The High Priestess Tarot Card As Feelings – Explained

The High Priestess tarot card embodies the woman in question or reveals the feminine aspect of the questioner.

This is the second card of the Major Arcana. The High Priestess is associated with intuition, hidden potential, and capabilities.

This card is especially interesting in feelings readings because it tells about hidden emotions and subconscious thoughts.

Oftentimes we cannot realize either how someone feels about us or how we feel about them.

The motto of the High Priestess goes as follows: I know, and I trust intuition.

Trusting intuition is very important when it comes to feelings and relationships. Our emotions can be confusing and certain relations perplexing.

The High Priestess tarot card is associated with mysterious knowledge, higher wisdom, and hidden meanings.

The priestess is depicted as a woman in blue-white clothes, sitting quietly between pillars of black and white. In front of her, there is a crescent moon.

The High Priestess As Feelings Essentials

The crescent depicted in the card of the High Priestess (Rider-Waite deck) is Luna, the Moon.

The Moon is associated with the element of water and emotions. In astrology, only the Moon and Venus represent the feminine principle.

The priestess in the card wears a cross – a symbol of unity and balance of four essential elements.

Therefore, she could be associated with inner, emotional, and mental balance. The curtain behind her back depicts pomegranates and palm leaves.

Pomegranates represent the feminine principle, while sharp palm leaves symbolize masculinity.

This depiction could be associated with the balance between the feminine and masculine. This is important concerning love feelings, and relationships.

The High Priestess unifies both aspects of femininity and masculinity in one.

She represents the dualism of existence and its unity. The two columns need one another, like yin and yang.

The High Priestess is associated with mysterious and personal spiritual aspects.

She represents the subconscious, intuitive thoughts. In the area of feelings, it could be of major importance.

The High Priestess helps us balance our heart, mind, and soul, on a subconscious level.

The High Priestess As Feelings in a Love Reading

The High Priestess in a love reading reveals the hidden feelings, potentials, and thoughts of the questioner.

This card can also represent the women in question. In a love reading, this card can help you understand the other party.

This card represents duality. The High Priestess embodies the unity of pairs, the complementary energies.

Her role is to bring harmony and balance between two halves of the same.

The High Priestess connects light and darkness, the masculine and the feminine aspect, life and death, and the conscious and the subconscious.

All these need one another, just as we seek our ‘other half’, our soul mate.

This card is all about intuition. If you open The High Priestess in a love reading, look into your heart, grasp into your soul, and try to reach the stream of your deeply hidden inner senses.

Intuition is rarely wrong when it comes to relationships and love.

Sometimes we try to trick ourselves and convince our minds our choice of partner or a particular deed toward them is perfect, although our inner voice advises differently.

The High Priestess wants you to trust your intuition and follow your inner sense.

The High Priestess As Feelings – The High Priestess Upright

The High Priestess in an upright position is a good sign when it comes to readings about someone’s feelings about you.

The upright card suggests there is a deep connection on a soul level. This type of bond is spiritual in nature and hard to explain.

The person you ask about feels as if they have known you their whole life; you likely feel the same.

There is a deep subconscious connection between the two of you. Maybe you met only yesterday, yet you feel inexplicably close.

The upright High Priestess tells about soul mates and relationships that stretch beyond the limits of earthly existence, space ad time. The two of you are bound together in eternity.

This relationship is karmic. Both of you will benefit from it, enriching your souls and your hearts.

The person you are interested in feels as if the connection you have is a blessing. Their intuition told them you are the one.

The upright High priestess as feelings tells about a deeper sense within a relationship.

The emotions are profound and not easily explained. You know that feeling when you are incredibly attracted by someone but you have no idea why?

This card is precisely about such type of a connection. The reversed High priestess as feelings reveals something entirely different.

Let us explore the meaning of the inverted High Priestess card as feelings.

The High Priestess As Feelings – The High Priestess Reversed

The reversed High Priestess as feelings indicates the inability fully to experience emotions.

If you are interested in the feelings of a specific person for you, this is not a particularly good sign.

This card inverted indicates suppressed and blocked feelings.

The person in question cannot explain how they feel about you or it could be the other way around.

The feelings are unclear. There is a sense of connection, but the nature of it is blurry, even disturbing.

Although the upright card also indicates hardly explicable feelings, the essence is clear: there is a strong bond and a sense of familiarity, regardless of how long you know one another.

It is different when the card is reversed. The individual you ask about cannot tell how they feel about you.

They feel as if they can never know you well, although they sense a connection. You feel attracted to someone, but your feelings are mixed.

The High Priestess reversed also indicates feelings out of balance. There is a constant struggle on an emotional level.

The connection is constantly disrupted by frequent emotional and attitude changes.

The message of The High Priestess card always remains the same, regardless of the position: trust your inner voice and intuition.

The High Priestess As Feelings – His Feelings

The High Priestess reveals how he feels about you. The man you are interested in feels as if the connection he has with you is deep, spiritual, blissful, and divine.

He cannot explain why is that so. He is in touch with his intuition and it led him to you.

This man thinks of you as his other half. Remember, The High Priestess is all about balance, harmony, yin, and yang, hot and cold, feminine and masculine.

In this reading, the card tells that he feels as if connected with you on a subconscious level.

He finds you mysteriously attractive and he knows he can learn from you. He is willing to share his feelings, thoughts, and experiences with you.

