The Hierophant Tarot Card As a Person – Explained

The Hierophant is a Major Arcana card with a powerful meaning.

In the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck, this card is represented as a high-ranking religious figure, a high priest, or a pope.

In his left hand, he carries the triple cross, a symbol of Catholicism and the Pope.

The cross has three horizontal bars representing the holy trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. His right hand is raised performing the act of benediction.

The crown on his head is made of gold and is a reference to the Pope’s three primary functions, as the supreme pastor, teacher, and priest.

This can also be seen as the three sides of our consciousness that he rules, the conscious, the subconscious, and the superconscious.

The three nails in the crown are a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice and martyrdom.

On the card, the figure of the Hierophant is placed on a throne inside a church. As such it represents organization but also spiritual guidance.

The two priests kneeling before him represent the transfer of sacred spiritual knowledge.

The card symbolizes the process of transition from the material world to the world of spirituality.

The Hierophant card is ruled by the Taurus zodiac sign.

The Hierophant tarot card meanings

The Hierophant card is the fifth card of the Major Arcana group.

It represents religious ceremonies, such as weddings, baptisms, or funerals.

It also represents organization, authority, conventions, as well as a commitment to religion.

This is the card of traditions, faith, education, marriage, but also spirituality. The Hierophant is the male counterpart of the High Priestess card.

It accentuates the importance of form and institution in our society, especially the institution of church, marriage, and family.

It is a very spiritual card, indicating the inner wisdom and guidance we all possess within us.

The Hierophant tarot card as a person

When the person is represented by the Hierophant card in a tarot spread, this depicts them as someone who is a truth seeker, in the quest for the meaning of life, but also in the pursuit of their spiritual advancement.

This person is honest, righteous, and loyal. They are someone who can be trusted and relied upon. They possess inner wisdom that can help others find their way through difficult situations and challenges.

This is a teacher, especially a spiritual teacher with the knowledge to teach others about the mysteries of life.

The Hierophant tarot card as a person in the upright position

The person represented by the Hierophant card in the upright position is usually very religious and/or spiritual.

They possess great spiritual knowledge and often serve others as their guides and mentors on their path through the challenges of life.

They represent a source of strength and comfort to others who know they can rely on them. Their opinions about doing things and different matters are strong and they come from an inner source within them.

They seem to instinctively know how things should be done and the right actions to take in certain situations. They are in tune with the laws of nature and the Universe.

The person represented by the Hierophant card in the upright is a born guide to others. They can help others embark on their own spiritual path and help them unveil the secrets of the Universe.

This is a very calm and balanced person. Their reactions are measured and they restore peace in conflicting situations.

They are very knowledgeable and intelligent. Many of them are well-educated, but they all possess an inner knowledge about matters they are born with.

They have strong integrity and they stand by their words. They are ready to defend their beliefs and opinions, and they do it with facts and not with force.

They are someone with values and they protect their values at all costs.

This card is ruled by Venus, and this also indicates that the person has calm, feminine energy. They gently influence others, people are drawn to their soothing energy.

In some cases, they have a profession that is somehow related to spirituality and religion, but even if that is not the case, they are usually very religious and spiritual.

This is an important side of their personality and their entire life is imbued with it.

They take good care of their body and their diet. They also teach others about the importance of nurturing ourselves and being attentive to our wellbeing.

Many of them identify strongly with their religious beliefs and the guidance that they have been given by their faith. Their decisions are strongly influenced by their beliefs and faith.

They love to teach others about faith and transfer their spiritual knowledge. They often choose professions as spiritual and religious gurus and guides.

This might express through a profession of a teacher, spiritualist, priest, etc. Some of them work in the field of nutrition or finances.

They often feel called to share their knowledge and give guidance to those who are not as much in tune with the spiritual side of matters in the three-dimensional world.

People often seek guidance from them because they instinctively know that they will give them the help they need.

They make others feel comfortable and calm when they are around them. They bring peace in conflicting situations. They spread kindness and peace wherever they appear.

People represented by the Hierophant in the upright position are not prone to judging people.

