The Fool Tarot Card – Yes or No? Explained

In this text we are going to talk about the Fool tarot card and we are going to explain you its meanings and symbolism.

If you would like to find out more about this tarot card and its meanings, you should continue reading this text.

General Meaning of the Fool Tarot Card

The Fool tarot card is the first card and it has the number 0, which means that it can be placed at the beginning or at the end of the so called Major Arcana.

It is actually one of the strongest, but also one of the most innocent cards. Now we are going to explain you what the Fool tarot card looks like.

There is a young man on the card and he is standing on the cliff edge. This young man is ready for a new adventure and he doesn’t have fears. He seems naive and inexperienced.

This young man has a white rose in one hand, which is a symbol of his innocence and purity. There is a dog near his feet that represents protection and loyalty.

There are also mountains on the card that are a symbol of challenges that may appear on the way of this young man, but he doesn’t care about these challenges. The Fool is ready for a new adventure.

The Fool tarot card talks about new beginnings and beginner’s happiness, about hope and faith that the future will be better, but also about the inexperience and naivety of the individual.

This is exactly why this card sometimes warns us not to be too naive, but to be careful and not to trust everyone.

There are always people who do not wish us well and who do not like our success. The Fool tarot card warns us to be careful who we trust and not to be naive.

In addition, the Fool tarot card gives us support and courage to try something new and to take risks sometimes in life.

This is the case when this card is upright. If it is in a reversed position, then it probably means that it is not the right time for new beginnings and that it is better not to start new jobs and projects now.

Therefore, it is very important to consider whether the tarot card is in an upright or in a reversed position, because the meaning of the card itself will largely depend on it.

The Fool is a young and innocent person who is not afraid to try something new and embark on a new adventure.

This card tells us that we should not be afraid of new beginnings, but we should believe in ourselves and move forward.

You should follow your heart and accept the adventure, but of course before that you should have a good plan and you shouldn’t be too naive.

However, in order to hear the true meaning of the Fool tarot card, you have to take into account if this card is upright or reversed.

Also, you have to decide if you want to read tarot cards for love, for health, for career, for advice, for new beginnings or for something else that you are interested in and that is related to your future.

Therefore, before reading tarot cards, you should always define what the purpose is, that is, what you are interested in.

Based on that you will get an answer to the question you asked. Sometimes they are general “yes” or “no” answers and sometimes a more detailed explanation is needed.

Is the Fool a yes or no card? Has the Fool tarot card always a positive meaning?

If you are interested in finding out the answers to these and similar questions, then continue reading this text.

We will reveal what the Fool tarot card tells you when it comes to new beginnings and risks, love and relationships, career and work, advice, etc.

New Beginnings and Risks

  • The Fool Tarot Card Upright – Yes or No?

The Fool tarot card in its upright position is a good sign and it is always associated with the answer “YES”.

This card is telling us that better times are coming and that there are new beginnings in front of us. You should be positive and believe in bright future that is expecting you.

If you have been wondering if you should start a certain project at your job or maybe if you should start a relationship with someone, the Fool tarot card will tell you “YES”.

Also, you may be asking yourself if you should take a risk and do something adventurous. In this case the Fool tarot card will also appear to tell you that you should do that.

As we have said, this card will give you an affirmative answer to all your questions of that kind.

However, you should be careful if the Fool tarot card appears next to the Devil or in combination with the card of the Devil.

If there is such a combination of the tarot cards, it is not a good sign. It probably means that someone is trying to hold you back and to take advantage of your naivety.

It is possible that there is a person in your life who does not like you to succeed in something and who will do everything to prevent your success.

Because of that you should be careful if you come across a combination of the Fool and the Devil in your tarot card reading.

This combination can also be a warning for you not to be naive and not to trust everyone.

There is someone around you who does not wish you well and who is working against you.

You should be careful and you should not tell others too much about your plans because they can spoil everything that you have imagined.

  • The Fool Tarot Card Reversed – Yes or No?

The Fool reversed yes or no card is usually the opposite of the upright Fool Tarot card.

Therefore, the meaning of this tarot card also applies to those who are not sure whether to start something new, whether to dare to try something or to change something in their lives.

In any case, the answer that the Fool tarot card will give you when it is reversed is “NO”.

Therefore, this card clearly tells you that this is not the time for new beginnings and new adventures.

You should just stay where you are and not start anything new, because it’s just not the time. It is better to be patient and to wait for some other moment when you will start something new.

Also, it is important to know that the reversed Fool tarot card tells you not only that it is not time to start something new, but it also tells you that it is possible that your plans are not good at all.

It is possible that they are a bit naive and that your ideas do not make sense. Therefore, it is better to wait for another moment and to think up your plan better, so that you will be successful in what you set out to do.

However, when the Fool tarot card is reversed, you should not take it negatively and get angry because the card told you not to do something.

You should try to look at it on the positive side. Therefore, this card only indicates that it is better to wait and come up with a new plan in order to successfully realize everything you want.

Also, you should know that there is always a reason why you will or will not do something.

Therefore, it is definitely better not to do something now because you would probably fail or something would not be good.

Love and Relationship

  • The Fool Tarot Card Upright – Yes or No?

First of all we have to repeat that the Fool card upright is always related to something adventurous and exciting.

When it comes to love, this card is a symbol of the first kiss and first dates with your loved person.

However, in tarot romance reading, there may be a lot of questions, such as “Is my relationship too bad?” or “Am I making a mistake when I believe in him/her?”

You may be also asking yourself if you are taking risk for being in your current relationship.

