Spiritual Meaning of Watermelon In a Dream

Watermelon is an edible fruit which has more than 1000 varieties.

It can grow in different climates, from tropical to temperate all around the world. This fruit when fully ripe has sweet taste.

The oldest wild watermelon seeds were found in Lybia dating back to 3500 BC. In time their domestication begun.

At first, they weren’t as sweet as today. In time, through breeding their taste and sweetness were improved.

Watermelons consist of 6% sugar and 91% water.

Watermelon has many health benefits. It is excellent to keep you hydrated.

It is great for the heart, reduces inflammation, and is good for muscle soreness.

For many people this is their favorite fruit.

Spiritual Meaning of Watermelon in a Dream

In a dream, a watermelon can have many different meanings.

It symbolizes health, fertility, new beginnings, opportunities, optimism, beneficial changes, happiness, and longevity.

Watermelon in a dream can be either a sign of good health or imply to a health problem you could have.

Sometimes it reflects your good health condition, healthy diet and drinking plenty of water. Maybe the dream just reflects your reality.

Sometimes this dream reveals your cravings for sugar or being thirsty.

It is also a symbol of fertility, especially due to the seeds it contains within. This dream might be announcing some happy news about a childbirth soon.

If you are trying to create a family and you dream about watermelons, this might be a sign that your desire will soon be reality.

For women, this dream sign might indicate pregnancy, and men might hear news of pregnancy from their partner.

Watermelons are symbols of opportunities and new beginnings.

Thus, in a dream, a watermelon can be a sign of new job offer and career change.

It might also signal a new relationship and phase in life.

Maybe this dream is a sign for you to start looking for new opportunities.

If you’ve had enough of your old job or your relationship isn’t as fulfilling as it was in the beginning, this is your sign to start anew.

Dreams about watermelons usually have good connotation, and if nothing else they predict a period of happiness and satisfaction ahead.

You might relax and enjoy your life because it is likely that some joyful times are expecting you.

You might also hear some good news that will make you very happy.

For some, this dream could mean receiving opportunities to fulfil some goal they have been waiting for a long time. This dream often indicates a wish fulfilment.

Sometimes it is a sign of money gain, through games of chance, but also through wise financial investments.

Dreams are often signs from our unconsciousness telling us when things are wrong even if we are not consciously aware of them.

Make sure you pay attention to your watermelon dream and try to discover its meaning in your situation.

Specific Meanings of Watermelon in a Dream

Dreaming of seeing a watermelon

If you just saw a watermelon in your dream without eating it, this might announce some major emotional experience that will leave you overwhelmed.

Maybe you will receive some news that are beneficial for you but beyond the realms of possibility that will leave you speechless.

It might happen that something you’ve always wanted and never believed to be possible, suddenly occurs. It might take you a while to realize what happened.

This might be your dream job, moving to a new country, dating someone you thought didn’t know you exist, or traveling to a dream location.

This dream is a sign of great news that will bring happiness to you as well as to those around you.

Dreaming of eating a watermelon

If you were consuming a watermelon in your dream, this usually is a good sign.

It might signify a relationship with someone, usually of an intimate nature.

This might also indicate indulging in other experiences and joys. This is a sign of pleasures of all kinds.

Maybe you will decide to treat yourself with some expensive gift or take some time off your daily schedule for yourself and your needs.

Sometimes this dream could indicate meeting new people that might become good friends to you.

Dreaming of holding a watermelon in your hands

If you were dreaming of holding a whole watermelon in your hands such a dream might not be an encouraging sign, but rather a warning.

This dream could indicate thoughtfulness and making irrational decisions, especially ones regarding your future.

Consider this dream a warning to be very careful and attentive to details, especially if you are expected to make some important business decisions or signing some contract.

People might try to scam you and if you are not careful enough, they might succeed; therefore, you should pay attention to all the details.

Dreaming about watermelon slices

If you were dreaming of seeing watermelon slices or holding a slice in your hands, this could be a sign of some suppressed desires.

Suppressing desires is not good because it might cause psychological issues, but some desires aren’t meant to be fulfilled because they are immoral and sometimes illegal.