They accept them as they are and seek to give them guidance from their standpoint. They are good listeners and can give consolidation in times of grief and need.

This person is very tolerant and doesn’t allow people with negative or low vibrational energy to put them down or transfer their negativity onto them.

They know how to guard themselves against negativity and are even able to translate darkness into light.

People who are energetically down and overwhelmed with negativity often turn to these people for help but they can do that indirectly, often attacking their light and goodness.

This person can transmute their negative energy and bring happiness back into their lives.

The Hierophant tarot card as a person in the reversed position

When the Hierophant card in the reversed position represents a person, this usually indicates a person who is not making the most of their potential.

They might express quite the opposite traits from the person represented by the Hierophant in the upright position.

This person might be someone who has a problem with tradition and traditional ways of doing things. They can also be rebels, refusing to adapt to the rules of their society, choosing to fight the tradition and system.

They might openly challenge the existing rules and traditional ways of doing things. These people might be atheists or have some very unconventional outlook on religion and spirituality.

This person wants to create their path and way of living and doesn’t want to be told how to live by others, parents, teachers, or society’s norms and expectations.

This behavior often brings them into conflicts with others, especially the members of their closest circle.

Unfortunately, this person is not aware that their behavior is harmful to them and is likely to prevent their progress in their desired areas.

They have problems in social surroundings and many of them don’t have a developed social intelligence.

They are strongly independent and creative.

This is a free-spirited and open-minded personality in pursuit of challenges but their rebellious nature is preventing them from using this potential for something beneficial for their life.

In some cases, the Hierophant in the reverse position can make the person overly religious and prone to judging others for their lack of faith and performing religious rituals and practices.

They might be consumed with following all religious rites and celebrations gossiping about others who are not as zealous in their religious practice as they are.

They might also be judgmental towards people’s behavior and decisions, giving themselves the right to tell others how they should behave and what to do. Their presence might be irritating to many.

They might be prone to looking at the neighbor’s yard and complaining about their messiness while forgetting to notice their issues and problems.

Their actions might be focused on raising their attention to themselves. They could be prone to imposing their opinion and lifestyle on others sometimes using rude words and judgmental remarks.

This person can be prone to judge others because of their actions and tell them what to do and how they should behave.

They might be prone to believing that they are always right and they are the only ones who know how things should be done.

They might act disrespectfully and push their will regardless of the circumstances and people involved.

Unlike the Hierophant in the upright position who is tolerant and kind, this person can likely be a bully and forcefully impose their will and opinions.

Usually, this is a very unstable and insecure person, who also lacks self-love and respect.

Their ego is very strong and they might be prone to doubting the good intentions of the people around them. They might be prone to believe that everyone is out there to get them or harm them in some way.

It is not easy for them not to be the center of attention, and they always want to have the last say in every situation. They are jealous of people who are smart and well-educated.

They also don’t like anyone confronting their opinion and might even become violent and raise their voice to forcefully defend what they believe is true. They lack flexibility in personal relationships.

This is often a stubborn person prone to conflicts and arguments.


Having the Hierophant as a Major Arcana card representing you as a person in a reading is a great thing, but only if it is placed in the upright position.

When it is placed in the upright position, the Hierophant represents you as someone righteous, kind, and gentle.

You are a very religious and spiritual being always willing to share your insights and knowledge with those who need it.

You help people begin their spiritual path and remain on their path until they are revealed the necessary truths and wisdom.

You bring peace and tranquility in every situation, and people are naturally drawn to your confidence and sense of security. You know what to say to console them and give them hope in times of adversity.

When you are represented by the Hierophant card in the reversed position, this usually depicts you as someone who is hotheaded. You don’t like to listen to others and think you know best in every situation.

Your attitude towards others can be disrespectful and you could be prone to judging them when their actions and behavior don’t match your expectations or the way you perceive things should be done.

You might be an atheist or have very unconventional religious beliefs. You could also have an extreme outlook on religion and religious practices and blame everyone who doesn’t have the same view as you.

You can be difficult to get along with because of your stubborn approach and belief that you know everything.

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