The Fool Tarot Card As Feelings – Explained

The Fool is the 0 card of the Major Arcana.

In the most widely popular Rider-Waite deck, the Fool card portrays a handsome young man in vibrant clothes, carrying a bundle of possessions and holding a white rose in his left hand.

He has a little companion – a small white dog. He walks toward unexplored horizons and opportunities.

His white rose represents freedom; specifically, liberty to do whatever he wants.

The Fool symbolizes enthusiasm, curiosity, carelessness, and having no clear goals.

The Fool knows no danger. He knows nothing about life, but he bravely steps forward.

The Fool does not worry about consequences; he is ready to experiment with his circumstances and reality.

For all these reasons, The Fool is especially interesting as a feelings card.

The Fool As Feelings Essentials

The Fool card brings excitement and uncertainty. This Major Arcana card symbolizes trust in something you don’t know.

Speaking about emotions and especially love feelings could be quite challenging.

We all want to be sure of someone’s feelings toward us. Even those who need constant challenge and enjoy playing games become tired of uncertainty.

The Fool card as feelings represents fun, reluctance, excitement, and experimenting.

The Fool card as feelings is about daring moves and life-changing decisions.

The jester might appear as if he does not know where he is heading, but sometimes we need that kind of courage in life.

The Fool As Feelings in a Love Reading

The Fool card could bring interesting insights into your love life and relationships.

This card is about new romantic encounters, surprising outcomes, unexpected changes, and new decisions dealing with romantic relationships.

As we shall see in the following paragraphs about specific card positions, the Fool card might surprise you.

Although it stands for carelessness and even foolishness, some ‘foolish’ decisions could appear positive.

Sometimes we are not courageous enough to take the next step and move forward in a relationship.

The Fool card might make us take a look from a different angle and dare try something new.

The secret ‘weapon’ of the Fool card is intuition. This young and handsome wanderer does not think much about the future.

He carries on, accompanied by his little friend, carrying only his essentials and a rose of freedom.

Deep inside, he knows life is worth experimenting. We have only one life on this earth. The Fool would love to explore as many opportunities as there are.

At the first glance, it may seem as if the Fool card is only about having fun, changing partners, experimenting to the end, and being reckless and shallow, but it is not the case.

Although the Fool does not appear trustworthy, it does not have to be the meaning. Let’s see.

The Fool As Feelings – The Fool Upright

The upright Fool card as feelings in a love reading is a positive sign, although, at times, it could appear a bit distressing.

It all depends on your current situation, your thoughts, and feelings about love relationships in general, and more.

When the Fool card appears in the upright position in a love reading, it could mean different things.

The upright card speaks about starting anew or renewing the old relationship, or a relationship you are currently in.

One of the possible scenarios is the following. Let’s say you are in a relationship with someone.

However, you are not certain about what step to take from this point onward. You love your partner, but you still feel a bit uncertain and unready.

Your partner could act like the Fool and ask you to take a step forward, whatever it may be in your case (getting married, moving in together…).

Of course, it could be the other way around, as well. Either your partner or you will be emboldened to make a decision.

Generally speaking, the Fool does not think much about consequences, and decisions regarding a relationship could be irresponsible, impulsive, thoughtless, and rushed. Think twice if you face a situation like this.

The Fool archetype is charming, original, and even eccentric. The Fool easily attracts attention and wins the favor of others.

The upright Fool card could indicate unplanned pregnancy and childbirth.

The Fool As Feelings – The Fool Reversed

In a reversed position, the Fool tarot card as feelings indicates a lack of trust, reliability, and responsibility in a relationship.

Either you or your partner does not want to take the bond between the two of you seriously, for one reason or another.

The reversed Fool is about love affairs rather than stable relationships.

The person you are into is not serious about any plans with you. In truth, they do not want to make any plans; they want to have a good time with you, but nothing more.

Alternatively, it could be you. When it comes to established romantic relationships, the inverted Fool card indicates mutual irresponsibility, infantile behavior, and recklessness.

The two of you are not ready to bring your relationship to a mature level.

Such behavior is justifiable in certain circumstances, that is, if it was a mutual agreement.

Some couples are simply not ready for a serious commitment. As long as they are honest with one another, it is okay.

The Fool card reversed also indicates chaotic love life, affairs, disorder, mutual distrust, and unstable relationships overall.

The Fool As Feelings – His Feelings

The Fool card as feelings carries specific meaning depending on the partner or a potential one.

The ladies would like to know how their men or potential partners feel about them. The Fool card might offer some answers.

The handsome, daring visionary ready to experience as much of life as he could does not appear as someone who is ready to settle and spend his life with you.

That is the harsh truth associated with the Fool tarot card.

He is charming, charismatic, with a great sense of humor, approachable and passionate, but none of his actions do not indicate his readiness for a steady relationship.

He wants to have fun and share pleasures with you, but he is not ready to commit.

It does not mean it is entirely impossible, but it requires time, patience, and tolerance from your side if you are ready to pursue that path.

Now, the reading depends on a particular case.

If he was honest with you, fair enough. It is upon you to decide if you want to give the relationship a chance, regardless of the circumstances.

He does not care about the judgment of others. An open relationship might be an option for him.

His feelings toward you are likely sympathetic and passionate, but he is not ready to commit, at least not for now.

Think about your feelings toward the current relationship status.

