Tanzanite Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Tanzanite is one of the rare crystals that is quite popular for many reasons, with its exquisite beauty being just one of those.

The gemstone called Blue Zoisite is found in the United Republic of Tanzania only and offers a vast range of healing and spiritual benefits.

If you are looking for a versatile crystal to aid your spiritual development and transformation, Tanzanite is the stone you should definitely consider.

The crystal is widely famous for its magnificent blue and violet hues.

Tanzanite carries transformative vibrations, which you can use to transmute negative energy and release old harmful patterns.

The shimmering crystal contains incredibly healing power.

Mystics claim it’s a precious crystal to hold onto; it will help you eliminate toxic energy residues so you can discover your true innate gifts.

Tanzanite’s cleansing will help you manifest your highest goals and live the life you were meant to.

Read on below, and you will learn all about Tanzanite’s meaning, healing, and metaphysical properties.

Furthermore, you will learn about the profound spiritual significance of tanzanite crystal and how to use the rare gemstone for meditation and manifestation.

After all, Tanzanite is also called the gem of transformation for more than a few excellent reasons.

Tanzanite Origin

Did you know that Tanzanite is rarer than diamonds?

However, the crystal was recently discovered compared to other Earths’ gemstones.

In fact, it was first found in the 1960s under Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

The crystal from the Merelani Hills quickly gained popularity in Hollywood, and the famous jewelers of Tiffany & Co. named the blue zoisite Tanzanite.

However, Tanzanite’s famous deep blue/violet color comes from heat. The legend says that a bizarre event discovered the famous crystal’s hue.

In fact, it’s said that lightning struck and caused a fire that turned the brown-looking pebbles into gorgeous blueish gemstones.

This discovery was a true phenomenon in the gemstone community and made Tanzanite very popular.

As a matter of fact, Tiffany & Co. named the crystal one of Earth’s most beautiful looking gemstones.

And who could argue with the statement? Tanzanite is genuinely magnificent.

The gemstones are trichroic and beautifully colored, with the hue changing in the sunlight.

So the crystal goes from violet to indigo blue. The most beautiful shades of blue are created by heating the stones to approximately 400 to 500 degrees Celsius.

The mineral falls under the silicate category as a calcium aluminum silicate, scoring 6-7 on Moh’s hardness scale.

Although Tanzanite is a rare crystal, it’s not as costly as one might assume.

Since the jewelers and mine owners never appropriately priced the tanzanite carat’s worth, the crystal comes in various prices.

Different Colors

Tanzanite has a wide variety of colors.

In fact, it’s one of the few gemstones coming in many different hues.

For example, there are violet, green, blue, and violet-blue Tanzanite; the hues change with heat treatments.

It’s the heating process that gives Tanzanite its vibrancy and richness in color.

In fact, tanzanite color can range from marine blue to deep violet.

The crystals can be transparent to opaque and shift color depending on the perspective you look at them.

Try looking at them in the sunlight or in artificial light.

Under the latter, Tanzanite will have an amethyst color.

Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, Tanzanite is profoundly significant and can tremendously aid one’s spiritual growth.

In fact, spiritual communities call the crystal a stone of transmutation, which means it has a transformative nature regarding energy and one’s inner Being.

Metaphysically, Tanzanite is one of the most powerful crystals to use in exploring the Soul and aiding one’s spiritual journey.

After all, self-exploration is a daunting task at times, but crystals have mystical powers that can help you deal with the challenges of spiritual exploration.

The beautiful gemstone is vibrant with high-frequency energy that provides healing, protection, and calmness.

In fact, Tanzanite is the gemstone to use for deep meditation and chakra clearing.

The crystal is especially beneficial to reach the mind and heart union by illuminating the shadows.

The light offers clarity and focus to cultivate compassion for oneself and others.

The latter is critical for divine healing and a deep emotional and spiritual cleansing.

Tanzanite can significantly help with these challenging tasks, providing inner calmness while one is releasing negative energies and old damaging patterns.

This cleanse is vital for opening the mind and heart. In addition, this process often offers one or more of humans’ surprising innate gifts or psychic abilities.

Tanzanite is the crystal to connect you with your inner Self and the Universe.

For those uncovering their psychic gifts, Tanzanite can be of incredible help because it will stimulate
spiritual growth.

Moreover, the crystal can help them find their higher purpose.

