The Chariot Tarot Card As Feelings – Explained

The Chariot is the powerful seventh card of the Major Arcana. This is a card of immense potential.

It represents the active pursuit of goals, the heading towards new horizons. The Charioteer sets on a road. Two opposing forces pull his chariot.

Our life is full of opposite energies, but it is in our power to handle them.

We have to make them serve our goals, we can employ them and set out on the road of new experiences. The same principle applies to all areas of our life, including our emotional life.

The Chariot card indicates the time has come we gather ourselves together and start our journey.

This journey may take a long, but its intended outcome is inner peace, harmony within and without, a higher sense of tranquility, and peace with the world.

Of course, this also means we should get in touch with our feelings and our conflicting emotions. The Chariot card is interesting concerning relations with people in general and the feelings we share.

The Chariot As Feelings Essentials

The Chariot card succeeds The Lovers card, in a meaningful way. The Lovers card was about passion, temptation, compatibility, harmony, balance, binary opposition, unity, and complementary forces and principles.

The Lovers represent the ritual of dedication, the dependence, in a way. The Charioteer is about self-awakening, maturity, and finding your way. It does not mean it indicates separation, but it is, in itself, a more individualistic card.

The Chariot card is more about getting in touch with our own emotions. Look at the card. What do you see? The Chariot card represents a beautiful young man sitting in a chariot pulled by two sphinxes.

The sphinx represents mystery, riddle, and the unknown. In this case, the black sphinx represents the masculine principle, while the white one represents the feminine. There is some similarity with The Lovers card – we again have binary oppositions.

The two forces pull the young handsome man’s chariot. What is more, he has no reins. He only has a staff symbolizing personal will and authority. This has to do with feelings and emotional control. Only the power of consciousness, will, and authority can control them.

The man wears a breastplate, symbolizing, obviously, protection. He heads on a road to the unknown and he needs the armor. His crown, topped by a star symbolizes hope and success. The starry curtain behind him stands for heavenly influence and guidance.

Number 7, the number of The Chariot card is one of the most spiritual numbers in numerology. This is the number of self-discovery, learning, philosophy, spiritual journey, spiritual awakening, isolation, intellect, perfectionism, etc.

The Chariot card symbolizes willpower, determination, activity, success, and the mastery of controlling opposing forces. In the reversed position, the card appears quite troublesome. It stands for opposition, instability, loss of track, unwise decision, and lack of proper direction and aims.

The Chariot card is also known as The Centurion or Victory. It appears as if this card does not have much to do with romantic relationships and love feelings. The Chariot card is auspicious in career and related readings but could be tricky in love readings. Let’s find out more.

The Chariot As Feelings in a Love Reading

The Chariot tarot card represents determination, taking initiative and action, and triumph. Although it could lead you to think it is a desirable indicator of having success in your love life, this card is not really about that.

After all, love can hardly be defined by the term success. Speaking about interpersonal relations, love is a special sense of connection with someone. On a bigger plan, love is the moving force of life, the state of being.

This card does not have much to do with interpersonal relationships and romance. Its potential is a more individualistic one. When it comes to feelings, it is more about coming to peace with our feelings.

The Charioteer is a warrior, a brave, daring young man standing proud and determined in his mystical chariot. He has only one thing on his mind – stepping ahead, moving, being active, pursuing new experiences, and growing.

He neither spends too much time thinking nor drowning in emotions. He has already decided to move forward. The Charioteer knows what he wants, and he will employ all his powers to succeed. He is aware of the potential troubles, but he proceeds.

The two sphinxes pulling the chariot are of opposite energies. They represent the challenges of life, but also the challenges and conflicts we find within ourselves. Nevertheless, the brave warrior, the Charioteer will not let them stop him.

This card is a fantastic one when it comes to personal goals, success, finances, career, and other personal inclinations. Some would say this is not a particularly favorable card for love readings. However, it greatly depends on the question and the position of the card.

The Chariot As Feelings – The Chariot Upright

Although primarily focused on personal goals, triumph, and success, which often means the emotions have to be carefully dealt with, channeled, or even restrained at times, this card could tell much about someone’s feelings toward you.

The upright Chariot represents a person who is very self-confident, courageous, and ready to get what they want. This person knows what they want and they would not hesitate to try to get it. In feelings readings, it means this person knows whom they want.

In other words, the person you are interested in wants you. Although it may feel pleasing and flattering, you should look deeper into that person’s interest in you. Why do they want you? This is the right question to ask yourself.

The Charioteer is a conqueror, the triumphant. The Charioteer person is not guided by gentle feelings toward you, or at least not entirely. This person does not find you their soul mate, they see you as a perfect prize, a trophy.

Sad but likely true, this individual sees you only as a goal, not as a person of heart and soul. They do not feel connected with you on a deeper level nor it is something they want. Overall, The Chariot card is not particularly emotional.

The Chariot card is all about action. The most important thing for the Charioteer person here is taking an active role, and achieving something. The triumph and the conquest are what drive them, not their emotions.

The individual you ask about may have feelings of course.

However, their feelings are not those of attachment. They may feel excited and attracted to you, but there is nothing more than that. This is not a card indicating true love, but an affair, or simply the thrill of a chase.

