The Fool Tarot Card As a Person – Explained

The Fool card carries the numeral value “zero” and is a Major Arcana card.

In the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Fool is represented as a young man standing at the end of a cliff looking like he is ready to go down.

His eyes are open but he looks up in the skies towards the sun as if he doesn’t care what is beneath.

He is carefree and carries only a tiny sack in his right hand, and in his other hand, he carries a white rose, as a symbol of his innocence.

He is accompanied by his small dog who will join them in this adventure unaware of where they might be both headed.

The small hobo bag with the Fool’s belongings symbolizes the lack of worries but also his lack of interest in worldly things.

He trusts that he is divinely supported and guided and that all will be alright. He gazes in the sun and this might symbolize his enlightenment.

He is represented as someone young, optimistic, fearless, and free.

The Fool is ruled by the planet Uranus, and it rules the sign of Aquarius.

The Fool tarot card meanings

The Fool is the card from the Major Arcana group and has a numeral value “0”.

Because of this but also because of the image of the young man walking blindly into the unknown, this card is a powerful sign of some new beginnings and change.

Because for something new to start something old needs to end, this card is also a symbol of endings, and generally a never-ending cycle of endings and beginnings.

Often is described as leaving something behind to embark on a new path.

This is a card symbolizing freedom, leaving the past behind, and confidence to begin from the start. This card also indicates taking risks to get the desired outcome.

When placed in the upright position, it is a sign of commitment, travel, youth, carelessness, innocence, spontaneity, originality, and idealism.

When it is placed in the reversed position it is a sign of negligence, carelessness, recklessness, irrational behavior, faith, lack of fun, apathy, distraction, etc.

The Fool tarot card as a person

When the Fool represents a person this depicts them as someone prone to taking risks, open to new experiences, youthful and resilient.

This card represents someone who has a free spirit and is not afraid to act in the moment according to their feelings. This person doesn’t worry about the future and might be perceived as reckless and insensitive.

This person can detach from the past and from what no longer serves them.

They are open to new experiences and this motivates their action. They are also ready to take risks and take on opportunities which others might miss or be afraid to take.

They might choose the profession in social media, acting, especially comedy, but they might also be someone problematic and vagabond.

The Fool tarot card as a person in the upright position

When the Fool tarot card in the upright position represents some person, this often depicts the person as someone with an innovative and youthful personality.

This is someone who is not afraid to take risks because they know that they could gain a lot by doing that.

They are very curious and love to experience new things and experiences. They might be interested in science and discoveries. They are very active and direct.

This person might also be perceived as a bit weird and different from the majority of people. They are also very creative and might choose some creative profession.

Their appearance is innocent and they often appear younger than they are. They love to spend time outdoors and are very active and energetic.

This person usually has a unique style. They might dress uniquely and have an unusual hairstyle.

They might choose clothes and hairstyles that will certainly be noticed. They might like to attract the attention of people.

This person might be a trailblazer who other people follow. They love to set trends.

This is someone very kind and pure. They are loyal and have an optimistic outlook on life.

They love to see the best in everyone and make friends easily. People love to be in their company because they are fun to be around. They might also have a great sense of humor and make people laugh.

This person loves all people and generally has a love for all humanity. They are often involved in activities that help humanity in some way. This person often desires to make the world a better place.

Because of their style and attitude, they might be perceived as eccentric or weird by people who aren’t very sensitive and emphatic. This person doesn’t hold this against them. They are confident and love themselves as they are.

This person has friends from all over the world, from different cultures and places. They also love to travel and are usually well-traveled. Even though they don’t always appear as such, this person has a lot of knowledge and experience.

Their energy is open to people and new experiences and they are never afraid to try out something new. New experiences excite them very much. They might have more than one place of residence, or live their life as a nomad, constantly moving from place to place.

They usually choose a creative profession, something where they can express their talents and creativity, such as acting, social media, etc. They can also choose a profession in the field of innovation and they might be an inventor and work in some tech industry.

This person can choose a profession in content creation because they have a gift of representing things in a more beautifully and interestingly they are.

They are excellent at finding solutions to problems, both in real life and at work. Their minds are overly active and they always have some idea in their mind. They are very inquisitive.

They don’t need much to be happy. They are usually very optimistic and relaxed. They try to live fully and not miss out on anything. It is never boring in their presence because they always have some interesting activities planned.

The Fool tarot card as a person in the reversed position

When the Fool tarot card shows in the reversed position representing a person, this is often a sign that the person is someone who has lost their innocence due to past hurt and bad experiences.

This might be someone cynical and bitter. They might be very witty and their statements carry a lot of wisdom and truth, but their energy is draining and very negative in general.

Their bitterness can drain people’s energy and they might want to avoid their presence. This is something that they have been allowing to grow without trying to resolve the anger and resentment within themselves.

The person represented by the Fool tarot card in the reversed position might be someone who hides their true nature. They might try to appear perfect and they pay a lot of attention to their style. They might also be prone to overthinking and are not open to other people’s energy.

They lack trust in people and might appear very closed off. They might also be very pessimistic and even depressed. Their view on their future is not very optimistic because they are full of doubts and reluctant to take risks.

Often they look at the worst side of every situation and they expect the worst outcomes. They expect bad things to happen to them and they often experience that.

This is someone who might be very judgmental of other people’s behavior and reluctant to change. They don’t approve of anyone different than they are and are not open to contact with foreign cultures.

Unlike the person represented by the Fool in the upright position, these people don’t like adventure at all. They stick to the status quo and don’t like to make any changes in any area of their life.

In some rare cases, the person represented by the Fool in the reversed position can be someone who is prone to reckless behavior and irresponsibly exposing themselves to great risks.

When it comes to their profession, these people don’t show any originality. They choose some average and ordinary professions where they are asked to repeat the same action time and time again.

They are usually in the position of a follower rather than a leader because they don’t possess leadership qualities. They usually choose professions their parents or friends have chosen.

They don’t like anything that doesn’t seem safe and are afraid of taking risks of any kind. They don’t like innovations and don’t like trying out new things. They judge people who are taking risks and they are not tolerant at all.

This is someone who lacks enthusiasm and will for life. Their life is generally boring and lacks inspiration. They lack creativity and can be prone to stealing ideas from others.


The Fool is a Major Arcana card with the numeral value zero. It is a symbol of endings and new beginnings, taking risks, innovation, joy, optimism, etc.

When this card is placed in the upright position in a tarot reading represents a person, this can represent a person as someone who has a youthful spirit.

This person is relaxed and calm. They are very tolerant and appreciate people regardless of their differences. They are very open to communication and establishing contact with people.

They love the exchange between people especially when it happens between people from different cultures. Their style and behavior might be perceived as eccentric.

This person has an adventurous spirit. They enjoy traveling and experiencing new things. Movement is an important part of their personality and they need to be on the move constantly.

This is reflected in their home because they can have more than one residence, or constantly move from place to place, and country to country.

They are not afraid to take a risk when they feel that the situation requires it. They know how to recognize opportunities where others don’t see it. It is important to them to constantly move forward.

When the Fool card represents a person placed in the reversed position, this gives an opposite picture to the one of the Fool in the upright position.

This person is usually closed off and not open to establishing contact with people. They might be loners and a bit distanced from people. They lack trust in people and often expect to be hurt and abandoned.

Their nature seeks safety. They don’t like taking any risks and don’t like to step out of their comfort zone. They are also not creative and choose boring professions that usually imply a repetition of the same activity.

Their rigid attitude makes them criticize people who are different from them, especially those who are prone to taking risks.

They are very difficult to get along with because they tend to be judgmental and prone to reprimanding.

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