Because, after all, innate spiritual gifts aren’t meant to be used to boost one’s ego but used for the collective’s highest good.

Furthermore, this crystal is also called the gemstone of transformation. Spiritual communities find it excellent for psychic gifts exploration and even Third Eye Chakra activation.

The extraordinary thing about the process is that it is gradual, so there are fewer overwhelming feelings.

Those are unavoidable during spiritual growth, but Tanzanite can help deal with such emotions.

The latter makes Tanzanite the crystal to stimulate one’s awakening process; it will boost clairvoyance, focus, and clarity and provide balance, calmness, and content.

The soothing gemstone is also incredibly beneficial when solving problems based on communication issues.

In fact, if you’re amidst a challenge that feels without any possible solutions, try to put your trust in tanzanite crystal. The gem might just turn on a lightbulb you weren’t even aware of.

Additionally, Tanzanite helps to communicate spiritual knowledge and distribute it to others.

However, the critical thing about it is that it motivates you to do it from the heart space.

This is important when discussing profound spiritual and emotional experiences with others.

Moreover, Tanzanite will hugely benefit the emphatic people who receive such information through intuition.

Suppose you’re intuitive and feel like you pick up on other people’s energy quickly.

In that case, getting Tanzanite is wise to help you deal with these challenging emotional experiences.

This is especially true for people working in counseling and therapy.

Tanzanite is the gemstone that can lift you to a higher state of consciousness and find the self-awakening gifts of the Soul.

These positive experiences are meant to be shared with the collective, and the beautiful gemstone is the one that can be of tremendous help with that.

Chakra Healing and Balancing With Tanzanite

As it stimulates three chakras, the Third Eye, Crown, and Throat Chakra, Tanzanite is the crystal to link your intuition, higher knowledge, and communication skills.

In addition, the magical energy of the blue crystal works wonders when clearing the Throat Chakra, also called the body’s vice.

Essentially, Tanzanite helps with self-expression tremendously.

Keeping a tanzanite gemstone close by is incredibly beneficial. After all, an imbalance in the throat chakra can influence the balance of others.

If any of the chakras in the chakra system is out of balance, one typically experiences stagnant, negative energy that affects our whole human experience.

A cleared throat chakra allows for clear communication, sharing beliefs, feelings, and personal truth with others with ease and flow.

Moreover, this flow of energy is vital when aligning with one’s true purpose because that requires openness, honesty, and freedom of expression.

Therefore, Tanzanite is one of the most abundant crystals for natural release, be it of negative energy and thought patterns or toxic traits that result in communication issues and misunderstandings.

Furthermore, the benefits of Tanzanite regarding the Third Eye chakra are identically significant.

The chakra that governs our perception, awareness, and consciousness is the lens through which we perceive the world around us.

Moreover, this chakra is responsible for how we relate to our true selves and to others and thus governs the thoughts and conversations we lead with ourselves.

And while many are unaware of the fact that internal communication really affects how we show up with others and how we communicate with the outer world.

If the third chakra is imbalanced, our conversations inside and with others can become unhealthy and even toxic.

Luckily, Tanzanite crystal can help clear such energies and provide the flow to vibrant, constructive conversations.

The cleansing of the Third Eye can open you up to new ideas, concepts, and visions. This openness is critical to control energy flow throughout the whole chakra system.

The dark violet gemstone is perfect for restoring balance to the third eye chakra and opening the gate to the inner wisdom and higher knowledge coming from the Source.

As a matter of fact, the indigo color of Tanzanite symbolizes wisdom, mystery, and judgment.

Finally, the crown chakra, our connection with the Divine and the secret knowledge of the Universe, governs the thinking and beliefs that influence how we respond to the world.

Moreover, the crown chakra is the wellspring of one’s spirituality and the channel for the most valuable information you can ever get – the data from the universal energy source.

Tanzanite is fantastic in treating the imbalance of the crown chakra and restoring the energy of love, inspiration, clarity, and destiny.

Moreover, the crystal perfectly connects the third eye and the heart chakra.

After all, the healthy mind-heart link is the recipe for spiritual development and the only way to reach unity with the Divine and a sense of wholeness.

Unique Spiritual Energy of Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a crystal packed with high vibration energy, magnified by its many shifting colors.

Moreover, this crystal is one of the channels of connecting with the Divine.