The Fool As Feelings – Her Feelings

As in the above case, a man in love would be happy to know how his beloved feels about him.

The lady you are in love with is free-spirited, full of life, and ready to explore her boundaries. She is passionate, charming, and amorous.

She likely feels passionate about you, but still considers your relationship a love game.

Her feelings toward you are gentle and sympathetic, but she is probably not sure if she wants a serious commitment.

Let things go at their pace. Women who feel like this (as well as men) do not like to be pushed into a relationship.

If you press too hard, people you are mad about feel trapped and try to escape commitment.

The Fool card indicates a girl you fancy is intrigued by you. Your first impression is mutual, but be careful.

She might appear careless, but, in truth, she is afraid of commitment. The Fool card indicates the same about men if the tables were turned.

In conclusion, the Fool card indicates he or she has romantic feelings toward you, but they are not ready to enter something serious.

Alternatively, they may rush into the relationship, without thinking about the consequences.

The Fool As Feelings – Ex’s Feelings

The Fool card pulled in reading about an ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or spouse indicates the person in question thinks you are an immature and irresponsible individual.

They feel as if they could never have a stable relationship with you.

Think about that. Was the reason for a breakup something you did, or, even better, something you did not do? Were you do one avoiding important decisions?

Although it might be uneasy to think about that, it is exactly what you should do.

To avoid mistakes in the future, you should rethink the feelings your ex-partner has about you.

Alternatively, the Fool card may indicate they were the foolish ones.

If that were the case, they probably think you are too strict, serious, and reserved, unwilling to experiment and explore.

However, you should stay true to yourself. If you were not into playing games, that is completely okay.

Maybe you wanted to settle with them and start a family, but they were not ready.

Their feelings toward you are likely nice, but they may think you were too serious for them. To put it simply, you had different goals.

The Fool As Feelings – How They See You

The Fool card can indicate how people generally feel about you.

When people see you as an embodiment of the Fool archetype, they deem you an exceptionally daring individual, the one who follows their intuition and dares to take risks.

People admire your youthful spirit, enthusiasm, curiosity, and vitality.

They may take you for a naive visionary, but they can hardly resist your flamboyant character, positive energy, and charisma.

People often wonder how it is possible that you are not afraid of the unknown.

Generally, people see you as a person who lives day by day, ready to embrace whatever new dawn brings.

Your optimism lies within your intuition and faith.

Those around you might literally think about you as a ‘fool’, though in a good way.

Your presence always lifts them up. In truth, they love you and need you in their life.

Some people might feel neglected, because you are likely always on the go, exploring new possibilities.

You should pay just a little bit more attention to the people who are the closest to you.

The Fool type of people is afraid of attachment, boundaries, and limitations. They often avoid responsibilities and do not feel guilty about it.

Others may find them unreliable and reckless, so that is something you would like to work on.

The Fool As Feelings Combinations With Other Cards

The Fool Card is a card of luck, fortune, opportunities, free spirit, liberty, youth, vitality, courage, curiosity, renewal, new beginnings, playfulness, and optimism.

The Fool sees life as a game we all play and does not fear uncertainty and the unknown.

When combined with other cards, the Fool card carries some rather intriguing meanings in feelings readings.

Let us see several examples. Keep in mind, each combination and the Fool reading as feelings alone depend on your current situation and motives.

The Fool + Ace of Wands As Feelings

The Fool card combined with Ace of Wands is about new experiences, new people in your life, and new beginnings.

This reading can indicate a new and exciting relationship. The person you are about to meet feels positive about your connection.

Both these cards are related to new beginnings. The connection between the two of you will likely be passionate, and fiery love at first sight.

Your decisions might be impulsive and thoughtless. Think twice before making any serious moves.

In any case, it could be a fantastic experience. This outlook of such a relationship is impossible to predict since you are likely to be completely seduced by one another. You will have a great time together.

The Fool + The Page of Pentacles As Feelings

This combo has a different message from the above. The Fool and the Page of Pentacles combination indicate an unexpected commitment.

One of you two is willing to bring your current relationship to another level.

If you are only seeing someone, either you or the other person would want to make the relationship official.

Both of these cards are associated with youth and the early stages of love, in this context.

Nevertheless, it seems there is a strong bond between the two of you.

Eventually, you might start feeling as if you cannot be without one another. This relationship is promising and could lead to something bigger.

The Fool + The Queen of Cups as Feelings

The Fool and the Queen of Cups combo indicates someone is deeply in love with you.

There is a strong emotional connection between the two of you. If you were the Fool, this other person will awaken your deeply emotional side.

This relationship is gentle, caring, and thoughtful. Your (future) partner would easily curb your fear of commitment.

They are willing to explore new possibilities of life with you. This combination indicates a promising, long-lasting, stable relationship.

Even ‘fools’ need someone to hold their hands and moderate their ever-wandering nature. The adventure of life feels better when shared.

The Fool As Feelings Conclusion

The Fool card as feelings indicates a free-spirited, open-minded attitude towards relationships.

The Fool archetype tells about a person who is curious, adventurous, daring, joyful, extremely optimistic, and even a bit naive.

In love and relationship readings, the Fool card indicates both the unwillingness to commit and the willingness to experience something new with someone.

The readings depend on the particular case, the position of the card, or combinations with other tarot cards.

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