In all such questions the answer is simply “NO”. The Fool tarot card is telling you in this case that you should take a risk and enjoy in excitement of your big love.

You should allow yourself a love adventure and the Fool tarot card will support you in that.

Also, it is important to note that the upright Fool tarot card always has a positive meaning for those people who do not have emotional partners.

If you are single and if the Fool appears in your love tarot card reading, that is a good sign.

The Fool in this case means that you will soon meet a person who will win you over with his/her enthusiasm and positivity.

With your future partner, your whole life will become a big adventure.

  • The Fool Tarot Card Reversed – Yes or No?

When it comes to romance and love reading, the Fool tarot card can also have a negative meaning. It happens when the Fool is in a reversed position.

In this case the Fool in love readings usually means that someone doesn’t have luck in relationships.

If you have a question like this: “Is my relationship unhealthy?” or “Should I break up with my partner?”, the Fool tarot card reversed will give you the answer “YES.”

In this case the Fool tarot card will probably tell you something that you don’t want to hear.

However, it would be better for you to listen to what your Fool tarot card told you. It is better than staying in a bad relationship where you won’t be happy.

Work and Career

  • The Fool Tarot Card Upright – Yes or No?

Many people who are insecure about their jobs or who may not yet have a job, often like to hear what tarot cards can tell them.

Now we are going to see what the Fool tarot card can say related to career. First of all, it is important to know that the general answer that this card gives us when it comes to career is “YES”.

For example, if your question is: “Should I leave my current job and try to open something independently?” or “Is it time to publish my first book?”, the answer will definitely be “YES”.

Therefore, the Fool tarot card is here to encourage you to step forward and do something about your future.

It is probably the right time to leave your current job, which is boring and no longer gives you pleasure.

It may be the time to gather courage and try to earn money in some other way that suits you and that makes you happy.

To sum up, when it comes to work and career, the Fool tarot card standing upright always gives you the answer “YES”.

  • The Fool Tarot Card Reversed – Yes or No?

If we keep in mind that the upright Fool tarot card gives us the answer “yes” when it comes to career, then it is easy to assume that the reversed Fool tarot card gives us the answer “NO”.

At first glance, you may not like the answer and you will have the feeling that this tarot card is holding you back in your work, but that is not the case.

Actually, the Fool tarot card reversed will give you the answer “NO”, but that answer will help you make good decisions and make better choices in the future.

If you have a question: “Should I take that job I don’t like only because the pay is good?”, the answer this card will give you will definitely be “NO”.

A similar question is: “Should I stay at this job just because I don’t have other sources of income?”

In these and similar questions, the answer you will get from the Fool tarot card is “NO”. This card is not giving you this answer to do you any harm or to discourage you from doing something.

You only get this answer because the Fool wants you to do something in life that you really enjoy.

We already mentioned that the Fool tarot card is always related to some enjoyment and excitement, so if you ask the Fool if you should stay in a job just for the money and not enjoy it, the answer will definitely be “NO”.

Therefore, this card suggests that you choose for yourself only a job that will bring you satisfaction.

You should not do anything just for money or because you have to do it. This card will motivate you to do what you really love and build your career with love.

Health and Well-Being

  • The Fool Tarot Card Upright – Yes or No?

The Fool Tarot Card usually appears in health reading when someone has already some health problems.

If you have a lot of stress and if you are going through difficult times right now, the Fool upright tarot card will suggest you to find a way how to deal with your health problems and how to get better soon.

We should have in mind that the Fool is a symbol of energy and vitality. If you have a question like: “Am I going to get better soon?”, the answer that this card suggest you is “YES”.

The Fool tarot card that is related to health is telling you that very soon you will overcome all health issues that you have and you will be healthy again.

Sometimes the Fool tarot card that is in an upright position can symbolize pregnancy because it is usually associated with new beginnings.

  • The Fool Tarot Card Reversed – Yes or No?

When you see the Fool reversed in the health reading, it may not be a good sign. This card is usually associated with the answer “NO” and it indicates that you should try out some alternative treatments.

However, this card may be also warning you to be careful in the next period because you may be prone to accidents.

Advice and Trust

  • The Fool Tarot Card Upright – Yes or No?

We have already told you that the Fool tarot card when it is upright usually represents excitement, new adventures and new beginnings.

If you are reading this card for an advice, the answer of the Fool will probably be “YES”. It refers to some questions like: “Should I accept his advice?” or “Should I trust him?”

If you ask the upright Fool tarot card for advice, this card will give you the affirmative answer.

This card is telling you to accept the advice and to try something that may be new and exciting for you.

  • The Fool Tarot Card Reversed – Yes or No?

If you ask the Fool tarot card if you should accept someone’s advice or not and if this card is reversed, then you certainly expect to hear the answer “NO”.

This answer is true to some extent, but the more precise answer in this case would be: “Yes, but with caution.”

For example, if you have received an advice from someone and if it seems risky for you, that is, if you are not sure if you should accept it or not, then the Fool tarot card will tell you not to accept it or to accept it but to be careful.

The Fool tarot card reversed is telling you that you should not embrace someone’s advice and do everything that has been suggested to you.

But, you should not completely ignore the advice, because there may be something that you should accept related to this advice.

Because of that the right answer to the question “Should I accept his/her advice?” would be “Yes, but with caution.”

The Fool tarot card will remind you of your own naivety as well. You shouldn’t always do what others tell you and you shouldn’t trust people too much.


We hope that you have found interesting information about the Fool tarot card in this text.

We have told you what this card can mean when it comes to love, health, career and many other aspects of your life.

If you see the Fool in tarot reading, we are sure that you will be able to understand what this card can mean for your future.

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