In fact, Tanzanite is said to be able to link you to the 5D, the angelic realm where your guardian angels, spirit guides, and Ascended Masters such as Jesus Christ reside.

Some even say those in deep meditation can glimpse the Akashic Record, the Divine data script where all knowledge is kept.

Tanzanite is an excellent crystal assistant for those who like to do deep meditation. Additionally, the gemstone is also used for karmic healing and soul ascension.

Tanzanite can help release negative patterns and clear the path from harsh karma as it is a crystal of transformation and transmutation.

Therefore, Tanzanite is often used to provide clarity and inspiration.

Moreover, this crystal provides focus and direction also.

The latter is always inside everyone, but people often lack the clarity to see it.

Who Should Get a Tanzanite Crystal?

Since Tanzanite is one of the best crystals to balance the spiritual energy and make a link with Higher realms, it’s fantastic for those that wish to strengthen this valuable connection.

Pick Tanzanite of any color; its vibrations will help you connect to your inner Self and the Divine.

Once you reach that level, you will be able to get to know yourself on a deep, Soul level.

Such an experience will undoubtedly change your life. But you will still be at ease because you will gain a strong sense of self-knowledge and self-control.

Tanzanite is a crystal to help you go beyond your limits in spiritual growth.

So if there are any boundaries or obstacles on the way, this unique gemstone will help you strategize and overcome the challenges on your path.

Tanzanite will draw your inner strength and focus so you can follow your Soul’s path with a sense of ease, knowing you will handle whatever happens.

In addition, this gemstone provides the calmness needed to be able to think during challenging situations.

Furthermore, Tanzanite is extra valuable for those needing purification on any level.

This is especially significant for stagnant energy such as lethargy, lack of motivation, insecurity, or anxiety.

The crystal can transmute such energies and transform them into clarity, focus, and creativity.

In essence, Tanzanite can help you get back on track with whatever you are trying to manifest.

No less significantly, this crystal can also help you eliminate bad habits, so you can exchange them with constructive ones aligned with your true purpose.

And as we’re mentioning, it’s critical to note the incredible benefits of Tanzanite for people with psychic gifts and abilities.

The clairvoyant, clairaudient, and highly intuitive individuals would be wise to get Tanzanite because the crystal can significantly enhance these innate gifts.

Moreover, the beautiful gemstone can improve psychic communication also.

The effect of this crystal on the third eye chakra is unparallel. Therefore, Tanzanite can be your fantastic guide during your spiritual journey.

Moreover, combining the crystal with aragonite will empower your spiritual mind and be one step closer to genuine enlightenment.

That said, Tanzanite is also incredibly useful to people with self-expression difficulties.

So if you find it difficult to express your emotions, the blue gemstone will make it easier for you to communicate and share your feelings.


Tanzanite carries profound symbolical significance.

The beautiful gemstone vibrates the energies of self-awareness, compassion, love, understanding, and peace.

And not only that, it provides a solid bond to the Divine and connection with the entities of the spiritual realm.

The powerful crystal also resonates with serenity and can help align all the chakras in the system.

Additionally, the legend of the native Americans says that Tanzanite is the gemstone to get if you need to release negative patterns and addictions.

Therefore, it’s also a gemstone that can bring incredibly positive energies to start a new abundant beginning.

The magnificent blue color of Tanzanite symbolizes the beauty of the sky, life, and emotional aspects of the human experience.

The beautiful crystal vibrates with trust, patience, respect, faith, responsibility, and forgiveness.

Tanzanite is also the crystal to obtain for those releasing any addictions, recovering from destructive behaviors and their consequences.

The truth is, experiencing a fall is deeply challenging. The getting-up part is filled with guilt, sadness, lack of motivation, and a sense of defeat.

However, tanzanite vibrations work fantastic in restoring positivity and faith.

Moreover, it will help release the past and move on with compassion towards oneself and others.

The gemstone is also known to promote honor and humanity.

In essence, the light blue hue of Tanzanite vibrates with patience and charity.

It resonates with honor and compassion and is excellent for those that find it challenging to maintain their emotional stability and temper.

Additionally, the sky-colored crystals are fantastic to have close when dealing with grief, guilt, and past trauma.

Violet Tanzanite is magical and contains mystical powers that resonate with wisdom, high knowledge, self-awareness, and nobility.

