The Emperor Tarot Card As Feelings – Explained

If The Empress card embodies the archetype of the Mother, then The Emperor card must represent the Father.

Both cards are particularly interesting in feelings and love readings as the two represent the archetypical royal couple, the parents, and the duo protecting the realm.

While the feminine counterpart, the Empress, represents emotions, creation, nurture, and care, the Emperor stands for the voice of reason, justice, and peace.

The Emperor embodies the principle of inner control, discipline, and the power of personal will.

The Emperor’s motto says: „I bring things to life“. He makes things come to life, through his strength, power, reason, and will.

The Emperor symbolizes mental balance and authority. The Empress is a mother, the goddess of earthly pleasures and prosperity.

The Emperor is the one who rules, the one who inspires awe, and respect, and the one everyone can rely on. He holds power in his hands.

The Emperor card as feelings thus has a mighty potential. Let us find out more.

The Emperor As Feelings Essentials

The Emperor card as feelings represents a strong-willed, self-confident, mentally strong, and determined individual who is ready to commit to a relationship.

This person, be it the questioner or another one, knows what they want.

This card tells about someone guided by reason, more than emotions. This is especially interesting in feelings readings.

This does not mean that the person in question does not have any feelings (for you or vice versa).

The Emperor card indicates a well-balanced personality, someone who is ready to take the initiative, the role of authority, and a leader.

This individual controls their emotions but does not suppress them unless the position and the opening of the cards are unfavorable.

The Emperor-person is someone who allows themselves to feel but does not let emotions overwhelm them and mess with their sense and reasoning.

This is a person with an authoritarian attitude. They are ambitious, and power-driven and they inspire respect.

This person is an amazing host, for example. The Emperor-person wants everyone to feel welcome and well pleased.

The Emperor will make sure his guests feel great at his table. This figure is welcoming, generous, and impressive on many levels.

This card represents maturity, responsibility, and taking things into your own hands.

The Emperor card as feelings represents the balance between the mind and emotions.

With this card, the reason is more likely to prevail, when it comes to relationships, love feelings, etc.

The Emperor As Feelings in a Love Reading

The Emperor card carries powerful vibes.

Pulling the Emperor card in a love reading may tell a lot about one’s relationship, a future relationship, the questioner, or the person in question.

This card indicates a stable, long-term, committed relationship.

The Emperor embodies the figure of an authoritative, reliant, supportive father.

The Emperor is the lord of the house. He knows what he wants and he will put great effort into achieving it.

This card is favorable for people who think about getting married and starting their own family.

The Emperor is about mature decisions, tradition, hierarchy, and wisdom. The Emperor represents goodness, wisdom, and harmony.

Look at the Emperor’s card. He sits on a throne of solid stone, firm, and impressive, holding the scepter in his right hand. He wears royal colors and armor.

The figure of the Emperor is that of a loving, protective, and wise father.

He unites both the passive and the active principles. The Emperor will not let emotions confuse his reasoning. He rules by justice, protects his realm, and guards his beloved ones.

As feelings, this card is more about deeds than sweet words.

The interpretation of The Emperor card in feelings readings varies depending on how you pull the card.

The upright card is generally auspicious, while the reversed card carries a different meaning.

The Emperor As Feelings – The Emperor Upright

The upright Emperor card is a positive one. If you wonder how someone feels about you and you open The Emperor card, it is a good sign.

The person in question takes the relationship they have with you seriously. This person is deeply attached to you and would do anything for you.

The Emperor is a guardian. The person in question feels you need their protection and they will readily offer you their support and love. This person wants to save you from all negativity and harm.

They feel the best if they can provide for you. This person thinks highly of you and wants to treat you like a royal. They feel you deserve the best things in life, on all levels.

The upright Emperor card is associated with physical manifestation and connection.

The card preceding The Emperor was The Empress card. The Empress was more about emotions, although also about passion and pleasure.

With the Emperor, things become more tangible, more direct, and physical.

This card is about the chemistry between the two people. The upright Emperor indicates strong physical connection and desire.

The upright Emperor card may also indicate your partner or a potential partner feels safe and secure around you.

They can fully rely on you and feel protected. They are strongly attached and attracted to you.

Whether the reading is about a relationship or a future relationship, the upright Emperor card tells about a relationship of commitment, stability, good reasoning, mutual understanding, balanced hierarchy, and complementary roles.

Overall, the upright Emperor card is a positive sign for people who think about taking the next step in a current relationship, as well as for those who are looking for a partner.

The Emperor card symbolizes home and family life.

If you think about engagement, getting married, or having children with your beloved, this card is a good sign.

This card is about making foundations and building a life together.

The Emperor As Feelings – The Emperor Reversed

The reversed Emperor card represents almost everything the opposite of the aforementioned.

In short, the inverted card symbolizes insecurity, immaturity, lack of personal will, lack of commitment, emotional underdevelopment, and dependence.

Alternatively, the reversed Emperor card represents not the lack of the aforementioned, but the excessive amount of the same.

In that sense, the reversed card indicates a person who is overly authoritarian, commanding, too strict and disciplined, controlling and domineering.

If that were the case, the person represented by The Emperor card in a reading is someone who tends to become possessive, jealous, and overly protective.

The cause of such behavior could be related to their childhood and father-child relationship.

Someone in this relationship feels oppressed, controlled, caged, and dominated by the other person.

This is not a good way to start a relationship, let alone live with it. Something has to change.

