The Empress Tarot Card As a Person – Explained

The Empress belongs to the group of Major Arcana cards in the Tarot and is the third card in this group.

In the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck the Empress card is depicted as a woman with blond hair seated on a throne placed in a beautiful natural environment.

The forest behind her is a referral to her connection with life and Earth.

She is stunningly beautiful dressed in a beautiful royal gown with a crown made of stars, which is the reference to her connection to the mystical realm. She exudes an aura of tranquility and confidence.

The Empress is the epitome of love, luxury, fertility, and abundance. She is ruled by the planet Venus and represents the signs Taurus and Libra.

This card also rules sexuality, desire, affection, relationships, creativity, grace, beauty, and art.

This card is a blessing when it appears in a reading.

The Empress tarot card meanings

The Empress symbolizes creation, nurturing, and a mother figure. She is often a representation of fertile energy and the possibility of pregnancy. In some tarot spreads she is represented as a pregnant woman.

The Empress often represents the process of birthing and creating something, whether it is a new life, an idea, a project, a relationship, artwork, or a business.

The Empress tarot card as a person

Sometimes the Empress tarot card represents the person whose reading it is. The meaning and interpretation differ whether the card is placed in an upright or reversed position.

The Empress card as a person is a symbol of a creative, abundant, loving, generous, and fertile person.

She also symbolizes someone confident, strong, nurturing, and caring, as well as compassionate.

The Empress tarot card as a person in the upright position

When the Empress card represents the person in a reading, and it is in an upright position, this is a good sign.

This depicts the person as very kind, nurturing, and down to earth.

This person has passive and receptive energy, and because the Empress is a Major Arcana card, this indicates that these are the person’s significant traits and a part of their identity.

Caring for others is an important part of their personality and they identify themselves as someone who is a caregiver and nurturer. This might not be very visible at first until you get to know them well.

This person is usually physically attractive. They possess all the best qualities and exhibit Venus energy.

They love beauty in all forms and they enjoy beautifying themselves as well. They also love being surrounded by beauty in their home environment but also when they are outside their house.

This person is not afraid to express their emotional side of personality and embrace it without shame regardless of their gender.

The person represented by the Empress card is very dignified and confident. They know their worth and wouldn’t allow anyone to treat them disrespectfully. It is not wise to play games with them either.

When this person feels that they are being played or when they are disrespected, they simply leave the situation and the person that has been mistreating them.

Their nature is very mature and they know what they want. They are very capable of achieving success and people naturally incline towards them. It is pleasant to be in their company.

Because of their usual good looks and interest in beauty, they can be found in the beauty industry or some artistic professions.

The Empress indicates being in our feminine energy regardless of our gender. This can be expressed through sensuality, elegance, creativity, nurturing, or fertility.

If you are not in your feminine energy, this card representing you in a tarot spread can be a sign to you to connect to your feminine side and embody its energy.

You can introduce more beauty in your life and awaken your creativity, through painting, music, or some other art forms.

This can also be a sign for you to begin devoting some time to yourself and your pleasures. You might want to spend some time doing self-care, go to a nice restaurant, or do something else that will make you happy.

Because the Empress card indicates abundance, this might indicate that you will be surrounded by luxury and pleasure, and experience things in the symbolism of the Empress in abundance, such as love, creativity, fertility, etc.

When the Empress represents you in a tarot reading this is a sign of growth and expansion ahead.

This marks a time when your desires will start being fulfilled. Don’t forget to express your gratitude to God and the Universe for all the blessings you will receive.

This might also indicate the need for you to become more grounded and you can do that by spending more time in nature, going to the beach, or in a forest, or just going outside to the park to soak in the energy and the beauty of nature.

When you are represented by the Empress, this might be a sign to you to embrace your nurturing and motherly characteristics and take care of others.

You will feel the nurturing urge to care for others and their wellbeing. You might be in a position to offer someone your help and support.

For some, this might mean finding themselves in the role of a mother, becoming pregnant or giving birth to a child.

This might also indicate the need to spend more time with your children and be more caring and nurturing towards them.

Sometimes this might refer to symbolical pregnancy, like conceiving an idea or giving birth to a project or some other creative work.

