The Lovers Tarot Card As Feelings – Explained

The Lovers tarot card is the sixth card of the Major Arcana. This one deals with matters of the heart, listening to its subtle voice and making the right choices and decisions.

Although this card has much to do with love feelings, it is not necessarily associated with romance.

This Major Arcana card is about making choices that will impact the questioner’s future. The Lovers card symbolizes harmony.

The Lovers card is an incredibly precious card concerning feelings and relationships between people in general.

The motto of The Lovers card is the following: I choose, decide and resolve. The card represents choices, decisions, alliances, harmony, trust, health, and emotions.

Just one glance at The Lovers card is telling – this card is especially valuable in feelings readings.

The Lovers As Feelings Essentials

The Lovers card has quite an impressive iconography, revealing its complex though not as incomprehensible symbolism.

This card represents harmony, unity, mutual sharing, trust, reliance, compatibility, and blessed by the higher force.

The card represents two naked human figures, a man and a woman, or Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Behind the woman, there is a tree with fruits and a snake. Behind the man, a tree with flames instead of leaves.

The trees symbolize The Tree of Knowledge on the woman’s side and The Tree of Life on the man’s side. The card hides the symbols of temptation and inner consciousness, as well.

The nakedness of human figures symbolizes freedom, openness, and having nothing to hide.

Above the human figures, there is an angel, spreading his arms in a gesture of blessing and protection, but probably warning, as well. The angelic figure represents the Archangel Raphael, the angel of air.

If you’ve read “Paradise Lost” by John Milton, you are familiar with the conversation between Adam and Eve, and their angelic guest, Raphael.

Behind the archangel, we see bright yellow sun. The sun represents life, joy, clarity, energy, and strength.

The number of the card, 6, stands for balance, harmony, relationships, family, unconditional love, sacrifice, nurture, care, compassion, and empathy.

This card has much to do with feelings and everything related to matters of the heart.

The meaning of the card is quite strong and it depends a lot on the position of the card.

Feelings and relationships always have two sides and this is what The Lovers card is about. Let us learn more about it.

The Lovers As Feelings in a Love Reading

The Lovers card, naturally, brings into conscience matters of our emotions and relationships.

The Lovers card in a love reading can reveal hidden truths about your current relationships, or indicate the nature of a potential one.

Of course, this card does not have to be about romantic encounters alone.

It tells about harmony, balance, masculine and feminine compatibility, but also family, and love in general. In a way, it can also represent the relation between the inner aspects of your being.

This is a card that has to do with temptation, as well. The temptations are not necessarily carnal. Just as in the story of Adam and Eve, it is associated with matters of humans’ free will, feelings, choices, and consequences of our deeds.

The Lovers card is associated with passion, desire, and everything we do out of love. This card tells about unity and the two sides that make it. This is a card about binary oppositions that cannot exist without one another.

The man and the woman, the masculine and the feminine principle, the heavens and the earthly realm, the knowledge, and life. These are meant to be complementary, regardless of how opposite. When their energies are balanced, the world is harmonious.

This is why this card is so important and revealing in love readings. The elements on both sides of the image, the man and the woman in the first place, represent one another’s half. They are united by the blessing of the angel of communication, Raphael.

Love relationships tend to be complex only because we do not know how to balance our different but compatible energies. For many reasons, some people can never have a steady and balanced relationship.

However, The Lovers card indicates a possibility for harmony, balance, unity, and a beautiful, enriching, ennobling relationship, though not perfect. The world we live in is not without a flaw; we are flawed. Nevertheless, we can have a life full of love and care.

The Lovers card represents our feelings overall, our compassion, burning desire, and our need to rely on one another. The position of the card will answer your feelings-related questions with more precision.

The Lovers As Feelings – The Lovers Upright

The upright Lovers card is quite an auspicious one. If you wonder how someone you are into feels about you, the upright card brings only good news. There is a special connection between the two of you, one blessed from above.

The Lovers card is associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini, the Twins. This card tells about complementary halves, the twin flames, and the parts that figuratively speaking cannot exist with one another.

The person you are interested in wants you deeply. They feel as if the connection between the two of you is multifold. They feel chemistry with you, they want you both physically and emotionally. They feel as if you are their other half.

The passion is strong with this card, but the passion surpasses carnal desires.

This person passionately loves you from the bottom of their heart, and not only their heart but also their soul. The bond between you two is not only physical and emotional but also spiritual.

This card has to do with the principles of communication, which is necessary for any functional union. Archangel Raphael and the Gemini sign in association with Mercury, all represent communication.

Besides, Adam and Eve are naked in the Garden of Eden, meaning there is nothing they need to hide from one another.

In feelings readings, it means there is nothing no hide between you two, everything is clear, open, and straightforward.

The person you are interested in trusts you and does not doubt your intentions. They have no hidden intentions or feelings whatsoever. This card indicates a passionate, deeply emotional, and spiritual connection with someone.

If you are in a relationship, the upright Lovers is a good sign. You and your partner have a strong bond. Your relationship is marked by confidence, reliance, trust, burning passion, and unconditional love. You are soul mates.

For singles, The Lovers card is auspicious. It indicates someone is madly in love with you.

Their feelings are more than superficial amorousness; they are really into you. They feel connected with you on so many levels you are about to discover.

The Lovers As Feelings – The Lovers Reversed

The reversed Lovers card is not as desirable, though. It represents the dark side of relationships between people in general.

