The Magician Tarot Card As a Person – Explained

The Magician tarot card is the first card in the Major Arcana cards group. This is a card with strong symbolism.

In the center of the card is the image of a young man dressed in a white robe and red cloak. The white represents his purity, and the cloak represents his experience, energy, and passion.

His body is surrounded by a halo, implicating his connection with the divine.

His right hand is facing the Universe, and his left hand is facing the ground.

This image shows the interconnectedness between the spiritual and material world. It shows how the Magician is using unseen forces to manifest physical reality.

On the wooden table before him, there is a cup, a sword, a wand, and a pentacle, which are symbols of the four suits in the tarot card, each representing one element, water, air, fire, and earth.

Through this image, the Magician is symbolically represented as the master of all the elements, having all that is necessary to create his desired reality.

This card represents someone who is a master at manifesting, uniting the powers of thought and action to manifest what they desire.

Another important detail on the image of the Magician tarot card is the infinity symbol above his head. This indicates the limitless power and unlimited potential of the Magician.

The Magician tarot card meanings

The Magician tarot card indicates access to an infinite potential which we all possess. He knows that he can be, do, or have whatever his heart desires.

This is a card of beginnings but also guarantees the success of every new endeavor.

This card symbolizes action, desire, ability, resourcefulness, willpower, power, psychic power, influence, and manifestation but when placed in the reversed position it can indicate illusions, manipulation, lack of clarity, wasted talents and unused abilities, deception, etc. 

The Magician tarot card as a person

When the Magician tarot card represents someone a person in a reading, this person can be described as very intelligent, knowledgeable, spiritual, resourceful, energetic, direct, curious, and quick-witted.

If the card is placed in the reversed position, it can describe the person as very impulsive, prone to haste actions and decisions, lacking concentration, manipulative, superficial, lacking focus, mischievous, cunning, seducer, etc.

They know how to use their words to make others do what they want.

They are often found in the fields of communication, acting, journalism, decoration, design, and sales.

The Magician tarot card as a person in the upright position

When the Magician tarot card placed in the upright position represents a person in a tarot reading, this is a sign that the person is someone very determined but also resourceful.

This person knows the secret to manifesting their desires and might be a master at manifestation who gives an example to others. This person has mastered the secret of using their mental powers and aligning them with their actions to get what they want in their reality.

They are very active and energetic. They don’t take no for an answer and don’t give up until they have reached their goals. They are very creative and are often manual types. They love creating things with their hands. They are also excellent at putting their thoughts into words.

This person is very active and always on the move. They are very charismatic and people are drawn to their energy. They might appear as if they are always in some kind of rush and they are a bit fast according to the average person’s perception.

They talk fast, and they often make gestures with their hands while talking. They also walk fast. They are also very resourceful and often create things from existing stuff they have. They don’t like things being wasted and are often into second-hand clothes and recycling.

This person doesn’t hold a grudge against others. They are very tolerant and don’t take things personally. They love to talk and communicate with different people. They enjoy the exchange, especially communication with people from other cultures.

They don’t care what others think about them or whether they doubt their abilities. They are very confident and know that they will reap success in every action they undertake.

They don’t doubt the outcome of their actions, which is why they always get what they want.

They are fun to be around and often appear more youthful than they actually are.

Their interests are often in professions involving writing, acting, social media, communications, event organizing, creativity, etc. They are also into marketing, PR, advocacy, and media.

They often help others in manifesting their goals giving them advice and actual support. They know how to burn the spark of action in others and motivate them to focus on their goals until they manifest them.

They make others believe that everything is possible, especially through their own example.

These people have an optimistic nature and their optimism is contagious. People love being in their presence and love receiving guidance from them.

They never allow obstacles stand in their way. They are motivated by challenges. People feel that everything is possible with them.

They are very skillful.

The Magician tarot card as a person in the reversed position

When the Magician is placed in the reversed position in a tarot reading and represents a person, this usually indicates that the person lacks true quality and substance.

This person might be prone to just talking without many results. They love to brag about their abilities but their abilities cannot be seen in their actions. They don’t follow through with their ideas and concepts.