This crystal could help you achieve your highest goals because it enhances inspiration and motivates one to aim higher and reach the soul’s goals.

Moreover, Tanzanite can help you see clearer and reach a new level of understanding, whether you or the Cosmos as a whole.

And since it’s also focused on emotions, this crystal can help you see and understand your hidden desires or attachments.

The clarity you gain will help you release the things that aren’t of service to your further growth.

Essentially, Tanzanite is a gemstone that symbolizes the union of heart, intellect, and freedom of expression.

The deepest color of Tanzanite is quite remarkable, both for its beauty and the high-vibrational energies it contains.

The indigo tanzanite vibrates with wisdom, inner truth, intuition, dignity, and longevity. The indigo crystal is beneficial for meditation because it enhances introspection and clarity.

Moreover, indigo Tanzanite is the stone of spiritual mastery and offers profoundly significant wisdom when one needs it the most.

In addition, indigo gemstones resonate with honesty and are incredibly beneficial to use within a religious and spiritual journey.

No less significantly, indigo tanzanite can help you connect with nature and ground your energy.

Tanzanite and Meditation

Tanzanite falls under the crystals used for deep meditation because it provides easier access to a higher state of consciousness.

Moreover, the crystal works as a conductor for one’s spiritual journey and strengthens the link to the Divine.

Meditation with Tanzanite is known to open communication with spirit guides and guardian angels and can be a mighty aid when trying to connect with passed loved ones.

One of the most incredible powers of Tanzanite is its ability to make one’s intuition fantastically sharp.

So carry this crystal with you, and rest assured that you will know the right decisions to make.

Essentially, you will automatically do the right thing and take the right direction.

Looking back, you will realize it was your intuition guiding you from the beginning.

Tanzanite Healing Properties

Tanzanite is abundant with healing benefits, both physical and emotional.

In fact, it can even help mend relationships and create stronger bonds with loved ones.

Physical Healing Properties of Tanzanite

This crystal is packed with benefits that help you stay healthy and balanced.

Tanzanite is incredibly beneficial to the immune system, making it stronger.

Moreover, gemstone is excellent for the detoxification of the blood system.

It improves vitality, cell regeneration, skin repair, and hair growth. It can even help with excessive sweat.

In fact, Tanzanite is beneficial when dealing with consequences one deals with after illnesses, surgeries, or other medical procedures.

After all, such techniques provide lots of stress to the human body, which Tanzanite can cure with its calming and purifying energy.

Moreover, it can help relieve migraines and headaches.

Tanzanite will serve as a great immune system enhancer if one wears it for a longer time. It also helps cure skin diseases and inflammation.

Furthermore, the crystal is excellent when dealing with stress, anxiety, and psychological disorders.

In fact, Tanzanite can even help treat chronic alcoholism and is often used alongside counseling and other treatments.

Additionally, Tanzanite also helps women’s fertility and is used in treating the conditions resulting in fertility problems.

The crystal is equally beneficial to both female and male reproductive organs.

Emotional Healing Properties of Tanzanite

Tanzanite is incredibly beneficial when it comes to matters of the heart. The crystal radiates the warm, compassionate, divine love that provides encouragement and self-confidence.

If there is worry, anxiety, trauma, fear, or insecurity, Tanzanite will melt them all away.

The exquisite gemstone is a potent crystal of transformation and transmutation.

So if negative energies block your progress or happiness, Tanzanite will dissipate them and wash you over with motivation, direction, and drive.

Tanzanite Metaphysical Properties

Crystal experts believe Tanzanite is the gemstone to use if you want to boost your intuition and self-perception.

But also, this crystal will link you to Higher realms while you’re getting a clear look within.

Tanzanite is the most fantastic crystal to carry in times of doubt and especially crisis.

The gemstone will boost your confidence and give you the focus needed to release the worry and deal with obstacles.

Humans face a fear to overcome every once in a while; that is just how life is designed.

However, Tanzanite can be your most loyal crystal ally, offering you help to deal with challenges.

The answers you seek you will find within, and this crystal will undoubtedly help you get them faster.

Furthermore, Tanzanite helps with self-expression and speaking from the heart.

Many people have difficulty expressing their truth, which can hugely damage their interpersonal relationships.

Luckily, this crystal can help overcome such blockages and align the mind and the heart to achieve balance and peace.

