The High Priestess Tarot Card As a Person – Explained

The High Priestess is the second card in the Major Arcana group of tarot cards. She has secret knowledge and inspires you to use your intuition. This card helps us see through the manipulation and deceit of people.

The name High Priestess is mentioned in the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck. She is the female counterpart of the Hierophant and is sometimes known as the female pope.

In the Rider-Waite deck, she is depicted as a woman wearing a blue robe. She has a blue crown with a sphere surrounded by horns on her head.

The crown resembles the phases of the moon, the waxing crescent, the full moon, and the waning crescent moon.

On the ground by her left foot, there is another horn that looks like a crescent moon.

The symbolism of these moon stages depicted on the image of this card stems from the idea of the Triple Goddess or important phases in a woman’s life.

The first phase of the moon is the phase of innocence or the phase of the maiden.

The phase of the full moon represents the phase of motherhood, during which the woman gives birth to her children and gains life experience.

The third phase is the phase of the fading and dying out of the feminine principle.

In the left hand, this woman is holding a scroll with the letters TORA, and her other hand is hidden, which symbolizes the secretive and hidden meaning of matters.

The cross on her chest (on her robe) is a symbol of peace and wellbeing.

She is presented sitting between two pillars, which represent the entrance of King Solomon’s temple, symbolizing strength, and stability.

The High Priestess tarot card meanings

The High Priestess tarot card represents inner balance, duality, and intuition.

She resonates with the number 2, which indicates balancing things and the duality of this world, such as dark and light, man and woman, night and day, sun and the moon, life, and death, the conscious and subconscious, etc.

She symbolizes the karmic cycles we all go through in many lifetimes. This card reminds us to go within to find the answers we seek.

It reminds us that we all possess inner wisdom and guidance that can help us in any moment.

The card is associated with the sign Pisces and the planet Moon.

The High Priestess tarot card as a person

When the High Priestess tarot card represents a person in a tarot reading, this is an important clue.

This person is capable of discovering and interpreting secrets and hidden matters and unveiling the truth. She never reveals her cards and might even be considered deceptive and certainly secretive.

It is sometimes unpleasant being in her presence because they seem to know your every thought. They can also be very manipulative and prone to distorting the truth making you the culprit for their mistakes.

If the card is presented in the reversed position these traits are accentuated, and the person might even suffer from mental and personality disorders.

The High Priestess tarot card as a person in the upright position

When the High Priestess tarot card in the upright position represents a person, this indicates a person who is a bit secretive and knows some secrets of the Universe.

This person is not always as they appear on the outside. They might be either better or worse than they present themselves to others.

This card is a reminder that things are not always as they seem to be, and this is true for this person as well.

This person seems to have some answers that don’t belong to this three-dimensional world we all reside in.

Their knowledge seems to come directly from their connection to the divine truth of the Universe to which they have a special connection.

This is a very intuitive person and they know how to keep a secret. They have many secrets and they are usually very discreet.

However, if needed, they can use these secrets against those who come after them for some reason.

This person instinctively knows when the time is to talk, but also when is the time to keep their mouth shut.

The High Priestess person is in possession of the secret and ancient esoteric knowledge. These people are often mystics interested in the occult and secret knowledge of all kinds.

They are in tune with their inner being, they possess a lot of inner wisdom and can give others the guidance they need.

This wisdom is a result of many incarnations on this Earth because the person represented by this card is certainly an old soul.

This person is able to tap into the collective consciousness and get the desired answers.

They possess a strong feminine energy which is receptive but also resilient and firm. They identify with the role of a mystic and someone deeply interested in the secrets of the Universe and our existence on planet Earth.

This is a person that not only is mysterious, but also appear mysterious. They exude an aura of mystery and secrecy and people find them magnetically attractive.

There is something disturbing about them and people believe that this person has an insight into their soul and thoughts.

This can often be true because they are highly intuitive and able to read people’s energy.

Their appearance is sensual and they are perceived as attractive even though they are never vulgar both in their attitude and their style. They are sexy but not trashy.