We cannot do everything that crosses our minds, and if the desires you have are of that kind of nature, you might consider having a conversation with a professional to find out the roots of such desires and try to get rid of them by realizing they are bad for you.

Dreaming of cutting a watermelon

If you were dreaming of cutting watermelons, this is usually a good sign.

It often indicates a new level of commitment in your relationship. This might refer to getting engaged, proposing, or getting married.

For those who are already in a serious commitment it could mean starting a family.

For those who are not in a relationship, and desire to be in one, this dream could be an announcement of the right person coming into their lives.

This dream might indicate the start of a new romantic relationship for some of you.

If someone else was cutting a watermelon in your dream, this might be a sign of breaking up a relationship with someone.

This might be a friendship or a partnership that has a negative influence over your life.

If you were observing someone cutting a watermelon in your dream, try to figure out whether there are people in your life that are bad influence on you.

Maybe you will realize that you are better off without them.

By clearing your circle of people, you are making space and energy for new people who are more aligned to your soul’s purpose to enter your life.

Don’t be sad if you realize some people need to leave your life.

Some people are just dragging us down and are preventing our progress, and removing them from our lives should be a reason to celebrate and not be sorry.

Dreaming about buying watermelons

If you were buying watermelons in your dream, this usually is a good sign.

It can indicate success and prosperity awaiting you in the near future.

You might expect opportunities for achieving your goals that you helped arise.

This dream announces success as a result of your efforts.

Nothing will fall into your lap from the skies. You will earn your prosperity.

This is also a dream that can sometimes indicate opportunities arising from friends and family members and their circles of people.

Maybe someone will introduce you to your future spouse or will link you to someone that will help you find your dream job.

A dream about buying watermelons announces times to reap the benefits of your past efforts.

Dreaming of dropping a watermelon on the floor

If you dreamed of holding a watermelon in your hands and you suddenly dropped it on the floor and the watermelon cracked into pieces, this is usually a warning sign.

Often such a dream is an indication of your stubbornness and lack of flexibility.

Maybe you stick to a point of view or some decisions that you know are detrimental for you.

Maybe you are reluctant to admit your mistakes and you continue doing them even when you know that are harming you.

Such a dream is a way of your subconscious to make you aware of these negative traits you possess and the necessity to change.

You also need to learn to admit that you are wrong in some situations and apologize the people you hurt.

You might start making enemies and people will begin avoiding you if you don’t change.

If you observed someone dropping a watermelon from their hands, this could be a sign regarding your behavior.

Maybe you are not the most kind and welcoming person and you tend to act rude towards others.

If this is the case, try making some changes in your behavior and try treating people with more kindness and respect, unless someone deserves a rude behavior.

Unpolite and rude behavior might cause people to start avoiding you. You might lose some very good people from your life.

It doesn’t help if you are being harsh and direct because you have good intentions.

Dreaming of unripe watermelon

If you dreamed of eating a watermelon which was unripe, this is a sign that you are rushing some situation before its time.

This dream is a clear indication that you need to be patient and wait for things to fall in their place.

If you rush things, you might risk failure of your actions.

Things you forcefully make happen can never make you happy and often bring misfortune.

If you had this dream, you should be careful about the decisions you make and the actions you are planning to take.

Be wise and consider all the details. If you realize it is to early to take action, then wait, be patient. This will ensure your success.

Dreaming of watermelon seeds

If you dreamed of watermelon seeds whether you simply saw them in your dream, or you were planting them, such a dream is a good sign. It foretells success and prosperity.

This dream symbolically represents the effort and the labor needed to make your dreams reality.

If you take your time to carefully plan your steps, your success will be ensured.

Growth takes time and effort. Nothing that is valuable and lasts happens overnight; this is why you should be patient and have faith in your actions.

Believe that your efforts will pay off. Your thoughts also create, and you should back all your actions with trust.

Dreaming of throwing a watermelon

If you dreamed you were throwing a watermelon in the garbage, such a dream is not a good sign.

This dream often signifies misfortune and sadness.

Maybe some of your fears might come true and this will sadden you.

It is important to take into consideration all details of this dream, because even though the message is not optimistic it doesn’t mean that it is always about tragical consequences.

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