The incredible power of Tanzanites is especially seen in how it helps one show their true self to the world without fear of being rejected or misunderstood.

The gemstone is thus excellent to use when dealing with a stressful situation, such as breaking some difficult news to other people.

After all, many times in life, that’s what we are required to do to protect ourselves or progress.

And what’s critical, Tanzanite will help you accept and love yourself, warts and all. It’s the stone of intimate truth and the one to help you clear your throat chakra.

The way you communicate outwards is fundamental. Therefore, Tanzanite is excellent in helping you show your true self before others as well.

Alongside being incredibly beneficial to the throat chakra, this gemstone works wonders on the third chakra.

It will help open one’s spiritual eye, provide a new perspective, and even enhance psychic abilities.

In addition, Tanzanite is the crystal to carry when you need a soothing vibration that will calm you during challenging situations.

Other Benefits and Uses

Tanzanite’s peaceful energy is excellent at home since it provides flow, peacefulness, and protection.

Place it anywhere you feel you need serenity, focus, or peace.

Tanzanite is incredibly useful in the workspace, meditation rooms, yoga training, and working with esoteric arts such as tarot, reiki, or prayer.

The crystal also has a fiery energy and provides warmth, clarity, and illumination to what needs focus.

In addition, the vibrations it emits are beneficial to get rid of passive energy and stagnancy.

Tanzanite is a profoundly relaxing crystal, so it’s wise to keep one close during a massage or any mindfulness practice you prefer.

In fact, if you place it under your pillow during sleep, it might help you with lucid dreaming.

Tanzanite is genuinely a crystal that promotes one’s stability, balance, and overall well-being.

Zodiac Birthstone

Tanzanite’s blue and violet hue speaks about the magnificent beauty of winter and thus is considered a December birthstone.

Therefore, Tanzanite is the birthstone of the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

The crystal helps enhance these peoples’ innate gifts and biggest strengths, providing help with anything that might hinder their progress.

Tanzanite helps the people born under the sign of Sagittarius maintain centered, mindful, clear-headed, open-hearted, and self-aware.

Moreover, the crystal helps with finding inner truths and Soul’s peace.


The jewelry with Tanzanite is one of the most popular you can get. The blue zoisite jewelry is vibrant with color, making stunning tanzanite necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

As already said, Tifanny & Co. saw the potential of the magnificent crystal in the 1960s.

So it’s sufficient to say it’s obvious they were on point regarding its popularity.

Of course, the exquisite gemstone is a lovely crystal to have in jewelry, but its looks are just one of the benefits.

Tanzanite jewelry is the best way to carry the crystal’s powerful vibrations and utilize them to stay balanced, protected, and insightful.

Therefore, this jewelry is especially beneficial during healing of any sort, as well as for meditation, purification, and restoration.

How to Cleanse and Charge Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is incredibly powerful, but like every other crystal, it loses its potency after a while.

Therefore, cleansing and charging your Tanzanite is a must.

You can place the gemstone in a bowl of sea salt and leave it there for 24 hours.

Tanzanite is also cleansed by putting it in a bowl of brown rice for the same amount of time.

Keep in mind that water could damage the magnificent colors of the crystal, so it’s best to avoid getting it wet.

The other methods of cleansing include:

• Smudging with sage.
• Placing it in the moonlight.
• Burying Tanzanite in the ground to recharge it

How Much Does Tanzanite Cost?

Despite being a rare and precious crystal, Tanzanite is not as expensive as one might suppose. In fact, the crystal is typically reasonably affordable.

The price of Tanzanite varies depending on the quality, carats, and color.

Rough estimates are that the gemstone’s value is about $450 to $650 per carat if the crystal is pure and of magnificent blue color.

However, more giant crystals can cost up to $750 apiece.

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Tanzanite is one of the rarest and most powerful crystals in the gemstone world.

The beautiful gemstone is not only exquisitely beautiful and vibrant in color but also spiritually profoundly significant.

In fact, Tanzanite is the crystal to connect you to the Divine realm, protect, and encourage your spiritual journey.

The crystal’s high vibrational energies offer harmony, clarity, calmness, and wisdom to the owner.

The healing properties of this precious stone are immense, both on a physical, intellectual, and Soul level.

Tanzanite is undoubtedly one of the most unique gems in the world because it promotes confidence and freedom of self-expression.

And while reasonably affordable, its value will only increase with time.

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