Depending on the side represented by the card, someone in this relationship feels as if nothing they do is enough, they feel constantly criticized, guilty, and miserable.

The reversed Emperor card indicates a toxic power struggle, disproportional roles, and too much control.

The reversed card may indicate someone’s immaturity, taking things in the relationship for granted, inability to commit and start a relationship, or unwillingness to take things seriously.

If you find yourself in such a position, think about what would be the best course of action.

If you are the one thinking about making a life with someone, and the other person remains indifferent, you know what to do.

If, on the other side, you are the unready and immature one, do not mess with others’ expectations and feelings.

The Emperor As Feelings – His Feelings

The Emperor card tells that he is seriously into you. He can imagine the future with you and is ready to start working on it.

He is determined, attracted by you, and finds you his perfect match. He may not be a romantic type and write poems.

He will treat you like a goddess, providing you with the most sophisticated and delicate things. He is a man of reason and deeds, not of sweet words.

This man does not waste his energy and time on people and matters he does not deem important.

You are a true diamond in his heart, his eyes, and mind.

However, there is something you should know.

He is a gentleman, and a knight, but he is driven more by his reason and his physical needs than his emotions.

He is a manly man, masculine, well-mannered, and dominant. Some women find this type of man the perfect match; others find them too ambitious and authoritarian.

Either way, this gentleman takes relationships seriously. He sees something with you and holds you in high regard.

He does not play games, and he is open in his intentions. With him, you will always know where you stand.

The Emperor As Feelings – Her Feelings

This lady feels you are the one who can offer her all the archetype of an emperor can provide her.

She sees a guardian and protector in you. Sometimes, women who lacked a solid fatherly figure in life get attracted by a fatherly type of man.

Fathers should be role models to all boys and young men. A good father makes a fine, adult gentleman, a future father himself. This lady sees you as a role model to her children. She feels your strength and energy.

She loves you and is ready to commit. Her gentle feelings toward you as the Emperor type moderate your disciplined, controlling, and domineering nature. The two of you could be a perfect match.

The roles could be different. Maybe the woman is the one who is dominant and ‘manly’, to some degree.

Either way, she has strong feelings for you and would like to have something serious with you.

This woman is certain about her feelings for you. She has no doubts about you or your relationship

. She is ready to dedicate her time to building an even more solid connection with you.

If you were already in a relationship, she is likely ready for the next step.

The Emperor As Feelings – Ex’s Feelings

The Emperor as feelings could offer some interesting insight into the emotions and attitudes of an ex.

The Emperor card indicates the feelings your ex had about you did not fade away. Moreover, they are still intensive.

This card indicates they did not overcome your separation.

They want you back and could even become quite persistent, pressing, and even aggressive.

The Emperor person does not admit defeat. In a way, they feel as if the breakup was a lost battle.

For the Emperor, structure, hierarchy, the order is what are the most important.

Once the taxis (the order of things) falls apart, it feels particularly unpleasant to the one who deems themselves those who should maintain the order.

The ex here sees themselves as a restorer, but it takes two parties to restore the order of a relationship.

The rest depends on you. Depending on the circumstances and causes of your separation, getting back together could or could not be a good option.

The Emperor As Feelings – How They See You

If you wonder how people around perceive you and you pull The Emperor card, be sure people see in you someone to look up to.

People know they can turn to you for guidance or advice, even if you feel distressed or have troubles and insecurities.

You inspire respect, admiration, and even awe. People see you as a confident, powerful, strong-willed person who is ready to take up the initiative. To them, you are a leader.

Again, it does not have to correspond with how you feel at the moment. Everyone feels down at times.

Everyone loses their self-esteem and self-confidence.

However, this card confirms it is only temporary. Sometimes others feel us better than we feel ourselves.

Others can feel your strength and your vibration. They know you are a strong person.

Alternatively, the card may indicate you act ‘too strong’. You trust only your reason and do not let emotions in. people around you may feel forgotten and neglected.

Think about the closest people around you. Do you show them enough love and affection?

Your loved ones appreciate the things you do for them, but there is no luxurious gift that could replace a warm smile, hug, or kiss.

The Emperor As Feelings Combinations With Other Cards

The Emperor card as feelings reveals amazing information when combined with other tarot cards.

Let us see into a couple of interesting Emperor card combos.

The Emperor +The King of Pentacles As Feelings

The Emperor and The King of Pentacles make a wonderful combo. These two monarchs are about a serious commitment and stable, lasting feelings.

This pair indicates a harmonious relationship in which everything is clear.

This combo does not necessarily indicate a romantic relationship, but a partnership.

These two suggest you can trust your partner or a friend. If you are thinking about starting a project or investing in something together, go for it.

The same stands for romantic relationships. This combo indicates mutual investment, dedication, long-term plans, and a stable future.

The Emperor + Ace of Wands As Feelings

This combination indicates a relationship full of strong emotions, passion, and excitement.

This is a good combo, in which the partners find great inspiration in one another. The relationship you are in will never become dull.

For those who are single, The Emperor and Ace of Wands signify a beginning of a new relationship, openness for letting someone new into your life, and giving someone a chance.

The Emperor As Feelings Conclusion

The Emperor card as feelings is overall an auspicious omen unless the card is reversed.

The Emperor card indicates commitment, mature decision, long-lasting connection, reliability, protection, mutual trust and reliance, and harmony in a hierarchy.

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