The Chariot As Feelings – The Chariot Reversed

The reversed Chariot card could be particularly ominous. The individual in question is stuck. They feel they cannot move. Their courage is diminished, and their sense of self-worth is severely damaged. This individual feels as having no control over their life.

The person in question is afraid of what lies ahead. Anxious, and in fear of the future, this person cannot think clearly. The negative emotions are overwhelming. This individual is deeply afraid of taking any step further, because the consequences may be bad.

The Chariot card is generally self-focused and has little to do with relationships and feelings toward other people.

With the inverted card, things only get worse. If the upright Chariot indicates a sort of self-obsession associated with positivity and hope, the reverse indicates something different.

The inverted card tells about a person who thinks only about themselves, but in a negative light. They cannot dedicate their attention to anyone. They feel blocked, fearful, and resentful. This person cannot open up to anyone.

If you pull the reversed Chariot in a love and feelings reading, this card is a sign you should let things go and move on. You cannot make someone love you, especially if they have to face their demons first.

There is a chance you can help them unblock and get back on track. However, it does not mean their feelings for you will change, so, if you are in love with them, be careful.

For people who are in a long-term relationship or marriage, the reversed card may indicate your partner is insecure.

Maybe you press them too hard, being domineering and always having things your way. Do you feel as if they are afraid of your criticism and judgment?

In terms of making the next step in a relationship, the Chariot card gives a no answer. Your (potential) partner is not ready for making any changes. They feel stuck in their own skin and/or they find the situation pleasing as it is, regardless of how you feel about it.

The Chariot As Feelings – His Feelings

The Chariot card represents a warrior and a conqueror. There are not many romantic and tender feelings in this card. He is excited about you, that is for sure. However, he is likely not in love with you, so be careful about your decisions.

He likes you and the two of you likely have something in common.

However, you should be aware that his motivation for winning you over is not genuine love, but the thrill of a chase. To him, you represent a golden trophy.

Regardless of how harsh it may sound, that is how things probably are. If you dream about getting married and having a family, think twice.

He may only want to win you so that he can prove his skills, charm, and ego. He may even want to make a step further, which is something you should think through. Relationships and marriages based on showing off partners usually lack real connection, and, above all, love.

With the reversed card, he may feel satisfied with things as they are. He does not want to make any changes considering the status of your relationship as of now.

If you are single and into a particular man, the reversed Chariot may indicate he is insecure about his own life and is not ready for anything serious.

The Chariot As Feelings – Her Feelings

Things are pretty much the same when it comes to her feelings. The Chariot is about personal will and achievement, excitement, the new road, bravery, challenge, and triumph. She is attracted to you and she wants to win you over.

She is incredibly charming and her seductive skills are hard to resist.

However, do not fall into a trap; she probably does not love you. There could be mutual attraction, passion, and desire, but if you are in a serious relationship, she is not the right person.

If the card is reversed, she likely does not want to make any step further, at least at this point. She has things she has to deal with.

As a partner, you should be supportive. The same stands for the above example. However, if things go too far, maybe parting ways is the best option

The Chariot As Feelings – Ex’s Feelings

The Chariot card appears to be particularly perplexing when it comes to ex-partners.

The reversed card indicates your ex does not know how they feel about you and your broken relationship. They feel stuck between your separation and moving forward.

At the same time, they do not want to move on, but they also do not want to be with you again.

This is a particularly troublesome situation that could be burdening to both parties. You are the only one who can make a decision and resolve the situation.

The upright card is more favorable. It suggests your ex feels they can move forward.

They feel the time has come to enter a new chapter of life. they likely appreciate the time you spent together. Do not try to get them back, they have made a clear decision.

The Chariot As Feelings – How They See You

The Chariot tarot card describes a self-willed, determined, strong, daring, optimistic, and courageous person, ready to set on a road and find their destiny.

People see you as a person who can take control over their life, a triumphant warrior.

Of course, if the card was inverted, they will see you as someone stuck in your life. Overall, the Charioteer mostly focuses on their own goals. People may see you as emotionally detached, and self-centered.

The Chariot As Feelings Combinations With Other Cards

The Chariot card as feelings reveals some additional insights when combined with other cards. The following examples are quite interesting.

The Chariot + The king of Wands As Feelings

These two cards make a powerful combo. The person this combo applies two is incredibly self-confident. There is no mountain they cannot climb. This combo indicates an active, dynamic, exciting relationship in feelings and love readings.

The Chariot +The Page of Cups As Feelings

This combination indicates sensitivity and emotional vulnerability. This is an interesting combo because it represents someone who is deeply in touch with their emotions. They will creatively express their feelings towards someone they are into.

The Chariot As Feelings Conclusion

The Chariot card appears to be a bit tricky and perplexing in feelings readings because the card itself is not that much about emotions. This is a card associated with personal goals, personal journeys, managing your own life, being self-confident or not, etc.

Although not a relationship card, it reveals some truths about relationships and the feelings we have for one another.

The Chariot is not an auspicious love feelings card, but it could give you needed insights and help you make good decisions regarding relationships in general.

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