The Empress Tarot Card As Feelings – Explained

The Empress is the third card in the Major Arcana. Like The High Priestess card, The Empress card embodies the feminine principle and power.

In a reading, this card represents the feminine aspect of the questioner or women in their life.

This powerful card is associated with cycles of nature, harmony, the riches of the earth, and earthly life in general.

We could possibly associate the Empress with the goddesses of agriculture, prosperity, and earth.

The Empress is Mother Earth, the one who creates, provides, and blooms. This card as feelings has a mighty potential.

The motherly aspect is the nurturing, caring, protective, and providing one. The Empress is the life-giver.

The Empress As Feelings Essentials

The Empress is associated with the goddess and planet of love, the lovable Venus.

This card represents romance and romantic love. The Empress card is associated with carnal desires, pleasure, sharing, and emotions.

Considering feelings, this card is especially important in love feelings readings, and it can also tell much about motherly feelings and relations between a mother and a child.

The Empress is an archetype of a motherly figure.

Mothers protect, nurture, care, guide, and raise. Love is the driving fuel of this powerful card.

Let us look more closely at the Raider-Waite Empress card. How the picture depicts the Empress?

The Empress sits on a comfortable throne adorned with red cloth.

She wears a long loose dress and a starry crown on her head. She holds a scepter in her right hand. The throne is placed amidst a rich grainy field.

The Empress rules the cycles of the year (the twelve stars in the crown are an allegory for twelve months), and she dominates the provision of grain, that is, food.

The Empress sits leisurely on her throne as if having no worries.

She is certain of her power. This is a very positive tarot card.

In feelings readings, The Empress card is about love, nurture, care, compassion, provision, reliance, guardianship, sharing, pleasure, desires, and more.

The exact meaning depends on the position of the card and combos with other cards.

The Empress As Feelings in a Love Reading

The Empress as feelings in a love reading brings good fortune, if in a proper position and relation with other cards.

This is essentially a card about love. This card can give you many answers about your love life.

Let’s say you wonder whether you will meet someone and fall in love. The Empress card may represent a new love encounter.

Remember, this card is associated with Venus, that is, Aphrodite, and these counterparts are an embodiment of passionate love and the feminine aspect.

This card may indicate a new relationship and an instant romantic connection which may grow into an unbreakable bond.

Since this is a card associated with romance, attraction, affection, even lust, and desire, it could represent your charming aura.

People are interested in you. There are many potential partners in your life. It is up to you to decide.

This card is also about unconditional love, maternal instincts, growth, and abundance.

If you are looking for a partner who is ready to commit and start a family, this card could be a good indicator of someone like that coming your way.

If you are already in a relationship, this card is an affirmation of the bonds between the two of you and perhaps a sign of something bigger, the next step in a relationship.

The Empress card tells much about love and romance, gentle feelings, and passions in general.

However, the meaning varies depending on the position of the card.

Let us see into the upright and reversed Empress card as feelings.

The Empress As Feelings – The Empress Upright

Do you wonder how someone you think of feels about you? Do they love you?

The upright Empress card suggests they do. The upright Empress card is, perhaps, the most favorable card to pull in love feelings reading.

The upright card indicates the person you are into loves you deeply and passionately.

In fact, this card is about unconditional love and unbreakable bonds between two people.

What is more, the connection you have with someone has a great potential for mutual progress and growth.

The Empress is about harmony, pleasure, stability, and reliability.

The upright card tells about mutual understanding, tolerance, nurture, and care for each other.

To put it simply, it indicates a stable and harmonious long-term relationship.

You can confine in one another. Your partner is a person whom you can fully rely on.

They think about you, care about you, want to meet your needs, and vice versa.

What is most important, neither feels pushed to do so. There is no stress in such a relationship.

For single people, the upright Empress is an auspicious omen.

This card suggests someone is very attracted to you. Someone is in love with you.

Let us look into The Empress in comparison with the previous card, The High Priestess.

The Empress upright represents the next step regarding a connection between two human beings.

While The High Priestess was about the karmic and spiritual connection, with The Empress, this connection becomes a manifestation.

Now the body and the heart are involved, not the soul alone. Someone sees you as a potential partner, they feel connected with you on more levels.

They are fully attracted to you. In relationships, the upright Empress is about commitment, gentleness, and mutual support.

The Empress As Feelings – The Empress Reversed

The reversed Empress card indicates the opposite of the above.

While the upright card is all about gentle feelings, the manifestation of love feelings, attachment, affection, mutual nurture, and care, the reversed card represents the lack of everything listed.

Pulling the reversed Empress indicates neglect, loss of connection, indifference, and disharmony in a relationship.

The causes could vary. One of the most common causes is the inability of a partner to manifest their feelings into reality.

They may feel incapable to offer you the love and care you expect of them.

The energy of love does not flow freely through them. The roots of such a problem typically lie in a relationship with the mother or a motherly figure in their life.

The reversed Empress is always about some struggles and difficulties in expressing love or nurturing gentle feelings toward someone.

While you can feel neglected and deprived of love by your partner it could be the other way around.

They may feel as if you are indifferent to their feelings.

It does not have to be the case, but the reversed Empress card indicates a lack of mutual understanding.

