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10 Steps to Prioritize Sleep

During my teenage years, I had developed a habit of not sleeping at all during night-time just to play computer games. I was so hooked into them that I had made it my priority during those days.

Unfortunately, my school timings weren’t flexible enough to fit my all-nighter game frenzy.

And like most teenagers, I used to fall asleep in the middle of my classes.

At that age, who would have not been excited with the thought of not having to sleep at all?
Being awake was simply more fun. Sleep was boring.

Consistently making sleep the last of priorities between my late teens and early twenties came back to slap tightly on my face.

I am in my mid-twenties now and in the last couple of years, I have chronically felt tired and sluggish all day long. I couldn’t concentrate during work. And I had taken a big hit to my memory as well. (Google suggested that Alzheimer’s might be catching up early on, despite having no family history of it)

I had started to believe that something was terribly wrong with my brain. I got very afraid and fell into a pit of depression.

Fast forward to now, I feel absolutely terrific and energetic at some days. Other days go by a little sluggish. But you know what, I think I have identified my magic pill.

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Why Should You Prioritize Sleep?

Thousands of research studies have consistently considered sleep to be beneficial for optimal health and well-being. Let’s see exactly how sleep benefits us and understand why we all should prioritize sleep in our lifestyle.

  1. Better Memory
    Healthy sleep helps us to learn new information through the process of memory consolidation. Research considers sleep to be fundamental to long-term memory formation.
  2. Better Productivity
    Research has proved that a lack of sleep hampers our ability to concentrate when we are awake, thus affecting productivity and attention levels severely. Healthy amounts of sleep refresh your mind to boost your attention levels when you need it.
  3. Prevents Depression
    Research has concluded that sleep is a contributing factor in people suffering from depression. People who suffer from sleep disorders are more prone to depression as well.
  4. Better Physical Performance
    Athletes often sleep for close to 10 hours because research has proved that sleep nourishes our bodies and allows for greater energy levels, better performance, movement, improved speed, and coordination.
  5. Lesser Risk of Obesity and Weight Gain
    There have been claims by researchers that chronic sleep deprivation affects our body’s ability to process fat for energy production. Rather, only carbohydrates and proteins are used to generate energy, leaving us with a potential risk of catching obesity and weak muscle development.
  6. Better Metabolism
    Healthy amounts of sleep every night maintains a proper balance of leptin and ghrelin hormone release which controls our appetite. Research has shown that sleep deprivation causes an imbalance leaving us with more appetite.
  7. Better Heart Health
    A good night’s sleep helps to regulate blood pressure levels and allows the heart to heal itself. Lack of sleep interferes with heart maintenance making us prone to heart diseases, according to the latest research.
  8. Better Immunity
    Sleep heals the body and makes our immune system stronger. Research has confirmed that consistent healthy amounts of sleep can help us fight diseases and infections better.
  9. Reduces Pain and Inflammation
    People suffering from sleep loss have shown greater risks of inflammatory diseases, as confirmed by research. Moreover, multiple studies claim that healthy sleep might help you to manage pain better.
  10. Improves Psychological Well-being
    Many studies have confirmed that lack of sleep affects people’s ability to recognize emotions in others. Healthy sleeping habits among students has also proved to improve their psychological well-being and lifestyle.
10 Reasons Why Sleep is Important and Tips to Sleep Well - Info1

After discovering all these important and possible benefits of sleep, I did not dare to mess around with it anymore.

You shouldn’t as well.
Make your ‘sleep’ a priority in your daily schedule by taking 10 simple steps.

How to Prioritize Sleep?

  1. Identify Your Chronotype
    A chronotype is your natural tendency to be alert and to sleep during a 24 hour period. By knowing your chronotype, you’ll be able to identify your ideal sleep and peak productivity timings.
    Learn more in my article on ‘Find Out When To Sleep To Have Your Best Day.’
  2. Prepare your sleep schedule according to your chronotype
  3. Have at least 8 hours of possible sleep time in your sleep schedule
  4. Stick to your sleep schedule and go to bed at the same time every day
  5. Reserve your bed for sleep and sex only
  6. Reduce exposure to bright light 2~3 hours before sleep
  7. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and heavy meals 2~3 hours before sleep
  8. Prepare yourself for sleep by taking a relaxing bath or performing light exercises or stretches
  9. Spend the 1~2 hours before going to sleep on your bed, doing calming activities like reading, and avoiding any electronic screen exposures
  10. Sleep on comfortable mattresses and pillows
10 Reasons Why Sleep is Important and Tips to Sleep Well - Info2

Allow yourself to enjoy your sleep every single day.

It’s the magic pill that has made a huge difference in my life.

Prioritizing your sleep in your daily schedule will not only help you maintain optimum health and well-being but also optimize your productivity with work.
Isn’t that what will make your life happier and successful?

Don’t wait anymore and prioritize your sleep starting from today.

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