People feel the strength of their energy and allure instantly when they are in contact with them.

They don’t come on strong in personal interactions. They subtly influence people with their energy and they attract people to them rather than approach themselves.

Their emotions are very strong. They feel the energy of a space and people strongly and are very emphatic.

This makes them receptive to negative energy which can deplete them and require them to retreat to replenish.

They know the importance of balancing the material and spiritual world and even though they make the most of the benefits of our material world, they are strongly immersed in the spiritual.

Their appearance is calm and unbothered. People with bad intentions and energy find these people irritating because they subconsciously know that they are aware of their intentions and negativity.

They are often interested in professions somehow related to secret knowledge, such as astrologer, tarot card reader, reiki healer, intuitive reader, etc.

They can also be excellent police officers, secret agents, detectives, etc. They are good mental healers and therapists.

Their nature is not very open and they pay attention to the people they let inside their inner circle, which is not big at all.

The High Priestess tarot card as a person in the reversed position

When the High Priestess tarot card is placed in the reversed position representing some person, this speaks a lot about this person.

This is a person that often doesn’t have a brake when it comes to keeping other people’s secrets or knowing what and where to speak.

They can be quite a blabbermouth and don’t know how to keep a secret. This person might also spill secrets for malicious reasons and personal benefit.

They are usually very blunt and directly speak their mind disregarding the fact that they might hurt someone’s feelings with such an approach.

They don’t mind hurting people’s feelings, and they can sometimes do this on purpose.

These people are often shallow and superficial. They spend time with people they don’t care about and they might end up talking behind their backs and gossiping about them.

They don’t value real friendships and might use people for their benefit.

They lack creativity and originality, and they often copy other people’s styles and ideas. They are not sensitive and lack empathy towards the suffering of other people, even those who are close to them.

For this person, it is not a big deal to pursue something or someone who is already taken or belongs to someone.

They only follow their selfish desires and do whatever is necessary to accomplish them regardless of the people they might hurt in the process and the damage they could make.

The end goal is the only thing that interests them. many of them are simply cruel and don’t care about others at all.

They are also prone to manipulate the truth and secrets to provoke conflicts between others also for their profit.

These people have an irritating personality and are very impatient. They also tend to be pushy and press people when they want something.

When they want something or someone they are not prepared to wait a second.

Their sense of morality is often not strong and they might find themselves involved in illegal activities.

They might be using the private information of other people for personal benefit, and they can even blackmail them for personal gain. They are good at deceiving people.

They are very self-consumed and their actions are motivated by their desire to make their life better regardless of others.

Sometimes this person might use seduction and sex to manipulate others, discover their secrets, and use them to blackmail them.

This is not a person that should be trusted and it is advisable to keep them away from your life. Even with shallow friendships with them, you risk getting hurt and taken advantage of.

Sometimes this person can be someone very close to you and it won’t be easy for you to accept the fact that they are doing things behind your back.


The High Priestess tarot card representing a person can have a variety of meanings.

If it is placed in the upright position, this will depict the person as someone trustworthy and measured.

This is someone who knows many secrets and knows how to keep them.

They instinctively know who they can trust and discover people’s intentions with ease.

They are very intelligent and possess higher knowledge and understanding. Their inner wisdom helps them give guidance to others in need.

They have the ability to acquire Universal knowledge and understand the truth of all things.

Their intuition is very strong and they are excellent in professions where there is contact with secrets and secretive matters, such as the secret police, detective work, psychoanalysis, etc.

When the High Priestess represents a person placed in a reversed position, this makes the person shallow, superficial, deceptive, and very manipulative.

This is a person that doesn’t know how to keep secrets, and they often put people in awkward situations because of their blunt approach.

They often use other people’s secrets for their benefit and profit. This is a very problematic person and it is better to stay away from their company.

They don’t have empathy for others and they easily betray their trust if they have something to gain from that.

When they want something or someone they go after them regardless of the cost and damage they will cause in the process.

They are perfectly fine with taking someone’s husband, or job, or ruining someone’s life in another way if that is convenient for them.

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