When the Empress appears in the upright position, this might indicate that you are currently in your period of relaxation when you can finally reap the fruits of your labor.

You have the time to dedicate it to yourself and your pleasure without being stressed about other duties.

This position of the Empress is a sign that you have reached a point in your life where you don’t lack anything and you can just relax enjoying your past efforts.

When the Empress card represents you as a person in the upright position, this is an excellent sign indicating good health, stable finances, love, and career success.

The Empress tarot card as a person in the reversed position

When the Empress is placed in the reversed position representing a person, this usually gives the opposite traits of the Empress placed in the upright position.

The Empress in the reversed position can make the person hungry for power and selfish.

They are not providers and nurturers, but quite the opposite, they might possess a draining energy which is only focused on their wellbeing. They are focused on taking from others, and not on giving.

These are important traits of their personality because the Empress is a Major Arcana card.

This is not a person that could be considered a Divine Feminine. It might be said for some of them that they feel uncomfortable being in their feminine energy.

They can also be toxic feminine, experiencing issues with other women, and feeling competitive and envious towards them.

This energy can also be negatively inclined towards the masculine they encounter, and also exhibiting competitive behavior, trying to prove to themselves and others that they are better or they are the best.

These people often appear cold and disinterested in the things happening around them, especially if they don’t concern them.

The person represented by the Empress in the reversed position is often jealous and manipulative, especially emotionally manipulative. They are also very possessive and controlling.

The person can exhibit mean vibes and people don’t find their energy appealing. They often misuse the power they possess and are prone to mistreating people and behaving badly towards them.

This placement of the Empress card indicates someone who lacks creativity and nurturing qualities. Their nature is materialistic and their work will be primarily motivated by financial gain.

They don’t have the passion or the joy related to the creative work, they only think about the money.

Even if they choose a Venus-related profession, they will surely not make a significant impact because of their lack of passion for the work.

People often feel frustrated in their vicinity and they don’t care much about making people feel uncomfortable.

As we mentioned before, they usually care only about themselves and how they feel.

It is not easy to work with them because they are not a team player and might be prone to sabotaging and taking advantage of their coworkers.

They are someone to keep an eye on because they might be prone to back-stabbing for some personal gain.

Also, it is not uncommon for them to manipulate people into a relationship through pregnancy.

They are not very confident and often struggle with various insecurities. They also have issues with their creativity and problems expressing their emotional side.

The Empress reversed might depict the person as co-dependent and unable to take care of their needs.

Some of them might be prone to fears of getting hurt and not expressing their true emotions because of that. They would rather hurt someone emotionally than risk being hurt.

They commonly struggle with feelings of resentment, regret, guilt, and shame, and this prevents them from thriving in life.

When the Empress is reversed this will indicate the need for the person to work on building their confidence and work on their achievements instead of looking at others and comparing themselves to them.

This is also a sign for the person to begin focusing on themselves and their wellbeing.

It might be a sign that the person has been neglecting themselves and prioritizing everything else and this behavior has taken its toll on their finances, health, love life, and their career.


The Empress tarot card is a powerful Major Arcana card. Whether it is in the upright or reversed position in the spread, its message should not be ignored.

When it is placed upright, the Empress representing a person brings a message of satisfaction, comfort, and enjoying the fruits of the person’s past efforts.

This position of the Empress tarot card is a sign of good health, good and stable finances, stable love life, and career advancement.

It is a sign of abundance and being able to please yourself and satisfy your needs. It is also a sign of creativity and beauty.

The person represented by the Empress in the upright position is kind, gentle, nurturing, and caring.

This person is a mother figure who finds pleasure and satisfaction in helping others and taking care of them. They are completely in tune with their feminine side.

When the Empress card is in the reversed position, this gives a different picture.

The person represented by this card can be filled with jealousy, anger, hatred towards other female figures, out of touch with their feminine side, and expressing other negative traits.

The Empress in the reversed position indicates a lack and inability to create beauty, lack of joy, lack of talent, etc.

This person often treats others badly, and they are not well accepted. They lack confidence and are prone to hurting others because they fear being hurt themselves.

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