Maybe you do not know how they want to be treated, how they imagine love looks like for them.

Someone loves romantic gestures, love letters, etc., while others do not give a thing about that. Some people need words, others deed only.

The reversed Empress may indicate a problem in communication between partners.

Alternatively, the reversed card signifies the inability to connect, and commit. The fear of attachment and commitment dominates the relationship.

Either way, the reversed Empress suggests some things need clarification.

If you are dating someone, it must be distressing to constantly feel insecure, not knowing what the other side wants.

If you are in a relationship, you should talk through your insecurities.

The Empress As Feelings – His Feelings

He loves me – he loves me not! You are certainly familiar with that lovely and a bit naïve game with flower petals.

Silly as the game may look, the question is serious. You would like to know if he has gentle feelings for you or not. What does the Empress say?

The Empress as feelings is a card about unconditional love, passion, and affection.

The upright Empress confirms your hopes – he loves you from the bottom of his heart. This card is an auspicious sign for all lovers.

This man deeply cares about you and it certainly shows. He could be a man of words or a man of deeds; either way, he clearly shows great interest in you. There is no reason to question his feelings.

Ladies often want to know if he is ready to articulate their love through the “I love you” phrase. He will confess his love to you, in his manner. You should appreciate it.

You may wonder if he is the perfect match for you.

Well, The Empress card does not say he is or he is not; it depends on your perception and decision.

In any case, he is a caring, loving, affectionate, and noble man. He will not bring you any harm, that is for sure.

The decision is yours. He is ready to offer you his full commitment and love.

However, he may appear too gentle and romantic for you, maybe even a bit feminine.

The Empress As Feelings – Her Feelings

Does she love you? The answer is yes if the card is upright.

The Empress represents the female figure full of love, understanding, compassion, affection, passion, and care. This woman is ready to commit and take you under her wing.

She nurtures tender feelings for you. She is someone you can trust and rely on. This lady is really into you and not afraid to show you.

There is a deep connection between the two of you, both carnal and emotional.

You long for one another when you are distant. The Empress card indicates a loving partner, a harmonious relationship, stability, and commitment.

This woman has a strong maternal instinct. If you think about starting a family, this lady is ready to take the next step with you.

If you are not ready, do not play with her feelings. Be honest about your intentions.

She can be overly protective and even a bit possessive. It does not have to be an obstacle; it all depends on how you perceive a perfect relationship.

In any case, the emotions here are strong, the passion is burning, and the connection is real, earthly, and tangible.

The Empress As Feelings – Ex’s Feelings

The Empress card indicates strong emotions and the lasting desire of an ex-partner.

Typically, The Empress card is about long relationships, or lasting feelings and desires. Now, when it comes to exes it all depends on a particular case.

There is nothing novel in an ex having feelings for someone they dated a long time ago.

It does not have to be toxic, debilitating, or troublesome. Your ex may remember the relationship you had with a bit of nostalgia and pleasant feelings. You may feel the same.

Some people separate their ways for quite understandable reasons, without much struggle and harm, although they may feel sorry.

It usually happens when their ideas about the future greatly differ. For example, one partner wants children and the other does not.

This is a reasonable cause for a breakup that does not have to be dramatic, and ex-partners can still think about one another and have gentle feelings.

The Empress card can also indicate obsessive thoughts and an inability to deal with a breakup.

Your ex may still be trapped in the past, longing for you, thinking there is no one else in this world for them. The Empress card signifies an inability to move on.

Maybe it is you who cannot accept the fact that you are no longer in a relationship with someone.

Either way, the card suggests you should sit down together and clear things up, if possible. It will be best for both of you.

The Empress As Feelings – How They See You

The Empress card indicates people find you an incredibly attractive, charming, and loveable person.

Your passionate nature is what drives them toward you. People love to hang out with you and will find themselves trying to please you.

You may be a bit flirty and playful. In general, people find it harmless and enjoy the game.

If the card opens in the reversed position, it indicates people are never certain about your feelings towards them.

Some people around you may feel put aside and neglected, even if it is not your conscious intention.

The reversed card signifies a lack of attention, indifference, and inability to express feelings from your side.

The Empress As Feelings Combinations With Other Cards

The Empress card combined with other tarot cards can clarify any feelings reading.

Let us quickly go through several indicative examples.

The Empress + The Page of Cups

The Empress and The Page Cups reveal a person who is into you but is not sure how to express their feelings toward you.

This person may feel a bit insecure or even intimidated by your strong persona.

If they caught your attention, let them gather the courage to approach you. You can send them subtle signals and let them know you are interested.

The Empress + The King of Wands

The Empress and The King of Wands cards together represent passion, attraction, desire, and affection.

The person in question has intense feelings for you and wants you near. They have a powerful aura and will blow your mind away.

However, this person is not sure about a long-term commitment, so keep that in mind.

If you are interested in them, just do not let your emotions drive you in.

The time will show how the relationship will unfold for the two of you.

The Empress As Feelings Conclusion

The Empress card as feelings is powerful and favorable.

The Empress indicates strong emotional connection, bodily desires, and the manifestation of feelings.

The Empress card represents progress from the karmic and spiritual type of High Priestess connection.

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