Other Benefits and Uses

Besides, all that we have mentioned, regarding healing, this black stone is known to have bactericidal properties and many others that have not yet been fully explored.

If you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, focus on where the Shungite touches your entire being, shut your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.

Similar to meditation, here the accent is on the breathing process, and it is very easy.

Inhale, keep your breath for a couple of seconds, then exhale also for a couple of seconds.

This profound, dynamic process of breathing will help you focus and calm your mind.

This stone could be used abundantly for many other purposes, just like to fight any negative radiation.

You can place the stone near electronic devices, such as microwave ovens and Wi-Fi routers, to protect from the effects of electromagnetic fields.

It is also advisable to place the stone in the center of your home, as it can spread immensely its powers.

Alternatively, you can choose a bedroom for ensuring good sleep, as Shungite stone has this ability also.

Use it when you meditate, and you can, if you feel comfortable, meditate near the stone or place it on your body during the session.

For water purification, you can also use this stone.

For this purpose, you can use a Shungite filter or put stones in water for 2 to 3 days, and after that, you can use this water for many purposes.

Numerous analyses indicate that close closeness to and everyday use of Shungite crystals can help reduce stress levels and encourage a calmer, clearer state of mind.

It is believed to absorb negative energy and balance emotions.

It’s amazing also for hypochondria, vomiting, diarrhea, excess monthly bleeding in women, epilepsy, and some people were using this stone for the process of elimination of any parasites from their organism.

Shungite has long been used for water purification.

The carbon content in the crystal gives it the properties of a natural auxiliary filter. It also cleans and energizes the water, enriching it with minerals.

One study even showed that when you place this stone in anything that is polluted.

It could be to get rid of any pesticides or to clear the water.

After this is done, then you can safely consume water or products. It can remove radioactive compounds from water.

It reduces oxidative stress and reduces inflammation. Shungite has antioxidant properties.

When Shungite solution is applied to the damaged skin of mice for 7 days, which resulted in reduced production of reactive oxygen species (responsible for oxidative stress) and increased activity of antioxidant enzymes.

Zodiac Birthstone

All water signs are the best users of the black stone, but all others could use it also.

So for Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio in particular, and Capricorn as well.

For all water Zodiac signs, the Shungite is an amazing crystal as it ground them, as they are good-natured and caring people.

Rarely, they are hostile, but the accumulated care and pain must be put to balance, and Shungite can assist them in the process.

Their sensitivity and emotionality are sometimes hidden, and it can be the cause of the trauma, but this stone will relieve them all pain.

Also, Shungite could be used to control their tendency to exaggerate things and situations.

Now, when we speak of the Capricorn Zodiac sign, this stone could be used to put their stubborn and a kind of rigid energy into balance.

Since the members of this Zodiac sign want things that are nice looking and practical they should enjoy a wonderful stone like this one.

Since all Capricorns and slightly vindictive and have a problem holding on to the past, and always remember small things, the Shungite is the perfect stone to be used, as it will bring them calmness and it will clear their minds, releasing the negativity that is very accumulated in their case.

The Black stone will assist them in times when they feel very angry, at least this stone will assist them to express their anger in a healthy way, not passive-aggressive, which is the way these people are known for.

They are not fans of meditation but can use Shungite as a nice piece of jewelry, and in this way, they will always be able to balance their energy.


The question is – can this stone be worn as jewelry?

The answer is yes, of course, just like other crystals, Shungite is wonderful when it is seen in the form of pearls, in the form of various jewelry.

Direct or indirect skin contact is safe and recommended, and the stone is usually amazing for handling, besides the Elite kind that is a bit fragile.

You can wear Shungite as a necklace, bracelet, or ring, or keep it in your bag or pocket.

Whatever you choose to do, it would not be a bad idea.

How to Cleanse and Charge Shungite Crystal?

This section is very important since this stone is so magical and specific, its charging and cleaning are also “special”.

It deserves to be specially cleaned since it is very strong.

Some users believe that all crystals should be energetically “charged” by putting them in natural sunlight, or moonlight, as these are the most common ways of cleaning them.

Others believe that all crystals should be put under the freshwater stream; and that this action is enough to energetically clean the stone from accumulated energies.

It is stated that in these methods the abilities of the crystal can be triggered and refilled, and in most cases, it can, but some stones, like this Shungite, take additional attention.

When you decide to charge this stone, you can do the same process – and it consists of placing the stone two times during one month, or every 14 days, in direct sunlight or a full moon.

The stone must be in the light for an entire day – 24 hours.

You will not make a mistake if you charge the black stone in this way.

Charging Shungite can also be done by rubbing sage, for example, to clean the exterior of the stone.

Some crystal specialists say that the best additional technique for cleaning the stone is when you are visually cleaning them, in this case, we are talking about Shungite.

Such a special visualization technique for cleansing this stone is done by simply holding crystals in your hands and deep breathing.

All people who love crystals and mediate should be able to do this without any problem.

Visualize things that make you feel calm, and you think of water that is pouring over the stone.

It is believed that in this way, the healing light fills the Shungite until all accumulated negativity dissolves.

You can observe this process easier, by simply looking at the light that increases as it surrounds the stone and refills your hands.

When you intuitively feel that the stone is clear, you can stop the visualization; no one can tell you to do it for two hours or less, or a few minutes, it is all up to your inner feeling.

You can also try using your breath, and to do that you must first clear your mind of all irrelevant thoughts, and for this occasion choose the time of the day when you are not under any stress and when you are calm and alone, and when there is nothing to distract you.

When you find the perfect place, hold the crystal in one hand and exhale. Strong as you quickly remove the other over the crystal.

Then repeat, as long as you do not feel that the crystal is clean.

How much does Shungite Crystal cost?

When you are buying this stone have in mind that, unlike some others, this one is easy to recognize as fake or not.

Thanks to the increased carbon content that is found in real Shungite crystal, it will leave a black mark on clothes or skin.

This could be the perfect way to test the stone, and an easy way to prove the authenticity of the Shungite.

You can purchase Shungite water for about 100 dollars per liter, and you can buy also activate Shungite that is in “crumbs”, just like a regular carbon. It costs less, around 35 dollars.

You can buy Shungite pyramids for more than 100 dollars, and smaller ones could be just 10 dollars.

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Shungite is a natural mineral with a specific crystal form, and it is a type of carbon because this black stone is made out of it up to 95 percent, sometimes less, hence the dark color.

We all know how carbon is an element that is crucial for life on this planet.

Shungite is formatted as hollow spherical ions, in which medicine places many hopes for treatment.

This stone is, therefore so important for the process of healing, as we have said.

When this stone was examined, scientists discovered that in this rock there are no radioactive waves, as some expected.

And, not only that Shungite is the only stone that has the unique fullerenes molecules, it has almost all elements of Mendeleev’s periodic system.

This property is magic by itself for sure.

The special feature of this mineral is that it acts selectively.

This phenomenon is explained by the ion exchange properties of Shungite, which directly enable selection in the removal of harmful and toxic substances from the body.

Despite the unknowns about the origins of Shungite, scientists attribute its potential benefits to its fullerene content.

To date, there is little scientific evidence for the beneficial properties of Shungite, most of which is anecdotal or requires further study.

Among the expected benefits are antimicrobial properties, since the fullerenes found in Shungite damage the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, thereby neutralizing them.

It is recommended to use this stone daily for the best results, just do not forget to clean it regularly.

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