At times, he feels as if no words are needed between the two of you.

If the card was reversed, he might try to hide his true feelings, for one reason or another.

Listen to your intuition and try to figure out what is going on.

The High Priestess As Feelings – Her Feelings

The High Priestess represents the balance between the masculine and feminine.

However, she is an archetype of femininity. In comparison to the Magician who represents active principle, the High Priestess embodies the passive principle, traditionally feminine.

This lady feels connected with you on a deeper level. Her feelings for you are strong and profound, but she may not express them freely.

She feels as if she knows you the whole life and beyond, but she would likely not tell you openly.

Nevertheless, you can feel the connection yourself.

Listen to your intuition, The High Priestess card says. You should be patient with her. Your connection is powerful yet subtle.

The High Priestess As Feelings – Ex’s Feelings

The High Priestess card could be particularly indicative when it comes to broken relationships because it tells about hidden feelings and intuition.

Dealing with breakups, ex-partners and everything that goes with it is not always easy.

This card indicates your ex still has feelings for you. Maybe you still have feelings for them, or the feeling is mutual.

You probably did not speak about that, trying to move on. The High Priestess reveals there are things to be resolved between the two of you.

The High Priestess tells about connections on an intuitive and karmic level. Such bonds cannot break easily, even if you are separated.

There is an inner voice calling you back – either to resolve unsettled issues and emotions or even to come back together.

Your ex-partner often thinks about you. They feel as if they cannot move on. Maybe you feel the same.

The High Priestess card suggests you should think about the best attitude to settle things down and move on, one way or another.

The High Priestess As Feelings – How They See You

The people around you, the people you meet, or someone specific feels intuitively connected to you.

The High Priestess appears mysterious, quiet, wise, and at peace with herself. People admire your attitude towards life.

They see you as a balanced and wise person. At times you probably do not feel at peace with yourself, but your aura tells otherwise.

It means that your overall demeanor and attitude are those of an admirable and trustworthy person.

People feel as if they can reveal to you the truth about their life. They feel they can tell you their deepest secrets. Their intuition tells them you are a reliable and deep person.

Some people would seek guidance from you. They can sense your mysterious aura and your spiritual depth.

Although you may not always feel in harmony within, you can help others find balance in their lives.

The majority of people see you as someone they can trust, reveal secrets, and ask for guidance and advice on personally important matters.

The High Priestess As Feelings Combinations With Other Cards

The High Priestess can offer even better insights when combined with other tarot cards.

Tarot card combinations give far more clarity on matters in question.

The meanings and symbolism of each card are affected by the other one.

Depending on personal circumstances and questions you ask, the combined cards can provide you with many insightful answers.

The combos are particularly interesting in feelings and relationship readings.

Let us go through several High Priestess combos.

The High Priestess + The Empress As Feelings

Both The High Priestess and The Empress card embody the feminine principle or relate to the female in question.

The Empress is the third card in the Major Arcana, following The High Priestess. This card is about the natural cycles, earthly life, and treasures of the earth.

While The High Priestess is about knowledge and trusting intuition, The Empress is about creation and prosperity.

In feelings readings, these two cards make a powerful combination. This combo is about both intuitive connection and the manifestation of the same.

The High Priestess and The Empress are the Moon and the Venus together.

This combo is about a deep bond, both spiritual and intuitive, and physical and romantic.

This tarot card combination represents passionate feelings, an inner sense of belonging with one another, compassion, and love.

This combo indicates an unbreakable relationship, full of mutual support, care, and love. You simply know how the other one feels, and you fully trust them.

The High Priestess and The Empress as feelings tell about gentleness, care, nurture, dedication, devotion, and unconditional love.

This bond is strengthened on so many levels. This is a mighty and promising combo, concerning relationships.

The High Priestess + The Emperor As Feelings

The High Priestess and The Emperor can be a challenging combination.

The Emperor embodies the masculine principle, the fatherly figure, pure reason, discipline, authority, and control.

This powerful card is not harmonious with the intuitive High Priestess.

The principles they embody are different, even competitive.

The High Priestess represents everything that happens on the inside, intuition, inner self, and higher wisdom.

The Emperor is more straightforward, relying on reason, logic, and active power.

When it comes to feelings and relationships, this combination can appear troublesome.

There could be a lack of understanding between partners. The one intuitively knows what is going on, but cannot tell.

The other does not have sophisticated intuition and is unable to tell.

Although this combination sounds intimidating, it does not necessarily mean all is lost.

However, this relationship needs cooperation and mutual willingness to work on it.

The High Priestess + The Fool As Feelings

This combination is both inspiring and intriguing. It tells about a person who is excited to experience new things in life, particularly, one who heads on a spiritual journey.

The Fool is an archetype of a careless wanderer, optimistic and charismatic.

The High Priestess is entirely different from the Fool.

When it comes to feelings and relationships, this could be a challenging but enriching combo.

There is a willingness to learn and a willingness to guide.

The wise ‘priestess’ can help the youthful ‘fool’ to balance their desires, to direct their energy toward a deeper, purposeful goal.

The High Priestess As Feelings Conclusion

The High Priestess as feelings is a card of inner revelation.

This card tells about a deeper sense of existence, deeper connection between people, hidden emotions, the duality of life, and, above all intuition.

This card indicates the existence of a bond on a level deeper than visible.

This is a card of karmic relationships and soul mate connection.

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