The Magician Tarot Card As Feelings – Explained

The Magician tarot card is the first card of the Major Arcana – number 1 of the 22 trump cards within the standard 78 cards tarot deck.

The Magician, known as The Juggler or The Magus, is represented as a beardless man with numerous occult symbols (Rider-Waite deck).

He stands in the garden of roses, with his right hand raised, holding a double-ended magician’s wand.

On a table in front of him are certain items for practicing magic. He wears an ouroboros belt, a symbol of eternity. An infinity symbol is drawn above his head.

The Magician archetype symbolizes guidance, opportunities, and destiny. He can overcome challenges and obstacles set before him.

His motto says: I will be and I will gain what I desire. The words of the Magician sound quite intriguing in the context of feelings readings.

The Magician As Feelings Essentials

The Magician tarot card as feelings is a card bringing positive vibes.

This Major Arcana representative is a powerful one; the Magician has the ability to lead and subdue others. This card indicates great opportunities.

The mage has power in his own hands. This is the main reason why the Magician card is so good to have in a reading.

It indicates your present abilities. Maybe you are unaware of how much strength and power you hold within.

The Magician card symbolizes a new beginning and a new stage in life.

At the same time, this card indicates present status, in which a person did not decide anything. This means the individual did not make any mistakes, as well.

This card is about having the opportunity for something big. You should take the initiative and go for it.

This is especially important when it comes to readings about feelings and relationships.

The Magician As Feelings in a Love Reading

In love readings, the Magician tarot card speaks about channeling feelings in the right direction.

This card tells about the present state of the relationship between two individuals. This Major Arcana card is about taking initiative and having control over things.

The Magician card indicates positive circumstances and excellent outlooks.

When it comes to love feelings and love readings, this card is all about concentrating on the present moment.

The Magician has power in his own hands, and so do you, or another person in question.

This card indicates success if the person uses their power for good ends.

In romantic relationships, it means they act out of pure love. Depending on the position of the card in an opening, the meanings differ.

The upright Magician card in a love reading is promising, while the inverted one tells about someone’s cunningness and power abuse.

The Magician tarot card as feelings could be eye-opening. Let us see what the exact position means in detail.

The Magician As Feelings – The Magician Upright

When the Magician card appears in the upright position in a (love) reading, it indicates a person who is charming, attractive, and seductive.

This person has a magnetic aura, especially when it comes to romantic encounters.

This card tells about the determination to win someone. The Magician is powerful and knows how to reach the desired goal.

If the upright Magician falls on you in an opening, you are the one to take action. You are the magician!

When the Magician falls on another person, then they are the ones to take initiative and make a change considering the connection they have with you.

This card indicates conscious and logical actions. Therefore, it is a positive indicator for couples.

The upright Magician card as feelings reveals the essential bond between two people.

This card indicates the ability to approach any problem with a cool head. The Magician card tells about people who are capable of resolving their conflicts.

Overall, the upright Magician tarot card is about directing your emotions in a good direction.

Having all this in mind, we can say the Magician tarot card is an indicator of a good start, considering romantic relationships (and relationships in general).

The Magician As Feelings – The Magician Reversed

The reversed Magician tarot card tells about someone who hides their true self. You can never tell what they feel about you.

Their feelings and thoughts are a mystery. This person is skillful in pretense, so you can never rely on the sincerity of their feelings and words.

If the card falls on you, think about your actions and behavior toward the person you are interested in or are in a relationship with.

Why do you hide your feelings? Most people pretend to be cool and uninterested because they feel vulnerable.

Think about it. If the description relates to another person, try to find out why is that so.

The reversed card also indicates someone who does not enter a relationship out of pure love, but because they think they can benefit from it.

The relationship is only a way for them to satisfy their needs. Once they do, the relationship is over.

The individual to whom the Magician card relates in a reading is a true charmer, a very seductive and attractive person.

People easily fall with them, but can never fully understand their goals.

On the other hand, the Magician card reversed tells about someone who has no strength or abilities to change the current situation for the better.

The Magician As Feelings – His Feelings

The Magician reveals how he feels about you. Undoubtedly, he is seduced by your magical, magnetic aura.

This man feels as if you put a spell on him. He loves being around you, because your presence is inspiring, uplifting, and energizing.

His feelings toward you are gentle and it seems he is determined about what he wants with you.

However, the meaning depends on other cards drawn and the position of the card. In any case, the Magician could be a positive sign when it comes to his feelings for you.

The connection he feels with you is difficult to explain. He cannot find words to express this mysterious bond. The magic is in the air!

When the card is reversed, he might suspect you are not completely honest with him about your own feelings toward him and the relationship itself, or maybe it is the other way around.

With the reversed Magician, there is always a risk of power abuse.

The reversed card indicates suspicious intentions and false feelings, while the upright card indicates he is really into you. Your magnetism is hard to resist, for sure.

The Magician As Feelings – Her Feelings

The Magician card indicates her feelings about you are warm, gentle, and passionate. You inspire her and awaken in her the most positive vibrations.