They might be manipulative and great talkers, making people interested in their ideas and projects.

When the action part comes to turn, they are nowhere to be found, leaving people with wasted resources and time to wonder what just happened to them.

The Magician in the reversed position can be a trickster capable of turning people’s minds around, especially using their words. They might be promising a lot but certainly underdelivering.

As a creator, they are not doing much, except creating drama and chaos.

They are excellent deceivers and manipulators, and they often have an unrealistic image of themselves and their worth, which in many cases they are able to convince of people they manipulate.

In many cases, the person represented by the Magician in the reversed position can exhibit delusional behavior and belief in their worth. Cautious people can easily see through their masks and illusions.

They might also behave disrespectfully and rudely, aiming to humiliate those they come into contact with. They enjoy shocking people with their statements and behavior.

This person loves to show off even when there is nothing to show. They often lie about their success and achievements, their possessions, knowledge, and education.

They might be master scammers and it is advisable to stay away from them before you become their victim.

Their intentions are usually insincere, and they often have an idea to harm or hurt someone to benefit something for themselves. They lack empathy and in some cases express narcissistic traits.

It is advisable to stay away from their energy and presence because it is toxic and negative. They never accept their fault in any situation and might act delusional in showing off as someone who is always right.

Their problematic character is always causing some problems and issues, and everyone around them is sucked into these problems.

This is a never-ending stream of problems when it comes to this person. They don’t care about the problems they are causing others with their actions, and they only care about themselves.

They are ungrateful and never recognize and appreciate the help they received from others.

They are also unapologetic and never say sorry but become mad if someone they perceived has done them wrong isn’t apologizing to them.

The Magician in the reversed position person often behaves entitled. They behave as everyone owes them and they don’t owe anything to anyone.

They are also not recommendable for professional environments either because they are lousy workers, love to avoid doing their tasks, and they might also be prone to doing things behind their coworkers’ backs.

Their irresponsible behavior often drags other people into their problems, especially family members. They might make a humongous debt and make their parents or relatives pay for it.

They perceive themselves as very charming but in fact, their charm is very superficial and artificial. They can fool people who are not vigilant enough but after a bit of time, everyone starts seeing through their fake façade.

They love to manipulate others with their words, especially turning your words against you making it sound as if you had said something you never actually said.

They also enjoy turning people against one another and causing quarrels between them.

They are cheaters, tricksters, liars, and problematic people and it is better to stay away from them and their chaotic and negative energy.


The Magician in the upright position is a very powerful Major Arcana card. It is the first card in the Major Arcana group and it signifies new beginnings in various aspects.

The Magician tarot card in the upright position representing a person is a sign that the person is very spiritual and knowledgeable about the secrets of the Universe.

They are masters at manifesting their ideas and thoughts into their reality.

They are very energetic and determined people, whose optimism and energy have a wonderful impact and influence on the people around them.

They make people believe that everything is possible and they give them proof through their examples and achievements.

They are very communicative and enjoy talking. They are excellent at putting their thoughts into words and this is what is the most helpful in the process of manifesting their desires.

They know how to properly word their desires and the rest is easy.

This person is very creative and resourceful. They are often known for recycling their old stuff and creating new things for their further use. Their personality is joyful.

When the Magician tarot card represents a person and it is placed in the reversed position in a tarot spread, the description of the person is diametrically different.

This is someone who is not trustworthy, who enjoys manipulating others and making them suffer. This person is a deceiver and a liar, and it is wise to stay away from their energy.

They are good at using their words to persuade others into following their ideas and projects, making them lose money and time when those ideas and projects never realize.

Their personality is fake but they have a charming personality which is capable of fooling others that they are genuine and correct.

There is nothing correct about their intentions. In fact, they enjoy making people suffer, turning people against each other, introducing conflict between people, etc.

They enjoy doing things behind people’s backs, using them, and causing them harm if there is a benefit for themselves and their life.

They are incredibly selfish and lack empathy. Their energy is toxic and many of them have narcissistic traits.

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