The reversed card represents distrust, instability, hidden feelings, problems in communication, indecisiveness, inability to resist temptations and so much more.

The reversed card indicates problems in relationships and potential breakups.

The inverted Lovers card tells about the inability to clear things up, the lack of understanding, arguments, conflicts, and misbalance overall.

The person you are interested in, or your current partner, seems not to feel secure around you or vice versa.

They cannot communicate their feelings very well and so you always end up quarreling. Something always remains unspoken.

The inverted Lovers card may also indicate a misbalance in emotional engagement, meaning that one of you has lost interest, passion, desire, and a sense of connection.

This card suggests that the feelings and desires are not mutual, or not anymore.

However, the problem is usually the lack of proper communication. The relationship may grow toxic, unless you clear things up.

The card also indicates great disproportion in personal values and worldview. You may desire one another, but your opinions strongly collide.

The reversed Lovers card also indicates someone hides their true emotions being afraid of harm.

They have already experienced pain from being played out or badly emotionally wounded, so they are not open about their feelings about you, or vice versa.

This card is about vulnerability, emotional pain, temptations, hidden intentions, and feelings.

The person in question does not feel free to be naked in front of you, figuratively speaking. Even if they are into you, they are afraid to put down their armor.

This card may indicate a relationship that needs a lot of work and mutual effort to function, but the outcome is uncertain.

The wounded one could happen never to overcome their trauma. Regardless of how hard it may sound, sometimes parting ways is the best resolution.

For people who are solo, the reversed Lovers card is a warning sign about someone they feel attracted to.

This particular person is not the one you should commit to. They are not emotionally drawn to you as much as you would like to.

This card indicates discord and imbalance. Do not devote your feelings to someone who is not ready to give them back.

The reversed Lovers indicate you might be hurt, so think twice about entering a romantic relationship at this point.

The Lovers As Feelings – His Feelings

How does he feel about you? Well, The Lovers card has some pretty good news. He feels he has found his beautiful, adorable half.

This man is deeply attracted to you, on every level. He desires you, he finds you an admirable person, and he feels intuitively connected with you.

His feelings for you are straightforward and he is not afraid to show it. The Lovers card, if in the upright position, suggests he is the right one.

This man appreciates your feminine qualities and he finds them miraculous.

He feels as if you complete him. With you, he feels complete and fulfilled. This man feels he can open his soul to you, and be naked in front of you.

This card is auspicious for all lovers and relationships. Your man confines in you and finds you the most precious person in the universe. His love for you is not blind, but deep, and unconditional.

This card indicates your partner is ready for the next step, be it an engagement, a marriage, starting a family, or having kids. Do not be surprised if he asks you to marry him or proposes some of the aforementioned.

This man feels he has found the woman of his dreams. If you are a single lady, currently seeing no one, maybe it is the perfect moment to look around you. There is a man who is ready to open his heart and his soul to you.

The Lovers As Feelings – Her Feelings

As we have already said, The Lovers card upright is an auspicious one. If you wonder how she feels about you, this card is a good sign. She is in love with you, madly and deeply. She is not afraid to speak her feelings.

This lady finds you an admirable, trustworthy, reliable, compassionate, loving, and handsome man. She feels as if she has found her soul mate. The connection she feels with you is emotional, physical, and spiritual.

She cannot explain her feelings for you. You know you can trust her. She can open up to you at any given moment and is not afraid of being hurt. Her feminine qualities perfectly complete your masculine ones.

This card indicates a presence of a woman who can be your lifetime partner, someone who is ready to commit to a relationship and build a family with you.

If you pull the reversed card, the message is quite the opposite.

The inverted card meaning is the same regarding both his or her feelings.

It indicates a problematic person and a troublesome relationship that can hardly become harmonious.

The Lovers As Feelings – Ex’s Feelings

The Lovers card in readings about an ex’s feelings is a particularly tricky one. It indicates your ex still has strong feelings about you.

They feel as if they need you as if they have lost their other half. This does not mean they are right, but that they did not leave the past behind, or vice versa.

They still have a burning passion for you. The upright card suggests you may get back together.

The reversed card indicates they would not like to be with you again because the feelings are not mutual.

The Lovers As Feelings – How They See You

The Lovers as feelings answer to how people generally see you is simple. They find you someone who can complement them, someone who brings balance and harmony into their life.

You are a person who knows how to handle differences. You are compassionate and understanding.

The Lovers As Feelings Combinations With Other Cards

The Lovers tarot card offers additional meanings when combined with other cards. Let us go through a couple of interesting examples.

The Lovers + The Queen of Cups As Feelings

The Lovers and The Queen of Cups cards indicate a relationship based on mutual understanding, reliance, and trust.

This is a promising combo, indicating a stable and harmonious relationship. This combo is associated with true love.

The Lovers + The Queen of Swords As Feelings

This combo offers quite a different meaning. The Lovers and The Queen of Swords cards indicate a lack of understanding and trust in a relationship.

There is a problem with communication between you two. In addition, the emotions are disproportionate. This relationship lacks empathy and compassion.

The Lovers As Feelings Conclusion

The Lovers tarot card as feelings represents romance, passion, desire, temptation, true and unconditional love, reliance, trust, mutual understanding, communication, and soul mates.

The position of the card changes the perspective of the relationship in question.

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