She enjoys your company and the interests you share. She wonders if you are the one.

She knows she wants something with you because the connection she feels is intuitive.

If you are a couple, the magician indicates she still feels magical in your presence. Even if you had some difficulties, things are likely to clear up.

This lady sees you as someone who brings her joy and laughter and genteelness. Your gestures make her feel special. In her eyes, you are a magician of love.

If the card is reversed, suspicion arises. With reversed Magician card, you can never tell if the person in question is honest about their feelings. This stands for both cases, his or her feelings.

The Magician As Feelings – Ex’s Feelings

The Magician tarot card is especially interesting when it comes to questions about past relationships and ex-partners. Here is why.

This card indicates your ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, or married partner with whom you split still has feelings for you.

The magic is still in the air, at least for one of you two. This card is about the awakening of the old flame. Your ex still dreams about you, and maybe it is the same on your side.

The Magician card is a positive omen for those who think about coming back together.

Although the situation can be stressful and even awkward, the magician card tells us it could be a good move. You broke up for a reason, but there is likely a reason to return to one another.

Do not regret your past decisions, but rethink the position you take. Not all bridges need to burn. Think about the moments you shared.

If they tried to talk to you, give them an opportunity, the Magician says. Of course, it is solely your decision if you will do it or not.

Consider the whole reading and take into account all other helpful signs.

Getting back together after a separation is a challenging process. Whatever your case, this card indicates there is still something to resolve.

Even if you do not end as a couple once again, both of you will feel better once you talk through whatever you hold inside.

The Magician As Feelings – How They See You

People are so curious about how others see them. Sometimes it seems we care about others’ opinions far more than we care about our own opinions on ourselves.

That is in human nature. What the Magician card has to say? How do they see you and feel about you?

People see you as a mysterious, seductive, attractive, and charming person who holds the string in their hands. It does not necessarily mean you feel as having control over things in your life – you appear so.

This indicates you know how to behave yourself in the company of others. You leave an impression of a person who has great ideas and is ready to pursue them. People are amazed by your magnetism and aura.

Oftentimes they cannot explain what is so attractive about you; it simply is.

However, people can also see you as a secretive, reserved person, someone who does not show their true emotions. People with good intuition feel you hide your feelings.

Your mystic aura enchants and inspires them. People are fascinated by the amount of your inspiration. There is something magical about you.

The Magician As Feelings Combinations With Other Cards

The Magician tarot card as feelings reveals different messages when combined with other cards. Tarot card combinations are a key to many questions.

The Magician is associated with active will, energy, clarity of mind, and taking initiative.

The reversed Magician can indicate failure, indecisiveness, exploitation, egoism, hidden feelings, and a lack of personal will.

In combination with other cards and depending on the position, the Magician could answer your many feelings-related questions.

In the following paragraphs, we will offer several interesting examples.

Each of the cards alters the genuine meaning of one other. Together, they make a full meaningful message.

The Magician + The Knight of Wands as Feelings

The Magician and The Knight of Wands are a perfect tandem when it comes to feelings readings.

These two cards together indicate a person who is familiar with their deepest emotions. This individual is passionate, driven by emotions, and determined.

The feelings are their fuel for life. This person is of sympathetic and kind nature, so even if they are aware of their strength and power, they will not misuse it.

There is an aura of modesty around the, even if they make a big success.

This tarot card combo is especially favorable considering love and relationships.

The Magician and The Knight of Wands indicate faith, affection, deep connection, and a magical bond. The combo is promising for couples and future ones.

The Magician + The Page of Swords As Feelings

Now, this combination is a bit different. Together, these two cards indicate an inability to process and handle emotions.

The person to whom the combo relates feels as if they have no control over their emotions.

The one is likely prone to rashness and impulsive decisions, which could reflect badly on any sort of relationship.

The combo indicates conflicts and challenging relations. This individual should try to balance their emotions and learn how to deal with them.

In love readings specifically, The Magician and The Page of Swords represent a person who is affectionate, caring, and passionate, but jealous and distrustful, at the same time. I

n addition, this partner could be possessive and controlling.

The Magician + Two of Pentacles

This combination is another challenging one, considering emotion handling.

The person to whom it relates finds it hard to keep track of their emotions. This person feels stretched between different feelings and is likely prone to mood swings.

This individual is overwhelmed by emotions, but cannot control them. They are susceptible to the influence of others.

This combo is a sign the person should dedicate some time only to themselves and their feelings.

This would help them balance their feelings and be calmer and at peace with themselves. Once they accomplish this, others will not be able to control them.

The Magician As Feelings Conclusion

The Magician tarot card as feelings offers various ideas and solutions.

The magician tarot card tells about opportunities, the awareness of personal will and power, and the ability to use your strength to your needs.

In love readings, this tarot card is about the power of magnetic attraction between two individuals.

The Magician tarot card reveals much about the way we handle emotions and directing our feelings. This versatile Major Arcana card is powerful and revealing.

The upright Magician card tells about having control over emotions and our lives, while the reversed card indicates hidden feelings and misuse of power.

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